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  1. J/35 Another Rule 18 Clarification

    You don't have to hail "starboard" to have rights.
  2. J/125s Are AWESOME

    Link to ad?
  3. Eds SC-33 Anarchy 3

    Yeah, but BC has to be different .
  4. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Why didn't he ask them why they couldn't fix the rig enough for a jury rig?
  5. what is it?

    Reminds me of the B-25. But there's no way the Ed would give that FP coverage.
  6. Why don't more people race?

    Hey! That hurt, man.
  7. quick!...Someone call the WHAAmbulance

    Exactly. Could have ordered from Ballard Sails, or any other of a number of West Coast lofts and drove up to pick them up and be back in less than 36 hours.
  8. When you see your old boat on Craigslist...

    Just like you need to remember why you broke up with someone when you are thinking about getting back together.
  9. Suggestions on how to remove Sikaflex residue?

    Practical Sailor did a test, and recommends Re-mov or Boatlife Release
  10. In Over Our Head

    Lean on the headsail telltales (don't pinch), and let the keel work, that will get you height to weather We never did dip poles, even in heavy air, always end for end. Hike out lots. And get the mast jack! Also, the runner is the gas pedal, and you have to play it constantly. Set it slightly softer than optimal coming out of a tack, and then wind it on as you come up to speed. Then wind it on even more. And then play it in the puffs and lulls.
  11. My newest project

    Looks to be a pin on the side of a tug for use in an ATB or ITB pair. The pin moves out to slide into a hole on the barge to keep the tug and barge together while the tug is pushing.
  12. J/29 Shopping

    I assume you're aware of this offering https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/boa/d/29-racerlight-cruiser/6260416786.htm There was a 30 for sale in Seattle, but the posting is gone.
  13. My newest project

    Bob, I know you said the dinnette is raised, but what is the height of the dinnette vs the helm? If a passenger is sitting at the nav station, what is their visibility forward compared to the helm? I am thinking that if the seatback in way of the dinnette / nav station is on a pivot, then it could work both for sitting at the dinnette and at the nav station, which could then be a nice place for a passenger to sit. But that may not work if the seat has to be really high.
  14. Agreed on the wind. We owned a Landfall 38 for three seasons, and each year spent most of the time motoring. Since I sail 50 to 60 days a year on a race boat, I get plenty of sailing in. So we traded the sailboat for a powerboat for cruising. I figure, if you are going to motor, you might as well be comfortable, and be able to go a decent pace. We can motor at 10 to 12 knots, which is handy when heading to make noon slack at a pass 40 miles away. It's the difference between leaving the anchorage at 6am vs 8am. Plus, with the powerboat, we can be more protected from the weather, which extends the cruising season for us. Last year we were the only boat out at the bay we went to over Halloween. I know most will think it's heresy to promote cruising in a powerboat, and I am sure I am going to take flack for it. But the fact is that in this area, the best weather for cruising typically has the least wind. On our latest trip, there was only one day out of 8 when we would have been sailing had we still been on the Landfall. The rest of the time, there was zero wind, or it was on the nose (in a pass only a mile wide).