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  1. Verne Troyer DTS

    Indeed. I don't think he had any heirs. I suppose his estate will pass on to his next of munch kin.
  2. Verne Troyer DTS

    Tragic Such a short life.
  3. Surf Anarchy

    Yes, sort of but not really. Not only that but time expands. It's hard to explain but those few seconds are burned in to your brain permanently and the memories are still as vivid today as they were 35 years ago. There's a break north of Santa Cruz called Scott's Creek that will deliver freezing overhead right barrels, but you better be at the top of your game and fully committed or it will eat you alive.
  4. i have the perfect video that shows life on SA

    Well, you can hang around as long as they will let you .
  5. i have the perfect video that shows life on SA

    Well, it would be the perfect video except it doesn't mention Momma, or trucks, or prison, or the rain . . .
  6. Why I Hate Little Dogs.........

    Are you sure it's dead?
  7. DTS, R. Lee Ermey

    Oh fer . . . There will be no further blubbering in this thread. HTFU YOU JACKWAGONS !!!
  8. Motorcycle Threads

    Yup. Spent nights on the hook at Epidavros, Molos (Hydra island), Ormos Barberia (north side of Poros Island), and the anchorage on the north end of Nisis Moni. Put the crew on the quay at Hydra and Poros so they could see the sights and eat at the tavernas. I stayed on the boat and went fishing. Fantastic trip !
  9. Bob Dylan - The SECOND best lyricist?

    It's a bloody masterpiece. The guys from Ladysmith Black Mombaso sent right over the top. Still as good today as it was 30 years ago.
  10. Why I Hate Little Dogs.........

    We're looking for a new mutt right now. I told my wife I was getting her a Doodlepoo. She's so gullible . . . It was pretty funny, until she told her friends.
  11. Art Bell

    Nature abhors a vacuum. YO RANDUMB ! Opportunity's knocking . . .
  12. annoying use of the language

    Nobody comes here anymore. It's too crowded.
  13. Motorcycle Threads

    I just spent Sunday and Monday at the Coral Hotel on Poseiden Avenue in Athens. Easter weekend. The Motorcycle riding there truly borders on the insane. The serious street racing happened after midnight.
  14. annoying use of the language

    Hogwash says I We're just celebrating our cultural heritage. Keeps the Tribe together. Know what I mean ?
  15. annoying use of the language

    I'm stealing this You best behave yourself. We got your kryptonite right here !