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  1. maarten

    Help identify this old BOC (?) boat

    Looks like the aluminium Huisman built for Wolfgang Wanders for singlehanded races? Was for sale few years back in southern France. Not sure though.
  2. maarten

    Young and Full of Promise

    Nice work Ian. Keep on posting the progress!
  3. There was more tidal hub than expected. Parked a bit wrong but got a good chance to clean the bottom.
  4. Behind Telegraph Island, Khasab Inlet, Strait of Hormuz. Christmas time. Good times, Seemed like we were alone on the World.
  5. maarten

    Sailors Powerboat

    1-Thats my son after he crawled out of his bunk. 2-Sprinta Sport as correctly quoted. 4 ksb but a lovely boat. Lots if strings as said. Did a lot of singlehanded sailing with it. Very controllable, even in ,28-30 knots of wind.
  6. maarten

    Find a boat game: Fastnet on a budget

    The Pion handles very well. Upwind no need for a helmsman. Very well balanced. I mostly singlehand the boat. Behaves very well but it is not a modern wide beam planing platform. For your budget though it would be a good choice. They are strongly built, sail well upwind and do not wipe out quickly under spinaker. Look for Yves Anrys on the net and you will find the Ostar video about his participation. Pm me if you need more info on the boat. 20191215_213256_117535205571994.mp4
  7. maarten

    Find a boat game: Fastnet on a budget

    This one may be suitable. Did the Ostar in 1976 in the hands of Yves Anrys. Was a windy edition.
  8. maarten

    Lutra 30

    Designed by Ad Konijnendijk of Lutra design. He worked with Gerry Dijkstra for a while. We had a modified one doing the winterseries a few years back. It was converted to a canter. Was very fast. Nice boat. Big sister of the extreme 25.
  9. maarten

    Sailors Powerboat

    My favorite 8 knot SB Steel built, 35 tonnes, solid as a brick shithouse.
  10. maarten

    Craigslist Finds

    Bought one few years ago and shipped it to europe. Came from Finns and this is like sailing in an armchair. Very comfortable to sail but still fast. The boat I had did not have the jib but sailed to windward at the same speed as a finn but much more comfy. The fun starts when bearing away. Youre sitting over the water and the boat just planes. Loved to sail it. Sold it lateron to a Doctor in Austria. Disadvantages: tippy when not sailing. It will not fall over when alone in the water but you cannot sit on the side when still in the water. Always wet feet due to the open transom. For the rest a blast of a boat. Very well built by Abbott's. Can recommend it.