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  1. Donations for Jason... I am not able to track a donations button? Reading back two pages there is way too much "fog" in this. Anyone able to put me into the right direction? Really appreciating the Videos from MyIslandhomeBDA. Thanks a lot for all you effort Jason. Edit: uuhps, just scrolled Jack Griffins page http://www.cupexperi...yislandhomebda/ and found the donation button there. Good Job Gentlemen.
  2. Same happens here West to East to the Euro mainland. I really wonder if the guys doing such a job would have had the moonies to purchase such a lot. There ain´t no credit grant by the Narchos. Those must be really poor guys going for a commission after successfully unloading the bit... or getting shoot to death after delivery, as happened some years ago in the Med.
  3. Totally agree, but this can only been seen by long-time-supporters. At least the 80th should be included. I really wonder what Bruno is saying to this "trouble".
  4. Great, thank you Pierre!
  5. The Heli pics seem to have one! OK, now the pics from on the water do look much better. Less seaway?
  6. http://www.bfmtv.com...yer/live-video/ if you have missed the link
  7. The cluster is coming into sight now!
  8. Oh dear, wind shift ahead for Armel coming soon. Instead of upwind work he can go with the flow. Excellent navigation, but I think it robs Alex last chance to make up some distance. Anyway, what a great race, great coverage and a very healthy forum with great education...bar the container stuff...
  9. It's not really ironic since she is part of a very small club of native english speakers who have done the race recently but are not currently racing! That list, from the last two editions is Dee Caffari, Mike Golding, Jonny Malbon and Steve White. >>>Where are insights from French preparateurs,and designers who were involved in the scoop that popped in a wave, apparently, sending a 18 cm jet if water into his boat, risking all? The rudder experts? Fin fairing experts? We heard enough about Alex's foil. <<< When I look at the different foames in the "broken rudder picture, and they are green and yellowish, I ask myself, what kind of stuff have the used? Structural foam as probably engineered into the rudders or just taken pieces from the corner to fill the "moulds" which happens in many boatyards... Or maybe it is my monitor which tries to trick me...
  10. Look out, Seb is coming to a shore near you. Here is from the VG site today: quote: Sailing at 41° S and 107° E, the Mono60 Edmond de Rothschild is currently heading towards Australia. The members of Gitana Team are working on finding the best option and will determine later today where Sébastien Josse will head for, maybe Perth in the SW or Adelaide on the southern coast, depending on how easy it is to bring the boat home from these two Australian ports. After 31 days at sea and a race, where he was always up with the frontrunners, Sébastien Josse is therefore retiring from the race and has given us his initial reaction: “I can’t hide the fact that it’s been very hard, as these boats are very demanding and uncomfortable. To sail quickly, you have to foil and to foil, you need to stay hard at it all the time. But I was pleased to be here. I gave it my all and I don’t have any regrets about this race concerning the way I sailed the boat,” concluded the skipper of Edmond de Rothschild. unquote
  11. Here you go: Armel Le Cléac’h (Banque Populaire VIII, leader, 15,815 miles from the finish): “We’re making good progress towards the Kerguelens ahead of a front with 20-25 knots of wind and seas that are relatively decent. It’s cold with the sea temperature around 5 degrees. Luckily I have a little heater, which means I can keep it up to a temperature that is correct in the boat. We are not luffing up enough to make the most of the foils. After the Kerguelens there will be a tricky transition zone to deal with. Looking further ahead, things look very rough at the Australia waypoint and the ice zone with gales forecast. It’s a few days ahead, but we’re keeping an eye on that to see the strength of the wind and the sea state we can expect. There are lows coming down from Madagascar, which deepen fairly quickly. We could be exposed to that late this week. We should be going to the north of the Kerguelens tomorrow morning. We may get to see the islands, because they are fairly high. Being in front doesn’t change that much for me. I sail my own route, but it’s nice to have a pacemaker like Alex. We mustn’t get too excited. There’s still a long way to go.”
  12. Funny, the other thread has gone and there seems to be no one able to tell exactly what core is being used in the M32 boats. If it is Balsa, which I doubt, it has to be replaced. Once wet (and dried) it has lost it s strength, which is necessary to do the job as mentioned in #7. There are cheap foames which should not been used in highly loaded structures. But I think the yard does know all about this. It ain´t no cheap boat. There had been a good explanation for the failure in the thread which is gone. (Of course it should not have happened) The boat (structure) had been loaded more and more (shroud tension) to go fast upwind and maybe the compression loads in the mast area had been overloaded....or something like that.
  13. Words from the Boss: ""I think when we start reaching, start foiling, our foils work extremely well. That is the reason we had a bit of pace at times on the trip down the Atlantic was because our foil works in the VMG mode, with very, very low angles of heel. 5 Degrees of heel and I can see sometimes ten tonnes on the foil. So that is really helping in a wide range. Our foil itself, the working area, is more than double that of the Dali. That plan gives you a positive effect earlier.”
  14. Now its time to have some rest and sleep for AT, cause he cannot do much to defend the lead. The competition is not breathing down his neck but oped for a different course.