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  1. mikkom

    Seascape 18

    Absolutely no issues with boat. I have now 7th summer and boat would be in perfect condition save for some user induced minor things. In my view checks all your specified targets. Really easy to lauch and very fun to sail. Have mostly done DH and SH. There have been couple gear upgrades over the years and in my view new outhaul setup is better (in process of changing that on my boat). Also jib tracks are better in changing conditions vs. just having multiple clew holes. Both of these really simple things to fix on your own.
  2. mikkom

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

  3. mikkom

    Seascape 18 outboard

    Long time follower but here finally some input also.. Have Seascape 18 with 5 summers experience. Have 4hp Yamaha and that is lot of power for this boat. Had to change to lower pitch propeller from standard and still with very light throttle boat reaches very quickly 6 knots. Issue is that even with lower pitch propeller I end up throthling when coming to pier - not very convenient but managable. I have been thinking about switching to Torqeedo as range hasn’t really been issue in current use. With extra battery I believe I would get performance I need, but investment is high for very little use..