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  1. CruiserJim

    Santana 20/tuna 20

    We used to take the latch off the port forward hatch and launch/retrieve the spinnaker out of it back in the 70s and 80s. Is that still a thing in the 20s?
  2. CruiserJim

    Radar Reflector

    IIRC Practical Sailor did an evaluation years ago (probably done it again but I don't subscribe now). The basic 3-plane folder, hung in a "catch rain" manner, was the most effective or at least the best bang for the buck. All the fancy ones didn't really do much.
  3. CruiserJim

    God I Am Beginning to Hate LA News

    I miss UPN 13 News, the coverage was silly, but it didn't matter.
  4. CruiserJim

    God I Am Beginning to Hate LA News

    +1. I surf the local news for the weather babes. Don't even need the sound on. And the occasional car chase.
  5. CruiserJim

    Trying to Buy a Boat

    Seller doesn't have insurance? It's his boat til you buy it. It's standard to make a purchase contingent on survey. When I sold my boat last year, it was still my boat when it went to the yard for survey, covered by my insurance. Buyer paid for haul and survey, boat was returned to my slip, and it was still my boat until we completed negotiations on the survey results, money changed hands and title documents were signed. Only then did I cancel my insurance. Seller may own the boat for quite a while. You should move on, plenty of other boats in the sea.
  6. CruiserJim

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    You win the internet today!
  7. Yeah, it's fun to do. I was sailing in once, conditions were perfect. About 4 boat lengths from where I make my final turn, the keel stuck in the mud as it was a super low spring tide. Had to use the motor to back off, go out to the end of the dock, tie up and wait for the tide to come in. Fortunately there was a Mexican restaurant across the street from the marina, so the wait time was put to good use.
  8. CruiserJim

    Leave the dock

    Might want to qualify that to be "leave the dock on your own" as opposed to being towed off the dock like Rimas.
  9. CruiserJim

    Perdock for Police Chief?

    Yes, Elizabeth Larson. I corresponded with her a few times during the aftermath and trial, a breath of fresh air. I hope her insight into the hiring process is correct. This is a hiring decision by the city, not an election. Without being there, who knows how Perdock got elected to the city council, elections are swayed by many things. But often cities hire police chiefs who are opposed by the rank and file when there is a perception a department needs to be "cleaned up" or as political virtue signaling. It's hard to see how either of these would favor hiring Perdock. What does concern me is that he resigned from the city council to pursue this. Of course this was hardly a full-time position, small cities usually pay a stipend for council members and per-meeting stipends for other "commissions" they sit on, but it is usually not a lot of money. Sometimes they get full-blown health benefits though, which can be a fair chunk of change. A quick look at the city of Clearlake's website doesn't reveal this info. Why would he resign unless he felt he had a good shot at getting the position? And while he appears to be doing this all above-board, we know he's not a paragon of virtue when it comes to bending the rules in his favor.
  10. CruiserJim

    Perdock for Police Chief?

    And conspired with the sheriff and DA to prosecute Dinius. Perdock is no Jean Valjean.
  11. CruiserJim

    Perdock for Police Chief?

    Yeah, let's focus people. Given that Perdock, the DA and Sheriff all conspired to not gather evidence against Perdock and run out the clock on prosecuting him for killing a woman on a becalmed sailboat AND prosecuting an innocent man on that same becalmed sailboat, he should be disqualified from holding any position in law enforcement. Even the Lake County Sheriffs Dept figured this out and terminated him after the voters tossed the dirty sheriff. How could citizens of Clearlake believe him or his department about anything? When a controversial shoot or arrest occurs, Chief CYA will be on the job.
  12. CruiserJim

    Perdock for Police Chief?

    Apparently took a while for Lat 38 to get the news. From February 2, 2018:
  13. CruiserJim

    Perdock for Police Chief?

    I'm guessing this is for chief in the city of Clearlake, counties have sheriffs. This guy just doesn't go away!