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  1. Fat Point Jack

    “We need a new media system”.

    Do you ever listen to NPR?
  2. Fat Point Jack

    Great Songs

    Surgery or radio active iodine? It took 3 to kill my thyroid. The Endo doc that ordered it, the radiologist that supervised it and a nuclear delivery guy. They follow the pill down with a geiger counter.
  3. Fat Point Jack

    Gun Anarchy

    On New Year's Eve, some young citizens were celebrating the occasion just down the road from Tom Ray with their rights under the 21st Amendment of The Constitution. At some point some citizens were have a discussion under their 1st Amendment rights. One citizen decided that he should Fuck The Feelings of the other when he invoked his 2nd Amendment right. That citizen will be learning a lot more about the various amendments in the coming months.
  4. Fat Point Jack

    Tips , Gratuities.

    Mikey can't wait until 1/21/2021, he'll finally be able to get paid for the torture he has endured for the last 4 years. The bullshit will keep flowing out of his mouth, but the dollars will flow in.
  5. Fat Point Jack

    A trimaran daysailer foraging boomers

    I saw another one on Craigslist the other day and now I can't find it. A Lightning with removable akas and amas.
  6. Fat Point Jack

    A trimaran daysailer foraging boomers

    How about this one? 2014 15'10" Florida Homemade Sailboat - boats - by owner - marine sale (craigslist.org)
  7. Fat Point Jack

    Trail Cameras Again

    Can you hook up a solar panel to it?
  8. Fat Point Jack

    NFL 2020

    Kamara sure does not mess about with boats. The red one should have been on the port foot and the green on starboard.
  9. Fat Point Jack

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    Rick tells a sad tale of the phosphate spill back in the 70's. All WOTUS Matter
  10. Fat Point Jack

    Tips , Gratuities.

    And the write off for the 3 Martini lunch is back.
  11. Fat Point Jack

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    Alligator Creek, I fucked up again.
  12. Fat Point Jack

    Trump Commutes Mass Murderers Sentences

    Every time time the press mentions that these people worked for Blackwater, they should say that the founder is Betsy Devos' brother.
  13. Fat Point Jack

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    We used to have drinks with him at the old Hacienda. A nicer guy than his partner. I'm trying to convince my boss to do the same. They are the same age. They made a bunch of money in the long term storage of construction debris. I hope that the abandoned one on Jones Loop at Shell Creek does not hurt the WOTUS.
  14. Fat Point Jack

    Foiling F-Boats

    How hard is it to make a one off work before you get a chance to get scared?