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  1. America One's webpage is still around
  2. One might wonder, why the need for so much extra power? Poor hydraulics?
  3. Artemis Racing AC50 Magic Blue was just christened.
  4. Alameda, there's been discussions on bringing her to Bermuda for display.
  5. Kiwi's like it up the ass, nothing new under the sun...
  6. Hulls will be partly made in Sweden.
  7. Well done Umpire RIB, well fucking done...
  9. Yes, sold to a Norwegian group not long ago. Any idea what their plans are? VOR 17/18.
  10. Nice try, Xlot.
  11. The Volvo Group is currently subjected to a vast optimization program, lots of people hade lost their jobs etc. VOR has for sure been told not to spend a single SEK/EUR/USD more than neccessary.
  12. From the Grapevine: They will be back, building a new boat has been green-lit.
  13. Here's another one: Approx location:
  14. Speaking of stealth mode, is it still around?