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  1. Rigging sounds reasonable. Write a check and done. The blocks in your picture look more like a small boat vang than a mainsheet. You want a nice 4:1 roller bearing tackle for the mainsheet. Here's a review looking at systems for a 30' boat, you could with a bit lighter (and less expensive) system, but good info: https://www.practical-sailor.com/issues/37_30/features/Mainsheet-Control-Systems_11051-1.html
  2. I still vote for all new standing rigging now. Re fixing the various nicks and dings, it's up to you how perfect you want it. On my boat I just used white Marine Tex. It was not perfect but close enough. Remember it's a $1200 boat. I'm not familiar with where you sail. Do you really need a motor just to go out for a daysail? I had a motor for my Santana 20 but rarely carried it aboard.
  3. You don't need a gauge IMO. There are lots of tuning guides online, it is pretty easy to get the mast straight on a boat this size. Rake - start at vertical, probably good enough for now. Re "EXPENSIVE", now that you are boat owner you will need to re-calibrate your understanding of this word. BOAT - Break Out Another Thousand. Dyneema or wire rigging - I have no experience with Dyneema, it could be a good way to go. I would just reiterate that you need to prioritize your projects. Focus on those that are necessary to get you sailing ASAP. Once you have that list, then figure out your optimum allocation of time and money. Pay others for stuff that has a high time/dollar ratio. Otherwise it's pretty easy to miss a whole season due to mission creep. Re-rigging is relatively quick and easy. Take the old stuff to someone, tell them to make new stuff the same size and length. Pick it up, pay the bill and you're good to go. As compared to your time to figure it all out and DIY. Lark is right, epoxy is the stuff to use to fill. Don't worry about what they made the boat out of. Good info here: https://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/document.do?docId=495
  4. Not sure what I'm seeing there with the spreader fitting, but don't like it. The broken strands on the shroud right at the swage fitting indicate that the swage did not lead fair in the direction of the shroud so the strands flex and fatigue right at the end of the fitting. The rest of them may have the same problem, so good to tend to it now. I'd suggest trying to raise the rig before ordering new, just to look it all over and perhaps spot some other issues to address. DIY rigging? Sure, things like Norseman or Sta-lock fittings can be used. My guess is you would not save much money vs just having a new set swaged up while you devote your time to some of the other projects.
  5. Yes really replace all the standing rigging, it's probably original to the boat so it is ancient, it doesn't last forever like fiberglass. Having owned and sailed a Santana 20 for 7 years dropping and raising the rig countless times it is difficult to imagine snapping a shroud during the process. I've bent a turnbuckle and once kinked the back stay so badly it had to be replaced, but never snapped anything. Makes me suspect about the condition of the wire on your boat or the story the seller told you. You made a good buy so you've got some room in the budget to attend to essentials. Keeping the rig up is essential! Also for your own peace of mind.
  6. Cool, I always liked the looks of those E-23s. Definitely replace ALL the shrouds/stays before you sail.
  7. Looks like he's calling it done in Boot Key... http://self-portraitinthepresentseajournal.blogspot.com/
  8. Same boat, two groundings? There are some differences in the pictures. In the old picture fenders are tied to the crap on de back, no wind generator, broken upper starboard spreader, the jib is furled tight and no main peeking out of the mast. Also the article quoted by the OP is current. No update there as to finding anyone yet.
  9. 30 years ago I owned an outboard-powered Catalina 27, similar size, with maybe a bit more windage and displacement than the Santana. I had a 9.9 Evinrude and think it was just about right. Mine was just mounted to the transom cutout, I don't recall having a pad, nor do I recall having any problems with transom flexing or cracking from too much thrust. How much room do you have between the max opening of the motor clamps and the depth of the transom? Seems like if you want to spread the load you should mount something on the outside of the transom that extents side to side and well below the motor mount itself. Maybe a piece of Starboard? I'd through-bolt it and bed it thoroughly with something like 4200 (not 5200). I guess you could also ring up Schock boats, maybe they have something in the archives that says what the 27's transom was rated for.
  10. I dunno. Given normal winds and his inability to sail inside 120 degrees apparent wind angle, he's likely to move 10 to 15 degrees west, with maybe a little north after he departs. This would put him on the longitude of the western Aleutians, maybe he picks up some W and SW winds at times after that, but he could end up anywhere, or even parked in the middle of the Pacific high along with lots of other flotsam and jetsam. Or San Francisco again????? But is Jean really going to arrange a tow out of the harbor and clear of the island?
  11. Another one, Balboa Yacht Club summer beer can races - Santana 20 fleet, circa 1980.
  12. 1974? Santa Barbara Passage race, Newport Beach - Catalina and San Clemente Islands to port - back to Newport. Started on a blustery Friday night. R-boat "Debra" was dismasted, We were approaching the W end of Catalina at 0-dark-30 still blowing pretty good from the NW and The Night Chicago Died came on the radio, it is forever linked with that race. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryVh9BuwOs4 Next was SoCal Midwinters, probably 1978 or so, sailing out of LAYC, a winter front was approaching, strong SE wind blowing. IIRC most other SoCal clubs canceled racing that day. We were up on the weather rail hanging on and started singing Beatles Yellow Submarine - seemed appropriate at the time.
  13. If the engine on that Polish boat had crapped out they would have ended up like the boat that started this thread.
  14. I'd go with that Cat 22 with the nice trailer over the Reinell.