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  1. Live concerts in awesome locations

    Really? I would think the acoustics would be terrible with the rows and rows of organic produce absorbing sound and all the fat old hippies crashing shopping carts into each other Oh wait did you mean the Greek Theatre in Berkeley? Yes, the Greek Theatre in Berkeley.. I thought it was also called the Berkeley Bowl? I am not a local ... The sound was fantastic by the way, no fat old hippies and no sightings of any organic produce. Just beer and good music..
  2. Live concerts in awesome locations

    Lenny Kravitz. About a year ago at the Berkeley Bowl.. What an awesome place to listen to fantastic sounds..
  3. What is your favorite South Park?

    The Sea Monkey episode..
  4. Rugby World Cup 2015

    The English skipper went of as well in the second half and it didn't seem to bother them too much. True. Although that doesn't always happen. I'm not sure that Stephen Moore has ever played a full game for Australia. I could be wrong..
  5. Rugby World Cup 2015

    I have never understood how you can have a captain, knowing he won't last the whole game. Even last years world cup final, Moore didn't stay until full time. Australia are really missing Genia at halfback, I think. Fortunately, NZ have 3 world class first fives to pick from and it will be interesting to see who they pick for the Bledisloe games.
  6. Rugby World Cup 2015

    They are definitely missing guys like Beale, Gitteau and co.. I did hear somewhere that Gitteau was a disruption at last years world cup though.. I guess thats the price you pay to bring back overseas players for a world cup instead of developing them in the super teams etc..
  7. Rugby World Cup 2015

    The poms still play a very defensive game with not a lot of extravagance. Only once in the whole 80 minutes did the ball go from halfback all the way through to the wing. However... it is working for them and their defense is amazing. Well played England..
  8. There is no Depression in New Zealand.. was what they sang...
  9. NBA Game 7

    I'm not a fan either but that finals series was damn good.. I wish I could have gone to a game.. Did you go Keith? No, I watched the series on the TV at the local pub. Cool.. And how is the 1400 ? ;-)
  10. NBA Game 7

    I'm not a fan either but that finals series was damn good.. I wish I could have gone to a game.. Did you go Keith?
  11. Quitting smoking (almost) 1 year in.

    Same, every once in a while I'd really like a smoke, but then I forget about it 2min later. I thought drinking would be an issue, but its not, and we don't drink around any smokers. Gotta say, I don't actually like the smell anymore.. a real turn off.. my coffee intake has gone form 8-10 cups a day to 1-2 cups. Not sure thats a good thing. I love coffee but i guess i associated it with smoking.. I can drink without feeling like smoking and likewise, don't drink around smokers..
  12. first music purchased with your OWN money

    The Specials, self titled Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures siouxsie and the Banshees, once upon a time, the singles
  13. Quitting smoking (almost) 1 year in.

    Just passed 13 months.. Sometimes I get a bit of a craving for one, most of the time I don't even think about it anymore.. I was a smoker for 34 years.. I feel better now than I have in a very long time..
  14. I am picking there aren't many here that would have heard of Blam Blam Blam.. you are however, correct.. Totally underrated, like a lot of New Zealand music. Never had the exposure.
  15. the Punchline............

    Never kiss a chicken on the lips