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  1. Don

    Australian Sailing

    In a want to break away from WS and affiliated associations and clubs, you cannot race using the Racing Rules of Sailing. But the RRS only apply from sunrise to sunset, at night everyone "races" under the COLREGS.
  2. Don

    Australian Sailing

    Until sailors everywhere can find a way around this, change will be almost impossible. This is copied directly from World Sailing 2017 – 2020 World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing 2017 – 2020 World Sailing Equipment Rules of Sailing Reproduction Policy WS OWN the rules we sail by. Just how this occurred I'd really like to know. 2. Ownership 2.1 World Sailing is the owner of the 2017 – 2020 Racing Rules of Sailing and the 2017 – 2020 Equipment Rules of Sailing and has the right to publish the Racing Rules of Sailing and Equipment Rules of Sailing and rights to all derivative works (including in all electronic and online forms). 2.2 World Sailing has and retains the exclusive rights to publish the Racing Rules of Sailing and Equipment Rules of Sailing on the internet or electronically (including via apps for use on phones, tablets or similar devices). These rights are not granted or licenced by this Policy and must be discussed with World Sailing separately."
  3. Don

    Australian Sailing

    Someone rang??? Oooh! this ridiculous subject. I was formally presented by the SYC Commodore the "Stirrers Award" for trying to argue against forcing crew to become day members and then full club members. Crew are covered by my boat insurance, why do they need to be members of the club? Oh that's right something to do with Australian Sailing and crew insurance. Given who is running AS I would not trust them to have paid up insurance. If SAFETY is what this is about, all that should be required is the accurate race crew list supplied to RO's prior to the race warning signal. But its all about MONEY not SAFETY. So Smooth Criminal is for sale and I'm buying a fast ocean sail boat, and to hell with club yacht racing
  4. Don

    Team NZ

    As I understand it the AC "mules" were 38foot LOA max. How many successful small designs have been scaled up and failed miserably...bucket loads. Also, simply based the loads allone on a 38 footer verus a 75 footer, I don't think they would feel very much alike except for the basic displacement versus foiling mode. Bit like being a World Champion 125cc motorbike rider and jumping on a MotoGP and wondering why your on your arse sliding instead of on the bike the first flying lap.
  5. Don

    Team NZ

    How many laptops does it take to move a foil?
  6. I feel your pain Pirate. In a certain Victorian yacht club you can't race until all of your crew have been pressganged into either "day memeberships" at a cost of course, which are limited in number and when they run out the crew have to "apply" to become members. All in the name of safety apparently. And YOU call yourself a Pirate....
  7. Don

    Sun Fast 3300

    Tumbleholm is back
  8. Don

    Ofcet in liquidation

    I don't think RM have a problem. Their latest Marc Lombard design RM1180 has 17 orders and hull #1 which was "displayed" over the weekend in the workshop has not yet been launched. If you are interested check out the video on the ActuNautique facebook site.
  9. Don

    Barge much? (FP)

    I had not seen the video from onboard Conviction. I stand corrected. It appears from Conviction's onboard that they did in fact hold course, then attempt to avoid. In which case David Witt's acceptance of fault and personal apology to the Conviction crew, shows genuine remorse and was indeed the gentlemanly action to take.
  10. Don

    Barge much? (FP)

    Very good of David to do this. He could (and maybe should) have waited for the Protest Hearing outcome. Yes, Scallywag barged, but Conviction only needed to call, hold course, and protest, instead she increased the risk of collision initially with her mast tip ripping Scallywags mainsail. I take my hat off to David Witt, a very gentlemanly response.
  11. Don

    Barge much? (FP)

    The TP52 "Conviction" as leeward boat had the right to call Scallywag up, having done that they are then required to give Scallywag room and opportunity. Any helmsman who has sailed in fleets with dissimilar LOA yachts should know that once you've made the call for a much longer boat to luff, you MUST give them a lot more room than your boat would require to do so. Did Scallywag attempt to luff? She may have wanted to but could not turn up due the reduced room necessary. A 100ft LOA yacht when it turns slowly needs a MINIMUM 25ft clear space to leeward, a hard turn requires at least 50 feet. Conviction does not appear to have provided room after calling for Scallywag to luff. Conviction DSQ for not providing room, and not avoiding the collision which Conviction had every opportunity to do. She should have called for the luff, held her course and waited for Scallywag's helm response, if it didn't happen immediately, stay clear and protest.
  12. Don

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Dragons - designed 1929 Bluebirds - designed 1947 Black Soo - designed and launched 1958 Thunderbird - designed and launched 1958 Tumlaren - designed 1937 over 600 built worldwide Diamond - Oooh Nooo designed 1960 with over 6000 built worldwide, obviously doesn't meet the safety criteria
  13. Don

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    20?? Asscociation CUP Rules: open to all yachts designed prior to 1958 and built prior to 1985.
  14. Don

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Even better. REAL two person keelboats.
  15. Don

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Nah, Bluebirds for Div 2 and Diamonds for Div 1