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  1. Expat Canuck


    Race tracker link: http://trackleaders.com/harvest18
  2. Expat Canuck

    Show your boat not sailing

    Last Friday evening, sunset picture of the race boat from the aft deck of my powerboat, just before our last weekend of one deign racing for the year.
  3. Expat Canuck

    WIRW 2018 - someone had to do it.

    The boats leaving the race course early Sunday, and others leaving for delivery right after racing and skipping the awards was a pretty predictable outcome of the new schedule. Our delivery crew is still on the way home (missing two days of work). So yeah, we prefer the Monday to Friday format. I would be hesitant to have a lay day, in the worry that it would be the best sailing of the week. And not everyone can pop home to work for one day. Too bad about the winds this year. I've never started and finished a race in an easterly in Penn Cove before. But all in all, it is still the best regatta of the year in the PNW. We'll be back next year.
  4. Expat Canuck

    WIRW 2018 - someone had to do it.

    Five Farr 30's signed up. Someone should buy this and come play so we can get out own start https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/d/farr-30-sailboat/6637225988.html
  5. Expat Canuck

    WIRW 2018 - someone had to do it.

    Slip assignments are posted. https://storage.googleapis.com/wzukusers/user-27196882/documents/5b47e3382308bonDIDlp/2018 WIRW Slip Assignments.pdf Delivery starts tomorrow. A week from now, we'll be in the middle of it! :-)
  6. Expat Canuck

    R2AK 2018

    In satellite view, It looks like FF_SLAG have pulled into a cove. But tracker still shows 4.5 knots speed.
  7. Expat Canuck

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    There is a large motor yacht often at Snug Cove called YOLO II
  8. Expat Canuck

    List of crew positions for a 40' race boat

    Sure, try that with 12,000 lbs on the runner. Good luck.
  9. Expat Canuck

    List of crew positions for a 40' race boat

    You absolutely need two main trimmers for 'round the cans. The main drives the whole boat. If it is puffy, you have one guy on the sheet, the other on the traveler and perm backstay going upwind. At the leeward mark, both guys are on a winch grinding the main in like crazy. Often, the tactician does do runner's too, so you can drop one person. But reality is, it's better to have him with his head out the boat. And at the starts, he is responsible for making sure that the runners are not hooked on the boom after each tack and gybe.
  10. Expat Canuck

    No Swiftsure thread?

    Word I heard was that they broke a couple of things going upwind, so decided to drop out. On the sail home, they had the kite up and wiped out, leading to the loss of the top section of the mast.
  11. Expat Canuck

    WIRW 2018 - someone had to do it.

    Yeah, I didn't envy the Seattle boats coming in on Friday. We delivered from Vancouver to Victoria on Thursday. Unfortunately, the forecast was completely wrong, and it ended up being a 13 1/2 slog into the wind. Agreed about the harbor entrance. There have been a couple of times when we scraped going out. The past few years, they have adjusted the dates to try to avoid issues with tide levels in the morning and evening, and have been largely successful at that. It no doubt helps that one of the advisors to the OA owns one of the deepest draft boats. The organizers really are very responsive, and willing to listen to the concerns of racers. That's why we are giving the new format a chance. I'll reserve final judgement until after the event.
  12. Expat Canuck

    WIRW 2018 - someone had to do it.

    Okay, 20 was over stated. I have been in a situation where we had to do it in one day. Left Coal Harbour at 11am, cleared customs in Pt. Bob, and arrived in Oak Harbour at 6am the next morning. That was not fun. Especially the bit where we went through Deception at 2am against the max current. (10 foot draft). So 17 hours. Of course, there is also a draft restriction on getting into Pt. Roberts, so you need to time your arrival and departure for there carefully, as well as currents at Deception. In the past, we have delivered on Friday / Saturday so that we could practice Sunday before the Skipper's Mtg and party, and the delivered home Sat / Sun. So one practice day and five days of racing for 6 days off work. This year, it looks like we will deliver Sat / Sun before the event, have a crew member drive down to pick up the delivery crew Sunday evening and return to Van, then everyone drive down Wednesday at noon for Skipper's meeting and party (no time for practice). Four days of racing. Then what? We could have delivery crew leave Oak Harbor right after racing Sunday to start the trip home, and then get home Monday, but what fun is that? They miss out on the awards. So realistically, the delivery home is Monday / Tuesday. So that's 4.5 days off work for 4 days sailing. If you delivery the Mon/ Tues before racing, that's 7 days off work for 4 days sailing. It's all doable, but a bit of a PITA. I understand that the OA are trying different things to improve participation, and that is great. I brought up the above issue with them, and they extended moorage to the weekend before to facilitate delivery, which also is great. We will be there because WIRW is the best event in the PNW by far, and I have loved it ever since I first went in '88. If the change in format does lead to increased participation from Seattle, that will make it even better, and will make it worth the added pain that the few Vancouver boats will have to deal with to get there.
  13. Expat Canuck

    WIRW 2018 - someone had to do it.

    Unless you plan to pull a 20 hour day, the delivery to Vancouver is a two day affair.
  14. Expat Canuck

    List of crew positions for a 40' race boat

    So that's for one 40 footer. On ours, there is no possible way for 1 person alone to handle runners. The winches are 8 feet apart, and the coordination on the runners is the only thing that keeps the mast up during tacks and gybes. That's the problem with the question as posed, it gives no details on the type of boat. "40 footer" covers an extremely broad range of boats, from Class 40's which are regularly single or double handed, to 80's cruiser racers, to J/boats with sprits, to... Doing 'round the cans on an ILC 40, we need 14. Bow Mast Pit Sewer Trim 1 Trim 2 Trim 3 Trim 4 / Pit assist Runner 1 Runner 2 Helm Main 1 Main 2 Tactics At the end of an hour long, 3 lap race in 10 kntos, all 14 are spent.
  15. Expat Canuck

    WIRW 2018 - someone had to do it.

    For the uninitiated / uniformed, the event website is http://whidbeyislandraceweek.com/ It will be interesting to see how the new four day format plays out, and if it improves attendance. It certainly is making logistics for Vancouver boats more of a challenge. There are four Farr 30's registered so far. We are really hoping to get the required six so we can have out own division.