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  1. Irish River

    Shame on Canada - Shame on Trudeau

    The previous Canadian conservative administration (2096-2015) got heave ho because of the lack of compassion it displayed. Trudeau's Liberals were elected in part because they want Canada to return to it's perceived compassionate and good guy image both domestically and on the world stage. So yes Canada has done some terrible things to both immigrants and indigenous peoples. And im sure it wont come as a shock to hear that there has been formal apologies. Canadians recognize that it's an imperfect world and we stand united to try to find ways to improve and recognize that wrongs have been done. One fault of America, it does not apologize. The slaves, the Indian wars, ..........ect.
  2. Irish River

    Immigrant Children

    Is this a Crime Against Humanity? The USA has completely lost the plot. They were the beacon of hope for the marginalized people of the world, now they are on par with the shithole countries of the world.
  3. Irish River

    Should Canada aquire nuclear waepon capability?

    I think we had one of the largest Navy's in world at end of war too. Canada was protecting the supply lines to Europe. Canada has a long history of hitting above its weight class in conflicts.
  4. Irish River

    Should Canada aquire nuclear waepon capability?

    Why does Canada need a nuke? It serves no purpose for us. Canada is proudly a member of NATO, and has sent troops to die on foreign soil to protect NATO interests. The only major conflict we haven't sent troops into was the second Iraq war. Instead Canada was heavily involved in Afghanistan. A nuke is the ultimate defense, not a big stick, that is the point of NPT. discourage countries of dubious morals from obtaining a nuke for offensive purposes.
  5. Irish River

    Melges 24 turnbuckles and tuning

    We call that the Seattle setting.
  6. Irish River

    Melges 24 turnbuckles and tuning

    Idk about 20 full turns on the open body. That's a lot. The north guide has 20 turns on the calibrated turnbuckles, which is 10 full turns on the open body. We stick to the north guide, we like the lowers pretty soft with north at base, but at 12knots tws we add another turn on the lowers. For reference our boat will hold tensions on the loos B gauge at 17-19 knot setting (+10 and 7.5 turns), uppers 28.5 and lowers at 27. When we back down to base we get 16 on upper and some where between 3-4 fingers on lowers. The keys are to carry enough rig tension to hold headway sag when breeze on, and enough lowers to keep main pulling when back stay is on.
  7. Irish River

    No Swiftsure thread?

    I heard that Mist snapped off the mast top. Opps. Maybe a little to much backstay?
  8. Irish River

    No Swiftsure thread?

    That what happens out there. A big reason why the Hein bank race has attracted the top speed boats. The swiftsure bank can be frustrating listening to the dong of the mark for hours.
  9. Irish River

    No Swiftsure thread?

    What happened to Mist?,
  10. Irish River

    Bill Gates on Trump

    It should be easy for him, there a Pee in one of them.
  11. Irish River

    what is it?

    A foiling melges 24?
  12. Irish River

    Heat treating stainless

    Those have no mention of adjustment of shrouds, just locations.
  13. Irish River

    Heat treating stainless

    Ok I could never find it before. Locally our PHRF has no rules regarding adjustments and I can't find anything in the ORC rules either.
  14. Irish River

    Heat treating stainless

    Please find me the rule that says you can't adjust rig. Maybe IOR? But not in RRS.
  15. Damn, in 25+ our melges 24 can tickle 20. Sometimes ends in spectacular fashion, sometimes we pucker up and make it through the puffs.