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  1. Owners of newer J boats seem to prefer regattas where they can show off their crew's matching Patagonia fleece vests. They also need perfectly square lines and weather marks that are dead upwind to have fun. They never have fun.
  2. Hard to beat a Santa Cruz built ULDB.
  3. stinky

    3BF 2020

    It turned into a glamor day. No rain to speak of, even some sun, and more wind than forecast. From what I saw, if you made it around RR before the tide change you finished. I think many peoples days ended anchored near Red Rock. We went RR, TI, BH, riding the end of the flood to RR, and picking up the ebb just as we rounded. The sexy new Antrim that was the first monohull went the same way (I think, they might have done Blackhaller first), but went through Raccoon Straights where we went around Pt. Blunt. A Wabbit that did really well, went Balckhaller, RR, TI.
  4. stinky

    Flying with Inflatables

    I take the cartridges out of the vest, and pack them on top of everything else with the printed TSA instruction rubber banded around them.
  5. stinky

    Comanche sold again?

    Comanche can't function without the engine running. Halfway there.
  6. Sweet boat. Any chance you know whats happening to the Wylie 44 the 60 is replacing?
  7. Hobie 33 or Express 27 seem like obvious omissions from your list of contenders.
  8. stinky

    Hydra 2000 MHU should work
  9. stinky

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Anyone know when the 7 TV finish coverage will start?
  10. stinky

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Pro tip: write your daily rate on the inside of your team issue ball cap so you can remind yourself why you're still racing.
  11. stinky

    what is it?

    @Trevor B is this your R2AK ride?
  12. @Pro looper@FishFood, you two @ Bradys tonight?
  13. stinky

    US selection for DH class Paris 2024

    Ugh, that makes sense. Can't think of another 20-30 boat that has numbers and national traction. I hope the boat they choose ends up being a bit more sporty.
  14. stinky

    J105 Trailer West Coast

    Anyone have a lead on a J-105 trailer for sale/rent on the left coast?