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  1. Expat Canuck

    Commercial Ship Admiration Anarchy

    That's not a fireboat. THESE are fireboats!
  2. Expat Canuck

    Canada’s new tax on yachts

    Increasing services??? Ha! The people who voted for the Green / NDP coalition on our little island are eating their words as the new roads we are getting are chip-and-seal, btu the new roads on the Highway Minister's island are nice blacktop.
  3. Expat Canuck


    Well, if halyards and reef lines are all lead to the cabin top, then pit is managing both the halyard and the reef line at the same time (rather than finishing with the halyard before going for the reef line) Also, the halyard part can be done with a partial ease of the mainsheet and vang. They get eased more when the reef line is taken in. Also, if you are using a horn to hold the reef point at the gooseneck, it might come off unless the halyard tension is taken back on
  4. Expat Canuck

    Old racers sitting unloved, what are they?

    Well, I can't seem to edit my post. I knew I should have checked before opening my mouth. So, the correct information is (per the management of the resort where they are tied up): The smaller one belongs to and is loved very much by Michael Birch. https://www.yachtingworld.com/blogs/elaine-bunting/mike-birch-is-back-5346 And the larger one is in the probate process, so while looking a little shabby, she has a number of people hoping to continue her story.
  5. Expat Canuck

    Old racers sitting unloved, what are they?

    The first one (the 40-ish footer) is a Russian built boat. Despite the looks, it does get used a fair bit, albeit mostly for fishing these days. At one time we were chatting about selling him some second (or fourth) hand sails from the ILC 40. The second one came from the UK, I believe, and was raced in the OSTAR or something similar. Last I heard, it was for sale by the kids of the very old (or perhaps deceased?) owner.
  6. My point was that I would not be surprised if there are a lot of TransPac boats up for sale in the hear future, as it was likely a bucket list item for a lot of people, not just SC 70 owners.
  7. Yeah, that was my thinking too. It could be that, having completed the bucket list item of racing the 50th TransPac, the owners decided to sell. (But I haven't verified the list of boats for sale vs TransPac competitors)
  8. Expat Canuck

    Annapolis "Performance" Sailing - No More-ish!

    APS were our go-to for Farr 30 OD parts. It was great knowing that you could order a halyard or sheets from them and get exactly the right line. We just ordered a Tuff Luff from them, and it came in the exact correct length and with all the bits to make installing it a piece of cake. If you were to add Farr 30's to your list of OD boats you supply, that would be awesome!
  9. Expat Canuck

    Lee Iacocca DTS at 94

    He also set up a foundation dedicated to finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes, and donated a lot of money to that cause. His wife was Type 1.
  10. Expat Canuck

    Is Point Roberts Race Week going to work out?

    Tow it behind the powerboat you mention in your profile.
  11. Expat Canuck

    Visiting Vancouver - hope to connect to a Wednesday night raceboat

    No dress code for sailing at RVYC. They are particular about hats and cell phones in the club house, but you don't need to go near there to go sailing.
  12. Expat Canuck

    Visiting Vancouver - hope to connect to a Wednesday night raceboat

    You don't need a letter of introduction to go sailing at Royal Van. Show up any Wednesday night at 5pm with a 6 pack in hand, and you will find a ride.
  13. Expat Canuck

    What is an ooker?

    We refer to it as the "Ritchie"
  14. Expat Canuck

    Trumpworld continues to attack former friends

    Try it. And we'll burn down your Whitehouse. Again.
  15. Expat Canuck

    R2AK 2019

    FLIR camera is better than radar for picking up small floating items. But I'm not sure how well it would work with a deadhead that is likely the same temperature as the surrounding water.