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  1. Another in Chicago, Cahoots, that I race against
  2. ChiGuy

    Calypso Ultrasonic Anemometer

    What sort of problem?
  3. ChiGuy

    Dick Carter design boats

    now all I have to do is get it signed
  4. ChiGuy

    Dick Carter design boats

    Just got the book
  5. ChiGuy

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Nice boat
  6. ChiGuy

    Sailing one-liners

    Put up da one
  7. ChiGuy

    Freaking Terminators!!

    Can't the firetruck drive itself yet?
  8. ChiGuy

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Yes, also heard that.
  9. ChiGuy

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    A fifth hand story says that Jon was seen pulling on the manual inflator by the spotter. It's a very good question we'll never get an answer to.
  10. ChiGuy

    General fucking recall

  11. hopefully, a competitor will come along with a reasonably priced drug. The article doesn't say if there is other drugs to treat bladder infections. Hoping there is.
  12. That one I'd love to see knowing Lance
  13. ChiGuy

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    Port tacking the fleet is great when you do it cleanly. Yelling fake rules, not so. That could be a rule 2 violation.
  14. ChiGuy

    Favourite Boat pic?

    nice boat
  15. ChiGuy

    How Did You Pick Your Profession?

    Many kids grow up with a wrench in their hand, working with cars. I had a soldering iron. It's all my father's fault. He took me to his office one weekend where he had a teletype (at 110 baud) connected to a time sharing computer in New York. He taught me Basic (Dartmouth), and I was hooked. Spent college working on mainframes and a process control machine. Did a short stint in Cupertino... unfortunately before Apple came along. These days I'm still a geek, working for Rick Perry, and might even have to use a soldering iron again.