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  1. Hobart Scene

    Just thought I'd share the photos I took of the start of the Maria race. If you'd like any of them full size let me know. They're not all perfectly focused though, the lens I was using is pretty crap. http://www.flickr.com/photos/8052251@N04/s...57622891350426/
  2. Hobart Scene

    From what I've heard it's a super 30, not sure if Mike told me that or one of the guys that'll be sailing on her. The boat was bought from a guy in SA but I guess it could have come from WA originally. Someone asked about the trailer sailer/sportsboat parked at the Royals, I don't know what it is but it's apparently got a canting keel with a 300kg bulb. Anyone know any more?
  3. Hobart Scene

    That is the new Wild West. Started life as a super 30, Mike added a scoop and the sprit and possibly some other mods, design work done by Fred Barrett. I think the keel on it is the one that came with the boat but a new deeper lighter one will be built. The rig is from an FT10, the sails with the boat were from a Mumm 30. Thats what I've heard anyway. Theres also a Wright 35 on it's way too.
  4. Hobart Scene

    Good race on sunday everyone, Grizzly Adams team had a great time. I've lost my crew for next week though so I'm looking for a body, if anyone has a spare that can be donated for the morning please let me konw.
  5. Hobart Scene

    I'm in, the breeze is looking good for me Which div. are you all racing in? Sparky I hope you haven't talk your wife out of sailing spinnaker div. I'm racing spin. should be entertaining for anyone watching.
  6. Hobart Scene

    Thanks Sparky we had a fantastic time. We had a great tacking duel with some of the big boats from Middleton light to when the breeze filled in from the SE, then the kite ride all the way into Prot Cygnet was awesome. Credit goes to Tina my crew/co-skipper, she has only been sailing for about a year and only twice on my boat. She helmed during all the downwind stuff and did an exceptional job. Can't wait for the DSS Two Handed Worlds.