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  1. Olsonist

    Where's all the 2A people now?

    Your cites say Obama regrets the aftermath in Libya. It doesn't say anything about regretting listening to any warmongers. As for his worst regret, I was hoping for staying in Afghanistan, especially after OBL got ventilated.
  2. Olsonist

    Where's all the 2A people now?

    Do you have a cite for this? I'm curious about what he actually said, context and all.
  3. She's not fucking Herman Cain is she?
  4. Olsonist

    Where's all the 2A people now?

    Did we have a declared conflict with Iraq? I didn't know that. A declaration of war has meaning in international law. We didn't declare war on Iraq. Congress passed an AUMF. An AUMF has meaning in Washington budget cycles but is legally meaningless elsewhere. Hillary at least got UN resolutions passed and even Putin signed off on the Libyan intervention. W did it because he wanted to.
  5. Rand Paul did not get smarter or if you prefer, less stupid.
  6. I posted this elsewhere but, seriously, what dumb fuck.
  7. Olsonist

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    I think everyone would like to be Ferris, I would, but few are Ferris, and I'm certainly not. While I love the movie, I've never related to Ferris. I relate to Cameron (who has a massive crush on Sloane). I've known a few Ferris's in my time but I avoid them nowadays. Ferris went into sales, the charm of his youth faded and at the high school reunion, everyone wondered why he didn't do anything interesting. Cameron needed to break away from Ferris as much as he needed to break away from his father. Sloanes though, I'm always up for a good Sloane. Anyways, there was a cast reunion recently.
  8. Olsonist


    Very small if at all. No traveling.
  9. Olsonist

    Black National anthem

    I did up Shishito peppers last night. Padrón are pretty much the same. Blister them in a frying pan with olive oil. Toss in a little salt. You can also slice up a couple of garlic cloves and toss them in when the peppers are about half done. I like to squeeze a lime as a dip for the peppers (and salt). There's a lot of room for variation. I'm going to try ginger next time.
  10. Olsonist

    Epstein: the Deafening Silence

    Dunno. Six months isn't that long. They had to build a case. She's been arrested AND indicted. If you recall, Michael Flynn was never indicted (something press stories get wrong) hence he never had any Brady rights. But Mueller didn't announce he had enough evidence until Nov 2017 and he'd been fired in February.
  11. Olsonist

    Where's all the 2A people now?

    Dude, Wayne LaPierre needs you now more than ever before. Won't you help Wayne help himself to help defend America against liberal scum such as myself? Give generously. https://donate.nra.org/
  12. Olsonist

    Tulsa Coronapalooza a Bust

    Herman Cain hospitalized with covid-19 Herman Cain, the former pizza chain executive who ran in the Republican presidential primary in 2012, has been hospitalized with covid-19 less than two weeks after attending President Donald Trump's campaign rally in Tulsa, Okla. https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Herman-Cain-hospitalized-with-covid-19-15382991.php And from the Department of What Goes Around Comes Around files:
  13. All of that is true. However, Putin is a USSR throwback an old KGB hand. Seriously, they didn't hire a technocrat to improve their 3rd world economy. Instead, like Shitstain, he is expected to provide entertainment for his base. And there's nothing more entertaining than sticking it to their old Cold War enemy. Pretty much laughing at all of this, post Cold War China has made a Great Leap Forward while the US has mired itself in the Middle East and Russia has done fuck all. All the evidence is that they done it and they done it for Spy v Spy level of reasoning. I don't really think Putin is very smart. Obama didn't think much of him. Putin is just smarter than W or Shitstain but that's not saying much. In particular, he's not getting anything out of this other than entertainment for his base. Yeah, Pakistan could have done it as well but I have seen any evidence of that. Entertaining the base has become the driving force in world geopolitics. Maybe that's not such a bad thing. It's a stupid thing but maybe it's the best we can do. True. I never thought there was any 'win' there but he never promised this. I wonder if he regrets it.
  14. Olsonist

    Epstein: the Deafening Silence

    Berman brought the case against Epstein and I don't think finding Maxwell was exactly that hard.