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  1. I have some weapons training, I'm fucking really scared of what guns do to people. America does not need more people with guns. It needs proper checks and licenses for obtaining any guns. License owners, register sellers, background checks, improve healthcare(mental and physical) and improve education system are the real solutions. I don't think that a ban on certain types of guns is the actual single answer, although it may help.
  2. How reasonable is arming teachers? Can teachers actually protect their students? I would argue no. The NYPD is not that accurate according to studies. 17% hit rate in gunfights in 2005. Teachers are highly trained teachers not highly trained law enforcement. More guns won't solve the issue. Proper gun control might make a dent. No more mags above 4. Proper licensing and training. Proper background checks for mental health. 30,000 + deaths is unacceptable.
  3. looking for a melges 24!

    80 is for sale in Victoria, BC. Or charter for worlds.
  4. Just Another High School Shooting

    How many kids? How many times? Is this the price of freedom?
  5. West Marine Auto Inflate with harness

    I tested the mustang, super comfy. I own a spinlock and love it. Comparing the two, mustang fits a little more snug and feels like it is better held in place when not inflated. On my spinlock I ditched the crotch straps and wear my harness and attach the life jacket to the harness. I don't like loose crotch straps that catch on stuff.
  6. Who Would You Like To See Running In 2020

    Someone under 50. Preferably a women. She has to be good looking because voters are pathetic.
  7. is the memo strong enough to sack Mueller?

    Forget 1/2 of what I know? Jeebus, I'm Canadian, and they already think I'm slow, eh.
  8. is the memo strong enough to sack Mueller?

    I don't get this memo. To me it shows; Carter Page showed up as person of interest in 2013. Inerest was renewed when he joined the Trump team. He was still a person of interest long before Trump. What sort of people did Trump surround himself with? Comey, and DoJ, didn't tell the public they were investigating Trump, yet publically reopened the investigation on Hilary with two weeks left in the election. This isn't a conspiracy against the Republicans, possibly a conspiracy against Hilary, if anything. The true issue now isn't collusion or any conspiracy, it is the obstruction of Justice. Just as it was in 1973/74. The actual trigger of the investigation is small potatoes to the obstruction of Justice.
  9. Hookers n blow. Let's see if your yacht club has a pulse?
  10. Halyards

    I think the core was 7mm. It was a while ago and I tried searching my file for it, but can't seem to find it.
  11. If you want our help, we will be glad to. We will even throw in a free apology.
  12. Halyards

    The core was NER hts sts. We reused covers for the halyards some were technora blends, but we also had one on a halyard lock. Backstays were left uncovered.
  13. Halyards

    We used NER hts sk75 on a tp52 for the backstays, and spin and jib halyards a few years ago It was going offshore and didnt want to worry breakages. No issues that I noticed.
  14. Shithole Countries

    Life is cheap in the USA too. How many children have to die because of lack of healthcare? How many children die because their brother shot them with dad's gun? How many people die because some unstable person had easy access to firearms? How many people have their life shortened because of lack of education of basic nutrition? The USA is the shithole of the developed world. And yet I'm very happy to live next to it. It provides us protection and stable trading partner. But your Pres calling other nations shitholes is disgusting, he the leader of the free world not some two bit hack in front of a keyboard.
  15. Shithole Countries

    Those white northern Europeans don't want to immigrate to a shithole country where there is no universal healthcare and religious fanatics who are armed to the teeth.