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  1. Speng

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    Trispirit, is your boat still for sale?
  2. Speng

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    TBH if i was looking at a performance cruiser the TS designs would be hard to get past. Low base price, quick, customizable, simple.
  3. I'm looking for laaarge diameter tube, like 20in OD or ID. Wall thickness relatively unimportant. Also doesn't necessarily have to be round, square would be OK.
  4. Speng

    fboats in the 24 foot range

    make your own composting head from a bucket. Sorted
  5. Speng

    custom shaped silicone

    actually i'm looking for reusable paint masking that may be exposed to 200 - 300 °F
  6. Speng

    custom shaped silicone

    I know this is a thing for like reusable vacuum bags for use in autoclaves etc. Anyone know of a source for this type of thing?
  7. LOL! Yeah, I went to UM in the mid-late 90s and stupid kids didn't have their "hood detector" on when walking thru Coconut Grove.
  8. Speng


    The TS35 is interesting from a design POV but not the same kind of value for money that the other 2 are.
  9. Speng

    Looking for current opinions on the Bongo 15

    The Bongo is a solid, well built boat based on what I saw of a brand new one more than 10 years ago. Take the prospective one for a sail and see what it's like.
  10. Speng

    Leasing a boat

    So I was watching Sailing la Vagabonde and i'm wondering how they afford a million $ boat when I read acomment saying they're leasing it. I didn't know that was a thing. What's a lease on a Outremer 50-whatever go for?
  11. sounds like you also need a knife for cutting fishing line.
  12. Speng

    successful dinghy brand available

    I think I know which boat
  13. Speng

    New 2 handed boat from Rondar.

  14. Speng

    New 2 handed boat from Rondar.

    Yay kite! Now I'm interested.
  15. Speng

    Youth evolution in sailing

    I studied for 2 years at Southampton Solent Uni in ENG which had won the Uni sailing title umpteen years in a row and I knew a lot of kids on the team so these were the best collegiate sailors in the country. They had come up sailing dinghies in club obviously but they were mostly not looking to Olympic sailing in their futures. In the UK the top 18-21 year olds who're trying to get to the 5 Ringed Circus are on the Olympic track sailing full time. I met a few 470 girls and they basically were full time sailors and I don't even know if they were going to school and they were not messing around with Uni sailing. We in the US need to get off this notion that Collegiate sports are the pathway to Olympic/top level international success. The truly talented, motivated 1% of 1% in the rest of the world are turning pro when they are 18 while our youth are messing around trying to get that scholarship where there training time is limited and competition is low quality. Can I say #MissyFranklin.