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  1. Dorado

    American Democracy Is in Crisis

    You never know when you might need a mast in a hurry.
  2. Dorado

    There's Got To be A Word For It....

    Can't recall it at the moment . . . But I'm thinking it's more Yiddish than German.
  3. Dorado

    Random PicThread

    Hobs, I like how you start a page
  4. Dorado

    English Premier League 18/19

    Who wants to play for this putz
  5. Dorado

    English Premier League 18/19

    I think this guy and the team vibe have a lot to do with it
  6. Dorado

    Best Lyrics Ever

    It is you, oh yeah
  7. Dorado

    American Democracy Is in Crisis

    Actually it was a pine tree and it was damaged in an ice storm in 2011 and is gone now. All things will pass eventually, as will this current administration.
  8. Dorado

    Best Lyrics Ever

    We all left, and she's standing there Black Veil covering her silver hair and ol' one-eyed John said her name was Alice she used to be a whore in Dallas
  9. Dorado

    Best Lyrics Ever

    She was guilty I was dead what do you think the old judge said That's the way the girls are in Texas
  10. Dorado

    Best Lyrics Ever

    And the all time winner is . . . You hear him howling around your kitchen door You better not let him in Little old lady got mutilated late last night Werewolves of London again
  11. Dorado

    Best Lyrics Ever

    Harry got up Dressed all in black Went down to the station And he never came back They found his clothing Scattered somewhere down the track And he won't be down on Wall Street anymore
  12. Dorado

    White Whales in the Strait of Juan de Fuca

    Did somebody call you ?
  13. Dorado

    NFL 2018

    Aw geez . . . If it was anybody other than PB, I'd be calling the SoCal suicide prevention hot line right now .
  14. Dorado


  15. Dorado

    Managing my Retirement Nest Egg

    I'm heavily invested in fishing gear and enjoying a healthy ROI. Got no kids, wife's set for life, and there ain't no luggage racks on a hearse. In fact, I'm heading back down to San Diego tomorrow for another shot at the tunafishies.