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  1. Irish River

    Zinc sunscreen recommendation.

    I use Thinkbaby it goes on well and doesn't leave you looking like Casper.
  2. Irish River

    Melges 24 VS Melges 32 in PHRF

    A nice video of us in 11 mile downwind race. SOAR Inflow race For about 5min after start we held them off. The 32 gybed away and beat us by more than 5min. We were about 55 min to finish. The 32 won on corrected.
  3. Irish River

    Melges 24 VS Melges 32 in PHRF

    In BC the Olson's had a hard time against the good melges teams and would beat the average sailed m24s. Through all wind conditions. The class also included j109, j35, dash34, express 37. The well sailed melges would almost never lose on corrected. Last to the top mark in breeze and first to bottom mark. In light air, tack on 5 Deg shifts and work harder.
  4. Irish River

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    PHRF nw FE23 117 Melges 24 99
  5. Irish River

    melges 24 keel movement

    I asked that question to an official measurer. He had no templates and there is not an official class template. I have a file from RP of the fin that I used to make sure our fin was correct. However that template only works when there is no paint on the fin. As soon as you add paint the fin gets thicker.
  6. Irish River

    melges 24 keel movement

    There are two ways of doing the delrins. If you are handy, you can make your own by templating your existing. Or buy from melges. Both require fine tuning to get keel in correct location. We shimmed the top delrins to get keel in correct spot, then used packing tape on the delrin and epoxy to fill the gaps. We have a tight fit and no movement at all, side to side or fore/aft.
  7. Irish River


    I support strict gun laws too. Mandatory training, gun safes, trigger locks, ammo stored in separate place, and background checks. You know, common sense. I want guns to be hard to find for children and mentally disturbed people. I also want the baddies to have limited access to finding them.
  8. Irish River


    Yes but they still took the gun. My friend who is a member in the rcmp, calls it death by a thousand paper cuts. The cops harass the gangsters, jaywalking, traffic stops, ect. One less illegal gun. IMO Canada does not suffer front he same mass murder rate due to our social safety nets, and our excellent public school systems. Yes some will fall through the cracks, but the cracks are hairline compared to the USA.
  9. Irish River


    Have no fear, Canada is going to have a discussion on banning hand guns. Canada to consider banning handguns
  10. Irish River

    Trump world order

    Hmmmm you already had that with your neighbour to the north. But your pres decided to fuck it up.
  11. Irish River

    Vic Maui 2018

    OxoMoxo dropped sail today to rescue a sea turtle they saw in a ghost fishing net. Good on em. FB Vic Maui
  12. Irish River

    Melges 24 turnbuckles and tuning

    Replace your bearings. Top and bottom. If you want to get crazy, but ceramic bearings in. We will try adding more turns too. We do well, but are always looking for a 4th mode. Can 591
  13. Irish River

    Trailer pad material

    Dan at Raptor Deck has it dialed too.
  14. Irish River

    Shame on Canada - Shame on Trudeau

    The previous Canadian conservative administration (2096-2015) got heave ho because of the lack of compassion it displayed. Trudeau's Liberals were elected in part because they want Canada to return to it's perceived compassionate and good guy image both domestically and on the world stage. So yes Canada has done some terrible things to both immigrants and indigenous peoples. And im sure it wont come as a shock to hear that there has been formal apologies. Canadians recognize that it's an imperfect world and we stand united to try to find ways to improve and recognize that wrongs have been done. One fault of America, it does not apologize. The slaves, the Indian wars, ..........ect.
  15. Irish River

    Immigrant Children

    Is this a Crime Against Humanity? The USA has completely lost the plot. They were the beacon of hope for the marginalized people of the world, now they are on par with the shithole countries of the world.