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  1. Fat Point Jack

    2018 Fishing Thread

    Did you find the anchor that my brother forgot to tie off while we were getting bait there?
  2. Fat Point Jack

    F1 2018...

    Please Mr. Haas, hire Alexander Rossi.
  3. Fat Point Jack

    Wasting Away Again In Taco Bell Cantinaville

    It sucks, I have to drive to Arcadia for Sonic and Popeye's. I had a chat with my city councilperson awhile back. I told him when I showed up at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton in 1974, I learned that the local Mickey D's did not have Golden Arches. Against city ordinance. At the time a prime lot in PiGI was $25,000 and one in Rat's Mouth was $100,000. The head cook at a restaurant across from the store came in and bought 3 new mop heads and assorted other cleaning supplies. It was all hands on deck after closing cleaning party. A lawyer friend commented awhile back about the Mayor owning a lot downtown and that it is OK for her to make various decisions and votes that will affect the value of her property. So I asked him, Was it OK for a former (disgraced)city councilperson who was a partner in the first fancy restaurant downtown to vote against the Subway in the parking monstrosity. He thought it was. My question back was, "So a $10.00 hamburger does not compete with a $5 foot long?" Charming it isn't.
  4. Fat Point Jack

    The Trump Legacy... Harley Davidson Rice Rockets

    Here in one of the oldest counties in Florida, they're old and ...
  5. Fat Point Jack

    The Trump Legacy... Harley Davidson Rice Rockets

    If you loved your girl, would you let her ride wearing flip flops, tank top and Daisy Dukes?
  6. Fat Point Jack

    The Trump Legacy... Harley Davidson Rice Rockets

    If they are so fucking good, then why won't they idle. The riders have to keep blipping the throttle at every red light.
  7. Fat Point Jack

    Cat2Fold featured in Multihulls Magazine

    There's another one in Multihulls from the 80's. I don't have a spare week to find it in the collection.
  8. Fat Point Jack

    We Need More Ethanol In Marine Fuels

    Does popcorn increase the engine's power?
  9. Fat Point Jack

    F18 world 2018

    Hopefully ya'all will get to sail in the Gulf. Sarasota Bay is like sailing a lake with current.
  10. Fat Point Jack

    2018 Fishing Thread

    Don't worry Tom, the seekers of the sun won't add to the amount of folks out there. they'll stock that fancy cement pond and won't have to go out on that dirty brown water.
  11. Fat Point Jack

    Grilling 2018

    Sea Grape is real good for pork, adds a sweet taste to it. I just finished up the greeninged Key Lime. Good for smoking, better for G&T's.
  12. Fat Point Jack

    F1 2018...

    Hamilton's pass of three may have been the slickest move I've ever seen!
  13. Fat Point Jack


    Are you worried about flooding like what happened to the folks around the corner from you on Prairie Creek after Irma?
  14. Fat Point Jack

    new stiletto? any news on this cat?

    I can only speculate what Mr. Chiodi meant in 1987.
  15. Fat Point Jack

    Beach Access

    You continue to amaze me with your lack of knowledge. You can catch all the mullets you want outside of the city limits with a net that meets the requirements of the constitutional amendment. However you cannot do the same within the limits of the special statute. See the following statutes: http://sb.flleg.gov/nxt/gateway.dll?f=templates&fn=default.htm$vid=html:all That one was not legal. http://sb.flleg.gov/nxt/gateway.dll?f=templates&fn=default.htm$vid=html:all Those boys did not pull a net through the canal. They used a stop net. Stretch it across the canal, have a beer and the pull in everything that swims by. Dad threw his castnet off his dock, that is still illegal within the city limits of Fat Point as he was giving the fish away to non-family members. And he sure never disturbed the condo commando that would always call the cops on him.