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  1. Coolboats to admire

    Cool boat. I admire it. It could be painted. Would fit my dream cruiser requirements also.
  2. I prefer ply, too. Properly maintained it will last indefinately. That's the caveat. Solid FG will last indefinately with near zero maintenance.
  3. My newest project

    Don't worry, Mr. Perry "gets it".
  4. S&S. Olin was quoted as saying he thought it was one of his best designs. I used to own one of these. Probably one of my favorite all time boats. Had it on a trailer. Easy to launch with shallow draft. Lots of memories with the kids. Reminds me of this, one of my favorite dreamboats for cruising:
  5. My newest project

    Watch out what you say! As in: How do you know what cheating on your wife feels like? Just a cautionary note on word choice and phrasing, not an accusation.
  6. My newest project

    Please! I want to see more.
  7. My newest project

    Whoa! WFO! No chastity strut on this baby.
  8. My newest project

    I love seeing the frames set up. That is one bad ass full keel. Can't wait for more pics. I think some that comment here are not aware whom they are addressing.
  9. My newest project

    All we need is a dummied-up diagram of the water flow around it and a written explanation of how it creates/destroys/extracts energy from the tip vortices of the keel in a highly beneficial way. Sort of "best new idea since the School Keel". Then it's a gadget for sure. The strut definitely needs turbecules (sp?), you know; bumpy things that make you go faster.
  10. My newest project

    None. ShMUX don't get paid.
  11. My newest project

    Here's a brain fart: Eliminate the strut and design a lead bulb that would extend aft to the lower bearing of the rudder.

    First line of copy from their 2 page spread ad on the inside cover of CRUISING WORLD, March issue: OK, so by "high latitudes", perhaps they mean The Hamptons? :-) ...or Humboldt County?
  13. My newest project

    So you're saying the AP is expected to be used 2% of the time? I apologize for my ignorance.
  14. My newest project

    OK Kim, at the next Tri Island race, let's cover up the Triton, and turn off the iPad so that next time we get to the windward mark's position before it's set, we can sail on in blissful ignorance that we just gave 10 minutes to the fleet !! just kidding Kim. Sure, OK with me. I sail for the fun of sailing.(Except the depth sounder, I want to avoid finding the bottom.) Curiously I miss all the chart work that went with a tricky race. It makes us old farts to think we can still grab a pencil, dividers and parallel rules to work a course out. I know the Maestro will offer to immeditely start working on the design of my boat (or 4 boats; I haven't decided...), but I just don't get making this boat into something you sail by tapping on a touchscreen, using a remote or switching a powered winch on/off. Tiller or wheel? What difference would that make? I decry the videogamization of sailing! OK, rant over.
  15. Sailing with a gaff rig

    Bear in mind that gaff rigs present an added hazard much like the boom on most marconi rigged boats when gybing, i.e. you don't want to be struck by the gaff falling from twenty or more feet above when raising, lowering, and reefing. Always be sure that the halyards are under control. Maybe, like off-center companionways, gaff rigs are just inherently too dangerous...