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  1. ARC 2017

    The TS42 is the bee's knees, the d's bs and all that. Looking forward to the TS35. The designer Barreau is evidently a name in two hulled design now as he's got the TS42, the XL52.8, some Catanas and Outremers. You can often tell his boats by the coachroofs.
  2. 2019 AZAB Race

    Also contact Ian Farrier and he can likely write you a note. I believe I've seen that before.
  3. Multi Class = Dazcat class?
  4. New 2 handed boat from Rondar.

  5. There are a few assym boats in the US that might suit his requirements but none are popular near him AFAIK. - The Melges 17 scow is quick (similar DPN to a 505 if that means much). I've seen them and they are fast. At 275lb I think it'd suit but people think of them as lake boats and they're mostly Midwest focused. - the Raider has an option for furling gennaker or an assym kite. It's probably similar speed to a Flying Scot/Lightning but much easier to sail and also suited to 2 persons Not exactly dignhies but close enough: - Small sportboat eg VX or Viper (quite a few in his area) but that's a more significant investment although a used Viper might be relatively affordable. - Weta - Catamaran
  6. volvo goes both ways

    VOR has completely lost the plot. They went from being one of the strongest sailing competitions in the world to nothing and they have no clue as to how to get it back.
  7. volvo goes both ways

    They won't be very good IMOCAs if they have to carry any sort of crew. Most newer IMOCAs have so little space inside that you'd find it hard to fit more than maybe 3 people on board.
  8. Looking for Internship Ideas

    I sent out prolly 50+ form letters and resumes to get an internship for my 2nd year summer. I got a job with a superyacht company in Gulfport Mississippi (that should narrow it down for you). Spent the summer smashing out schematics in AutoCAD. Got way better at AutoCAD and learned a lot about boat systems. The feeling I got from a lot of the designers was that they were just 1 or two guys in an office and what did they need a 3rd in for. Plus some people straight up told me they went sailing in the summer so the office was locked. Be open to big stinky boats or even ships, they need labor. For Australia I would look into the ferry makers like Austal (they have locations in the US as well) or Incat, try workboat companies etc. A yacht designer is gold and a sailing boat designer is gold pressed latinum. The people who make the boats are the ones who can get you the jobs.
  9. North American Mini Fleet

    That's a lot of boats, how come not more activity?
  10. Farrier F-85SR

    What kind of mast?
  11. New 2 handed boat from Rondar.

    So... Should we be expecting word for this summer?
  12. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Do we know if AT has decent polars for each tack now? I thought that was a missing bit from Clean's interview a few days back. I guess his Naval Architects should've been able to spit him out some updates in a short time so he could at least have an idea relative to before the foil broke. It seems he's been doing well relative to Armel when they've been in tactical situations e.g. when short gybing the LP center a couple days ago or when they were banging the ice line on day 25 on the drag races not so much. Unfortunately for him there's not enough space for big strategic moves due to the ice limit
  13. TOPPER SPORT 16 ??

    Maybe you don't need the forestay if the furler is structural.
  14. Picked-up 470, hull #130 vanguard

    WGAF? Put a big fack off assym kite on it a report back with video :-)
  15. Whatever happened to 18ft?

    now they're on Youtube