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  1. Ice boats were faster until GPS was invented. Then they got slower.
  2. stinky

    Sailing downwind

    given the reliability of the narrator, she might be the sanest and most competent of the bunch.
  3. stinky

    Tips For Being Rescued

    should have called @Pro looper to bail you out again. he'd have swum out and brought you in safely,
  4. stinky

    Lee cloths

    Unsolicited advice: Have the lee cloth attach to where the hull meets the bunk, so when it is tightened it creates a hammock to sleep in instead of a hard crease.
  5. Really a question of a pole you can square back vs a fixed prod. Anything not stupid fast will benefit from a pole you can square. After that, you choose an a-kite or a symmetric kite based on how complicated you want your rigging to be.
  6. stinky

    New Performance Sailboat Charter in SF Bay

    Only 30 footer I've averaged 15+ on offshore doesn't have lead and has two extra hulls.
  7. stinky

    Bella Mente Broke Their Rig......Again

    If you want a fast, offshore capable boat 70 footer, you buy a MOD 70. If you want to wear matching vests and prance around the med, I don't care.
  8. stinky

    Las Vegas Casinos to reopen as a "control group"

    doesn't work too well to improve the species, the boomers this virus predominantly takes out have already spread their seed are onto the "little blue pill" phase of their lives.
  9. stinky

    US new case rate already peaked?

    Correlation isn't causation......but..... the leveling off of new cases is in lock step with the leveling off of tests done. from:
  10. stinky

    uh, a jib traveller ?

    huh or on any properly fast boat with a jib
  11. stinky

    Transpac 2021

    or if you aren't insane/and/or have at least one friend, buy a small well built boat, and do the Pac Cup double handed.
  12. stinky

    Milling a centerboard from G10

    If we're rejecting the easiest, and most economical construction method with unmatched heritage, we might as well get creative.
  13. stinky

    Milling a centerboard from G10

    seems like an ideal application for ferro cement.
  14. stinky

    Pacific Cup Canceled?

    Official notice out: Fellow Sailors With regret, we must announce the cancellation of the 2020 Pacific Cup. The next Pacific Cup will start the week of July 4, 2022. While we deferred this decision as long as we felt could, it is apparent that the ongoing crisis, including a shelter-in-place into May, will make the execution of the race impractical at best and dangerous at worst. The call to cancel is being made after open consultations between Kaneohe Yacht Club and Pacific Cup Yacht Club, as well as other experts and supporters. The considerations we took into account include: Health of participants: an outbreak of COVID on a boat hundreds of miles from medical care could result in fatality or a burdensome diversion of medical resources. Health of supporters: a gathering of well-wishers, families, and friends at the start or at Kaneohe Yacht Club could, even in June or July, create an unacceptable risk of disease transmission Safety: With the month of April removed, and no clarity over whether May will be free for gatherings, our participants’ ability to perform important safety maintenance and to engage in required and recommended practices is severely curtailed. We believe that this lack can impair the safety of a boat preparing for a major voyage. Regulation: Several overlapping authorities presently have rules in place which would outright ban the Pacific Cup. While we expect some of these to be lifted by race day, we estimate a high likelihood that some may remain in place at least at the proposed finish. With 65 entries, the 2020 edition of the race was looking to be a great one, and we hope that the 2022 date will provide us with an even better-prepared enthusiastic event. Current entrants will be invited to roll their entry over to the new date or, if they prefer, receive a full refund of race entry fees. We are very disappointed by the need to postpone, however we are exploring some alternate on-the-water activity, including coastal races in 2020 and 2021. These are subject, of course, to the present situation resolving itself. These will be announced as plans become more firm. We are also announcing the postponement of the May 16 Safety at Sea seminar. Participants will receive a refund of the in-person portion of the course and may re-enroll when a new date is announced. Finally, we would like to express our thanks to all the supporters of the race, not only our supporting clubs and sponsors and the many, many volunteers on the mainland and in Hawaii, but also the friends, families, and crewmates of the boats involved in the race. We’ll hope to see you in Pacific Cup 2022! Mahalo Michael Moradzadeh Commodore, Pacific Cup Yacht Club
  15. Owners of newer J boats seem to prefer regattas where they can show off their crew's matching Patagonia fleece vests. They also need perfectly square lines and weather marks that are dead upwind to have fun. They never have fun.