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  1. Wind transducers - tall vs short

    We have thought about mounting one facing the rear on a downwind race. Mainly because I like to calibrate things.
  2. What's the best small sport boat to buy?

    I hear, fat, old and lazy with no friends. (Joking) But I get what you are saying.
  3. What's the best small sport boat to buy?

    But why do you have a FE23, when there is 9 melges in your club?
  4. US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    I like team racing, but slow 2 person with no spin is not going to cut it in the Olympics. Need excitement, and drama, and a 420 is not going to work. Need speed and thrills for tv coverage and advertising opportunities. Olympics is about showcasing our sport.
  5. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    I can't imagine the heartbreak for Fisher's family and his crewmates. Truly a sobering moment amongst my sailing friends atm. I'm 4 days away from heading out for sailing in sub 10 degree water for a short overnight race, I'll be thinking about this for a while yet.
  6. 2 weeks cruising is not enough is not enough time. My dad and I have been up and down a few times on the inside. 2 weeks is enough to get from Vancouver to Echo Bay and back in a leisurely manner. You can skip Seymour narrows, unless Campbell river is a destination, instead hit up Octopus island group and go Upper and Lower rapids instead. You can link up a bunch of smaller rapids and see some incredible sites before going to Johnstone strait. The anchorages in Johnstone strait kinda suck. Deep and exposed. Know where you can spend an extra day safely on the hook, beating into 25knots against currents isn't for everyone and waiting a day can make a big difference in Johnstone strait. The best cruising can be had between the sunshine coast and hole in the wall. Explore Toba inlet, Bute, Jervis, Princess Louisa, harmony islands desolation sound ext. Get some experience in the sheltered waters, that sometimes aren't so sheltered first. The top and outside is can be really snotty is weather picks up. Ive been off Brooks pen when she is nasty, not much fun. I think Left Shift would remember "Brown cloud".
  7. Who really believes tariffs are good business

    Canada buys more steel from the US than Canada exports. I'm sure if Canada retaliates on steel tariffs Canada can get the money back. But at what cost? On both sides of the border people will pay more for a car, a house, etc. The only people this hurts are the little guy, who also will be hurt by a recession most. If the world wishes to deter American tariffs, the world should stop buying American debt. The purchase if Tbills and bonds will hit the US government.
  8. Melges 24 Worlds 2018

    Counting down to the first ever Melges 24 Worlds sailed in Canada. Royal Victoria Yacht Club welcomes the world to this premiere sailing event. Website is the central location of documents and registration. Bob Britten, skipper and co/owner of Full Circle ⭕️ Melges 415 Keeps the website sharp. Registration and documents can be found here: Event Website The Melges 24 Worlds 2018 is hosted by Canadian Forces Sailing Association (CFSA) and Royal Victoria Yacht Club. CF Sailing School - Esquimalt Canadian Melges 24 Class Association Melges 24 BC Sailing Sail Canada Voile Canada #melges24 May 31st - June 9th, 2018 Get a team there! Pool your resources and get a boat to join us.
  9. Elk is an animal. A tasty one too. Ilk is the word you should be using.
  10. I hope Trump has reinvigorated a section of voters that didn't vote in the last election cycle. He has given a voice to those who may not have voted previously, however, that is not the voice of majority. The silent majority needs to be far more active and less silent .
  11. What makes this an assault weapon?

    The threat is more real the "radical Islamic terrorism", yet the US spends trillions in that fight. The cheapest solution, is excellent public education and excellent public health care. That is the biggest difference between developed nations that have no mass shootings and the ONE developed nation that has mass shootings on a frequent basis
  12. Draft dodger says he'd face shooter unarmed

    remove the secret service around him, and his body guards, and let's see if he throws himself in front of bullet. I have my doubts he would. And I know I wouldn't. I'm not scared of much, but dieing... yep that freaks me out.
  13. Florida wants to BAN my .22

    Like most Canadians, he loves America and it's ideals. And is saddened to see America's slow slide into a shithole.
  14. I have some weapons training, I'm fucking really scared of what guns do to people. America does not need more people with guns. It needs proper checks and licenses for obtaining any guns. License owners, register sellers, background checks, improve healthcare(mental and physical) and improve education system are the real solutions. I don't think that a ban on certain types of guns is the actual single answer, although it may help.
  15. How reasonable is arming teachers? Can teachers actually protect their students? I would argue no. The NYPD is not that accurate according to studies. 17% hit rate in gunfights in 2005. Teachers are highly trained teachers not highly trained law enforcement. More guns won't solve the issue. Proper gun control might make a dent. No more mags above 4. Proper licensing and training. Proper background checks for mental health. 30,000 + deaths is unacceptable.