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  1. ChiGuy

    Chicago Area III

    They're owned by MarkBot, but Sail21 is leasing these for the summer. They've done an event At Culver in Indiana, and should be doing several more.
  2. ChiGuy

    Chicago Area III

    With Illinois moving to stage 4 soon, does that mean 50 people on a boat? Should be able to handle a SC 70 just fine
  3. ChiGuy

    Chicago Area III

    News clams the "lakefront" may open June 8. I'd hope that includes harbours.
  4. I rather enjoy all history Irish. Thanks

  5. ChiGuy

    Random PicThread

    Was it not Michael Collins that formed the first Gov't?
  6. ChiGuy

    The ballad of..

    Dylan - Hattie Carroll
  7. ChiGuy

    Chicago Area III

    You might want to try Skyway
  8. ChiGuy

    Chicago Area III

    Looks like V15s could be a hot commodity
  9. ChiGuy

    Chicago Area III

    How about the 3 gong fiasco? Round the 3 gongs on Lake Michigan, in any order: 18360: South Manitou lighted gong bouy 19625: Indiana Shoal lighted gong bouy 12625 Mackinac Bridge lighte gong bouy 1
  10. ChiGuy

    Robotic Marks

    Sorry Pontiac YC, Wet Bloomfield, Mi.
  11. ChiGuy

    Chicago Area III

    my guess is it'd be sheldon clark
  12. ChiGuy

    Chicago Area III

    From what I've heard, the NOOD is postponed, as is Colours. Mac is still up in the air. Chi Postpone Letter.pdf
  13. ChiGuy

    Chicago Area III

    Back to sailing dingys!
  14. ChiGuy

    Robotic Marks

    I've worked events at Plymouth YC near Detroit several times. The lake gets pretty deep, and it's a pain to reposition marks. The marks stay within +- 5 ft. When they work, they're great. Did a team race there one time. a 20 degree shift came along, and all the guy controlling the marks had to do is command the bots to move 20 degrees left., and like magic, they all moved to the proper spot. These weren't high priced events, high school racing. I think you can rent them for a weekend, but I have no idea of the cost. Surely lots less than purchasing.
  15. ChiGuy

    John Prine critical with Covid19 :(

    I can see John and Stevie playing together again... what a show that'll be