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  1. b393capt

    GPS for Race Committee work, what do I need?

    1. I love that Nomad idea, except for price. 2. A quick google search on smartphone applications for race committee turned up this. https://kwindoo.com/about#organizers
  2. My bad, it was the seaview product that I used on my 39' Beneteau 393. https://www.seaviewglobal.com/collections/pole-kits/products/pole-kits I choose the 12 foot model, 3" pole width, and mounted it on the base of my swim platform (just inches above the water). I would believe a 36' boat would use something shorter than 12 foot, shorter still if you mount if off the stern rather than the swim platform. On my Beneteau 393 the radar dome was basically two feet above the boom Some additional thoughts 1. On my install the beam of the radar (12.5 degrees horizontal was it? ) did intersect with the bow and with people on the boat, and that is ok. * Objects below the bow still appeared on radar, apparently, it saw right through my fiberglass boat bow. * The portion of the beam intersecting the mast, boom, etc. in close proximity, returning a signal back at the radar, is ignored by the radar computer. 2. The portion of the beam passing through people has absolutely no effect whatsoever on the people. See the comments in the article linked below, the effect of consumer marine radar on people is ZERO. Radar emissions are in a frequency band that is non-ionizing, does not damage human tissue whatsoever with the exception of surface tissue if and only if the energy is high enough to burn your skin ... which as we all know radar domes are not warm to the touch, let alone able to burn us. My cell phone gets pretty warm against my head, and that is still harmless. My radar dome, well even if I hugged it, it couldn't warm be even a bit on a cold day. https://www.panbo.com/navico-broadband-radar-truly-safer/ 3. Someone made a good point, a radar leveler when heeled small angles is unnecessary. Less than the 1/2 horizontal width of the radar beam for example.
  3. b393capt

    GPS for Race Committee work, what do I need?

    Any used GPS on ebay will do the trick. My 20 year old Garmin I keep in a metal box as an emergency back up has served me well for RC duties. My only struggle, is the user interface is hard to remember if I have not used it in a while and the screen is so damn small and hard to read compared to the brighter screens we have on our phones today. When the RC boat is large enough, I prefer to use Navionics and my smartphone.
  4. I used this scanstrut product, link below, on my 39 foot sailboat, mounted to the aft end, and was very happy with it. At this moment I forgot why I discarded the idea of putting the radar on the backstay and mainmast. https://www.boatid.com/scanstrut/radar-pole-mount-mpn-sc102.html?view=598287&gclid=CjwKCAiAzanuBRAZEiwA5yf4urbJ_OOJ_5ScO5D1aPrv5Y07mV-osfmHqkXDn4DpU_YxxkaW25Oz3RoC3DcQAvD_BwE If I was to do it over again, I would eliminate the auto self-leveling mount (not pictured) and used manual leveling. In thousands of miles of cruising 50 days a year, I almost never used my radar, and the few times I did I could have easily adjusted it manually on each tack, saving the weight and expense of an auto leveler. While I was at it, on my scanstrut I also had mounted a dedicated 3 foot AIS antenna, GPS (for the AIS unit), GPS for my boat, and a Sirius Radio antenna, plus a flag halyard and two extra pad eyes to run temporary lines to the deck for added stability in extremely bad weather or storage. These days the GPS is so sensitive it can be mounted inside your boat, but a 2nd AIS antenna mounted high up (I mounted it above the radar using a 2 foot VHF antenna pole) is better than using a splitter on your primary VHF antenna. You give up some range over the horizon for the ability to use an antenna tuned for the VHF AIS frequency, and if you mount the AIS antenna on the same manual leveling platform, your AIS is also kept even with the horizon (sailboat VHF antennas tilted by any amount send their transmitted energy into the water and sky, port and starboard of a heeled boat) I also used the pad-eye to run a line that allowed the pole to lean back on the included scanstrut pivot at the bottom of the pole so that the yard can tilt the pole backward so the travel lifts can easily pickup and move my boat without having to first detach the radar pole (not sure why that was an issue). That same ability made it easy to do maintenance on the top of my mast.
  5. b393capt

    Battery system upgrade?

