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  1. Dorado

    2020 Fishing Thread

    A couple more bluefin. 41 and 21 lbs.
  2. Dorado

    Shotgun Anarchy

    Does your dog roll his eyes and do the facepalm when you miss ?
  3. Dorado

    2020 Fishing Thread

    40lb bluefin. Lovely color on the plate.
  4. Dorado

    Jerry Jeff Walker --- DTS

    Damn. Now there's a guy you'd want to have a beer with.
  5. Dorado

    My tomb

    We poured a guy's ashes, along with a bottle of Crown Royal onto a windrow of hot asphalt concrete. Then the paver scooped him up and paved him into the westbound Lane of Highway 88. It was pretty cool. He's still there.
  6. Dorado

    What's in your arsenal??

    Wow! Nice. Is that a Rembrandt ? Thanks for bringing some fine art into this thread.
  7. Dorado

    Random PicThread

  8. Dorado

    What's in your arsenal??

    So how did the 6.5 Creedmoor become so fashionable? Just don't make much sense. The .260 never did get the respect it deserved as a hunting round back in the day. I blame Weatherby and the American craving for horsepower for that. How many moose fell to the 6.5 Swede. But you need a 300 Weatherby mag to shoot a whitetail. The SD and BC of the 6.5 bullet is phenomenal. Best all around bullet there is IMHO.
  9. Dorado

    TDF 2020

    Dustin Johnson got 15 million for winning the FedEx Cup at Eastlake Golf Course a few weeks ago.
  10. Dorado

    Dirty joke punch lines

    Go ask Twisselman. He never pays retail.
  11. Dorado

    Dirty joke punch lines

    When that ol' 5:15 pulls out tonight, I'm going to be on it.
  12. Dorado

    TDF 2020

    Yup, good on Hard Luck Ritchie. I did hear he has signed with Ineos for next year . . .
  13. Dorado

    TDF 2020

    Wow ! This TDF did not disappoint.
  14. Dorado

    TDF 2020

    End of an era for Peter Sagan. Kind of sad to see it go.
  15. Dorado

    Dirty joke punch lines

    We're only laughing cuz she's the ugliest one.