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  1. Stack pack or not?

    Not the best photos, but it does show the white Lazyjack bag. Here's the bag holding a triple reefed Main.
  2. Stack pack or not?

    My Express 37 has a lazy jack bag like the IMOCAs do, no PVC stiffeners, and two line slab reefing, no ties. I can reef and shake my carbon main while kneeling at the companionway in the dark, water flying, in a minute or 2. Sail just lands in the bag,nice & tidy. I never need to even stand up. I don't notice any noise, or flapping. It works perfect for me, as I sail singlehanded offshore all the time, but not buoy racing. Worked flawlessly on the 2016 SHTP and SH back to Dana Point. I sewed it myself using Textilene/Phiffertex fabric and it has velcro straps that wrap around the boom, no hardware. After 4 years, the old one had frayed straps, so I made another. The sail cover can be a pain, but so what, I wouldn't have a boat without it. It's going to make the round trip to Hawaii and back again in 2018.
  3. Dogbones

    Here is a photo of the toggles I use on my E37.
  4. Dogbones

    Pakala, my Express 37, uses 1/2 carbon fiber rod as toggles/dogbones lashed & epoxied to dyneema covered loops for all headsail & reaching sail sheets. Each toggle setup has a velcro strap wrapped around the loop as a keeper. Similar design to those used on Volvo 60s for their sheets. Soft shackles for all halyards except the main. 10,000 miles including 2016 SHTP & return to Dana Point, and none shook free. Cheap. Make them yourself. Good therapy. And they look cool.