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  1. ACWS Portsmouth 23rd 26th July

    ...any replays ??!!...anywhere??
  2. Route du Rhum 2014

    The idea of going around the island (similar to the idea of having marks along the coast when they leave) is to have the competitors close to land long enough so you can organize the media frenzy which pays for it. (Even S.H has a tour around Sidni-Haaaabaaaar at the start and a rounding mark in Hobaaat before the finish line) And yes, difficulties at the end help doing a selection in close finishes based as much on seamanship and sailing skill rather than just raw boat speed. Yes + the RDR legend relies a lot on Birch passing Malinovsky in the final miles of the first edition, so I guess that this Island round and Basse-terre mark have secured an "unquestionable" status "....And yes, difficulties at the end help doing a selection in close finishes based as much on seamanship and sailing skill rather than just raw boat speed...." I would agree on that and everything will be good....but finding yourself in the lee of the island,where the wind can be unpredictable and anybody's luck,takes fun out of the very competitive and prestigious race...fairness comes to mind...
  3. Route du Rhum 2014

    I don't know who and how they came up with this idea of going around(!) the island...and this stupid mark(Basse Terre),so close to the (lee) shore...and I would be rather pissed of to do all those things after crossing the (big) Ocean...when the finish line was right at the windward side...but it is what it is...guess Frenchies have there own ideas to make things more complicated...ohh well... BTW,good going Francis.. !!
  4. Route du Rhum 2014

    Well done Yann !!.....My hat's off for you for this extraordinary effort .....
  5. Route du Rhum 2014

    Loïck Peyron.....The Best Sailor...and The Greatest Gentleman !! Bravo !!
  6. Route du Rhum 2014

    "...Loïck Peyron aboard the Maxi Solo Bank Populaire VII improves the record of the Route du Rhum of Lionel Lemonchois of 2 hours 10 minutes and 34 seconds! #BravoLoick ..."
  7. Route du Rhum 2014

    CONGRATS to Loick for winning the 2014 race....and braking the record !!