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  1. And looks like there is now a 50footer in the same vein coming http://www.marsaudon-composites.com/en/ts5/ , http://catamalia.com/ , https://www.facebook.com/TSCatamarans/ Also the TS-42 facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TS42-1627241777543635/
  2. Is that just paint or does the DSS foil have a trim tab?
  3. You beat me to it... Used to sail on that, before it had the wings when Dutchie had it, good times
  4. AUS was moving astern while to leeward of CRO and essentially backed into CRO, contact at AUS starboard quarter to CRO port beam. Thought that a boat moving astern before the start had no rights. No way for CRO to avoid contact, except by seeing what was coming beforehand and sailing away in time before it was too late. All the same, it was an exciting Laser race and congrats to Tim Burton and AUS in winning gold. Congrats as well to Caleb Paine on a magnificent Finn final win and USA bronze (finally a medal) Missed the Nacra race, hope to see the replay soon, sounded very exciting. ARG Old folks win gold despite a penalty. Didn't see the race live but saw the replay on the 7 website as useless as that was, a whole race distilled into 5 min, if someone has a link to some better replays please share. The replay did show the contact between them, not sure about how moving astern affects the rules but I have seen boats protested out for failure to avoid a collision (even when the other boat was the give way boat) which i thought Tom could be vulnerable to as he didn't have to hit him, anyway i will be interested to hear what other think
  5. I'd love to see full race replays, the dally highlights i get on my Facebook feed and watch pretty quickly, but i like to watch full races like the few you did last year, work means i can;t watch them live but i do within a few days, they don't need to be full AC quality in fact in someways i like the 18 footers better that some of the full budget but commentated in a stale booth footage you see from time to time. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsluvCCMywLLQHWV164wpCQ i'm sure you can find your own medium
  6. no answer to the standard port thing hey?
  7. I don't think the had the speed to just cover in the end one shot i saw had both r88 and r100 on the same tack not far apart and r100 was significantly faster
  8. still sweet fanny adams breeze in hobart itself
  9. Comanche is past cape raoul now into storm bay
  10. ^ i think the day 2 footage of rambler was the abc footage.
  11. Kenny's top 3 quotes of the race so far, notwithstanding the finish quotes as follows: 1. After rounding the last mark off Sydney Heads "Let's get the fuck outta here..!" 2. After damaging the boat "We're gunna finish this god dam race one way or another..!" 3. Before leaving "I haven't looked at the weather, I'll look at with Stan just before we leave..!" 4. At the Finish "_________________________________________________________" ....quote 2 included...''even if we have to paddle!'' Rolex Sydney Hobart ‏@rshyr 20m20 minutes ago Breeze lining the river runway to the finish for @TeamComanche Almost nothing can stop her winning now #RSHYR 8 retweets7 likes Reply Retweet 8 Like 7 More I'm in hobart at the moment, bugger all breeze less that 5kts
  12. just saw channel 7 news coverage of it, used stock footage of day one with one small clip of rambler on day 2, no new footage at all, what a disgrace considering their are supposedly the official channel of it
  13. more new abc footage of comanche on a tight reach just past tasman island with a storm jib set just inside what i assume is here no. 1 jib
  14. new footage of Comanche on abc news, it effectively doesn't have a port daggerboard (its down but broken off just below the hull). no new footage of the other yachts, though you could see the rags only has he leeward board down so is using the same one on both tacks