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  1. Expat Canuck

    79 C&C 38 Questions

    Congrats on the boat! Go to http://www.cncphotoalbum.com/ and join their email discussion group. The people there are very knowledgeable. Agreed, the "inner forestay" is a baby stay, and is there to support the mast in waves and induce some pre-bend. You may not need it for the second purpose, depends on the mainsail cut. But in Galveston Bay, the chop can be bad, so you will want to stabilize the mast. But in light airs, yes, you could disconnect it. Some people put rollers on them to facilitate the genoa going past it. Managing the baby stay while jibing the spinnaker is one of the "joys" of this vintage of boat. You may want to look into a proper #3 headsail rather than sailing with the genoa partially furled. You will get way better upwind performance. That will be a fun boat for Harvest Moon!
  2. WTF? Last i checked, same-sex marriage was still a "States rights" issue according to the right.
  3. Expat Canuck

    Caption Contest

    I got it at the APS clearance sale.
  4. Expat Canuck

    Trump has it.

    Start wearing a mask anytime he is with people who are not part of his 6-person bubble.
  5. Expat Canuck

    Looking for a toy convertible

    I had a 2002 Audi TT convertible, drove it for 5 years. I loved that car. I didn't go for the AWD because it took room out of the already cramped trunk, and I didn't really see the need for the extra power. I looked at Boxters, S2000, BMW Z4 etc, but liked the TT best. If you just want a fun car that you don't have to worry about, the Miata is probably the best bet, but it's unlikely to be low mileage.
  6. Expat Canuck

    Home town webcam?

    The only one that matters here.. the line up for the ferry. https://www.ferrycam.clayrose.com/
  7. Expat Canuck

    HDPE water tank repair

    In industry, hydrostatic tests are required up to the height of the vent. So, you fill until it overflows at the vent.
  8. Expat Canuck

    TDF 2020

    Uh-oh https://www.cyclingnews.com/news/french-police-open-doping-investigation-after-arkea-samsic-hotel-search-at-tour-de-france/?fbclid=IwAR3bnCTJujvsOE-ynhuLUaarWmNR5kbCSqM5HhzWggYSHNo7v8H3KiatyZA
  9. Expat Canuck

    TDF 2020

    Landis took yellow in the TT on the 2nd to last day. (Then had to give it back a month later) It's happened a couple of times.
  10. Expat Canuck

    Bahrain to normalize relations with Israel

    Well, Quebec is the province with the most support to leave Canada, as is Texas in the US, so they have that going for them. Which is nice...
  11. Expat Canuck

    Anchoring in "Private Water lot" BC Gulf Islands

    The one beef I have with that article is; he blames gentrification for the 'get rid of the live aboard movement", and that is not entirely correct. As the number of live aboards increased, so did their impact on the places they were moored. How many of the live aboards anchored out in False Creek or the bays of the Gulf Islands do you think have holding tanks that they either empty at shoreside pump out stations or go out to the middle of the strait to pump out? The other issue we seem to be struggling with in BC is jurisdiction. Many people will argue that the City of Vancouver does not have the authority to limit anchoring in False Creek, and the same argument was made in Port Moody recently. In the islands, it's even more murky, as the governing power of the Island's Trust is not always clear, and some islands are also under City governance (eg Gabriola is part of the Regional District of Nanaimo), or have their own local government. So, figuring out who has authority to set rules for anchoring etc, and for declaring vessels derelict, and then to take care of removal (ie pay for it), is difficult. There has been a concerted effort lately, and it is starting to bear fruit, but its a long road.
  12. Expat Canuck

    Dip pole gybe - keep lazy sheet on top pole

    If the sheet and guy are each clipped to the sail, then don't you have two shackles to blow when dousing? I've always used two high end Tylaskas for the job, and clipped the guy to the sheet.
  13. Expat Canuck

    Dip pole gybe - keep lazy sheet on top pole

    And it allows you to remove the lazy guy in light air
  14. Expat Canuck

    HDPE water tank repair

    I agree. Especially if you re-install the old tank. I would assume that the parent material of that tank is in it's last stretch, and that you may end up replacing it sooner rather than later. Why make that a harder task than necessary.
  15. Expat Canuck

    Dip pole gybe - keep lazy sheet on top pole

    The first part is the key. Do that,and you will be fine 99% of the time (unless the cockpit really messes up their end). The tension in the soon-to-be new lazy sheet while the guy is being brought on keeps it above the guy as the pole comes up and back.