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  1. Olsonist

    Donnie Has Another Stroke

    That's actually true. Shitstain doesn't have a security clearance. Congress, Supreme Court etc don't have them. They will take secrecy oaths and there's things like the Gang of Eight to compartmentalize while still disclosing. Kushner got turned down for a clearance and Shitstain overruled the decision. But hey, at least we don't have Hillary.
  2. Olsonist

    An impending crisis for PA

    They don’t need Democrats to win wars. They need Democrats to pay for the wars they don’t win.
  3. Olsonist

    Electoral College predictions

    In your favor, Utah 4 went blue and that's nominally an R+13 district. Mia Love lost but by only 694 votes. (Not running again, either.) I just don't seeU Utah going blue as a state regardless of how much Shitstain offends Mormon sensibilities. Also, I think if GA and FLA go blue so are OH and PA. I think PA is the most likely to go blue in that bunch. Interesting thing is that it was closer in 2016 than it would appear. There was a third protest candidate, a CIA Mormon. Shitstain won a plurality but Hillary and CIA dude had more votes. And still I don't think Utah will go blue.
  4. Olsonist

    Electoral College predictions

    Utah is not going for Biden. He's down more than 10 there. That had to be a typo. Maine has two Democratic Critters. Maine 2 is R+3 but Shitstain is down 11 points in the state.
  5. Olsonist

    Electoral College predictions

    I don't believe anything about Texas until it happens. I'll grant you that 2020 is a different landscape than 2018 but I'm skeptical and think that that was a high water mark for Beto or if you prefer, for Texans. As for Cruz, he came in 2nd in the Republican primary. I also think that's a high water mark but Republicans have to run someone. It won't be Kasich. Ballast, your boy Shitstain is down 11 points in Maine and 7.3 in Michigan. He's down in PA, GA and FLA. If Republicans had any brains--there are no Republicans on this board with any brains--they'd cave entirely and reject the candidate. Dying on this hill for that man will leave a shitty stain for the duration and then they'll still lose.
  6. Olsonist

    Electoral College predictions

    Yeah, but Biden is anything but an asshole but this is one Dem who ain't gonna hug things out. Still I think Biden at 77 will be one term. So the Nikki Haleys and the Ted Cruzs have to be salivating about that although I think the Shitstain hangover will last quite a bit longer. Jeff's Bitch Burning accomplished a lot of damage to the country but didn't change conservatives like himself one bit.
  7. Olsonist

    Electoral College predictions

    Yeah, my prediction was exactly Cook where Biden takes all of the Toss Ups. Feel pretty good about that. I knew about one of Nebraska's EVs going blue but I didn't realize it was Lean Democrat. I'm always skeptical of Texas actually switching but it could happen. Dems could take the Texas House as well in a wave election. I think they will take the AZ House (currently 29-31) with Kelly and Biden at the top of the ticket vs McSally and Shitstain. Big turnout means wave.
  8. Olsonist

    Electoral College predictions

    If you're looking ahead, University of Washington is damn nice and getting in as a resident is going to be easier. There's also Evergreen State. My brother+SIL were giving me the hard sell and WA does look nice. Right now for HS, everything is remote everywhere it seems. It is as if HS exists as a webpage.
  9. Olsonist

    Please Vote!

    When I lived in Geneva, I lived with a member of the French national chess team and a professional go player. While I did play a lot of blitz with chess player (getting slaughtered, learning a ton) I wasn't going to play any go with go player. Not my game, not my thing. So we settled on backgammon. My brother and I had played a lot of tournament backgammon (we'd take the AC Transit A bus back to Grand Ave in downtown Oakland in the middle of the night with $500 winnings stuffed in our pocket) and quite a lot of money games. I was a LOT better than go player at backgammon. A LOT better. I might have been up more than his rent check but he had stamina. We played for like 36 hours straight and then I just went nutty with no sleep. He could play at a low grade seemingly forever. But when I went down for the first time in the session, I paid off and went to sleep. Lesson learned. Go player was actually Swiss, born and raised. The Swiss have conscription, national service. But if you don't want to serve they have a program for that. You pay a tax. But if you don't pay the tax they have a program for that too. You go to jail, every year. Swiss jails. So he packed up his go books and went to jail every year. But when they saw him enjoying himself maybe a little too much, they kicked him out of jail. Chess player had a phenomenal memory ... for chess. He play through games from memory. Korchnoi was his favorite and became mine. He'd actually swindled a win out of Korchnoi in a simul (IMs and even GMs will play super GMs in simuls; Carlsen played five players while blind folded at blitz). I wouldn't say he was anything more than above average in intelligence. Same with go player. But they were very good at the mechanics of the game.
  10. Olsonist

    Please Vote!

    I don't give a fuck if states have any representation. I do give a fuck if people have representation and I have this thing about people having fair representation. Call me an SJW (please!).
  11. Olsonist

    Please Vote!

    Does this mean that whenever Jeff comes along, he comes along shortly?
  12. Olsonist

    Please Vote!

    This is correct. Wyoming by population (578,759) doesn't even deserve a single EV (328.2 million / 538 = 610000) yet they have three. They don't even deserve a Critter (328.8 million / 435 = 755862) and they damn well don't deserve two Senators.
  13. Olsonist

    Electoral College predictions

    Texas is optimistic until it happens and it could. Biden is crushing Shitstain in Maine. I also think Biden picks off a delegate in Nebraska.
  14. Olsonist

    Biden cabinet

    More than a few tokens. Democrats govern as a centrist party and one of the ways they try to capture the center is by nominating/appointing Republicans. Clinton even went so far as to nominate Massachusetts Governor Weld as Ambassador to Mexico and Republicans (hi Tom!) filibustered him.
  15. Olsonist

    Biden cabinet

    He is but you can expect him to nominate a Republican to the cabinet as Obama did (Gates, Hagel, Lahood + McDonald) and as Clinton did (Cohen). The only person on the Politico list who isn't cringe worthy is Kasich. Well, i don't know anything about Dent.