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  1. Any info on this boat?

    well the backstay obviously works... look at that top bend. jeeeesus
  2. that's not the square grouper I'm searching for
  3. Potential new Beneteau 36.7 Owner

    Great all around boat. As Kirwan said, the Facebook group is very active and responsive to questions. Welcome to the Class
  4. Water in spinnaker pole, how to remove

    quit broaching. keeps the pole above water, problem solved.
  5. Irma

    way too high to be a boom. probably the top half of the mast that got caught up in the rigging when it broke
  6. yeaaaaaa.... you may need to make some adjustments
  7. Irma

    So sad about all of the destruction. Luckily it seems like many preventative measures saved lives. Any models show what the impact is expected to be once IRMA moves OUT of florida?
  8. Irma

    looks to me like all of them got their rigs knocked down. :/
  9. Spreader thru-bar

    common retrofit for J/24, as others have said. I'd start there and modify as needed.
  10. Question for you seasoned vets

    if money's not part of the equation, reschedule. High winds and storms there (let alone hurricane) ruin the fun that the island provide
  11. Caption Contest - Land Yacht

    should we tell the owner we knocked down a lamppost? Nah it'll buff right out
  12. Show your boat sailing thread

    Thanks Doug! and yes, I always double or singlehand when racing JAM. Hard to get crew in the middle of nowhere! (Cincinnati)
  13. Proper way to drill mast?

    Interesting point Dogfish... The one in question was the LOWER genoa Cam. What actually happened was the little plastic ring that holds the bearings in disintegrated, causing a failure. In the mean time I've just been using the upper cam solo, but knew that would eventually give out under load/repeated abuse. As for the main, my boat also has double 150's... I think if/when those give way i'll go with a horn cleat as you advise. I get a little sag after 40+ mins of beating, but that could just be my outdated halyards' fault.
  14. Race tracking

    I think trackers in real-time are great for those that can't make the race, and can also be a real useful tool in an emergency situation. I'd be fine with removing the speed portion of it if boats do not want that information available to other competitors... Just my $.02
  15. spend an afternoon aboard with a slingshot full of dried beans. "eco friendly" stress relief, and the little guys will find another boom to shit on if they keep getting pelted.