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  1. Irish River

    Tell me about the 1D35

    Sticky in light air Fix the mast step Rig tune guides are very important. Good boats for some fun in med/heavy air. Don't sail to deep downwind, boat likes to be sailed a bit hotter.
  2. Irish River

    Beer can racing - When to protest or not

    If I am on the Protest Committee and it comes before me through a protest.... if you "force" a collision that could have been avoided, you will get a dsq if I am on the Protest Committee. Rule 14 always applies. Rule 14, Avoiding Contact A boat shall avoid contact with another boat if reasonably possible. However, a right-of-way boat or one entitled to room or mark-room (a) need not act to avoid contact until it is clear that the other boat is not keeping clear or giving room or mark-room, and (b) shall be exonerated if she breaks this rule and the contact does not cause damage or injury. "damage" could be as little as scratch. It is not a contact sport.
  3. We used to be a travel circus. And practice was tough in our region. We picked a couple days in early season and begged another boat to come play. We had the usual drills and toughest thing was sgart practice and timing. We used to work on trim alot. Mainsail batten tensions adjust were constant Flux. Lots of beer, and music. With lots of chatter to keep it fun and not take ourselves to seriously during a practice day.
  4. Irish River

    Beer can racing - When to protest or not

    Yes, don't force collisions. If I'm on PC and you force a collision, I will dsq you, whether you have rights or not. Or if I'm fleet captain, I'm asking you to volunteer your boat for RC until the RC boat is fixed. Politely inform and instruct for beer can, that is my take. Reminder that is a self policing sport of corinthians. If the offender is a recidivict, then a few times to the room might help. Or a former owner once said to our competitor who argued it wasn't a foul, "that is your one free card, don't ask for another".
  5. Irish River

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    Vancouver, Britsih Columbia shows how a large city can tamp this virus down. NYT article on our public health doctor who led the way.
  6. Irish River

    Spars and sails for homemade dinghy

    Windsurf masts. Search the usual suspect classifieds in your area. I found one near me for $70, and its carbon!
  7. Irish River

    Are you in favor of slave repatriation ?

    An interesting thing may come out of 2020. A redistribution of wealth.
  8. Canadians/British burned the original white house down in 1814. 200 years later it's burning from within.
  9. Irish River

    Trump postpones G7

    He could start the 'DIC-5' Venezuela, China, Russia, NK, and him. The rest of us can be the G6. Where democracy and constructive ideas can flow freely.
  10. Welcome to Canada? Except we don't have freedom of speech here. Canada has Freedom of Expression with reasonable limits. Sort of like our gun laws.
  11. Irish River

    Melges 24 - Water Underneath Cabin Floor

    Stop bouncing. It's hull #4. If you tilt boat on trailer, or leave on a hill will you be able to get at it? If not carefully core a hole on the sole smaller than vacuum nozzle and try suck it out like a catholic school girl?
  12. Irish River

    DIY splicing tools

    Bike spoke. Bic pen. Seizing wire. Knitting needle. Tape. My splices are usually in small diameter line, so slicing needles don't really make a difference to me. I usually am doing them while I'm bored at home and don't have the kit from a boat on me.
  13. Irish River

    Sweden: The Experiment

    Sweden has a first class public health system. Where you get the same treatment for illnesses no matter your socioeconomic status.
  14. Irish River

    Great 35-footers

    And most Dashes in pnw and BC have a sweetheart rating. The melges rating finally got corrected a bit. But some of the best sailors in pnw are playing in OD these days. WIRW phrf is nothing like it used to be. There was a Dash back in early 2000s and wiped the floor with it at WIRW. Jason Rhodes maybe? Or Ross MacDonald, I can't remember.
  15. Irish River

    Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin

    The news I have about treatments is if you are taking rheumatoid arthritis drugs, make sure you have a supply. They are being used in compassionate case by case basis with decent results. They are trying not to put people on ventilators it us not as effective as they thought.