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  1. I'm in Vancouver Canada, the boat can with a pin head and a newer dacron sail, it will get me on the water. Ya I would definitely use a heat set dyneema. I'm a fan of lashings anyway. It'll be awhile until bother refinishing the couple delams in the hulls. And I'm hoping a tree doesn't crush the moment I did it all up.
  2. I'm not going out with present standing rigging. That I do know. It's from the 70s and looks every bit as old. Unfortunately there's no donor stuff around here.
  3. Ya we can't allow a submarine gap. The part of article that is relevant is that both Russia and the US maintain an arsenal of mutually assured destruction wrt to submarine launchable strategic weapons. Using a tactical nuke may lead to a greater strategic weapon being used.
  4. Any reason why I shouldn't use dyneema to replace the standing rigging? I would use 3mm sk90.
  5. You are aware that many nuclear armed countries are not all that fond of the USA at the moment. The U.S. doesn't have the worldwide political capital to use a nuke. The USA would be banished and isolated internationally, just as north Korea is atm.
  6. Thanks for the info. It's now on a light air lake. I should be fine with my fat ass in a trap, I hope. So do you drive down in puff downwind or hang on and pucker up? I remember sailing a boat that had too fine of entry, couldn't drive down in puff on a plane or she would pitchpole. Fun but a little scary.
  7. When you say " they don't sail like a modern cat" what do you mean?
  8. The Oregon Eagle creek fire is going to change the landscape of one of my favorite place to sail. I hope cascade locks will be spared.
  9. So I just got given a 1968 A cat. KC 103 I think. Its a unicorn I believe. Needs a little tlc. But nothing I can't handle. The rigging needs replacing, can I ditch the wire and go with dyneema? The foils are wood and a little beat up, ok more than a little beat. The dagger boards are missing a few inches of the bottom. What is the latest foil section that cat sailors are using? The boom is wood, I doubt it will last long. Has a funky vang system. Has anyone here owned a unicorn? What are they like to sail?
  10. We use bowlines.
  11. Early hulls had two uppers.
  12. Really, most vetted? That sounds like a Trump style claim. Lance Armstrong claimed he was most tested athlete in history. How did time treat him?
  13. Wow sad news. It has been 20+ years since I coached juniors, and I was not a safe coach looking back at it. I was not properly trained. There was several near miss at next club over. But I was lucky. I really feel for all those involved.
  14. Your speedmaster should be able to be calibrated. Read the manual. We have a tactick racemaster and a Prostart. We live having the paddlewheel. Would rather have that than GPS speed. Why aren't you here? The NorAms are on now in the Gorge. 25knots warm fresh water and some great competition and friends.
  15. All the races are cruising races. Just adjust your goggles. Lots of good races like S.I.N., cow bay, maple bay, cfsa on the island to name a few. There are serious people, but there is a the I'm having fun to spite them crowd too. In Vancouver anything that the VRC puts on is more cruisy and a very welcoming group. The RBI is a well attended race around an island. If you made any new friends at the saltspring regatta, ask them to join you and do cow bay. It is a great weekend.