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  1. Bermuda?

    As has always been the case in the AC, its all about timing. IM could've waited until all teams were in Bermuda to initiate "Training races" as there would still have been enough time to figure out race courses in that time. At least all teams would have had the opportunity to either accept or decline that offer. As it is, ETNZ and France aren't physically able to participate due simply to the fact that they're not in Bermuda. IM has at least an idea of when all teams will be based in Bermuda, yet chooses to hold these training periods when only 4 of 6 teams are present. Timing is everything in the AC. Sorry, Chowderhead. Wake up please. ETNZ and GTF are building their race boats from their AC45 sport / turbo / test / whatever-you-want-to-call-them boats. When they get to Bermuda they will have only their AC Class race boats which they may not sail with the other teams in an "organized" way. They will not have not-a-surrogate test boats. Waiting for them to arrive in Bermuda would not allow them to participate in training races because they will not have boats they could sail in test races. You can run training races with the not-a-surrogate test boats but not with the AC Class race boats. You may or may not be stupid, but you write stupid things. WHO CARES what they will/ will not have (which by the way, no one actually knows for sure, including you). That is irrelevant. its the fact that IM offered the training period to those teams KNOWING they would not be able/ present/ prepared to attend. That's what I'm saying, Stupid is as stupid does idiot. At least it would've been fairer or a better look to offer a training period when everyone is able/ prepared to accept/ decline that offer. France and Team NZ had no choice but to decline, and IM knew that when he offered it to "All Teams" that's the point. Both NZL and FRA have said that they are building their race boats from the AC Class rule compliant components of the their test boats. The Protocol prohibits them from sailing their AC Class yacht "in a coordinated manner" with other competitors. Your words: aren't physically able to participate due simply to the fact that they're not in Bermuda It does not matter when IM or anyone else would offer a training period. The Protocol would not allow NZL and FRA to participate. And before you suggest changing the Protocol, think for a moment about whether that would be a stupid thing to say.
  2. News from SF Embarcadero...

    Anyone who was in Valencia when they were digging the canal and getting the AC Village ready knows that if you didn't keep moving, someone would pull up with a cement truck and you'd wind up part of the concrete! The Spaniards know how to get things done in a hurry!
  3. News from SF Embarcadero...

    RW is the voice of ACEA- not TEAM USA- the updates from ACEA are country neutral- to the point where they wish American friends to have a Happy Thanksgiving ( I don't recall what it was for Independence Day) RC seems to be the Voice of OR and the defender (LE as owner) TE seems to be the voice of GGYC the defending club more and more as Vice Commodore and also NB as Comm Problem is two out of the three guys you cite are not americans, and Ehman rarely speaks to the media these days except about lawsuits. Ehman does his club tour thing, but that is not really public and you never hear about them until after the fact. Add Iain Murray into the equation and you have three of four not Americans, then all the Kiwi boat builders, the fact the AC 45's were built in New Zealand and not the US, along with the support boats having been built in Europe, and the vast majority of their 72's being built in New Zealand, then toss in an Aussie skipper and only Kostecki being the definable american on the sailing team, the design team led by non-american's too. Coutts and Worth have also been doing such flipflops over the last year with their statements about what will define success for the event, you'd think they were Olympic gymnasts. Worth is making himself out to be the star of the show. So, the voice of the show is decidely NOT American. Why should America care about the America's Cup? There's far more American's in a leadership role at Artemis than there are at the GGYC and related entities. Yep. It's always RW, RC, JS, IM. LE is not the voice or the point, he is the backer and the Owner, and perhaps part or all of the driving force, but not the point or the voice or the face, and that is my problem. EVERY OTHER TEAM's VOICE AND FACE ARE FROM THEIR COUNTRY (can you tell this is starting to really bug me) Well, not EVERY OTHER TEAM'S VOICE... Please name the voices of GCR and CT.
  4. News from SF Embarcadero...

    Also posted in thread about NBC deal: Did ACEA pull off a major coup with the NBC deal? Or completely miss a major conflict? Somebody has done his homework: here: Where angels fear to tread? and here: Coup? or Snafu?.
  5. News from SF Embarcadero...

    Nothing going on in NoDak?? What a ding dong you are. Read what the New Yorker had to say about "Kuwait on the Prairie." http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2011/04/25/110425fa_fact_konigsberg?currentPage=all They even have a geologist who wears cashmere and gold earrings to check up on her mud logging crews...