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  1. OK You Were Right - CHS X19 Trimaran

    I saw your wife in your truck out in Englewood a while back. I couldn't catch her to wave hello. Hopefully you retained the a small fortune from the large one that you had before starting to build boats. It's a boat that I desire, but can't afford either.
  2. Were there any lobsters hiding under it?
  3. Why does Trump hate women?

    Some of these people make me embarassed to be a member of the human race.
  4. Why does Trump hate women?

    But does he object?
  5. Why does Trump hate women?

    Does that same employer object to the health insurance company paying for boner pills? What is good for the goose is good for the gander.
  6. Why does Trump hate women?

  7. Why does Trump hate women?

    From the first day of insurance school (20 years as an insurance agent), "The losses of a few are paid by the many".
  8. Irma

    A friend of mine was out on the Monday after looking for down Royal Palms. Apparantly they taste better than plain old Sabal Palm.
  9. Names that have been ruined forever

    My uncle, Adolph, who lies at Parade Rest in the North Africa-American Memorial Cemmetary probably received a whole bunch of shit when he served in WW2. His name remains in respectful memory.
  10. Limbaugh thinks Irma is fake news

    I don't know, that was on Monday.
  11. Graham-Cassidy

    Our Medicare crook governor was elected and reelected with the people knowing that he headed a company that paid the largest fine ever levied for this type of fraud.
  12. Limbaugh thinks Irma is fake news

    Tom, I talked to a guy who talked to a county engineer about the bridge on your loop. It may have shifted. It was built in 1961 and the plans have disapeared. It may or may not have any pilings.
  13. scored a 50$ hobie cat

    That boat is probably older than my uncompetitive 1984 model and will be even slower with a delam repair. But still fun to play with.
  14. Graham-Cassidy

    Sol, what do you think our Medicare crook govenor and the whores of the legislature will do with a block grant?
  15. scored a 50$ hobie cat

    Skip the glue. Cut up and fold an aluminum can and cram it in with a scewdriver and hammer, I used an Old Style beercan. You don't have to take the boat apart to do it.