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  1. J70, cheating and pros

    I defended him! Was obviously a personal attack. The regatta sucked, was windy so no boats on the racecourse, 'cause they are poorly designed, constructed. Instead was a witch hunt. I call bull**** on the whole event.
  2. Pearson 10 Meter

    I sailed a Pearson 10 meter in a Whitney Series, back when those boats were new. Upwind in 20, on our way to round San Nicholas Island, We entertained ourselves below by inserting all the navigation pencils (remember them?) into the bulkhead caddie in the overhead. Slam! the pencils all broke when the bulkhead gap closed, like a guillotine. Ha, ha, was a lot of fun!
  3. short memories around here. bannon is attempting a contract w/republican congress members that would mimic grover norquist's. Failed while at the wh, similar to carl rove. Now thinks as an outsider he can influence mid terms by coercing vulnerable candidates to sign on to an agenda that can pass gop legislation. It's not an original idea, he is following his heros. Intimidation, threats, and a bully platform. Meanwhile covering his, and his former boss's rear end. "russian nonsense"!
  4. points down was not a problem for oracle in the last event.
  5. Ailes. DTS

    Special council selected to investigate Russian/Republican connections, and Roger Ailes falls, bumps his head. No connection whatsoever.
  6. Maserati Foiling

    Ha, ha. Doug, you are the yacht racing equivalent to Kellyanne Conway. (alternative facts)
  7. Maserati Foiling

    By the way Doug, my opinion is derived from an honest assessment of fact, and a lifetime of experience, while you just make stuff up...
  8. Maserati Foiling

    With 1/3 more foil, would expect Mas. to be 16 min. behind, using your logic. I don't get your grandstanding attitude. Phaedo is obviously a well sailed boat, Mas. not so much. Whole lot more PR coming from the Mas. camp. Probably big budget for that. Looks effective, you're buying it! (the PR, not the Maserati!) Sailboats have been foiling for a long time. Lifting foils are a bit new, boat speeds are up! What's the big deal? Disparagement of enthusiastic competitors seems like a stupid attitude to take, if you are a true fan of the sport. Leaves you open to a ton of ridicule. (deserved)
  9. And So It Begins

    Lets see the facts: Poison gas used on babies Widespread media confirms Denials by perps. Two jets bombed w missiles UN involvement Meetings @ kremlin Widespread media coverage of same What part was an accident? All the people, including Govt. agents involved in this have close ties. Those ties have been hidden, denied, contradicted, with the collusion of CIA, FBI, US Congress, US Justice Department, Kremlin, etc. The press is not able to handle all these issues. Too many to prioritize. Why tell me what i think? ... do you think?
  10. And So It Begins

    Putin and Tillerson are meeting today. No doubt planning more collusion. "looking for areas of common interest". (Tiller's quote) Kind of sad that you make a joke about your govt. selling you down the river. (that's a reference to slavery) Human rights are your rights. You don't give a ****, fortunately other people do. There is an attempt being made by people you support, to alter the world order, to give more power to the oppressors. Why? To hold you down. If you think that's ok, you are an idiot.
  11. And So It Begins

    Cognitive bias.
  12. And So It Begins

    Fake gas, fake news. Usa blows up two jets, so takes the high road. Russia looks bad. All attention on Trump, and Putin puts a lot of real issues on the back burner. NK Chernobyl Fukushima Iran Pakistan China Not to mention all the domestic issues the administration(s) don't want to talk about. This list is really long. You can't mention the names, Trump<Putin without the inference of collusion. That said, "when beautiful babies are gassed..." is great rhetoric.