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  1. Expat Canuck

    Tack gybe set

    Yes, because they lead to carnage when you have a bunch of boats approaching the mark on the port tack layline, with poles set etc (as A3A mentions), and someone comes in on starboard.
  2. Expat Canuck

    Canada ... Does Anyone Care?

    Not mention several planeloads of Americans on 9/11
  3. Expat Canuck

    Favourite Boat pic?

    There was a North Sails ad from the late '80's / early '90's of a 470 launching of a wave (probably from the Seoul Olympics) showing about the same amount of hull. I had that hung on my dorm wall for a long time.
  4. Expat Canuck

    Anyone actually cruised a Martin 242?

    You're right. Hoisting sails in zero wind (aka "less than light") is an excellent way to get places. Note - the above should be in purple / sarcasm font
  5. Expat Canuck

    Anyone actually cruised a Martin 242?

    Let's start with the assumption (which around here is really more of a true-ism) that the current is running against you...
  6. Expat Canuck

    Anyone actually cruised a Martin 242?

    Back to the 242; As far as crossing the Strait goes, you'll be fine, as long as you pick your window. One thing to look for would be the size of outboard on the boat. Although the 242 is an exceptional light air performer, there are many days in the summer when the wind in the islands is less than "light". Most of the 242's in BC have the lightest possible outboard as they are just motoring out to the start line (if that). For cruising purposes, you will want something with a little more power.
  7. Expat Canuck

    Anyone actually cruised a Martin 242?

    Are you planning to trailer it? If so, the 242 would be the best option. There really isn't much to a 242 in terms of systems, so any issues would be limited to the hull.
  8. Expat Canuck


    Well... as long as he notified his local PHRF board about the modification...
  9. Expat Canuck

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    There was an article in the local paper earlier this week about the Harmac mill going into extra shifts to meet the demand for their pulp which is used in the manufacture of medical gowns etc, so yeah. I say, shut down exports of pulp to the US, and see how they make out.
  10. Expat Canuck

    Ideas that won't survive this

    That's been the case ever since the Norwalk virus.
  11. Expat Canuck

    Ideas that won't survive this

    I keep wondering about planes, and how they will be handled. You don't just want to know that everyone is vaccinated, you'll want to be sure that no one is currently contagious. I'm having visions of the scene in "I am Legend" where they are doing iris scans of everyone, and thinking screening for flights will be similar.
  12. Expat Canuck

    Taylor 40 ML Meridian

    The owner had it in Toronto for a while before bringing it to Vancouver, so I'm not sure what he did with it, but it looked good when I was onboard.
  13. Expat Canuck

    Taylor 40 ML Meridian

    Yep. That is the boat now known as Grace, living here in Vancouver. As 12m said, she arrived form Toronto about 8 years ago. We did a season or so of frequent local races, but then it dropped off a lot. She really is a very nice looking boat, and that wheel is awesome. Here we are at at Thursday eve beercan race start.
  14. Expat Canuck

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    Because Trump has golf courses there
  15. Expat Canuck

    Ranger "R" logo font?

    This is not the one I was thinking off, but similar. These are low quality ones http://www.angelfire.com/jazz/cl16man/SailboatLogos/_logosV111905.html Better quality here https://goodoldboat.com/pdfs/SailInsigniaGuide.pdf This may be the one I was remembering, but no Ranger. https://holdfastsailing.com/collections/digital-sailing-vessel-class-insignia