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  1. SB/KH #45

    Yes, that was us. Thanks! Here's some footage from one of the guys - it doesn't do justice but I think it's all we got from that part of the race. https://youtu.be/jODIVBM2Gug
  2. SB/KH #45

    On my Hobie 33 - this is one of the weirdest SBKH races we've done. The strangest part was "the line" of boats after Anacapa - maybe 7-10 miles past the island. There was a huge wall of dead air and there we found half the fleet, maybe more. It looked like a 3 mile-wide start line each direction with all the boats in one class. We were in the middle... the mini Transat (who we owe a bunch of time to) caught up and then stopped near us (lots of groans on the crew). I watched a TP52 tack behind us. Looking port or starboard there were 40+ bows almost exactly in line just pointing at the finish waiting for wind. I've never seen anything like it. We'd get a little wind eddy and surge forward at 5-6kts for 100 yards and then just stop dead. This happened about a dozen times. In the mean time, the rest of the fleet caught up.. a J/33 that was a dot on the horizon was suddenly off our starboard beam. Then another couple of boats would get a puff and we'd just sit and watch them go. It was "their turn". Then, a few minutes later, it was our turn.. or someone else's. That was the punch line for the night - "not our turn", "their turn". Weird stuff. Someone on the crew took some pics - if any turn out to capture that craziness I'll post. That went on for quite awhile. Then some kind of consistent wind filled in after dark and we sailed our plan - we dove towards Dume, ending up a bit north-west of it before gybing over and playing offshore shifts all night roughly towards MdR staying near but not too close to shore, dropping the CZ and going to the genoa for most of the night past Dume. In the morning we found ourselves next to Hana Ho and the MC31. The wind then filled in, we put up the CZ and had a nice reach to the finish line, arriving at 10:28am, won our class and snagged 5th overall.
  3. I would like to retrieve some tracks/waypoints from an older chartplotter that uses NT/NT+ cards to transfer this data (via c-map "user data card"). The old Jeppesen software used to be called "PC Planner" and came with a USB dongle to read their proprietary card hardware. This is discontinued. Does anyone have any ideas here? The chartplotter doesn't have a way to download directly via serial per the manual - it states in can be transferred via this "user data card".
  4. NMEA 0183 to Serial to WiFi

    if you have multiple NMEA 0183 inputs you'll need a multiplexer. I installed this device and I'm pleased with it: http://brookhouseonline.com/imux.htm
  5. Martin 242. These are friends of mine, the gal having sailed on my boat many times. I don't have the story yet as they were in the hospital last night and all their phones are sleeping with the fishes. I just got an email from her saying all are OK. Normally I'd have been out there but was on a business trip. Glad I missed this one. Another boat went on the rocks inside the channel but wasn't badly damaged. The story I've been told from other racers is that it was blowing under 10kts at the race start but picked up to over 30kts within a half an hour of the gun. One other skipper told me he saw 38kt gust at the weather mark and he dropped out of the race. To be continued.