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  1. Speng

    Vendee Globe 2020

    so since TNZ in the last AC developed the idea of pedaling rather than grinding why has no one else picked it up? The only other person I know that went the pedal route is Franck Cammas when he solo'ed his Groupama X.
  2. Speng

    Cats between 30 -35 feet

    Seems like it's gone... it was the PackSail boat. I couldn't tell how well the interior was done. It was listed for a pretty good price.
  3. Speng

    Deal or no deal

    Is this a good buy? I always thought these were very nice boats. https://balancecatamarans.com/our-models/451-2
  4. Speng

    Pro Surfers on a Gunboat

    Yeah I was prepared to hate it but watched the whole series.
  5. call the manufacturer?
  6. Who's making small cruising cats? If you had some cash burning a hole in your pocket and wanted something to do some coastal cruising what boats could you buy?
  7. Speng

    Whats the fastest you've ever been on a dinghy?

    It's always hotter in Columbia, except Augusta
  8. Speng

    What happened to Erik Lerouge?

    That is sad. I think only one Rackam 32 was built. There's a build log of it at boomerang.bzh. I haven't read the whole thing but I think the owners had to finish themselves. There are really not enough boats around this size on the market
  9. Speng

    Over the horizon

    When I used to spin all the time I could average maybe ~200W for an hour according to the shitty monitor on those spin bikes
  10. Speng

    Farrier F-85SR

    Is no one building these anymore? There was a builder in the Philippines or Vietnam IIRC?
  11. Speng

    What happened to Erik Lerouge?

    da fuck can Google not find that? Thanks.
  12. He used to have a webpage for his designs but I can't find it any more. Did he retire or something? because I'm interested in the Rackam 32 - it seems like a modern version of a Fountaine Pajot Maldives 32. Also the builder Tregor Composites seems MIA as well
  13. Speng

    Beneteau First 14

    Saturated with what in the US though?
  14. Speng

    Beneteau First 14

    Nope. We have very few assymetric dinghies to ever make it over here and quite a few of them are unusual things like Melges 17 scows ( good boat but scows aren't for everyone).
  15. Speng

    Beneteau First 14

    So many questions: approximately/relatively how fast are they? Are there DPNs or UK Portsmouth numbers for them yet? Are people mostly racing them spinnaker or non, singlehanded or doublehanded? What sort of $$ we talking for main, jib, kite gear and a trailer?