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  1. Who are you?

    I am not a number. I am a free man! And, in response to original post, I don't know. I'm suppose to be English, Irish, and German. Purchased the 23andme packs for my wife and me almost two years ago but never sent them in. I guess that makes me ambivalent too. -Jaya
  2. Sorry lads, seams like I'm late to this thread. I found this article of interest on a website (https://longreads.com/) that I like for its eclectic selections. For those like me who are unfamiliar with this epic tragedy its a good introduction: http://www.sportsnet.ca/more/big-read-donald-crowhursts-heartbreaking-round-world-hoax/
  3. if you could raise one musician back from the dead

    Wow, okay this is an impossibly long list. John Lennon came to mind first as he was taken down so cruelly when I was 17 and just as he was resurfacing to the music world. Of course all of the people listed above are greats. Yet, with the exception of Callas, I don't think I saw many vocalist listed. So, to front your epic band of the ages, I nominate one of the worlds most exceptional:
  4. Autonomous, self driving cars? How say you?

    Unless he found a way to defeat the software he was probably going 90 mph. That's the limit for 'driver assist'.
  5. Autonomous, self driving cars? How say you?

    This already exists. I have not tested this to the full but I'm sure someone will do it on an abandoned highway soon and post it on YouTube. You have to have your hands on the wheel otherwise the car will shut down. I hope Tesla does not settle this case. The driver engaged in distracted driving but having an accessory DVD player in the car playing a video while using driver assist. Not operating the vehicle as intended can lead to injury and/or death. The world is a dangerous place. The sun will burn you and the ground will hurt when you fall. Cover yourself up and maintain your balance.
  6. Autonomous, self driving cars? How say you?

    Full disclosure. I am not a car enthusiast. My prior cars have been, in order, Ford Maverick, Toyota Celica, Volvo 145, VW Golf, BMW 325, Prius, and, for the last 3 1/2 months, a Tesla Model S. That's not to say I don't like drying. When my friend loaned me his 928 for the weekend I gladly accepted. When my brother tore his Achille's tendon and couldn't use a clutch for six weeks, I gladly traded my Prius for his M3. I like driving fun cars. Its fun. The problem the majority of my driving is on Los Angeles freeways. The Tesla Model S is as near perfect car for as I can imagine. I have just about 6000 miles on it now and have driven it to Utah and back for a ski trip. The car comes with enhanced cruise control and beta driver assist. The enhanced cruise control is similar to other manufactures products in that it controls the throttle and breaking to maintain the car as close to the selected speed while maintaining a safe distance behind any vehicle in front. The 'BETA' Driver Assist is a beta product and NOT AUTOPILOT. The unfortunate driver in Florida who was allegedly watching a Harry Potter Video was definitely not operating the vehicle as recommended. When one engages the driver assist the car instructs you to leave you hands on the wheel. If you take them off you need to grab the wheel every two minutes or so depending on the speed you are traveling. Since I've owned the care I've learned what conditions the car 'sees' the road well and what conditions it 'gets lost'. Stop and go on the 405 between Long Beach and Newport Beach? The car handles like a champ most of the time. Construction, debris, poor lane marking, acute lighting, water on the road all impair the sensors. How much do you trust your autohelm on your boat? You rely on it to take over the monotony of driving during a delivery but you wouldn't go down below to watch a movie while crossing the shipping lanes to Catalina would you? Know the capabilities and limitations of the technology you entrust you life to or suffer the consequences. I'm sorry this man suffered for his foolishness but he was flirting with disaster. Jaya.
  7. help with firearm safety

    Not so funny story. I've been robed at gunpoint before while riding my bicycle on the Rio Honda Trail at ~ 3pm on a Saturday afternoon so yes I am intimately aware that crime can happen anywhere and anytime. Not sure the piece was real but wasn't going to test it. They got my prized road bike which really pissed me off but I got away with not much more than some road rash. This reminds me, I need to contact the LA county supervisors about trail safety under the overpasses along this trail. Jaya
  8. help with firearm safety

    That's the Symbol for The Rebel Alliance in StarWars. Always been partial to it. I've heard the Colt is quite the collectors item and though I've never owned a firearm I couldn't stand to see my Grandfather's sidearm get scuttled. I haven't ever seen it so I don't know if its a true colt but I'll get you an update when I take possession. Thanks for this. I'll contact them with my additional questions. As this is anarchy, I expected some back n forth re the wisdom of bringing firearms into a home. I'm ambivalent but expect that knowledge and training will clear this up. At the end of the day, if it doesn't feel right I'll store the weapons elsewhere. I don't feel I need them for home protection. The only violent crime (in recent history) in my neighborhood was a hired hit [http://www.signaltribunenewspaper.com/?p=26843]. So, as long as I don't piss of my wife I should be okay. Thank you all for the comments, cheers, Jaya
  9. help with firearm safety

    I am about to acquire two handguns from my Dad who is too old to safely manage them at home. (Actually, they've already been removed from my Dad's house by a younger brother who is not interested in them) I have never owned any firearms but have been thinking about it for several years and this seems like the right opportunity. One of the pieces is a collectors piece, my grandfather's colt 45 from WWII and the other is a handgun my dad impulsively purchased during the Watt's riots years ago. Before bringing the weapons into my home I figure i have to purchase a gun safe and take a firearm safety course. I looking for advice on these two topics. Do any of your recommend any local firearms safety classes in the Los Angeles area? I live in Long Beach and work in Orange and have identified these three: 1, Shoot Safe Learning, Torance, CA 2. Firearms and Safety Training Orange County, Orange, CA 3. Self Defense Firearm training, Huntington Beach, CA Also, what is the collective experience with gun safes? I have two children in the home and need the weapons to be as secure as possible. Are biometric safes reliable or should I go with old fashioned combination lock. Thanks in advance for your comments, cheers, Jaya
  10. Space X does it again!

    Stayed up to watch Space X stick the high altitude low margin night ( not that it matters ) landing at sea. Totally awesome. They are getting pretty good at this. I won't live to see Star Trek or Star Wars but space 1999 is coming into focus. Let's hope we don't destroy the Earth before we get there. www.spacex.com
  11. best tv series... possibly ever?

    The Prisoner (17 of the finest episodes of TV) Game of Thrones
  12. Plane Missing

    Okay. Its time to start a pool as to where this jet is. Of course, depending on what happened it might be a two part question: what happened initially and where is it currently. So lets, just keep with the first part. My current guess is the planned went to Myanmar (Burma). Anybody else?
  13. Plane Missing

    Okay, at this point I think its time to go back and reexamine the oil slick found on day 1. Was this an intentional red herring designed to goad investigators into looking for a wrecked jet in the water as opposed to a stolen/hijacked jet on the ground? Jaya
  14. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    A hint of nepotism in this article that others have already commented on above. I wonder if he can sell the film rights to pay for his legal defense? Not legal in the US but could be okay in Italy. http://www.monstersandcritics.com/news/europe/news/article_1685832.php/PROFILE-Francesco-Schettino-captain-of-Costa-Concordia