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  1. TIGER Flop At FIU

    Those human beings, they just keep fucking things up.
  2. irresponsible gun owners?

    Maybe the CC Sheriff should use your yard for a shooting range rather than spending 4.5 mil to rebuild theirs so that it doesn't bother the new neighbors.
  3. Random PicThread

    E J Potter, The Michigan Madman?
  4. Wood Floor

    You need to take a trip over to Micanopy. Old growth at its best. http://heartpine.com/
  5. Team Seacats old web site had an article about this type of repair. Go over to Catsailor and you may get a response from the author.
  6. Sailors Powerboat

    A few years back when I saw my optometrist, he had one leg strapped to a little cart and maneuvered with some ski poles. I asked what happened. He said, "I completely blew out my knee. I should have got up on 2 and dropped".
  7. And all lobbying, association and contributions be paid for with after tax dollars, not as expenses.
  8. Random PicThread

  9. C-Class Little Cup news

    Although flying is real cool, it really increases the design and construction costs of the foils. Would it help to keep it a straight board class?
  10. what are you listening to right now .... part quatre

    B B King, Live at Cook County Jail. When I worked for the Elgin, Joliet, & Eastern Railroad in Gary a coworker stood about 6-3 and 240. BB & Bobby Blue Bland were playing at "Clayman's", the hottest night club in town. I said, "You gotta take me". He said, "No, I can't.
  11. Random PicThread

    Just after high school, my neighbor/buddy had a major disagreement with his Dad who owned the Dog & Suds in town. He decided to burn the place down. He dumped out the gas, but forgot about the pilot lights. Darwin strikes again.
  12. Craig Fugate. He may have ties to the Boca Grande Fugate's.
  13. Random PicThread

    MMMM, Smelts!
  14. This Is What Happens When The Fox Guards The Henhouse

    I walked into Management 487, "The capstone course of the School of Business Administration", "Business Policy", at Florida Atlantic University is September of 1975. There sat an elegantly dressed gentleman sitting at the desk. An the board behind him were the letters: M. G. A. He introduced himself as a Haavard MBA, financed by the GI Bill and waiting tables and retired as exec VP of one the big NY department stores. He then asked what do those letters mean. We sat there, scratched our asses and wondered wtf he was talking about. He the explained, "That is what this class is all about, MONEY, GREED & AVARICE". If that is what you teach, that is what you get.