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  1. Duct tape your handheld to the tiller, that should work. Lol
  2. russell_2878

    TV or Not, here we go again.

    The problem with getting people to watch sailing isn't necessarily the coverage itself but rather the small number of people who have experienced sailing. We all know that it's the best sport in the world but many Lubbers don't even consider it a sport. We should try to convert them. Think football, around the world football (whether it be Aussie Rules, Soccer, Rugby or Gridiron in your country) has a strong following on tv. Why? I believe it's not that these sports at comparatively easy to understand (though they are) or because they're better (they're not) but it's because the bulk of kids have at some point played it. Or at least kicked a ball around. If we want to improve sailing on TV I believe the only way to do it is to introduce more people (especially kids) to sailing locally we can all do it by asking our lubber friends along. But world wide this is something for world sailing/ISAF or whatever their called now. They need to go to countries were sailing is non existent and set up clubs they need to find coaches to go there as well and to give the people of the countries something to aim for start opening up slots in Olympic sailing to everyone, one slot per class per country, both athletics and swimming have in the past allowed people who were worse than many of us in a a feel good story (Eric the eel) comes to mind. Anyway that's my 2c.
  3. russell_2878

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Has anyone got a link to channel 7 feed sailor girl keeps dropping out
  4. russell_2878

    Sydney to Hobart 2017
  5. russell_2878

    VOR 2017-18

    Yeah it really annoying its not on YouTube live because when I'm staying atm has one of those integrated entertainment systems with apple TV ( which I think actually sucks) so to watch the race live I end up unplugging something else in the cupboard its all in and plugging a laptop in for the first leg start or as I had found by the time second in port race the VOR app which has just as bad streaming quality as the others are complaining about. They just need to stream it on YouTube.
  6. russell_2878


    And looks like there is now a 50footer in the same vein coming , , Also the TS-42 facebook page:
  7. russell_2878


    I'd love to see full race replays, the dally highlights i get on my Facebook feed and watch pretty quickly, but i like to watch full races like the few you did last year, work means i can;t watch them live but i do within a few days, they don't need to be full AC quality in fact in someways i like the 18 footers better that some of the full budget but commentated in a stale booth footage you see from time to time. i'm sure you can find your own medium
  8. russell_2878

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    got a link to that article? & currently beating Brindas! Never mind I thought you meant Bumble Bee 5 the 60-something footer Blind trust of GPS was the basic reason right, not using radar or a any other secondary way of confirming their position. Having personally seen how wrong gps can be at times (going along the south coast of Papua New guinea, while the GPS had us miles inland being my worst example). Got a link to the report?
  9. russell_2878

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    got a link to that article?
  10. russell_2878

    New imoca boats

    another reason for the topside treatment of Hugo boss would be better aero, getting a cleaner flow onto the headsails.
  11. russell_2878

    VOR 2017-18

    My take is, that its a shame that Auckland has been locked in so early as it rules out an Australian port (from what people have beet told since the 2005 race Australia will only get a stop over if they have a team, which kind of is a chicken and egg thing as the stopovers seem to get locked in way before a team gets funded, and even if that were to happen then it would likely be a 'pit-stop') and that rules out an Australian team. (patriotic gripe over) If no new boats are launched then the situation is dire, perhaps to encourage new teams they should require that all tuning notes are released at the end of this race. I don't see more than 10 teams competing next time around but I think the fan base could support at least 12, especially if they from more 'countries' (I know the teams are all multinational and the the sponsors are similarly multinational but the still all have home ports right? If having more teams requires more ports due to a particular sponsors need then I say go for it. And whoever said that some of the stopovers could handle many more entrants, It should be a requirement that any stopover is actually capable of handling the number of entrants to limit the number of entrants because a port can't handle them seems insane, I hope they are lucky enough sometime in the future to be in the situation of saying now we can't go there they can'd fit us all in. While i see little point in structurally modifying the boats to make them faster (adding bulb weight for example), especially on a cost benefit point of view, I think the sail types should be changed, at the very least adding normal asymmetric kites for the import together with the associated take down lines, that can be removed for the offshore legs (it just looks better) but it could go so far as having an inshore set and an offshore set of sails. Which brings me to another point, these inshore races that just turn into a parade due to wind being from the wrong direction have to end, stadium sailing is one thing but if you can't lay a proper course then its not really worth it. The inshore course of the leg 7 start would have made for a better inshore race given Saturdays conditions. So i could be prepared to accept some sort of course other than a windward-leeward/Olympic-Triangle/Trapezoid etc. if it made use of the ports features like rounding islands or whatever. I also want longer races (1 1/2 hrs at least not the under 1 hr limit we seem to have now, so it is still worth getting up at 3 or 4 am to watch them) or for at least not to have races shortened when you can see from the Helo shots that there is clearly more wind coming no more than 10 min away (Auckland inport for example). I think that the inports should get points for the actual race but only 1/10 of an offshore leg (i.e 1 point for a win inshore 10 points for a win offshore and so on). I have other coverage gripes but that's on another thread lol. Then we have the legs themselves, I want racing from A to B with no gates in between, while its you could maybe make an argument for ice gates in the southern ocean there were far to many on leg 5 and they were way to far north (and having worked on a trawler in the southern ocean I couldn't believe how far north the gates were) but its also gates like Fernando de Noronha that they have to round for some reason. I do think they should have to abide by things like Traffic Separation Schemes and other local rules as that's good seamanship, and the only other exclusion zones should be for wildlife/environment protection. I have no problems with AIS but I agree it has changed the racing at least as much as going one design has, to alleviate that you could allow a stealth mode like suggested above but so as not to ruin it for us spectators not allow stealth mode within 100 Nm or so of the finnish. But most of all more teams as that means someone might be more willing to take a risk.
  12. russell_2878

    New Rambler

    Is that a regular sight?
  13. russell_2878

    New Rambler

    New Cubed (or Comanche, I still am not sure they have the name finalized) is not for round the cans racing. Design brief: Line honors, race records, and passage records. No powered winches are allowed for most of the race and WSSRC records. so clean do you think thats the way it should be? or are you c=going to stay out of the whole powered/manual debate?