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  1. stinky

    US selection for DH class Paris 2024

    Ugh, that makes sense. Can't think of another 20-30 boat that has numbers and national traction. I hope the boat they choose ends up being a bit more sporty.
  2. stinky

    J105 Trailer West Coast

    Anyone have a lead on a J-105 trailer for sale/rent on the left coast?
  3. Using tube bags with clamps changed my life. It made the bags much more reusable, quicker to set up, and eliminated most leak chasing.
  4. stinky

    Transpac 2019

    You mean monohull line honors? Comanche is an awesome machine, but its hard to look at it next to the MOD 70's and not think that it is a colossal waste of effort, craftsmanship and money just to get somewhere slower.
  5. stinky

    Making Dingy Sails

    If you have a local loft nearby that actually makes sails, they might be willing help you out with design and plotting and leave the assembly to you.
  6. stinky

    Line winder/reel for small diameter dyneema

    fishing reel?
  7. stinky

    Electric Planes?

    thats the coolest vtol/fixed wing concept I've seen. I couldn't tell from the video, but I wonder if the motors trust vector, or if they're alway providing a bit of lift in forward flight. edit. watched a few more time, it looks like the props are set for 0 deg aoa during forward flight, when it takes off they aren't parallel to the ground.
  8. stinky

    Stanford sailing coach gets probation

    Most sailing foundations seem to live in the grey areas of the law and ethical behavior.
  9. stinky

    F1 2019 and E too

  10. stinky

    F1 2019 and E too

    Blows my mind that you can accuse Hamilton of having no class after watching what unfolded.
  11. stinky

    F1 2019 and E too

    Vettel cracks under pressure again. The call was right by the letter of the law, but it all would have been avoided if Vettel had don the sporting thing and let Lewis by after running off the track. Not right to cut corners after you screw the pooch and end up with an advantage afterwards.
  12. stinky

    R2AK 2019

    the pear just reappeared on the tracker
  13. stinky

    R2AK 2019

    yeah, thats the velvet beaver, hammered squirrel, angry secret, shock 40
  14. stinky

    R2AK 2019

    looks light
  15. stinky

    R2AK 2019

    Campbell River Museum, shock 40