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  1. Got him!, nice
  2. Positive roach on code zero and 75% midgirth equals top down application.
  3. Whats the boat? And length of cable? 33' w/retracting sprit. Define "cable"! I think you mean torsion line which is about 14M x 11mm, or the continuous furling line which is all the way to the push pit & back. Why is that important? The Colligo furling rope should handle what your are throwing at it. Kinda close to the top end of what a rope can do versus a Furling Cable from Future Fibers or what Navtec used to offer and still might. But furling cables are much more expenses than a rope application.Having the top down furler, all should be well, and maybe it is a lead issue like most are saying. Or doing it by yourself is hard to get the balance of easing the sheet and furling it in. I would hate to significantly easy the sheet and luff the sail hard to make sure the sheet load is not holding you back from a better furl which you are looking for. Do you have an electric winch so you can dedicate two hands to the sheet. Or are you being cautious of luffing the sail to much and that's not working in your favor? I have yet to be put in this situation... just trying to help think through a solution for you with the little I know about furling cables.
  4. Whats the boat? And length of cable?
  5. Do you have a top down furler? Or bottom up? You might need a top down furler to get a better furl or a better furling cable to handle the problem.
  6. Mid West owner...looks good.
  7. Consolidate the industry... the market share that both Navtec and Hall USA had was dick. The potential to harvest bussiness Yes.. Said but J70's and C&C 30 aren't going to keep the industry going along with J boats. Lets face it the sail industry is really hurting right now more than ever. I hope the best to all of us still making a living at it. Best.
  8. Why guesstimate..go out crewed up, sail with both sails over a given 10 min run at same true wind angle and hopefully the same wind speed then judge the performance. I guess you could debate whether you would hold true or apparent angle for your time'd run. You will only find out the true test of the sails and boat from experience on the water. Of course if you had an identical boat to test against the test would be easier to see.
  9. Good product knowledge...thank you.
  10. Pole forward and trim in on the sheet. Watch the spinnaker trimmer... he doesn't have the sheet on the winch and he can't keep the kite in when the puff hits. Kite rotates to the windward side and pulls the boat over. You have to trim in to bring the kite back to the center of the boat so it doesn't chicken jibe. Bad spinnaker trim and helmsman not in sink.. rockie mistake.
  11. I 2nd ..THAT
  12. It makes me sad too. Getting drunk will help dull the pain though... No getting drunk might start a fist fight..
  13. It's interesting that a person who claims not to care about sailing any more is so fixated on this and attacking another persons character. Does not sound at all like someone who doesn't care or has no agenda.... In regards to the Ev 32 I never said anything about Remedy, It was the guys from Bloody Hell in KW that wrote cheater boat on the keel. {Maybe they knew something, nobody else knew about the boat} "Maybe they knew something, nobody else knew about the boat" again you're pretty consistent with the "drip-drip" character assassination theme. With regards to some of the statements you have made about the boat, please allow me to clear them up with some facts: 1) The boat DID NOT cost 100k to build. This should not matter even if it did, but to address your fixation on it after speaking to the designer it was a bit over 60k ready to sail with electronics and sails. 2) The boat did not ever have 3400 lbs of ballast. I have measured certs that show all the ballast weights in various configurations. None of them are 3400. With regards to using "Mauri Pro" or "Sailboat Data" for your research on a custom boat this will be (and is) wildly inaccurate. Great examples of how inaccurate they are, just look at "Sailboat" data listing the P dimension as 38.25' it was never this and is not now, it is 37.4 or the 11 foot E. The E of my boat has been 12.6 since the mid 80's. 3) "In our conversations you told me the boat was built to sail against the S2 9.1 and Santana in MORC and the ratings were real close under MORC" That is correct and as I pointed out earlier this was to help people understand where the boat raced class wise and what it raced against. As I also pointed out to you I did NOT ask for a rating equal to that of an S2 9.1, what I asked for was a rating between the two 30/30 variants which based on FACTUAL comparison between the boats appears to be about right. 2 of the 3 committees involved in this agree. 4) I have heard from several sources that you & others insist there are photos of the boat with a double spreader rig and that the boat is not in fact "1 of 1". Both of these statements are false. The boat since day 1 has had a triple spreader rig. The mast we are using is in fact HEAVIER than the original mast and is not helping performance but hurting it, the designer urged us to reconsider but we had no choice as the mast we received failed survey. We did not ever ask for any rating credit for using the heavier mast and have no intention to even though it is hurting not helping. The mast we are using was given to us by a friend who wanted to see the boat be completed vs scrapped. As to the "mold" issue, to the best of my knowledge the only Andrews 30's that were built in female molds were the Star 30 & Star 30 Turbo. With that said they seem to all have some variation. These were designed and built a number of years after my boat. 5) "in the right hands the boat is a 114 rater and can complete with the J29, that was before your modification" Another interesting tid-bit that there are no facts to prove. I did speak to the designer in detail about how the boat stacked up against the J 29, he confirmed the boat was slower through the water but competitive on handicap. This is shown in the MORC classes and also backed up by the current rating assigned by 2 of the 3 groups that have rated it in 2016. I realize that none of this fits the story you would like to tell, but you are not basing your story on any facts. The only person who was kept "out of the loop" was you, the committees were all given the same information. So you are saying this is not accurate? Even though at the bottom in the notes it clearly references your boat. I am wrong? And the link:... http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=7103 Hull Type: Fin w/spade rudder Rig Type: Masthead Sloop LOA: 29.97' / 9.13m LWL: 25.29' / 7.71m Beam: 10.00' / 3.05m Listed SA: 458 ft2 / 42.55 m2 Draft (max.) 5.50' / 1.68m Draft (min.) Displacement: 7125 lbs./ 3232 kgs. Ballast: 3400 lbs. / 1542 kgs. Sail Area/Disp.1: 19.85 Bal./Disp.: 47.71% Disp./Len.: 196.65 Designer: Alan Andrews Builder: Dencho Marine (USA) Construction: FG Bal. type: Lead First Built: 1983 Last Built: # Built: 1 AUXILIARY POWER (orig. equip.) Make: Volvo Model: Type: Diesel HP: RIG AND SAIL PARTICULARS KEY I(IG): 41.30' / 12.59m J: 11.84' / 3.61m P: 38.25' / 11.66m E: 11.00' / 3.35m PY: EY: ISP: SPL/TPS: SA(Fore.): 244.50 ft2 / 22.71 m2 SA(Main): 210.38 ft2 / 19.54 m2 Sail Area (100% fore+main triangles): 454.87 ft2 / 42.26 m2 Sail Area/Disp.2: 19.72 Est. Forestay Length.: 42.96' / 13.10m BUILDERS (past & present) More about & boats built by: Dencho Marine DESIGNER More about & boats designed by: Alan Andrews NOTES MORC class B. Synonymous with 'Details', winner of the 1982 International MORC Championships. Slated for production as the Islander 30A but the builder went out of business.
  14. +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 What that's it!!!
  15. (slite crecctione) Thank snags... i