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  1. CruiserJim

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Yeah, I figured anyone crazy enough to cross the Bering Strait in a Walker Bay 8 deserves his own thread!
  2. CruiserJim

    Sailing to Russia in a Walker Bay dinghy

    I like how he added an arch to the boat for his crap on de back.
  3. CruiserJim

    Sailing to Russia in a Walker Bay dinghy

    At 2 degrees below the Arctic circle, Anadyr is a cold place to spend the winter.
  4. I don't recall seeing this one here. Maybe as crazy as Rimas, but different. Like Rimas he's now stuck overseas with no funds to get back.
  5. CruiserJim

    anyone know of any peterson 34's floating around?

    I used to sail on the 34 belonging to the Butte County guy reworking his tiller mentioned above. It was a SoCal racer, ex-Ruffian. Was eventually donated to the Sea Scouts in Newport Beach, sailed by the girls ship Triton. They eventually sold it to my buddy. We did a few races, MDR to San Diego, Argosy, and several doubled handed around Catalina. The boat and sails were getting tired but the boat was still an absolute delight to sail to weather. I usually drove. In light air around Newport the boat would sail just a bit higher and just enough faster, was a lot of fun. My buddy took it up the coast to Benicia, I did a Delta cruise with him up there where we spent a lot of time touching bottom with ~7’ draft. San Joaquin county sheriffs kindly gave us a tug to get off one spot. My buddy hauled it out around 1994 or 1995 with the intent of doing a refit, but never had the budget or motivation to get ‘er done, though he did get the engine rebuilt. Stayed on the hard til Butte guy bought it for a song.
  6. CruiserJim

    PHRF SO CALIF - misconduct???

    This. I’m a volunteer board member for a cycling club. We have bylaws, we do our best to follow them but it’s easy to overlook something unintentionally. It’s important, but it’s also important to keep perspective. These sorts of things are [small] first world problems.
  7. CruiserJim

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    If Jean does get him back here and someone gives him a boat, looks like letting him park in Richardson Bay waiting for his anchor rode to chafe through is no longer an option:
  8. Basically a Catalina 380. Yes the mast is deck stepped on these, with an aluminum post underneath from deck to keel approximately 1/3 aft on the dining table, which is notched to clear it. Upper and fwd and aft lowers all go to thru deck chainplates connected to tie rods which tie into a beam glassed to the hull and supported inboard by the settee structure. Unless all of this is in place, adding a rig would be a challenge.
  9. CruiserJim

    Sailing solo from Neah Bay down to San Fran

    Yes, first one of the season. Waiting a day is a good idea.
  10. CruiserJim

    Sailing solo from Neah Bay down to San Fran

    The Channel Islands are great. If you continue S from Pt Conception you can go to San Miguel first, enter Cuylers Harbor, usually windy AF but fully protected, elephant seals on the beach. Then downwind Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz Islands. You can anchor at Bechers Bay at Santa Rosa, go ashore and see the old ranch. Santa Cruz, there is Cueva Valdez, Painted Cave (not really doable single handed), Lady’s, Frys Harbor, Pelican Bay, Prisoners, Little Scorpion and Smugglers along the north side. S side of Santa Rosa has Johnson’s Lee, S side of Santa Cruz has a few, though Forneys and Alberts are the only ones I’ve cared for No real anchorages at Anacapa, I have overnighted there a couple times at either Frenchys or Fish Camp. Lots of flies. See if you can find a copy of a Brian Fagans Cruising Guide while in Morro Bay, it think it’s out of print now but has all the info you need. No major dangers but you should have detailed charts along. That said, it is fall now, which is the season for offshore Santa Ana NE winds. These winds make the N side of the offshore islands into death traps, so keep a weather eye. They tend to come after a low pressure system passes and a high fills in behind it. They are hot and dry and are usually well forecasted in advance.
  11. CruiserJim

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Hello Jean, Get him an old houseboat and put it on the Salton Sea.
  12. CruiserJim

    Keel WTF...

    Less wetted surface.
  13. CruiserJim

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Is a homeless shelter in Vietnam that bad a place for him? Other than no Facebook or Starbucks access, he’s presumably got food and shelter, and he’s not going to put other people at risk to save him from his further “adventures”. Sucks for us, like having our favorite tv show canceled. Probably sucks for Scot, lower click count.
  14. CruiserJim

    Catalina 30 :)

    There is 10 years worth of Catalina 30 stories right here in Cruising Anarchy:
  15. CruiserJim

    M5 Dock Removal Service

    Like trying to watch a ball game thru a gap between fence slats.