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  1. Irish River

    Thread About DC Riots??

    Yes a couple of election cycles from now a lot of the old guard will be gone, the new more polarized factions will have figured out how to pull it off.
  2. Irish River

    Thread About DC Riots??

    This is more like the beer hall putsch of 1923. By 1933 the nazis had their shit together.
  3. Goes like this, sing a long. Dumb, dumb, dumb, Dada dumb. We love the leader. The leader is good The leader is great We surrender our will As of this date. It took Homer longer to pick it up than the GOP faithful.
  4. Irish River

    Is there an apology coming?

    I'm pretty sure that is Mark Henry . Henry is better than that. I think its more like this
  5. Irish River

    What in the actual fuck is it with shower heads?

    Aren't those old buiding just stolen architecturally from long ago civilizations? I'd rather something new and interesting, make a talking point out of it.
  6. Irish River

    Mini nukes in the Great White North

    Low head Hydro kinetic devices are small scale. Maybe power a few houses for each device. They don't work well in winter ice, the hinder shipping in larger rivers, ect, however lower footprint as compared to a dam. A rural solution for small loads. In the ocean with currents they hold more promise than rivers, large flow. Still need a array of them. But again it is not a steady state solution. Current flow is not steady. We need to move energy production away from fossil fuels. There are many solutions, which combined together will allow us to do so. At the end of the day it comes down to storing energy. A dam, a nuclear fuel rod, a battery. Using carbon, while convenient, is killing our human livable planet quickly. The planet will adapt, it just might be without us on it. The mass migration to livable regions will be disastrous to economies. If you think your country has too many immigrants now, just wait, you kids or grandkids won't even recognize the the country you grew up in. The funny thing is, in order to make our northern regions habitable, we have fucked the rest of it.
  7. Irish River

    Mini nukes in the Great White North

    Flow is velocity times cross sectional area. Kinetic energy comes from potential energy or otherwise it just a lake. Tidal flow is potential energy too, very, very large flow, lots of energy.
  8. Irish River

    Mini nukes in the Great White North

    Lol most I can crank out on ftp on swift is about 185watts ftp. All that energy is converted to friction wind velocity and heat on a trainer.
  9. Irish River

    Mini nukes in the Great White North

    My wild ride Maui a few years ago had lots of that!
  10. Irish River

    Mini nukes in the Great White North

    P=1000*ñ*Q*g*H P=watts, ñ=efficiencyof turbine, Q=m3/s, g=9.81m/s, H= meters of effective head. To generate any meaningful power, head and flow rate are key. The ñ will always be less than 1 and more like 0.8 for small scale. Water has great power at large heads, not so much at low heads.
  11. Irish River

    Mini nukes in the Great White North

    Remember those old lights for bikes? They used to rely on wheel generator. It wasn't easy. Those water wheels were driving mechanical systems with low velocity. Great for grinding flour, or a loom.
  12. Irish River

    Mini nukes in the Great White North

    Cost of plant vs the power produced would not add up. If you own a rural property with a creek, you might be able to charge your batteries to run a low voltage house.
  13. Irish River

    Melges 24 trailer hub

    If I had to do our trailer again, we will put on a whole new assembly, disc brakes. We got to San Fran one year and had a siezed bearing. Probably drove a few hundred kms on it. No where to stop in norcal at 3am to fix it anyways.
  14. Irish River

    Mini nukes in the Great White North

    No enough flow. Lots of head though. It would be a very small run of river project if they did.
  15. Irish River

    Mini nukes in the Great White North

    They have really shitty cell reception in spots West of 21st. No cell towers because of the nimbys. I know some of the anti cell tower crowd, their heads would explode with a nuke nearby. But driving a tesla is ok?