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  1. I think that far too many women are not taken seriously when they say they have been assaulted. Do we try to destroy a man's credibility when he speaks out on being a victim of assault by priest?
  2. Irish River

    Drip Drip Drip

    The good folks would have to give up their guns to join Canada.
  3. Irish River

    Mustang Meris?

    Yep I've tried it. Had a sample of it great stuff. It's to compete with MPX iirc. I tried the smock. Fit was a big a snug, but this was all in the development stage when I tried it.
  4. Irish River


    Truth is an overriding factor. At least PA knows that. Let's see if the US Senate is willing to find the truth. One person is lying.
  5. Irish River

    no evidence of collusion or espionage ... Trump and Russia.

    I know. Manaforts team tried to claim his crimes weren't part of scope of Mueller investigation, judge ruled in DoJ favour. These guys are criminals now. They were criminals when they were committing the crimes. Politicians and billionaires are immune to prosecution? If they get investigated, and IRS, or FBI find crime then the criminals get prosecuted. I'm pretty sure that's how American justice works. The new development of Manafort now co-operating with DoJ might shed more light on whether the Don is corrupted by a foreign power. Manafort was foreign agent. Was he funneling money during the campaign?
  6. Irish River

    no evidence of collusion or espionage ... Trump and Russia.

    So a investigator starts looking at possible crime, discovers lots of white collar crime and graft, and is supposed to ignore it? The pretense of the investigation has been ruled valid, even if the investigation doesn't turn up collusion. The presidents cronies have committed crimes, tax fraud, lying to investigators, conspiracy ect. No collusion, yet, but a mountain of convictions of the presidents chosen men. If the investigation finds crime has been committed it is obligated to prosecute it.
  7. Irish River

    Prayers and thoughts for the Carolinas.

    I have good friend in Wilmington. He has left with his family for Atlanta. Boarded up as much of his house as he could. Hope they return to a reasonably liveable house.
  8. Took awhile, but the victim blaming is finally starting.
  9. Irish River

    What makes us safer

    Idk if we want keep digging in past, was civil war started by dems? Truman in Korea? I would argue that Dubya didn't start Afghanistan then. Clinton failed to kill Osama in the 90s. Bush sr was in charge of the CIA that trained Osama. So Reagan started it. Shit let's blame Carter then, he was the candy ass who let ussr run amuck. At what point to we look at foreign policies from both parties and learn how to avoid eacaltion of hostilities? I don't think either party where s white when it comes to foreign policies
  10. Irish River

    What makes us safer

    Viet nam WWII you could argue was started by heavy sanctions on Japan, leading japan to strike out.
  11. Irish River

    What makes us safer

    Probably the best way to protect yourself is with strong allies. Allies who will trade and prosper with you and then have your back when shit gets tough. A standing army is a bygone idea. A drone army, only jedi will win that battle.
  12. Notice the lack of victim character assassination with this case? Pretty tough to make it the victims fault when he us church going accountant. All to often, with in days the cops try to use the media to bring into doubt the background of the victim.
  13. Irish River

    Masthead vs Frac Assym

    I think talking to someone with a vpp program to determine what is fastest for local racing conditions is a worthwhile exercise. You could get an ORC cert and try to use the ORC vpp yourself.
  14. Irish River

    Freaking Raccoons

    Years ago, the little trash pandas were everywhere in our city. There was a Japanese family taking picture of one, raiding a garbage can, and asked me if it was a small bear. I replied, "no, big rat".