    Don't move the voltage sense. Without a good understanding of things probably should not change anything without expert help as such batteries are fire hazards under the wrong conditions. Who did the install? Are there built in shutoffs on the battery for Low voltage? Smart voltage regulator? High current fuses?
  6. This looks good for most people. It appears a better solution for an H5000 owner is a simple physical button, momentary contact switch, connected to the H5000 Connector #6 to provide an advanced MOB function that provides a "dead reckoning MOB position adjusted for tide", as described on page 8 of the H5000 installation manual.
  7. Has anyone come across a good man overboard button to connect to an H5000 (e.g. 2-wire, momentary contact switch) Good as in - Weatherproof, 2-wire momentary contact switch - Labeled "MOB" or "Man overboard" without taking too much space on the surface it is mounted too.
  8. b393capt

    Need new lifelines

    Rigging Only, their detailed specification form, and excellent customer service make this a very doable DIY Project. Use two people to measure, follow the measurement form correctly, and success will be yours. Either way you go, rope or wire, be sure to spec the over the center pelican hooks. http://www.downwindmarine.com/Johnson-Snap-Gate-Pelican-Hook-Over-Center-Stainless-Steel-p-91000401.html It features an "over center" design, which places no load on the swinging hook when closed, making it close more securely and eliminating the fight to get it open under load.
  9. b393capt

    Racing Crew Management Software

    A crew management application, written by a Super Anarchist! We should all be checking this out.
  10. b393capt

    Racing Crew Management Software

    Teamsnap is ok. Yes, http://crew-mgr.com/what-is-crew-manager/checks all the boxes, ideal for reducing the workload / reducing how good our memory has to be as we fairly manage our crews volunteer efforts as they share the sailing addiction with us.
  11. b393capt

    Racing Boat Crew Performance Software

    LOL, this is a gear anarchy thread. Lets knock it off with answers like "Typical response from a wanna-be who grew up in the age of virtual reality, computer games, and hi tech sailing gear. " “You haven’t won the race, if in winning the race you have lost the respect of your competitors”. Paul Elvstrom" There is much us captains can do to help our crew, especially beginners, better comprehend what is happening on the sailboat, and during the race is just a really bad time to do so. Any tool that would be really helpful to do a show and tell where we can bring in the location we were at when crew had a question, show what the environment was at that moment in time was (from boat instruments), and then answer the question is a good thing. The more people who understand the sport, the better.
  12. b393capt

    Racing Boat Crew Performance Software

    I gave RaceQs a try, some kind of google licensing issue is getting in the way
  13. b393capt

    Racing Boat Crew Performance Software

    LOL, hard to share videos captured by my brain with others post-race at the bar. Early in the year I saw a beta version of a software application coupled with a dinghy instrument sensor/display combo that was very impressive. Speak up someone, what's out there now that is easier to use than having my volunteer crew to learn how to use the Expedition software on the boat. Some features: - My crew and I be able to access it independently of the boat computer, which is not mobile. (someone suggested the Expedition data sit on a google drive, that is doable) - see a representation of the track we sailed displayed on a smartphone screen, which cumulative results for each leg of the race. (% sailed in a lift, % sailed to polar, etc.) - make notes at different parts of the track to share with each other (what sails we were using, shit that we knew went wrong, etc.)
  14. b393capt

    Racing Boat Crew Performance Software

    LOL, hard to share videos captured by my brain with others post-race at the bar. Early in the year I saw a beta version of a software application coupled with a dinghy instrument sensor/display combo that was very impressive. Speak up someone, what's out there now?
  15. b393capt

    Battery Disconnect Switch

    Entirely replacing the Beneteau switches is a much better approach: https://www.bluesea.com/products/products/5511e/e-Series_Dual_Circuit_Plus_Battery_Switch/featured With this switch you also align your starter battery with your starter, and your house battery with your house battery loads, preventing all your electronics from being spiked when you start the engine. You didn't say which Beneteau you have, but many of them are wired with a negative switch and two positive switches (three if you have an inverter) that bring all your loads together on a common supply bus. If your not careful you are putting your batteries, likely not the same age, parallel together loosing out on capacity and if poorly managed you will find yourself without starter power, speed the aging of your batteries, and maybe even killing the diodes in your alternator at a most inopportune time. On the beneteau 393 yahoo group there is a good diagram on how to best rewire.