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  1. Chicago Area III

    A little chilly
  2. Tragic youth sailing accident

    No finger pointing. There's always lessons to be learned from incidents.
  3. Chicago Area III

    Smaller than your age? You're not 89 ... yet
  4. Another rules question

    Actually he was racing. Unless he retires from a race, he's still racing. It's possible the r/c made an error and he could get redress for that. So yes, he could get redress for damage, even though it would not mean anything. An insurance company might find the result of that hearing useful.
  5. Chicago Area III

    Congrats to John Schellenbach and the entire team on Mutiny for winning the Chicago NOOD overall... even with a 13 yo main on Saturday.
  6. Rule 18.3 technical question

    Yes, that's a common misconception.
  7. Live Racing Thread

    So there was an overlap between NZL and Oracle when NZL entered the zone. Unless the AC rules change 18. the inside boat (Oracle) must be given room to round, no?
  8. Chicago Area III

    I raced one in Michigan City years ago. There was a boat that was rated faster than us that finished behind us, and yet scored ahead. I pointed that out to the race officer, and his reply was that TOT was just weird sometimes. When I tried to demonstrate that TOT can be weird, but not THAT weird, he went back and checked and fixed the times properly.
  9. Race Committee Scoring Errors

    Just a small point... you can't protest the r/c... request redress is the right term to use, as you did. I had a similar thing happen to me a while ago. A club was scoring a race Time on Time. A faster boat that finished behind me was scored ahead. I pointed out the discrepancy to the OA. The response was that TOT is "complicated". Did managed to convince him it wasn't THAT weird.
  10. Funniest Lines Heard While Racing

    J30 nationals in Newport... coming into the first leeward mark. Bowman of the inside boat manages to spear the mark with the spinnaker pole. Outside boat is jumping up and down screaming "You heat the mark, you hit the mark!!!". Tactician on inside says, "That's ok, you were over early" Another J30 NAs in Annapolis after hurricane Dennis had just gone through. It was blowing in the 20s. Reaching down the line on port tack, we were approaching a smiling boat on starboard very quickly. Helmsman sitting up on the rail had the tiller under his chin but the boat wasn't turning. Driver yells out and yells out, "EASE THE SHEET!!!!". A NOOD in Chicago, going upwind on port, getting close to the layline. Boat to windward has us pinned. Everyone on the rail singing, "We gotta get out of this place...."
  11. LEEward or LOOward?

  12. Yachting Electronics from China?

    Displays are a bit of a problem. LEDs for RaspberryPI are quite common and easy to use. Unfortunately, LEDs get washed out in bright light. LCDs aren't quite as available. A nice set of LCDs that can use NMEA or I2C would be quite good. I'm playing with a PI that can take GPS, boat speed using a standard Signet speedo, magnetic compass, and heel angle. Don't have plans for wind yet, though a sensor that has no moving parts would be intriguing.
  13. Words Grandma shouldn't Google

    snowball santorum
  14. Chicago Area III

    I'm in this position. I intend to get my boat out racing regularly, but I do not know which series to focus on. I believe that CASRA has the right idea, but MORF seems like it might be a better format. Many people misunderstand MORF. MORF is a "paper yacht club." They have enough offshore boats in their club that they don't need to share or open their race courses the way the other clubs in Area 3 do in order to have critical mass. Twice a year they do provide "Open Events" inviting all other boats from all other clubs to join their racing. Waukegan, St. Joe, Waukegan also run their own "offshore club races" too, and also provide "Open Events" to all other boats outside of their club. I hope this clarifies the difference. What series do you sign up for to race against the same set of boats in the same class every Saturday? If it's around the cans racing, either MORF or Corinthian Yacht Club fit a C&C 35 pretty well. If you're more interested in LD racing, perhaps CASRA or Area III (whataver it's named) can have some good racing.