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  1. Crux

    AC TV Coverage

    Peter Lester Phil Robertson and Jesse Tuke with Scotty Stevenson and Toni Street shoreside according to TVNZ
  2. Crux

    Team NYYC

    Never saw the Hummingbird Wing flapping or the reverse camber myself despite constantly looking for it and reviewing the footage. Nice idea and seemed a sound concept. Perhaps was too subtle to see. Maybe I missed the above segment!
  3. Crux

    INEOS Team GB

    Really - who cares about Rita B1. Anyway she came in on a car shipment Saturday and photographed on Bledisloe Wharf, Sunday morning sitting in the rain.
  4. Crux

    INEOS Team GB

    I see that Rita B1 is now sitting with all the cars on Bledisloe Wharf in Auckland
  5. Crux

    Team NYYC

    It was my impression too that Te Kahu was much faster. The size difference seems to accentuate the speed and maneuverability though.
  6. Crux

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    They are sitting off North Head in very little wind with main up only.
  7. Crux

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Where is the dog - and a pity there is not a seagull in sight!
  8. Crux

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    Of course you note that the hull is upside down! I'm sure if inverted one of them, that they would look very similar if not identical in shape as far as can be seen under the wrap.
  9. Crux

    Corona Virus

    Surgical masks are fine if everybody wears them. If anyone is ill - it contains most of the velocity within the mask as stated before. It will not present enough of a barrier if the sneeze or cough is in the open - within the 2m zone.
  10. Crux

    Corona Virus

    I was at a chemist when their very last N95 facemask was sold. $15. To be used once for no more than 3hrs. No more available. Unobtainable in NZ.
  11. Crux

    Foil Arms

    I would imagine that TNZ would not trust that process or unintended consequences of farming it out and would rather control the outcome using the defender advantage while still maintaining the appearance of a degree of fairness with the other teams.
  12. Crux

    Wind Limits - Where are they

    It seems to me the sea state is much more likely to cause dangerous conditions than wind strength. With soft sails that I understand could be reduced or reefed, it should be possible to safely sail up to 30kn provided one of the courses is sheltered from big swells or steep chop.
  13. Yes. It is a huge beautiful and standout sculpture if nothing else.
  14. Crux

    100% foiled races?

    10 knots minimum yes 8 knots probably if wind direction and speed reasonably constant. 6 knots no - when does it blow steadily enough at this wind speed for them to keep up momentum at all times?
  15. Crux

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    There were good reasons back in the day for not painting a boat black. A good deal of research by tnz to ensure that a black finish still protected the hull from uv and heat damaging the substrate before they started painting the boats black.