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  1. sounds like you also need a knife for cutting fishing line.
  2. Speng

    successful dinghy brand available

    I think I know which boat
  3. Speng

    New 2 handed boat from Rondar.

  4. Speng

    New 2 handed boat from Rondar.

    Yay kite! Now I'm interested.
  5. Speng

    Youth evolution in sailing

    I studied for 2 years at Southampton Solent Uni in ENG which had won the Uni sailing title umpteen years in a row and I knew a lot of kids on the team so these were the best collegiate sailors in the country. They had come up sailing dinghies in club obviously but they were mostly not looking to Olympic sailing in their futures. In the UK the top 18-21 year olds who're trying to get to the 5 Ringed Circus are on the Olympic track sailing full time. I met a few 470 girls and they basically were full time sailors and I don't even know if they were going to school and they were not messing around with Uni sailing. We in the US need to get off this notion that Collegiate sports are the pathway to Olympic/top level international success. The truly talented, motivated 1% of 1% in the rest of the world are turning pro when they are 18 while our youth are messing around trying to get that scholarship where there training time is limited and competition is low quality. Can I say #MissyFranklin.
  6. Speng

    Why don't more boats do this?

    This has been done before so a google search should find more ideas.
  7. AFAICT MOCRA favors tris (as do most multi rating formulas as they don't account for stablity) so it's not MOCRA's fault Well why don't you go do it? From my perspective living in the US Dazcat as a company have been promoting MOCRA hard. The rule hasn't changed since forever i.e. since before someone from Dazcat has been involved.
  8. Speng

    RS Cat 14 Question

    Many cats have very neutral helm and so they don't round up especially ones that don't have daggerboards. So yeah it can sail away from you especially in the light when there's not enough wind to capsize it AND most people can't swim fast enough (particularly in gear) to catch up to even a slow sailing boat. TBH even a capsized cat (assuming it doesn't turtle) can get away from you. OTOH you're unlikely to fall off if you don't capsize. The tether seems like an OK idea except there's another rope to tangle up.
  9. TL;DR but $1million won't buy you a new 50+ footer with the stuff you want. You need to talk a good broker.
  10. Speng

    40' searunner tri or 38' leapard cat

    Hope this relationship goes better than the previous... Can we have a cool log like Naga's?
  11. So I was watching this race, it's a 49er medal race and the ESP team have to put a boat between themselves and GBR to get the gold. During the race AUT is OCS but they continue racing. In the end ESP crosses the line first, then AUT (but they're DSQ), and GBR crosses third so GBR is 2nd in the race and wins. My question is: why isn't AUT notified say at the first windward mark that they're OCS so they can get off the race course and not interfere with anyone else? Throughout the race they didn't interfere with anyone but GBR did keep their kite up on the reach to the finish (presumably to try to pip AUT) which was hairy and if they'd stuffed it in or hit the pin the final medal standings could have been affected. I assume there are mark boats that could signal them. )
  12. Speng

    ARC 2017

    The TS42 is the bee's knees, the d's bs and all that. Looking forward to the TS35. The designer Barreau is evidently a name in two hulled design now as he's got the TS42, the XL52.8, some Catanas and Outremers. You can often tell his boats by the coachroofs.
  13. Speng

    2019 AZAB Race

    Also contact Ian Farrier and he can likely write you a note. I believe I've seen that before.
  14. Multi Class = Dazcat class?