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  1. What about those little islands wnw of Aegina ? Good holding ground? I see a shitload of fish farming operations on Google Earth in that area. Is it worth bringing fishing gear?
  2. Early April. 7 day trip. 50ft Leopard power cat from the Moorings Some Connecticutukians want to escape the frozen tundra of Hartford. I thought I'd just putt around the islands and coastline from Poros to the North and West . Don't want to spill any of those Champagne glasses you know. That boat is one luxurious beast. Like driving a tennis court around.
  4. So what about the islands SW of the harbor. Lefkas or Corfu a better starting point ? Worth the extra travel time back and forth from ATH?
  5. And ?
  6. Apparently my wife volunteered me to drive a 50 foot power cat out of Athens. Anybody been there?
  7. So, the ZF 8-speed then. Got it. Thanks
  8. So how did the West Palm to Miami sport fishing fleet make out when Irma went through?
  9. Pffffft A little old lady got mutilated late last night Werewolves of London again.
  10. It's the wiener dogs. In packs like piranhas
  11. What auto transmission are they using ?
  12. Ain't one. Interwebs horsepucky.
  13. I'd love to have that new Jeep and I get it with an automatic transmission with cruise control. The only real pain in the ass with my TJ is driving long distance without cruise control I've got a 4.0 5-speed. You actually have to give it throttle to go downhill. 15 miles per gallon is all you're going to get
  14. Nope Different caliber, different case head dimension
  15. You're a . . . . . Shriner ? I had no idea