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  1. ChiGuy

    Random PicThread

    Brian Bowers, "The Scotsman"
  2. ChiGuy

    Racing rules quiz online

    Which one is always right? I'm her
  3. ChiGuy

    J 88 North Americans

  4. ChiGuy

    J 88 North Americans

    The J/30 class has provided loaner boats to out of towners that have qualified in their local area and would like to participate in the national championship. That has worked pretty well.
  5. ChiGuy

    Chicago Area III

    Nice night on the lake... not much wind though
  6. ChiGuy

    VANGUARD 15 North American Regatta

    Marcus, what does the J/70 Corinthians have to do with the V15 NAs? The ratio of competitor/support boat was much higher at the V15s. Even at the J/70s, the windward mark boat wrapped a prop and needed assistance from the jury boat. What's your point?
  7. ChiGuy

    Tilting the mast forward?

    In the past I read an article about the theory on why this works. when going ddw, there's no flow over the main. It's completely stalled. If you cant the rig forward, you get some airflow from the foot up to the top of the main... which generates a force straight downwind. Dunno if that's actually the case in rl.
  8. ChiGuy

    J111 Worlds Chicago, IL

    Rule 22.3 kicks in only when moving astern by backing sails. I don't think the messy takedown counts as backing sails.
  9. I ordered some parts a week ago. One is backordered. Wisht I had known about West Coast then. btw, I'm guessing Sturgiss won't be around much longer either.
  10. ChiGuy

    Chicago/Mackinac Race 2019

    Sorry... I had crashed ... was a long day for me
  11. ChiGuy

    Chicago/Mackinac Race 2019

    Whitehawk finished at 14:21:14 CDT Sunday
  12. ChiGuy

    Chicago/Mackinac Race 2019

    QBit grinders
  13. ChiGuy

    Rules at a downwind finish line

    Ummm... the 14th commandment... though shalt not make contact with another boat, even if you are right of way?
  14. ChiGuy

    Rules at a downwind finish line

    There are actually several situations, and would be interesting in a different thread.
  15. ChiGuy

    Rules at a downwind finish line

    When the first boat enters the zone, take a picture. The inside boat gets room to finish. Even if A entered the zone first, B would have been overlapped, and therefore B must be given room to finish (as previous poster said).