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  1. Irish River

    cost of glue for 2600sq of plywood

    Use high temp peel n stick. Local roofing supplier can tell you the differences between brands. Some have high tack, get it wrong and you will feel like the fly on fly paper, other brands not so much. Most peel n stick are a modified bitumen product and will self seal. Torch on is overkill. Unless it is low slope.
  2. Irish River

    DHS issues strong statement about border wall

    Maybe an ESL immigrant wrote it?
  3. Irish River

    Canada dragged into Trump's China war

    Canada is just following our own rules. We are tied to the hip with our neighbours to the south. If they tell us to detain someone we do, and vice versa. We are both governed by a decent set of laws. China on the other hand is a one party state where some pigs are more equal than others.
  4. Irish River

    ORC Missed Opportunity?

    What all rating systems assume is that you sail your boat with a perfect bottom, the best, and new sails, and make zero mistakes. The j24s in your area probably have you licked because they have 40 years of OD performance gains. Is your keel faired to the latest shape? Have you squeezed every available rig tune for every wind and wave condition. Look at the deltas in J24 regatta, a 15 min separates the best from the back marker in a 1hour race. It's winter, I must be going crazy to get in to a discussion over rating system.
  5. Irish River

    ORC Missed Opportunity?

    Glad you got that off your chest? Yes we know garbage in garbage out. Just ask your local PHRF handicappers how they determine rating on a new boat to the area, either they throw darts or use some vpp software. As an engineer do you prefer Ch├ęzy's formula or Manning's? Both have limitations and both have there moment to get it correct. My region has a long history of PHRF shenagins. We also have experimented with ORC club. We noticed a proper measurement of the boat was key to accurate rating. We have several local guys(naval archs, an engineer and a land surveyor) who help keep the measurements accurate. The local div2, PHRF 69-99 tried it for a while, but grew tired of losing to a well sailed Melges 24. I've sailed and do sail in the 4ksb fleet and have had the fun in the tp52s too. I'm your classic boat slut.
  6. Irish River

    ORC Missed Opportunity?

    With an offset file provided from a designer, and accurate free board measurements, displacement can be easily obtained. ORC has gained hold in the big boat fleet in PNW, it has favoured some boats, tp52s, and hurt others, SC70s. But that may also say how they sailed too? One boat was hit hard with a articulating sprit, has since changed to a fixed and seems to be competitive again under ORC.
  7. Irish River

    18-19 ski season

    Whistler when it's on, is epic. It can be busy, new lifts this year might help and it is priced out some locals like me. But I've done my time in lift lines all the way back to the early days of Blackcomb. My dad still skiis whistler/blackcomb, his season pass gets him about $15/day. Early March is usually a great time to go. Another epic mountain in bc is Fernie. Early March is great. I've had waist deep pow and no one there. It was cold though. And for the price of whistler, go cat skiing in BC somewhere.
  8. Irish River

    What a Hateful Bunch! Who Knew?

    You're putting your head on the sand if you are blaming Trump. The rise of the undereducated and underemployed is coming. They are picking sides based on colour of skin, or so it seems. The biggest threat to this class is climate change, yet they are distracted by dog whistles and shiny objects.
  9. Irish River

    Hiking straps

    The best Melges straps are made Hutchinson sports. They are made from nylon webbing with a stiff plastic insert and cover with foam and some durable fabric.
  10. I have no problem with Obama's making coin. They didn't make by ripping anyone off or exploiting people.
  11. I look at immigration policy like a restaurant. You have good food, a pleasant atmosphere and good service. People want to eat there. Your policy is like the fixed price menu. Pay and you can sit down and eat. The scraps are still sent to the food bank down the street. You don't discriminate based on the patron, just the size of the wallet, and the back door is where the refugees and compassion cases can eat too.
  12. Bottles on any racing boat is a horrible idea. Nothing like spongeing a bilge with glass in it. We saw lots if garbage floating on the way to Hawaii, mostly fishing debris and probably some from the Tsunami a few years back. We did not contribute to it.
  13. Irish River

    cost of glue for 2600sq of plywood

    Just use the the glue. It the back up of a back up.
  14. Irish River

    B&G H3000 Gps and true wind

    Yes it was a back of napkin dwg. There is a better one posted above. Thanks
  15. Irish River

    cost of glue for 2600sq of plywood

    Urethane glue offers some moisture protection. It protects hardwoods from moisture on concrete slabs. Doubt it would work well under water, but you mentioned it just needs to survive one storm. I've used Bostik once. Seemed like a good product. Mapie are quality floor adhesives for tilers, can't imagine they would produce crap. Other ones I have not seen.