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  1. b393capt

    battery monitors which one?

    I use a pair of these Balmars. Each also supports voltage only measurement of an additional battery (such as a start battery) where current does not matter. http://www.balmar.net/product/smartgauge-battery-monitors/sg200/
  2. b393capt

    Uploading routes into B&G Plotters/MFD's

    Which does work Ethernet hardwired or otherwise, moving waypoints from z3 to Expedition, or the reverse?
  3. You want a 200A battery that "are able to take up 400A charge, ideally should be 100A to e´╗┐xtend the cycle life". Perhaps you want to restate your requirements, there must be an error in the above. Be careful to use Ahr (Amp hr, measurement of storage) vs A (Amps, measurement of current) This isn't the best place for an answer. There is much to do to answer your question. We are mostly past the risk of boats catching fire, and waiting for the other protection bases to be covered with innovative generic designs where average boat yards can drop in Lithium Ion without the need for an experienced electrical engineer matching the system to your needs and custom designing the protections necessary for your boat, alternator, boat electronics, and the battery itself. I recently had a great conversation with Ron Collins, a marine expert in this area, and during the conversation lost count of all the ways this technology can go wrong for a boat in the sense of leaving the owner unexpectedly powerless or with an expensive replacement of batteries, alternator, or the entire boat electronics suit (voltage spike > 80v). If you want to use this technology now, and can afford it, read his article and speak to him. https://marinehowto.com/lifepo4-batteries-on-boats/
  4. b393capt

    Best sunglass lens color / type for helmsman

    Thank you everyone, going with PCL Bronx, bi gradient. Happy Father's Day
  5. b393capt

    Looking for a new handheld VHF

    Get DSC and GPS, programmable with an MMSI number and the ability to press a red button that transmits to the coast guard your GPS location.
  6. b393capt

    Racing Crew Management Software

    Like when the telephone pictured above was common to us all, we have come forward to another time when we all basically have the same hardware again and the software can erase the differences between those that can remember details and those that need to have the time commitment to your next sailing event in their cloud-based appointment manager.
  7. b393capt

    Design Project - Seeking Input

    How about this, put together with 20 minutes thought, perhaps people hear can improve upon this. An adaptation of a Fitbit or other health / smartwatch with sensors and capability to monitor heartbeat, sleep effectiveness, etc, that was adapted to crew health so that crew can be alert to the health status of each other and their sleep deprived minds can be reminded to do and log basic selfhelp tasks necessary to be alert and functional when called upon to do their tasks. Knowing that another crew member is not doing those tasks or suffering from unexpected excessive sleep deprivation or dehydration, is not always obvious when an entire crew is exhausted. 1. Much like health trackers today allow people to share information with each other over the cloud, this product would do the same sharing wirelessly but would need to function at times when there is no telecom 3G/4G signal or cloud availability, work in environments where all crew do not leave their smartphones active 24x7 (e.g. crew need to share a single smartphone?), and algorithms for estimating the quality of sleep need to take into account the user isn't in a fixed bed on land. 2. Allow a shared smartphone to be mounted in a common space where it would display stats on all crew, to provide both transparency and provide for a central location for health trackers to have a Bluetooth host without all crew keeping their smartphones on. Such functionality needs to allow crew to update information about themselves, change settings maybe, and do other functions they would normally do from their dedicate smartphone if they had one (many health trackers now expect a near 24x7 bluetooth connection to the owners smartphone, and that phone has a connection to the cloud, but in a sailing journey phones are normally off or in airplane mode to conserve power). 3. That same centralized smartphone, with knowledge of temperature and humidity, boat movement, etc. could provide feedback to the health trackers to determine if a users motion is from them having a restless sleep vs. the boat being in heavy seas. Reminders to consume water can be adjusted for temperature. 4. In addition to built in functions to estimate the users sleep, allow the user to simply record how much fluid intake they just had (press button for every 4 oz?), and randomly ask how the user is feeling to which a few button reply was all that was needed. 5. On sailboats we like to have every product we use, provide multiple functions, no matter it is a utencil or a piece of clothing. For a health tracker, such additional uses could include. * Man overboard alarm with a function to let you acknowledge you are leaving the boat (e.g. when a boat is at dock, moving out of range is not a MOB), or remind the user to return the health tracker to the boat owner (in the case where the boat owns the trackers) * Take boat information and put it on the health tracker (boat speed, # miles until next waypoint, direction relative to bow of nearby competitors, or other information to update crew on progress or keep their head in the racing game.) * Take boat information / alarms and give it to key crew, alerts about collision course based on AIS information, etc. that ae often harmless and you don't want howling through the boat when crew needs to sleep, just a reminder for the person on watch to check the display. * With a little more doing, like entering crew schedules in a smartphone, the health trackers could also show each crew how long they have until their next shift and/or set alarms xx minutes (a setting they choose) to alarm, although perhaps this is a function better suited for individual users smartphones that are with them when they are sleeping and set to airplane mode.
  8. What are the best choices for someone that needs to see distance signs of ripples over the water, bouys, and instrument displays (B&G).
  9. b393capt

    Battery-powered motoring navigation light

    Marinebeam has a number of battery operated LED products, some with magnetic mounts, that are easy to install sans wires. https://store.marinebeam.com/portable-leds-flashlights/ Ask for Jeff
  10. By comparison the Raymarine Axiom 7 display has 1200 cd/m2 and huge cooling capability, blowing away an Active 2
  11. Wow, 800 cd/m2? What is the contrast ration, or other measurement of readability in direct sunlight? Resolution? Anyone here use the Active 2 or Active Pro in a bouncing boat in direct sunlight? While the sub 500 cd/m2 display spec of a Samsung Active 2 or Pro will pass most non boaters definition of sunlight readable display, it is clear reviewers (who were not evaluating in a bouncing boat with numerous reflections from the water) still had challenges with reflections and preferred the shade. In such marine conditions reading from a 500 cd/m2 display on a glossy display is likely a chore.
  12. b393capt

    Ultrasonic Wind...

    What do you mean Henry "detect sea breeze vs onshore wind"?
  13. b393capt

    Lithium Ion Power Stations

    Once you hit empty, there is no going back until you are ashore. All these products charge at insanely slow speeds, this one does a bit better and made my final cut. I choose TalentCell 12V Lithium ion battery PB120B1 instead as I preferred to trade off the inverter for the much smaller size. Realize charging this from your boat engine is pretty much out of the question, as it takes forever.
  14. b393capt

    AIS gear required of racing boats 1/1/2024

    That sounds like no fun at all. Perhaps the crew on the rail can watch the AIS feed for the navigator?