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  1. Foghorn77

    Looking to Get into A-Class Fleet

    Keeping all of this in mind the loads on the platform are higher, so not all "floaters" are a good candidate for conversion. Integrated cross beams and a beefed up transom are 2 big points.
  2. Foghorn77

    Smyth Wingsail via Jim Brown

  3. Foghorn77


    My guess would be the bow damage is from the longeron/sprit. It had enough lines through it and attached to it to keep it around awhile.
  4. Foghorn77

    Gunboat 68

    That's an Outremmer feature afaik. Has anyone ever tried a main/boom setup with no clearance over the coachroof to get the A-cat/AC72 endplate effect? The 55's I worked on had minimal clearance between the boom and coachroof. IMO,It doesn't seem reasonable to have it touch on a none thoroughbred race boat as every tack, jibe and flog is wearing on the coachroof . Not to mention stretch.
  5. Foghorn77

    Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    So they are closing down the North Carolina facility in total,...and all (or much) of its labor force I assume?? Yes, closed down. It was fun while it lasted.
  6. Foghorn77

    Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    Thanks A 105er, that's (Timbalero) was what I was wondering. Holland composites just announced it's new F4 (ex G4) as it's new offshore racer line. Big brother to the F1. So it appears they didn't get shafted, thankfully. Holland composites has made a new division called DNA Performance Sailing. Site is here , but it's not up yet
  7. Foghorn77

    Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    Can you explain this more? Who ends up with the G4?
  8. Foghorn77

    Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    In all fairness, Walter Cooper has shot beach cat footage from the Worrell 1000's, Tybee 500's, and the A cat NAs . Though not all foiling (this year's A cat NAs were foiling) , we went plenty fast and he always got great shots without slowing us down. As far as what went down in Naptown, if he wasn't at the helm of the photo boat, it's hard to pin the blame on him. And Clean I know from first hand experience you're not afraid to get in the mix yourself, but in the end it's up to the driver to steer the right course.
  9. Foghorn77

    Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    I know the guy who did the fixing and he was an employee of GB. I saw a repaired rudder he was taking back up there and saw the pics of the new bearing he had to make in Naptown. So I know those parts WERE damaged.He's also one of the best carbon repair elves there is. I heard the same things from him, Clean posted, but I'd still love to see a pic of the outboard.
  10. Foghorn77

    Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    Apparently a Magazine press rib was driven between the hulls while taking pictures. Can't see how that stupidity should reflect on Gunboat, but often logic defies this place. I had also heard Toccata was sold but don't know for sure, and again, can't see how having owners switch to a completely different past time is a reflection on GB. They've stated their problems , that should be enough . No reason to make up more problems except jealousy or an agenda. I certainly wouldn't be jealous of PJ right now.
  11. Foghorn77


    Nice, Clean. Thanks. Look forward to pt.2 (Hope it's a little quicker than pt.1).
  12. Foghorn77


    Don't think anyone will be putting a deposit down until they explain why the masts keep falling off. Jesus....exactly how many GB rigs have come down in the last 14 years? 2? Clearly an epidemic.... Yeah everyone seems pretty cool with it. Ben, Have any Schionning designs ever lost a mast or suffered a serious failure?Your family designs great boats, but i dont think you do yourself any favours jumping into this thread, lots to loose, little to gain. +1
  13. Foghorn77


    I haven't been in that position so I'll refrain from guessing. When Clean's "innerview" comes out I expect your questions will be answered. Someone earlier in this thread pointed out the most likely presence of broken glass and hydraulic fluid. If I were a betting man I'd say that was a bigger determining factor than curtains vs. windows.
  14. Foghorn77


    I am a Dick. How else would I respond? Bridge deck height was one of the hot topics earlier on in the thread, thought that was what he was referring to. I'm on these boats everyday, I've got a pretty good grasp of how they're built. Now I've got to go re-evaluate my writing style.
  15. Foghorn77


    You've got the bullshitting down. The difference between the 55 and the 60/66 for "protection astern" is one 8" step. If it's being overly dramatic to call out your rule bullshit, what exactly is stating your rule bullshit and then crawfishing on that statement. Foggy: you're incorrect. The bigger GBs have a row of couches forming the base of a wall with glass above. Two solid-appearing doors are on centerline. The GB 55s are enclosed only by canvas and Eisenglass, a clear, flexible vinyl product which doesn't provide the same protection as a wall. Duh. I have no problem with disagreement on the ramification of catamaran design on routing choices, but you are ignoring basic facts while trying to sound authoritative. It's annoying and really diminishes the value of a thread. But, please carry on and continue to sound like an idiot. BTW: what does "what exactly is stating your rule bullshit and then crawfishing on that statement" mean? Ok Phillydouche, You're way more in the know than me. I was referring to bridgedeck height. Please Continue to bless us with with your knowledgeable insight.