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  1. Three Bridge Fiasco

    Nicely done! I'll make sure to use the proper terms of derision in the future as you blow by those of us dumb enough to haul lead around.
  2. Three Bridge Fiasco

    The moore won. They went TI first, red rock and then Blackhaller. They were the only boat that made it around TI anti-clockwise, though many tried and got stuck. We made it around TI clockwise with a few other moores, but were far behind #66 by the time we made it around. We saw Paxton on the way to TI as we were beating to RR. He also finished, behind two pitchforks, leading to a grand total of four finishers.
  3. Re-Cut head sail

    That's a bold claim to make without knowing the cloth weight and cut of his 150.
  4. Re-Cut head sail

  5. bring a 6 pack to your local sail loft around 4:30 Friday afternoon. done. and you made a friend!
  6. New Sails

    180 is too big. It's a throwback from the CCA rule where jib area wasn't as penalized in the rating. 155% is the biggest jib boats have used for the last ~30+ years. I'd avoid a laminate cloth if its going to live on the furler, mildew and mold will grow inside the layers of the cloth in the damp, dank north. Personally, I've never been impressed with warp oriented woven dacron, especially for a roller furling application. It seems overly reliant on filler to stabilize the weave, and trades too much longevity for a very short term performance gain. Others will disagree, especially the salespeople from North.
  7. Which Smock to buy

    +1 I've heard some horror stories about some of the gear they've had to wear. I saw some of the prototype Zhik kit this summer. It looked well thought out and well made, and it's wearer was pleased, though we didn't have terribly inclement weather.
  8. Spinnaker cloth Airx v Superkote

    I'd choose one of the airex flavors if you mainly sail in flat water, and superkote if you sail in lump. Choose a weight that makes sense when put in context with the rest of your inventory.
  9. Spirit-33' s&s

    I think it's still for sale. http://latitude38.com/classifieds/classy_display.lasso?cat=32
  10. which yacht designer ?

    hurry up and build a boat already
  11. DH Pac Cup boat

    Some odd ducks to add to the list: B-25, Un/Wilderness 30, Laser 28 In a windy year, I think the Moore is untouchable. Most other years, I'd opt for the Express or Hobie 33.
  12. Craigslist Finds

    Craigslist gold in the bay area: MX Ray-offers considered https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/boa/d/mx-ray-sailboat/6258621818.html Banshee-$400 https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/boa/d/13-banshee-sailboat/6265384128.html and... a sad Windmill https://sfbay.craigslist.org/scz/boa/d/great-project-all-wood-sail/6265774086.html
  13. That was some well intentioned, terrible advice. -Checking the color of the Twaron won't tell you much, as the fibers are most likely died black or green. -The laminate will fail before the fibers do. The easiest way to a determine the quality of the laminate is to listen to it as it's being manipulated. If it sounds like cellophane, it's done, even if the sail looks fine otherwise. It's entirely possible for an unused string sail to delaminate even under optimal storage conditions. -The kite fabric is the opposite, loud = good, quite = used up.
  14. Bonkers Moth

    1. Moths are already faster than 18's. 2. Photoshop.