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  1. Swede 55

    New section added: http://swedesail.de/swede-55/exterior Best, Zebra
  2. Swede 55

    Some thoughts for armchair-surfing through the winter (Hamburg -10° Celsius) http://swedesail.de/advice/new-build
  3. Swede 55

    Website reviewed and now almost completely in English: http://swedesail.de/
  4. Swede 55

    New website available for Swede 55 maniacs http://swedesail.de/ English summary http://swedesail.de/english-summary
  5. Swede 55

    The answer to the question if Swede 55 can be sailed singlehanded depends on where you would berth it: If you have a buoy or a place that is easy to depart and approach, yes. Due to its dimensions, the gear required to move it, the time to hoist, handle and fold sails, a 52 ft boat is not ideal for singlehanded sailing. It is another league compared to a Dragon, a classy 15, 22 or 30 sqm boat - quite a ship. This is what sailing friends, familiar with such boats, tell me when being aboard my Swede 55. But: As a 52 footer Swede 55 is fairly light, requires comparably little sailarea to move. If equipped with a furling headstay and an autopilot, hoisting, reefing or lowering the main which has just a little more than 40 squaremetres is not a problem for a person of regular fitness. I consider a couple (not to old and timid) or three people as ideal crew for Swede 55. I am sailing Swede 55 for decades now. Besides the charme and ambience of the design – stretched spoon bow, low freeboard, decent sheerline heading towards the elegant counter, the modest height of the cabin roof, the visibility forward – I removed the Sprayhood - there is the sensation to sail it. You are close to the water, you feel the wind, speed. Two beaufort, 6,2 knots (just numbers) no helmsman - original wheel:
  6. Swede 55

    Original Swede 55 wheel available outer Ø 33 inch – 830 mm wheel one inch, 25 mm six 12 mm spokes, raked 7 degrees to helmsman 12,5 lbs, 5,7 kg acidproof 316 stainless steel Made in Sweden Fitting to original Fisksätra axis and gearbox (conical form, drawing available) Shipping in strong cardboard box http://swedesail.de/zubehoer
  7. Swede 55

    Smålandsfarvandet (southern Denmark) this summer: http://swedesail.de/impressionen/filme
  8. Swede 55

    Congratulations Ulf, to your choice and the decision to share the burden of maintenance and more. Encosed a foto of pleasant spinnaker sailing – still proudly flying swedish colours – on our way back from Denmark to the island of Fehmarn. Lemkenhafen being the new hot spot in northern germany for real boats like S30, Lotus, Molich, Smaragd, Luffe, Faurbys, Swede 41 and 55 and a nice collection of classy and true sqzaremetre boats ranging from 15 zu 40 sqm. Best, Zebra PS: I disagree with that double binocular holder. Could be misused for bottles, cans or even jars with questionable content
  9. Swede 55

    Jaramaz, what a collection of boats, instead of floating moble homes ... The Molich X is fast indeed - perhaps not as pretty as a true sqm boat. Got some form stabilty which helps up and downwind. Thank you for the fotos. Enclosed 2 pics taken last weekend during the "Schlank & Rank" Race, held biannually at the Island of Fehmarn, northern germany - border to denmark. This year for the fifth time. The club hosting it becomes a kind of hub nice looking and trie sailing boats: http://www.svlf.de/ Repairing, improving a boat like Swede 55 is nice. Sailing it with nice fellows mostly doing what they are asked for and aboard is even better. Best from Hamburg, Zebra http://swedesail.de/
  10. Swede 55

    Jaramaz, you are right. My remark regarding a cruising squaremetre boat between the S30 and Swede 55 did not refer to your foto. I presume the boat being seen there is a Reimers Jubilee (S40). It is mostly the role of the germans to be particular or meticulous, isn't it? Enclosed a Swede 55 pic from last weekend. We have a wet and windy season so far here at the southern baltic sea. Stormjib and main reefed 2 x ... http://swedesail.de/ I would - by the way - love to see more fotos from that jetty in Sweden with nice boats.
  11. Swede 55

    The boat between S30 and Swede 55 seems to be an S40. Here you find some beef about Swede 55 history, for the time being in German only. English version of the relaunched homepage will follow some time this year. http://swedesail.de/beratung/knud-reimers http://swedesail.de/beratung/wissen
  12. Swede 55

    Swede 55 # 27 ready for another season. http://swedesail.de/
  13. Swede 55

    New lid for portside locker http://swedesail.de/
  14. Swede 55

    Most of the Swede 55 deckhardware was mounted with imperial screws by Fisksätra Varv in the 70ties, i.e. the deckorganizers. Here 5/16“ UNC screws with a countersunk/linsen head were used. There is a mix of imperial and metric screws throughout the boat. Some can be changed, others not. This makes repairjobs sometimes tricky. To avoid trouble with new holes drilled into the cabinroof while keeping the position of the sheaves, I decided to renovate the old 5 sheave deckorganizer on port side with new sheaves at a lathe workshop and new inserted sleeves. To be mounted with new metric M8 screws.
  15. Swede 55

    Original stainless steel Swede 55 wheel - Made by Wargia, Sweden outer diametre 83 cm (approx 33 inch) six 12 mm spokes spokes rakes 7° backwards (destroyer type wheel design) wheel 25 mm, one inch 5,7 kg – 12,5 lbs Fitting to original Fisksätra axis/steering mechanism (conical form, details available) Shipping from Hamburg in rigid cardboard or wooden box. more via: http://swedesail.de/ Best from Hamburg, Zebra