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  1. Irish River

    he will be President at some point

    I think lots of people would be better than JT. I'm not sold on the O'toole yet. I'm liking the minority government to keep things in check. Wish we could've kept it for a while in BC, it was refreshing to see them working together.
  2. Irish River


    11% in poker is about the chance of getting your card paired. It's not horrible if you have over cards to your oppents lower pair.
  3. Irish River

    he will be President at some point

    Free? Not so much, just the rich people pay more taxes so the rest of population can live better. You can have him, his ego is getting in the way of good canandian manners.
  4. Irish River


    I think he had 48/50 states correct last time. He also said Trump had a 28% chance of winning. That is good odds. 538 has Trump at 11% today, that is still good odds.
  5. Irish River

    he will be President at some point

    Yep, america needs a Justin Trudeau.
  6. Irish River

    Old teak and holly sole

    I refinished my parents solid teak n holly floor 20 years ago. Went through a lot of discs of the DA. It came out really nice, they forgot what it had looked like. Most areas have a specialty wood supplier for high end builders/contractors. Ask a finishing carpenter or cabinet maker on one of the local mansions, he will tell you where to get the good stuff.
  7. Irish River

    How scalable is 3Di?

    Paneled sails just won the latest m24 event in Charleston. Legs out hiking, but not full retard in the pics. So maybe sub 10knots.
  8. Yep. We have bought one new sail in 11 years. No need to go full price.
  9. Are you in Utah? If so a class stalwart you should contact is Brian Hutchinson. He has been involved in class forever. Many of us use his products, spin bags, hiking pads and mast protectors. He would be a great local resource for you and is always helping out the class.
  10. I'm not a fan of that kite unless it is 8-11knots of wind speed. All it can do is dig deep. Can't go bow up to pop on the plane, you just tip over which is slow.
  11. Depends where you sail. If you are a North man In sub 8knots or 15+ get a P1 if in 8-12 get the P3. I found the Q A2 had a great range. But its been years since that kite was in quiver, so maybe nostalgia talking.
  12. Irish River

    Grand Prix Mast Partners

    I've built neoprene boots.
  13. Irish River

    Electoral College predictions

    I predict this as well. It is the pessimistic view imo.
  14. We have had to replace our rudder Pintels too. We had one crack. Our old style transom ones are still good, I've rebedded them a couple times. And check them once a year for any play. Don't let this talk discourage you, these are maintenence items, not structural flaws of the boats.
  15. Irish River

    The Rudy Thread

    The msn and tech companies all but banning the story is a bit concerning. If its all bullshit, then msn did the right thing, if the story is true, then it is worth some attention. Trump has been bad mouthing the media for 4 years now, he should have expected this treatment in return. "Don't quarrel with someone who buys ink by the barrel and paper by the ton"