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  1. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    True. But we now know a hell of a lot more about the risks to humans of depleted uranium (DU). Basically, there is no risk as long as the DU is in solid form, provided it is not fired as a round from a cannon. Also, the yacht ballast bulb would most likely be a composite of a DU core, with lead outer mantle, coated with applicable epoxy composites and paint.
  2. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Depleted Uranium is approximately 60% "heavier" than lead. The following two paragraphs are quoted from the case study entitled; Australia's Uranium - Greenhouse friendly fuel for an energy hungry world presented to Australian House of Representatives in 2006 "accumulating at 12 000 tonnes per year worldwide. The International Atomic Energy Agency states that this volume of spent fuel, produced by all of the world’s nuclear reactors in a year, would fit into a structure the size of a soccer field and 1.5 metres high—even without any being reprocessed for re-use. This contrasts with the 25 billion tonnes of carbon waste released directly into the atmosphere each year from the use of fossil fuels." "While plans for geologic repositories are now well advanced in several countries, finding sites for repositories has been problematic. This has been due in large part to a lack of public acceptance. ‘Not in my backyard’ arguments about the siting of repositories have been fuelled by misperceptions of the level of risk involved in radioactive waste management and the operation of repositories." The answer to long term storage is simple, make the depleted uranium available for purchase to make yacht ballast.
  3. Sailing with running backstays

    In that picture (taken about 18 months ago) the boat was moded for 5 to 10 knots true wind range, the breeze in the photo was about 22 knots true which arrived 5 minutes earlier. We are laying the windward mark which is about 100 metres ahead, and just about to set the spinnaker tack. The second boat has just started this upwind leg.
  4. Sailing with running backstays

    Or, get a boat that does not need backstays of any type...so much easier.
  5. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    What are the odds that the 6th J111 coming to SYC will be named Scarlet Runner?
  6. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    So that leaves Primative Cool.
  7. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Obvious changes to Little Nico are the two "pit" winches (LN has one central winch), no starboard side forward sliding hatch, a clear cotpit floor hatch, rather than a solid hatch. Some minor accessory equipment mods e.g. turning blocks, kite retrieval line exit point, etc. My biggest question is where are the mounting points for the running backstays?? Little Nico only weighs 2600kg about 110kgs more than Smooth Criminal, but does have quite a percentage more wetted area. That said, LN does not push more water as she accelerates, if you watch some video of her she simply accelerates over her displacement hump (what there is of it) extremely easily and quickly, so when looking at her she does not appear to accelerate. But believe me she is a monster. I've never helmed an 11 meter yacht capable of a constant 19 knots two sail reaching in 20 knots of breeze until I had the opportunity when she was at SYC before competing at Geelong.
  8. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    BIG Congratulations to the SYC J111 "Joust" crew. 3rd at the San Francisco Worlds by a whisker. With 4 1st places a fantastic effort.
  9. Race tracking

    The major reason for delays in yacht tracking during offshore races is data transmission cost via satellite. Provided standard mobile network coverage can be used the transmission of yacht data is only limited by signal strength. On my 11 metre Reichel Pugh we transmit all sailing instrument NMEA outputs via a Rossco system which has built in 3g/4g mobile transmission, GPS, RF, WiFi and data processing/storage. The system data stream is constant so the update of the graphics and analytics is limited only by the Sailing instruments NMEA 0180, 0182, or 0183HS baud rates e.g. default 4800 or 9600. AIS used NMEA-0183HS at 38400. The newer NMEA-2000 is faster. This provides post race performance analytics and race graphics accessible via the internet (subscription login). The Rossco WiFi provides total data transmission on board to allow connection to 3rd party apps like iRegatta, etc. If the telecoms signal drops out the data is batch filed and uploaded once signal is back up. The important point with the Rossco system is that yacht data is encrypted and compressed prior to transmission and cannot be read by any other vessels. The data is unencrypted and extracted at the Rossco server (data base) for analysis and storage.
  10. Thanks. Reasonably confident the 23 is not faster than the 28. Have recently purchased a "pre-loved" T7 and was curious.
  11. Team NZ

    Let me put it this way. I was involved in researching the draft submission documents to ARU and AIS. Over the past 40 years Australia has pored an enormous amount of public funds into certain Pacific "Island" nations. Many NZ top tier rugby players are NOT born in NZ, but guess where they are born? A highly respected Australian mining magnate has committed PUBLIClY to fund the Western Force, and guess where the Forces new list for next season is coming from? A certain high level Australian politician whose dad is alleged to be a Kiwi, has been assisting with the political know how and international leveraging. You do your research...
  12. Team NZ

    What you fellows have missed is the enormous consequences of this citizenship row. You've stepped right into Australia's trap. The Aus/NZ citizenship works both ways. Two thirds of the All Black team playing this Saturday at ANZ Stadium in AUSTRALIA now have AUSTRALIAN citizenship. These players receive their WALLABY kit when they pass through Customs in SYDNEY. You all thought you were playing the WANNABEs but the WALLABY team is now 2/3 ALL BLACKS. You're going to need a big reserve bench.
  13. Anyone raced the two, if so what are the results ?
  14. The Next Boat-----2020

    Can anyone imagine a world where a AC team would agree in writing to future "penalties" based on the outcome of a yet to be sailed AC regatta they have spent bucket loads of money to be a potential challenger in. That just beggars belief.
  15. AC36 Auckland NZ

    You're kidding..right? You are aware the next AC is in 2021?