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  1. russell_2878

    TV or Not, here we go again.

    The problem with getting people to watch sailing isn't necessarily the coverage itself but rather the small number of people who have experienced sailing. We all know that it's the best sport in the world but many Lubbers don't even consider it a sport. We should try to convert them. Think football, around the world football (whether it be Aussie Rules, Soccer, Rugby or Gridiron in your country) has a strong following on tv. Why? I believe it's not that these sports at comparatively easy to understand (though they are) or because they're better (they're not) but it's because the bulk of kids have at some point played it. Or at least kicked a ball around. If we want to improve sailing on TV I believe the only way to do it is to introduce more people (especially kids) to sailing locally we can all do it by asking our lubber friends along. But world wide this is something for world sailing/ISAF or whatever their called now. They need to go to countries were sailing is non existent and set up clubs they need to find coaches to go there as well and to give the people of the countries something to aim for start opening up slots in Olympic sailing to everyone, one slot per class per country, both athletics and swimming have in the past allowed people who were worse than many of us in a a feel good story (Eric the eel) comes to mind. Anyway that's my 2c.
  2. russell_2878

    Samurai (former Mari Cha IV)

    Does anyone know what she would rate in IRC ? Either now, in her original configuration or when they added the dagger boards?
  3. russell_2878

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    I'm not sure if you watched it live or not, I did. There was no notable black spot in coverage from either the onboard cameras or the camera boat they had out there. If there was I would have understood. At best they thought there would be black spots but decided to cut the feed beforehand in an 'attempt' to look professional. They should have kept the commentators around and actively used the camera boat the had rather than sending it off for 'B roll' footage. I don't think this is 'astoundingly good' considering that these are paid professionals, that this is a 'premier event' and their budget. There are people providing nearly as good and sometimes better live coverage of much smaller sailing events and usually they are volunteers. I think the coverage of he scheduled events ( in port races and leg starts) is worse than the last race and further more my friends and I do not regret our decision following the cape town leg start this race not to continue making a get together based around watching the Volvo, IMO its not worth it the race.
  4. russell_2878

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Comments like yours are exactly why SA needs to add either a like, star or an up vote type thing to these forums.
  5. russell_2878

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    This is especially annoying as not only does it seem the is no problem with the onboard footage theyvalso seem to have a camera boat out there that is shooting some 'artsy' b roll footage ATM, all we seem to be missing at the moment is a chopper, but I think there is no technical reason while the full coverage can't continue until the end if the round the island race.!?
  6. russell_2878

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    I really don't understand Volvo, they say they can't keep the feed coming all the way round the island and will have to cut the footage at some point. They decide to cut the footage while the feed is still good! Just saying the will keep the virtual going. A five min break with nothing at all on the apple TV Volvo app. Then the feed comes back with onboard footage aswell, but no sound WTF are they playing at!?
  7. russell_2878

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Has anyone got a link to channel 7 feed sailor girl keeps dropping out
  8. russell_2878

    Sydney to Hobart 2017
  9. Scally had a FR0 when the feed cut
  10. Someone from Volvo needs to tell us if there is any chance of 'bonus coverage'? I heard their media budget was down on the last race but this is really a case of cutting off ur nose to spite ur face he have a bunch of guys around here to watch this leg start and it will probably be the last time we do it. Talk about driving away ur core audience.
  11. WTF is Volvo thinking with this leg start coverage!? Compare it to Capetown last race and this sucks dogs balls!
  12. russell_2878

    VOR 2017-18

    Yeah it really annoying its not on YouTube live because when I'm staying atm has one of those integrated entertainment systems with apple TV ( which I think actually sucks) so to watch the race live I end up unplugging something else in the cupboard its all in and plugging a laptop in for the first leg start or as I had found by the time second in port race the VOR app which has just as bad streaming quality as the others are complaining about. They just need to stream it on YouTube.
  13. russell_2878

    Transat Jacques Vabre

    Will the start be live streamed if so where? Thanks in advance
  14. russell_2878


    And looks like there is now a 50footer in the same vein coming , , Also the TS-42 facebook page:
  15. russell_2878

    Sydney to Hobart 2016

    Is that just paint or does the DSS foil have a trim tab?