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  1. CruiserJim

    What is going on here?

    That's messed up.
  2. CruiserJim

    Boating While High

    Godwin's law, right there in the FP article before even getting to the discussion. That was fast, maybe even some kind of record.
  3. CruiserJim

    Sobering accident report

    Done the colonoscopy 2x now. Sold my own boat last year, but may have an opportunity to do some offshore sailing again. Will definitely watch for seminars.
  4. CruiserJim

    Sobering accident report

    Very true. I'm not ex-military, nor a first responder, just a desk jockey. I've never had any formal emergency response training. Basic first aid and CPR instruction, yes, an occasional MOB drill, and I've successfully dealt with my share of puckering moments while sailing, but nothing anywhere near the level of an incident like this. I'd like to think I could respond well, but I have no idea what I'd actually do. Twice I've been in a room where someone choked and needed the Heimlich maneuver . Both times someone else was on it before I even moved, that's discouraging. What's available for your basic recreational sailor that is convenient and accessible enough that people would actually do it? And of course it has to be effective, so when necessary, "training takes over." Maybe these things are mutually exclusive?
  5. CruiserJim

    Whiskeytown - Gone

    Friends of mine in the Clear Lake area just evacuated.
  6. CruiserJim

    Sobering accident report

    The did plan to gybe that morning, and were planning on a tack to do so. AP failure beat them to it.
  7. CruiserJim

    Sobering accident report

    How about that, I found a picture online, sure enough.
  8. CruiserJim

    New Genoa needed for Catalina 27 Tall Rig

    I bought a Catalina 27 in 1986 and sailed it for 10 years. It came with a really big furling genoa that was also a tragic bag when it came to shape. It made the boat heel over a lot. I found an almost unused 110% sale at a local used sail broker. Even though it was smaller the shape was excellent and the boat sailed much better. It was a hank-on sail so I ditched the furler too and rigged a simple downhaul line to the top hank. Perfect for that boat. I agree with others, buy good quality dacron but don't over-buy, it's a Catalina 27. And give some thought to the size you need for the type of sailing you do.
  9. CruiserJim

    Sobering accident report

    Sounds to me like the AP was probably still engaged (not switched to standby), just was not functioning due to loss of fluid. But the drive may have still been exerting drag on the steering system. Roger that on the panic. Horrible situation. Certainly gives another perspective on arches, maybe not so lame on boats like this.
  10. CruiserJim

    Sobering accident report

    I'm not sure there is even a time savings. Based on my own experience with the boom system they are finicky as to boom-mast angle, feeding the bolt rope in and the halyard load to both lift the sail and overcome the friction (yes we lubed it liberally and it was a new sail with the teflon bolt rope) made for pretty high loads and a tedious up/down process. There is a lot to be said for lazy-jacks, I don't know at what point they become impractical based on the size of the sail and boat, but they would be my personal preference if at all possible.
  11. CruiserJim

    Sobering accident report

    Poor hydraulic connection on the autopilot leads to loss of fluid, eventual loss of AP control of rudder, uncontrolled jibe, broken preventer and traveler, uncontrollable heavy furling boom which kills one crewmember and tosses another overboard. Boom eventually destroys the rig. A sad end to a trip to Fiji. The picture doesn't show a rigid vang supporting the boom but from the looks of the mast/goose-neck area it appears the boom could not be lowered to the deck. Stuff to think about. I've sailed offshore a few times on a 54 footer with a furling boom, they are heavy beasts. We did rig a preventer when broad reaching, I question if it would have been strong enough. We had routine checks of the bilge, rig, electrics, and engine (when in use), but not sure we ever checked the AP reservoir underway. Hmmmm.
  12. CruiserJim

    Tanzer 25 Opinions or Knowledge

    Looks like a nice boat. Outboard rudder? Hopefully they didn't bollix it up when fitting the wheel and pedestal. That's gotta go!
  13. CruiserJim

    The Graduate

    Congratulations to all of you!
  14. CruiserJim

    Lia Ditton

    In the old days we had Chichester, Johnson, Roth, Chiles, etc. who did the adventure first, then wrote and sold books to an audience to deliver the story, hopefully earning a few bucks. Now with technology the story can be delivered in real time. Actually paying for this new method is voluntary, which can make it seem like begging. But in the end Lia and others are performers providing entertainment for their audiences. More power to her and others if this is what they like to do and they can make a living at it.
  15. CruiserJim

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    You're wrong.