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  1. jhc

    LONQR 2

    Quick rise yeast?
  2. jhc

    Another american toady bites the dust

    How about a prisoner swap? We'll take their failed administration, and they can have ours!
  3. jhc

    Vendee Globe 2020

    In my own experience, the "objects" struck by underwater appendages "out there" are in the vast majority inanimate. wood, as in logs, limbs, and sawn beams, fishing gear, weed, containers, icebergs, and berg bits, and such. All of the singlehanders sailing in the Figaro are familiar with primatily weed. Fish, rays, and marine mammals, while a threat, are the minority. And could be said are more prevalent in tropical waters, than the southern ocean. The un-protected foils are more vulnerable than say a rudder, in line with a fixed keel. The swiss army knife configuration of modern sailboat design, mono, or multihull, has a much greater likelihood of contact with any of those objects. Whether organic, or man made. Can be said there are probably more objects "out there" than in the past 50 years. The fused kick up rudders are a response to that threat. The rest of the foils, on all the boats, have an equal chance of being struck, and damaged. It's interesting that the majority of failures, through the years, have been through engineering issues, rather that from striking an object. The speed of the flying, foiling, boats this Vendee is probably a greater factor in damage from objects than in the past, as the number of foils each boat is allowed has been fixed for quite a while.
  4. jhc

    Front Page...What a Time to Be Alive

    Funny that the title of Dana's book "Two years before the mast" didn't give you a clue. Seamen were not allowed aft, especially the aft deck, while at sea, unless by invitation from an officer. A turn at the helm was given only to a few men. Would have been considered mutiny for a sailor to stroll to the officer's deck. Lashings would be issued. The sailors were confined to the forward decks. The poop deck, according to wikipedia, refers to the french le poupe, latin: puppis. From the argonauts, was the name of one of three constellations that made up the night sky. Was used for navigation in ancient times. In other words, the observation deck. Modern ships now perform this at the bridge.
  5. ag barr would have dumped his load over any credible evidence of any wrongdoing. Unless these idiots who whine and cry about made up stuff, by giuliani, (who has been outed by...Borat!) can come up with a reason that barr is "in on it" with the Dems, they have no where to go with their stories. Two words: No indictment(s).
  6. jhc

    Random PicThread

    Funny set of aircraft related images in the last two pages. The image of Catalina airport reminded me of the time, flying into John Wayne, when we turned over Catalina airport there was a twin crashed at the end of that runway Then the Boing construction of a 727, my dad's command. And finally the tail section image in Brooklyn, was just down the street from my uncle's brownstone.
  7. jhc

    Random PicThread

    That's the aircraft carrier version of putting your crew at the end of the boom...
  8. If Californians were crazy, like Ausies, we would be racing from SF to Portland in June.
  9. You refer to the Waterhouse Race. A Cal 39 forgot to take the Davenport reef to stbd. one year, ended up with a rather large hole in the side. Soon after, that race was left off the YRA schedule.
  10. jhc

    My Octopus Teacher on Netflix

    Chicago 7
  11. jhc

    My Octopus Teacher on Netflix

    Without all the emotional philosophizing, the vid would be indistinguishable from M of O's Wild Kingdom. While the images, and methods are great, it's the story that is the hook. As you well know, it's what you wrote about...
  12. Your'e from Detroit, what is it about Michiana? Waaay too many headlines coming out from there these days...
  13. So, your'e inciting violence now. Have you got your bear spray?
  14. I saw Whitehouse's presentation as an explicit threat to the court, especially Alito, Barrett, that if a supermajority can be assembled, judges that are bought by dark money will be removed from the bench. I applaud that. However, in the short term, could be something that sways the court in the direction of trump, and the republicans. As they are the source of the dark money Mr. W was describing. Another tipping point for our country. And I agree, there was/is terror in Ms. Coney Barrett's eyes.