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  1. Fat Point Jack

    Apparently $500 is what a vote costs these days

    It goes even further back. To my senator, former governor whose favorite amendment is the 5th, who would not let the clemency Board do its work.
  2. Fat Point Jack

    Apparently $500 is what a vote costs these days

    If the State of Florida gave these folks an even break on getting their voting rights restored, Mr. Bloomberg's effort would not be needed..
  3. Fat Point Jack

    The MAGA Army: So it Begins

    I drove over the bridge about 11. Looked like Boca Grande Pass during the height of Tarpon season and a bunch of them walking the bridge. While driving, I can't give them a thumb down out the passenger window. Who do ya think you are going to influence out in the middle of the bay? I need to start knocking on doors.
  4. Fat Point Jack

    Multiple Boats in Distress, Sinking at Trump Parade

    My governor https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/ron-desantis-trump-ad-704926/
  5. Fat Point Jack

    Boat sinks in parade wake

    Did they crawl down your canal?
  6. Fat Point Jack

    Here come the Florida deaths

    The Charlotte High School Fighting Tarpons play the Desoto County High School Bulldogs this evening in the season opener of football season. How do the linemen socially distance?
  7. Fat Point Jack

    Trump encourages voter fraud

    Jimmy's already on it. https://www.cartercenter.org/news/pr/2020/us-elections-082820.html
  8. Fat Point Jack

    The Stray Goat Julie B

    Where at?
  9. Fat Point Jack


    Tyranny, it's just tyranny. They are going to take my money or take my home without representation. The City of Fat Point, as utility service provider for the Charlotte County subdivision, Charlotte Park has announced a Septic to Sewer program. It will target about 900 homes in the subdivision. Estimate: $11,000. The citizens of Charlotte Park are represented by the Charlotte County commission who long ago gave up their responsibility for providing this service. So it does little good for the citizens to be pissed at them. As those citizens are not Fat Point citizens, they had no voice in this process. I can't wait for the letters to the Ed start. The area is all in a Special Flood Zone and ground level is 3-6 feet above sea level. New septic tanks are a mound in the yard. My grandkids will have cleaner water
  10. Fat Point Jack

    Trump brand takes a hit

    Yea, they'd all share in the graft.
  11. Fat Point Jack

    Republican Jesus

    What changes did King James make? I'm sure he was an objective translator.
  12. When it is a crazy white woman, nobody cares. https://www.mysuncoast.com/2020/08/05/fatal-deputy-involved-shooting-victims-family-say-theres-got-be-better-way/ Couldn't ya grab your shields and encircle until she wore her self out? A water hose? Cast net?
  13. Fat Point Jack

    Herschel Walker WTF at RNC

    1980: Georgia 26-Florida 21 1981: Georgia 26-Florida 21 1982: Georgia 44-Florida 0 All over the Gators.
  14. Fat Point Jack

    Herschel Walker WTF at RNC

    One time I planned to take his kids to Disney World with my family. At the last minute, Donald said he’d like to join us. So there he was in a business suit on It’s a Small World ride. Who wears a suit to Disney World?
  15. Fat Point Jack

    the Guitar That Killed Folk!

    Is the Live at the Fillmore you're talking about The Live Adventures Of Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper with the Norman Rockwell cover? Columbia Record Club, I played it on a real crummy player and now it is low on the record grading scale. Didn't get a good turntable until Nixon's income tax rebate.