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  1. New lid for portside locker http://swedesail.de/
  2. Most of the Swede 55 deckhardware was mounted with imperial screws by Fisksätra Varv in the 70ties, i.e. the deckorganizers. Here 5/16“ UNC screws with a countersunk/linsen head were used. There is a mix of imperial and metric screws throughout the boat. Some can be changed, others not. This makes repairjobs sometimes tricky. To avoid trouble with new holes drilled into the cabinroof while keeping the position of the sheaves, I decided to renovate the old 5 sheave deckorganizer on port side with new sheaves at a lathe workshop and new inserted sleeves. To be mounted with new metric M8 screws.
  3. Original stainless steel Swede 55 wheel - Made by Wargia, Sweden outer diametre 83 cm (approx 33 inch) six 12 mm spokes spokes rakes 7° backwards (destroyer type wheel design) wheel 25 mm, one inch 5,7 kg – 12,5 lbs Fitting to original Fisksätra axis/steering mechanism (conical form, details available) Shipping from Hamburg in rigid cardboard or wooden box. more via: http://swedesail.de/ Best from Hamburg, Zebra
  4. Sundreamer, famous 75 sqm skerrycruiser „Bacchant“ being a predecessor to the New Zealand built „Fidelis“ and later resulting in Swede 55: LOA: 63′ 11″ / 19.23 m LWL: 51′ 0″ / 15.54 m Beam: 9′ 10″ / 2.98 m Draft: 8′ 4″ / 2.56 m Displacement: (original 11 Tons) current 28,500 lbs./ 12,9 t Built by well reputed Plym Yard near Stockholm 1936 for keen racing sailor Eric Lundberg I won’t forget the afternoon aboard with Bill Emery and the owner in a fresh westerly breeze - kind of Nirwana on Lake Michigan. After decades being actively raced and nicely kept in Chicago, the boat is now back to Stockholm waters, where all these lovely toys come from.
  5. Panoramics, I can contribute with six numbers regarding Swede 55 1. Yardstick due to German Sailing Association (DSV) 89 2. Scandicap due to Sailing Association of Finland ‘87 without/ with Spinnaker 10,20/10,95 3. Lidingö Yardstick (LYS) Swedish Sailing Association April 97 1,27 4. TCF - Channel Handicap System C.H.S. (measured 1988) 1.129 5. KLR German Classics Association Time Correction factor) 149 6 PHRF (for american Swede 55 „Excalibur“) 81,0 Most factors are based on yard or design numbers which do not meet reality regarding weight and draft. Swede 55 is heavier and floats deeper than planned. These factors are prohibitive and Swede 55 needs a long course with ideal conditions, plus able sailors to overcome, make it and and win.
  6. Interesting. Looking forward to the season now - flying swedish colours with the 130 sqm Spinnaker.
  7. I have never seen such a builders plate on my boat. Was that label underneath the garage for the sliding hatch (main companionway)? Your boat seems to be No 18, probably built 1978, first name „Columella II“ berthed in Uppsala, then named „So Long“ berthed Resarö/Stockholm, now named „Skuggfaxe“ I guess.
  8. 16,30 m finest Honduras Mahagony, nice ... As can be seen from this shot taken in August 16 approaching Denmark from the german seaboard, this design from 1975, manufactured 1979, just needs to be kept, polished, maintained with occasional hardware replacements and sailed as ever. It even got some wood - located almost maintenance free below deck and in the centre cockpit. Happy new year to all Swede 55 maniacs.
  9. Perhaps another step in MBD (Mental Boating Disorder) - not related to the current caravanshow exhibits: wide bodied, exaggerated counter and stern, no hips, extreme freeboard, lost contact to essential elements like wind and water, sexless sailing. Tell me frankly: how sick is it to have such a steering wheel hub cover made? Spending a little time and money to have it done.
  10. Sprayhood free Swede 55 sailing with nice overall view
  11. Swede 55 without helmsman few weeks ago in Denmark
  12. Finally afloat, after the annual spring nigthmare: Bottom jobs, ongoing projects ... Swede 55 approaching Fehmarnsund Bridge, 18,10 m air draft. Clearance 22 m - looks different from distance.
  13. Most level-headed people – especially nonmale ones - think that nobody needs a boat – besides this one which is absolutely meaningful, level-headed and useful to polish and use – soon
  14. Toy still on the hard with two projects still going on. One being the ever leaking front hatch. Hope to see it dry soon and the boat afloat for another baltic sea season . For the time being a shot of this califonian Swede 55, presumably boat No 17.