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    Sailing DN on hard water and all sorts of boats on soft water
  1. Not sure if my life would have turned into such positives without the Gougeon Brothers and their way of thinking "out of the box". Their red book became my bible and I made the composite business to my way of business life, though with a different brand (SP Systems), after initially marketing the West brand in Germany. I admired Meade a lot when he managed to win the DN North American Championship against tough competition at the age of 66. He will be missed not only by his family and friends. Sail on Meade and fair winds. RIP Manfred
  2. Thanks for all the information so far. Keep it coming guys! A shore bound Mothie.
  3. and what does he know about sailing?? greetings from the North!
  4. Näh, what da ya see.....2h, 35 mein, 38 sec at present on my ACC App.
  5. +1, well observed!
  6. As a Moth sailor I agree with Hugh W. theory. Been there at a powerboat wake and turtled it. From than on only crossing at 90° or near. PB as a Moth WC surely will know this but in the heat of the game, trying to follow closely as already having lost the start might have triggered him to do something "stupid". My other theory is that in the heat of the game he just put a little too much twist on the grip handle to accelerate into foiling mode (increasing AOA) which gets the bows up first thing and when the foils are loosing grip the bow plunges down. Experts here might know if PB is operating the foils from the wheel or if GB is doing it on his playstation thingy.
  7. Thanks for the information. Now I will stop starring on the AC/LV Logo and nothing really happens. Had a good connection watching yesterday on the net at BT Sports. You just need to find the small "x" blocking the screen to wipe out the ad. Than you can go to full size on the Computer.
  8. Thanks Stinger for putting those up. Well appreciated. Makes life easier during a hectic schedule.
  9. +100
  10. It does not work on the REPLAY as per today, Sunday nearly high noon. Had no time yesterday to watch the races and thought with the paid APP they will have Replay after a couple of hours later. Being frustrated. Any other way??. Might go and see JASON on myislandhomeBDA.
  11. Donations for Jason... I am not able to track a donations button? Reading back two pages there is way too much "fog" in this. Anyone able to put me into the right direction? Really appreciating the Videos from MyIslandhomeBDA. Thanks a lot for all you effort Jason. Edit: uuhps, just scrolled Jack Griffins page http://www.cupexperi...yislandhomebda/ and found the donation button there. Good Job Gentlemen.
  12. Same happens here West to East to the Euro mainland. I really wonder if the guys doing such a job would have had the moonies to purchase such a lot. There ain´t no credit grant by the Narchos. Those must be really poor guys going for a commission after successfully unloading the bit... or getting shoot to death after delivery, as happened some years ago in the Med.
  13. Totally agree, but this can only been seen by long-time-supporters. At least the 80th should be included. I really wonder what Bruno is saying to this "trouble".
  14. Great, thank you Pierre!
  15. The Heli pics seem to have one! OK, now the pics from on the water do look much better. Less seaway?