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  1. stinky

    Gear to aid a aging sailor

    Join the Wyliecat 30 fleet. Hard to imagine an easier boat to sail, especially if you added an electric halyard winch.
  2. stinky

    Prop guards on junior sailing chase boats

    I'm amazed that more children aren't maimed by well intentioned safety boat drivers. I'm not sure if prop guards are the right answer, but I do know that there are limits to teaching common sense. See below for a great example of US sailing certified safety boat operators being a danger to themselves and others:
  3. stinky

    Prada Cup

    The 18 footers are way better tv and commentary. These races are a bore.
  4. The whole "was going to die anyway" argument ignores that we "are all going to die anyway".
  5. stinky

    Sailing Bucket List

    right person, wrong boat. I think Swamp Donkey was at least 2 boats ago. oops.
  6. stinky

    Sailing Bucket List

    Word on the dock was that Mama Tried finished first, with Swamp Donkey the first monohull. Counter clockwise was the way to go. I went clockwise and had a great day of sailing with only a bit of a park up at RR. I expect that I ended up pretty solidly in the middle of the fleet.
  7. stinky

    Sailing Bucket List

    TBF singlehanded. checked that one off today
  8. stinky

    Full Batten Main

    What kind of cruising are you planning on doing? If you're going off forever I'd upgrade to avoid the inevitable chafe issues. If you're not, its easy enough to replace the webbing every few years.
  9. stinky

    Prada Cup

    How does Ken Read have any job in the sailing industry after what went down with Comanche?
  10. "There are only three things one does down below, and none of them require standing headroom" -Herreshoff?
  11. stinky

    Team NYYC

    Check out the pile of flat panels with pretty hefty skins in the lower left at 2:42. Pretty sure they're buggered internal structure coming out of the boat.
  12. stinky

    Sailing Bucket List

    Singlehanded Transpac JJ Gitlinan Transat Jacques Vabre
  13. stinky

    Physics of sail power.

    I think it becomes more realistic if you fix your ref frames. I think you need apparent wind, not true. Either that, or flip the sign on your drag #.