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  1. Dorado

    Collapsing buildings

    Yo Vinny, we got a troublemaker here. Handle it !
  2. Dorado

    What's the worst word you can call someone

    When I was 12 I called one of my older brother's friends a suckbutt and then I ran like hell. I'm still famous for that. Pretty proud of that really.
  3. Dorado

    Collapsing buildings

    Three Little Pigs Construction Co. was the low bid.
  4. Dorado

    Ginger Baker... does his last roll!

    My earwig is gonna be singing "a sky of blue, a sea of green" all fucking day now.
  5. Dorado

    Ginger Baker... does his last roll!

    Ok. We are sending the Yellow Submarine for you right away.
  6. Dorado

    Save the planet, eat a baby!

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  7. Dorado

    Save the planet, eat a baby!

    Ok, time to impart a little wisdom and common sense into this thread. CUT THE BABIES IN HALF !
  8. Dorado

    NFL 2019

    I quit watching the Jets when Joe Namath left.
  9. Dorado


    Nailed it! Nope, ain't walking under that thing, no sirree.
  10. Good Lord! I don't think LB can ever look at you at the same way again.
  11. In reality people wear a mask. It's only in relative anonymity that their real self shows through. 20000 odd posts and only a handful of those weren't cunt spew. Fuck him and good riddance.
  12. Good. Not surprised. Endless Fuckwittery deserves a good bitch slapping and a kick in the nuts.
  13. Dorado

    Random PicThread

    Australian Rules Football?
  14. Dorado

    Best speech or monologue in a movie

    He's on a roll. Yep, that was truly inspirational.