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  1. KFC : No Chicken

    Can't they just resume eating internal organ pies until the crisis is past ? No reason to go crook and throw a wobbly.
  2. Ever shot someone?

    Stick around for a while. It's Randummy that we would prefer gone
  3. Ever shot someone?

    Oh ffs . . . 15,500 posts and you still have no "cred" whatsoever
  4. 2018 DTS Poole

    He sure was an old cracker
  5. TV -

    Yup, I get all my news here.
  6. Motorcycle Threads

  7. Motorcycle Threads

    All The Gear All The Time I never ride without armor. Too many stupid drivers out there. It's a pain in the ass but I do it anyway. What about you Puffy?
  8. The most dangerous game

    Where's Gary Larson when you need him ?
  9. Holiday itinerary suggestions, Spain.

    James Michener wrote a book called Iberia in the 60s about his travels through Spain You might want to read that book and possibly get some ideas from it. It's a good read
  10. How to Talk to Girls

    Hell yeah, I remember her. She gave me her phone number. Her name was Georgia. I wrote a song about it. I used to sing it to her while she was making breakfast.
  11. How to Talk to Girls

    I'd just put on my Ray Charles sunglasses, grab the white cane and go. I'm telling you they swarm over you like flies. Of course, there was always an awkward moment later on.
  12. Motorcycle Threads

    The Motorcycle air vest already exists and has saved a few lives already. The manufacturer's name escapes me at the moment but there's a guy on the ADVrider Forum who got rear ended at a stoplight so hard it totaled his BMW 1200 GS and he's well convinced that the airbag saved his life. Bmiller can probably dig this up for you. I'm way too busy hammering umbrella drinks in Puerto Vallarta at the moment.
  13. Oh, I think it's about the same as the poms, ozzies and canukskimos bashing seppos. There's some humor involved.
  14. AND the first to use canned food
  15. Vale : Dennis Edwards , 1943 - 2018

    Maybe the best soul song ever. Long versions 1&2