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  1. Speng

    Beneteau First 14

    Saturated with what in the US though?
  2. Speng

    Beneteau First 14

    Nope. We have very few assymetric dinghies to ever make it over here and quite a few of them are unusual things like Melges 17 scows ( good boat but scows aren't for everyone).
  3. Speng

    Beneteau First 14

    So many questions: approximately/relatively how fast are they? Are there DPNs or UK Portsmouth numbers for them yet? Are people mostly racing them spinnaker or non, singlehanded or doublehanded? What sort of $$ we talking for main, jib, kite gear and a trailer?
  4. Speng

    Used cat market

    I don't think a lot of lower priced cats get on the Yachtworld market. Where are all the old French 32, 36, 38 foot boats from the early 90s when the industry was just taking off there? I reckon that brokers don't want to take them on and they're in boatyards/backyards in England and France slowly molding up.
  5. Speng

    Farrier F 33 in Good Old Boat

    They did a Corsair 24 a few years ago. I'm sure they got subscription cancellations :-)
  6. Speng

    How to buy a 40' cat?

    Check out https://www.youtube.com/user/nickokelly they have great tips and description of buying and renovating a catamaran
  7. Speng

    Hi temp foam

    Probably going with 1.5" silicone foam sheet cut to shape and jammed in the hole.
  8. Speng

    Hi temp foam

    Yep silicone foam rods are what I'm looking for. I need 1 inch diameter but I'm not finding those.
  9. Speng

    Hi temp foam

    Not looking for something structural. Need something soft and squidgy that I can squeeze like an earplug and will expand into a weird shaped hole.
  10. Speng

    Hi temp foam

    I need to plug up a weird shaped hole in an aluminum tool that's going to be exposed to 250°F. I think I need something like earplug material type consistency because the hole isn't symmetric or prismatic. Anyone can recommend some kind of high temp flexible foam or something similar? Thanks
  11. Speng

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    Trispirit, is your boat still for sale?
  12. Speng

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    TBH if i was looking at a performance cruiser the TS designs would be hard to get past. Low base price, quick, customizable, simple.
  13. I'm looking for laaarge diameter tube, like 20in OD or ID. Wall thickness relatively unimportant. Also doesn't necessarily have to be round, square would be OK.
  14. Speng

    fboats in the 24 foot range

    make your own composting head from a bucket. Sorted
  15. Speng

    custom shaped silicone

    actually i'm looking for reusable paint masking that may be exposed to 200 - 300 °F