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  1. CruiserJim

    Frank Butler - 8 bells

    Building sailboats is a tough business, it's quite an accomplishment that Catalina Yachts has survived, constantly improved its products and created so much customer good will through all the ups and downs. I owned a C-27 for 10 years, a C-380 for 15 years, and my in-laws owned a C-34 for 12 years. We had a lot of good times with these boats, they were pretty forgiving and relatively easy to maintain. I met Frank at a Catalina rendezvous at Two Harbors a number of years ago. I contacted the factory once about something I needed for my 27, I don't remember what now, but I do remember they were helpful. Fair winds Frank.
  2. CruiserJim

    Aluminum Anarchy

    Are you certain the tank itself leaks? Between my boat and a friend's boat, I've seen a water tank, fuel tank and holding tank that were thought to be leaking. In all cases it was a hose or fitting somewhere in the system.
  3. CruiserJim

    Aluminum Anarchy

    She floats! Congratulations, that looks like a great boat. Good luck with the projects.
  4. CruiserJim

    1000 Daze at Sea

    Need something to do while locked down? Five Questions for Reid Stowe As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, we’re taking the time to catch up with contributors and friends in the marine industry. For this installment, we’re chatting with artist and long-distance sailor Reid Stowe. By Herb McCormick FTA: "I had enough of every food, most importantly seeds for growing my fresh food sprouts." "people don’t understand my art any more than they do my voyage." "Yes, we are working on developing a space analogous voyage with the Mars Society." And other gems. Enjoy.
  5. CruiserJim

    well this is bullshit

    Thank you. All of a sudden the powers-that-be don’t feel constrained by the constitution and their subjects are willing to go along. It’s a lot easier to control a population with fear than with brute force, and those who aim to be our masters are watching, learning and taking notes about how effective this has been. For now they are content to prolong the current hysteria to condition us for future crises and more erosion of constitutional rights.
  6. CruiserJim

    Vic- Maui race cancelled

    Seems like the SHTP would be the ultimate example of social distancing.
  7. CruiserJim

    Sad Day in Dana Point

    Yes, as I recall he moved his family into the boat and rented out his house to help pay for it. And I think they had to knock the house down to get the boat out of the yard and onto the road.
  8. CruiserJim

    Sad Day in Dana Point

    And the boat built by Dennis Holland is now "Spirit of Dana Point". Every day going to school I rode my bike past it being built on Santa Ana Avenue in the early 70s. It's amazing he got such a massive project done. While she was still Pilgrim of Newport, our Indian Guides group chartered her for a weekend trip to Two Harbors. I had a blast at the helm on the way back.
  9. CruiserJim

    Tiller steering, relocating traveler from stern rail.

    Now that you mention it, I do remember sitting forward of the traveler when racing, at least in some conditions. Been a long time, I remember doing the ‘82 nationals on Canyon Lake in Tx. I might have done ‘83 also, but I was phasing out in the early-mid ‘80s. Ancient history now. I’ve seen pictures of the new deck but never seen one in person. Looks like a good improvement. .
  10. CruiserJim

    Tiller steering, relocating traveler from stern rail.

    I know, right? He's made of different stuff than me, that's for sure. My early Santana 20 had a cockpit spanning traveler just in front of the tiller. It worked great, it was easy for the helmsman to manage. When sailing with crew it was fine. If I was single handing or just had a single crew member who was otherwise engaged, then the traveler was an obstacle to me reaching the jib sheets, the winches were on the aft end of the cabin top. On the OP's boat the winches are farther aft along the cockpit, so this might not be an issue. I'd suggest taking the boat for a sail short handed and pay close attention to what you need to reach when sailing and whether a cockpit-spanning traveler would interfere with it. Also consider how you use the boat and cockpit when not sailing. Then make your choice. Everything on a boat is a trade off.
  11. CruiserJim

    Tiller steering, relocating traveler from stern rail.

    Maybe check out what Webb Chiles did on his Moore 24, you can see it and read his comments here: Before: After:
  12. CruiserJim

    My Big Mushy Boat Listing - Selling a Boat in Motion

    While your chatting with the broker you might mention that your listing doesn’t turn up in a search for used HR 53s for some reason. Here is the specific search: this returns 3 boats, one each in Italy, California and Virginia. Good luck, that strikes me as a pretty good deal.
  13. CruiserJim

    Russell Purdock...anyone remember?

    The locals I've met when sailing up there all seem like good folks and I enjoyed racing and hanging out with them. The sheriff and DA were forced out after this fiasco, which is good. Unfortunately their corruption succeeded in kicking the can down the road beyond the statute of limitations for charging Perdock, which sucks. Yes Perdock is on the city council in Clearlake, but Clearlake is just one city on the southeast end of Clear Lake. I don't know why the citizens of Clearlake would elect this guy, it does not speak well for them. But don't hold this against all the people there in Lake County.
  14. CruiserJim

    So called "wicking" polyester shirts??

    Tech definitely. Sort of surprised me based on what I thought about polyester vs natural fibers. But when getting back into cycling, there's no question the tech stuff is the way to go. Bought some cheapy tech t-shirts to wear under jerseys when I need to add a layer. Those t-shirts also work well for sailing, took a few of them to the Caribbean last year, dry more quickly, can be rinsed out and dried easily.
  15. CruiserJim

    Russell Purdock...anyone remember?

    Interesting. I've sailed the Konocti Cup a few times. Maybe keep the regatta name but dedicate a perpetual trophy in her name?