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  1. jhc

    Anybody need some used sails for their Maxi

    Trash day here in Cali. is Wednesday morning, and i have just put my can at the curb. Plenty of advance notice to anyone interested... Please register with IDGAF.COM right away so you don't miss out on the opportunity of a yachty's lifetime! Including "tissues" in the collection that were actually used on my nose! Others are from other various places! Do your' diligence!
  2. jhc

    Random PicThread

    I believe that is a capture of the live internet broadcast, I was watching, when that huge wave wash tore up the stage, and spectator area. People were down and crawling around, getting shoved into the stage. I think someone got hurt. Was stunning.
  3. More likely to provide access and protection to the shroud turnbuckles to facilitate adjustment. Looks like some velcro(ed) cotter pins on those turnbuckles. That rig probably needs to be re-tuned for differing conditions, to power up, down.
  4. FIFY USA is not yet a dictatorship, with a Authoritarian, one party gov. If 41% of our population gets it's way in the next national election we will be well on our way to all of that. Voter repression, and promoting the disruption of elections, which is exactly what is happening in every state around our country right now, by the trump administration, is a route to Fascism in this country.
  5. Sail, or race? I'm sure it's possible. Not on my bucket list however. My thought is to involve a possibly larger demographic. Turning out a large fleet of 40s to race through the southern ocean would likely see flotsam, and jetsam scattered through the southern ocean, and various remote locations, like the french races in the last century. A race through the mid latitudes could attract a fleet that would promote a more marketable, owner operator type. Like the minis. The mini numbers are impressive, and accessible to more people. Better model than IMOCA, G=Class, or TOR.
  6. Through the panama and suez, canals. Westabout. Tradewind sailing the entire way. Would also be a great fleet, San Francisco/Sydney. I don't think a sane person would race a 40 past the three capes. Where a 40 race formatted like a round the world cruise could be attractive. Several stops, in nice places, to get off and straighten your leg(s). Start, and finish in Marseille.
  7. jhc

    yellow fever

    Wednesday night racing... A beer in one hand, mainsheet in the other. Hey, where's my beer? What's that noise? Ohhhh, s**t.
  8. jhc

    Freehand Circle

    11,659 first time!
  9. jhc

    Herd Immunity or Culling The Herd?

    That is a poor analogy. Driving, safety rails, building regulations, quantity, quality of hospitals, are social choices. Risk/reward. This virus is not a social choice. There is no upside, on either side of the matter. The virus is all risk, no reward, decisions should not be made in the manner of looking for an upside. That is really what is behind all the political missteps that are occurring around the world. Some people, like you just don't get "it". What is really sad is that the people who don't get it, the ones who rail against rational thought, are most likely the greatest contributors to the cycle of disease, death to the rest . While not at greatest risk themselves. It's a will to kill others, by disregard.
  10. jhc

    Epstein: the Deafening Silence

    Bill Barr might handle that deposition personally... Seems to me that when the perps are in Federal custody, and under Federal investigation, there is a good chance of many types of monkey business. "Special interest" by AG Barr, can get you killed, or a lighter sentence, or a closed case. What category this woman is in, I could not say. Sure thing that her life is in danger.
  11. jhc

    Random PicThread

    Blackie's by the Sea
  12. jhc

    what is it?

    Was a Palmer Johnson 30, S&S design that looked a lot like that. Terrible Boat! Would not sail in the ocean, especially reaching/running. Even worse it had an aluminum "space frame" interior...and that blister deck. UGH, POS!
  13. Earlier posts explained that this part of this race is not an indicator of Vendee Globe potential. Upwind, in a breeze and sea is not what these boat's performance is geared toward. While interesting to see who is leading, performing well in the conditions, and not an insignificant point of reference, I doubt the door is closing on the pack.Especially as this is a tune up to the main event. A lot of "teams" are holding something in reserve, ha, ha, like HB, don't want to miss the big show. What we are seeing is there are several who are happy to be with the lead pack, and one competitor who is showing the way, even if it means losing the top ranking for a while. Great showing, Linked Out. Also exceptional effort by Banc Popular. Lighter upwind conditions may challenge the foilers in the next day, or two. I'm hoping we will see the true performance of these boats in the sail south from Iceland. Reaching, running at speed will be eye opening, and will show the different strengths of the foilers in a new light. Upwind in 30k is a world of pain, no wonder the "peloton" has gone to the shelter of the Irish shore. though shows a general weakness in the group.
  14. and a fire extinguisher... Is that a gas engine?