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  1. I think it's still for sale. http://latitude38.com/classifieds/classy_display.lasso?cat=32
  2. hurry up and build a boat already
  3. Some odd ducks to add to the list: B-25, Un/Wilderness 30, Laser 28 In a windy year, I think the Moore is untouchable. Most other years, I'd opt for the Express or Hobie 33.
  4. Craigslist gold in the bay area: MX Ray-offers considered https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/boa/d/mx-ray-sailboat/6258621818.html Banshee-$400 https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/boa/d/13-banshee-sailboat/6265384128.html and... a sad Windmill https://sfbay.craigslist.org/scz/boa/d/great-project-all-wood-sail/6265774086.html
  5. That was some well intentioned, terrible advice. -Checking the color of the Twaron won't tell you much, as the fibers are most likely died black or green. -The laminate will fail before the fibers do. The easiest way to a determine the quality of the laminate is to listen to it as it's being manipulated. If it sounds like cellophane, it's done, even if the sail looks fine otherwise. It's entirely possible for an unused string sail to delaminate even under optimal storage conditions. -The kite fabric is the opposite, loud = good, quite = used up.
  6. 1. Moths are already faster than 18's. 2. Photoshop.
  7. Betts is building one right now.
  8. Crosscut Flex sails usually break down around the clew patch. Their weakness is the lack of fiber alignment out of the corners, especially where a corner patch terminates. You end up with the mylar films taking all the load as there is no aligned fiber in either the scrim or taffeta. The longest lasting flex sails I've seen have had radial clewboxes made out of some complimentary DP material. For your needs, I would not dismiss a quality dacron sail. "Too flat for conventional crosscut Dacron" doesn't make sense for a boat the size of yours.
  9. Check the date of publication?
  10. Too many things swirling the wrong way for me to think the forecast will hold up.
  11. Anyone have predictions? Here's mine: Division 0: Phaedo. Can't be beat, Mazaratii will threaten, but won't be able to catch up after Phaedo leads off the coast. Division 1: Asshole. The old handjob beats the new handjob. Division 2: Merlin. Small boat, huge sails. In anything under 15 they'll dominate. Division 3: Resolute. Hard to beat a well sailed 125. LadyBoy a threat if it blows. Divison 4: Toss up between Prevail, Horizon and Oxacca. Dee Cafarri for the win!
  12. They won the only race that Cooper Dressler sailed in. He's American, with a 100% winning record in this Americas Cup final at that. There's also an American on the Kiwi boat. Born in CA, moved to kiwiland as a teenager. Nice cycling Andy Maloney! So by my count, those two American's won, plus everyone that's happy that Larry lost (mostly Oracle employees, people who've met him, and California) .
  13. glad she's able to keep her 'prior commitment'. very much looking forward to it.
  14. If your foot loop was about a foot shorter and you were able to attach the grigri closer to your pelvis you'd make your climbs much easier and faster. Let your legs do all the work, and only take up slack with the grigri. Your goal should be to maximize the amount of slack you can take up with each "step" up. Like Moonduster was saying, this is a problem with a known solution. It might be worth your while to head over to a climbing gym, find someone who does aid climbing, and have them help you optimize your setup. Also, given the joy you clearly take in rigging and ascension, perhaps you should take up big wall climbing.