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  1. Not Me

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    I'm unfamiliar with this type of setup, but maybe a knife kept near the halyard on these boats would be a good addition.
  2. Not Me

    Tracking down Hobie 33's

    Hey buddy! I know Steve Tacy/ Strictly Sail inc. owns one moored at Brookville Lake Sailing Assn. I'll get the numbers for you next time I'm out at the lake.
  3. Not Me

    SoCal Clubs to check out?

    Sounds like quite a few good spots to check out! Knew the Anarchy YC would not let me down. Thanks guys!
  4. The Wife and I are headed to Carlsbad late October/early November, and I was hoping to scratch my sailing itch by checking out some local races, or at least drown my sorrows at a yacht club bar somewhere... Google shows me there's a yacht club in Oceanside. Anywhere else I could/should check out while in the area?
  5. Not Me

    Hull Flex on Trailer

  6. Not Me

    Any info on this boat?

    well the backstay obviously works... look at that top bend. jeeeesus
  7. Not Me

    Potential new Beneteau 36.7 Owner

    Great all around boat. As Kirwan said, the Facebook group is very active and responsive to questions. Welcome to the Class
  8. Not Me

    Water in spinnaker pole, how to remove

    quit broaching. keeps the pole above water, problem solved.
  9. Not Me


    way too high to be a boom. probably the top half of the mast that got caught up in the rigging when it broke
  10. Not Me


    So sad about all of the destruction. Luckily it seems like many preventative measures saved lives. Any models show what the impact is expected to be once IRMA moves OUT of florida?
  11. Not Me


    looks to me like all of them got their rigs knocked down. :/
  12. Not Me

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Thanks Doug! and yes, I always double or singlehand when racing JAM. Hard to get crew in the middle of nowhere! (Cincinnati)
  13. Not Me

    Show your boat sailing thread

    RC got a good pic of us a couple weeks back... just wish I had washed the hull beforehand!
  14. Not Me

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    the one thing that a Macgregor absolutely DOES NOT need is more freeboard!
  15. Not Me

    J24 class saiks

    100% Dacron Jib, 150% Technora Genoa are standard for OD racing