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  1. stinky

    2018 I-14 Worlds

    All 7
  2. stinky

    Kat Ketch rigs

    Wylie 65
  3. stinky

    Kat Ketch rigs

    +1 I'd buy that book.
  4. stinky

    Kat Ketch rigs and Randy Repass (west marine founder) has a sister ship he's cruised the world on.
  5. stinky

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    looks like the searching boats are headed back to the barn. I hope thats because of successful rescue, but I fear otherwise. -edit- still searching
  6. stinky

    Pac Cup 2018

    Loose Cannon is putting the hurt on Wilbur. Motorcycle is down 20 with 140 to go and loosing miles every update. Go Andy and Julia!
  7. Call Ullman Sails Santa Cruz. Hodges has one by the plotter that's in prime planter box condition
  8. stinky

    Pac Cup 2018

    Irene's having trouble staying low and fast. They keep creeping up to AR's line and gybing down. Might be fatigue, might be their sail inventory not being ideal for the conditions. They've been doing well enough during the day, but they hemorrhage miles at night.
  9. stinky

    New sails

    When your lower batten isn't long enough to support your dumb 'innovative' leech profile....
  10. stinky

    Three Bridge Fiasco

    Nicely done! I'll make sure to use the proper terms of derision in the future as you blow by those of us dumb enough to haul lead around.
  11. stinky

    Three Bridge Fiasco

    The moore won. They went TI first, red rock and then Blackhaller. They were the only boat that made it around TI anti-clockwise, though many tried and got stuck. We made it around TI clockwise with a few other moores, but were far behind #66 by the time we made it around. We saw Paxton on the way to TI as we were beating to RR. He also finished, behind two pitchforks, leading to a grand total of four finishers.
  12. stinky

    Re-Cut head sail

    That's a bold claim to make without knowing the cloth weight and cut of his 150.
  13. stinky

    Re-Cut head sail

  14. bring a 6 pack to your local sail loft around 4:30 Friday afternoon. done. and you made a friend!
  15. stinky

    New Sails

    180 is too big. It's a throwback from the CCA rule where jib area wasn't as penalized in the rating. 155% is the biggest jib boats have used for the last ~30+ years. I'd avoid a laminate cloth if its going to live on the furler, mildew and mold will grow inside the layers of the cloth in the damp, dank north. Personally, I've never been impressed with warp oriented woven dacron, especially for a roller furling application. It seems overly reliant on filler to stabilize the weave, and trades too much longevity for a very short term performance gain. Others will disagree, especially the salespeople from North.