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  1. tenbow

    EBYRA 2014

    The wind machine shut off before anyone could finish from 4 or 5.
  2. tenbow

    EBYRA 2014

    It would have been better if you raced non-spin vs. Eagle and Wolf.
  3. tenbow

    Race the Case

    'Twas the night before Case-mas...
  4. tenbow

    EBYRA 2014

    Skippers' meeting is tonight at 7:00 at City Island Yacht Club. Registration now at Yachtscoring: http://www.yachtscoring.com/emenu.cfm?eID=1076
  5. tenbow

    Manhasset Fall Series

    It's not just EBYRA, they had a rating of 84 in the YRA of LIS Championships as well.I'm sure it is just a typo, the 90 key looks just like the 84 key. Breakaway is rated 90 for Manhasset Fall Series, 84 for AYC Fall Series and 87 for the Fall Classic. WTF? The fall classic used distance ratings and AYC let the 36.7s race level at 84 since they couldn't get enough boats on the line for a one-design start.
  6. tenbow

    Manhasset Fall Series

    EBYRA doesn't require a YRALIS PHRF certificate for Wednesday nights. For $10, they'll issue a rating for any configuration wanted excluding crew weight adjustments.