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  1. Hi,
    I came across your post some years ago about the Hobie 33 project.  I own a Hobie 33 myself and am planning some modifications and recently re-discovered your screenshots. I tried to PM you but it wouldn't allow.
    Do you still have the 3D model you created for the stock H33 and are willing to share? 

    1. Rasputin22


      I don't recall ever modelling the H33. I did a similar sort of boat stretched out to 40' that you may be thinking of. If I was showing renderings it was very close in proportions to a H33. I love the Hobie 33 and had some great times racing against a Puerto Rican owne one named SYNDICATE. They had really optimised it for the West Indies Rule and kicked ass. The skipper was a lawyer and I never saw him lose a race protest either! There was a young Frenchman in St Barts who bought a H33 and put hiking racks and water ballast and did well with it too, even singlehand on distance races. Everyone thought he was nuts but he got enough winds down island that he attracted some sponsorship and is probably one of the top dogs in the French racing world now. 

  2. luminarycrush

    Tracking down Hobie 33's

    Magic Light IIRC - Delta Ditch Run? I heard they eased backstay to gybe the main and the masthed spinnaker pulled the rig down.