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  1. Pfffft . . . That's just peanuts
  2. Dorado

    2018 Fishing Thread

    The fish in the box go 35-70 lbs. The fish on my counter top is a bit over 50. I've never had better sashimi in my life. Tastes like Butta ! Lower left package is Toro (belly meat). That's about $900 worth of tuna +/-.
  3. Dorado

    2018 Fishing Thread

    mmmmm bluefin
  4. Dorado


  5. Dorado

    In San Diego with family- what to do?

    30 bucks for a sandwich
  6. Dorado

    In San Diego with family- what to do?

    Take the kids fishing on the Liberty or the Dolphin out of Fisherman's Landing
  7. Dorado


    Take some Mime lessons. Might come in handy clearing customs
  8. JFC ! Google to see what's going on in the waters around you.
  9. Dorado

    Dodge 1000 HP Hellephant Engine

    Absolutely nothing. If you try to romp on the gas the inflatable Nanny pops out of the dashboard and raps your knuckles with a ruler.
  10. Dorado

    Rule of Law ?

    No, I think Snaggs would just let it slide.
  11. Dorado

    Daylight Losing Time

    I used to care. Then I retired. Hahaha. Killing myself here.
  12. Dorado

    Bike Rack Anarchry

    A roof rack will leave access to the back door. You need to carry 4 ? Hitch rack wobble just annoys the crap out of me
  13. Dorado

    The Best Drunk Food

  14. Dorado

    Veni, vidi, vici...

    I think the Colin Powell Doctrine has to get a lot of credit for this too
  15. Dorado

    Surf Anarchy

    Nice ! But you can never find the dead guys this time of year.