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  1. Looking to Get into A-Class Fleet

    Keeping all of this in mind the loads on the platform are higher, so not all "floaters" are a good candidate for conversion. Integrated cross beams and a beefed up transom are 2 big points.
  2. Smyth Wingsail via Jim Brown

  3. Sunglasses Keeper

    Drill small hole in the ear piece and run some heavy (100lb or>) monofilament leader through them and use leader crimp barrels for the appropriate size mono. If you know any guys who fish offshore they could hook you up easily. The heavier mono holds a loop shape well also, to keep it from tangling or hanging against your neck. Works like a champ. Crimp barrels: https://www.amazon.com/Copper-Sleeves-Monofilament-Fishing-1-8mm-2-5mm/dp/B00BRMM8G4

    My guess would be the bow damage is from the longeron/sprit. It had enough lines through it and attached to it to keep it around awhile.
  5. Gunboat 68

    That's an Outremmer feature afaik. Has anyone ever tried a main/boom setup with no clearance over the coachroof to get the A-cat/AC72 endplate effect? The 55's I worked on had minimal clearance between the boom and coachroof. IMO,It doesn't seem reasonable to have it touch on a none thoroughbred race boat as every tack, jibe and flog is wearing on the coachroof . Not to mention stretch.
  6. Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    So they are closing down the North Carolina facility in total,...and all (or much) of its labor force I assume?? Yes, closed down. It was fun while it lasted.
  7. A Cat Worlds Medemblik

    He got you to respond, that's the point, right? Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time on these trolls. Some of us can appreciate 'most' of your commentary. Keep at it.
  8. Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    Thanks A 105er, that's (Timbalero) was what I was wondering. Holland composites just announced it's new F4 (ex G4) as it's new offshore racer line. Big brother to the F1. So it appears they didn't get shafted, thankfully. Holland composites has made a new division called DNA Performance Sailing. Site is here , but it's not up yet www.dnaperformancesailing.com http://www.catsailingnews.com/2016/06/dna-re-launches-former-g4-to-dna-f4.html
  9. Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    Can you explain this more? Who ends up with the G4?
  10. Helmets compulsory at A Class Worlds

    Should be the sailors choice. They might be a good idea, but too many nannies.
  11. Small multihull poll

    Sort of like the Republican Party in the USA....UTTER CHAOS with no workable plan! Kinda like you driving an A cat. OOhhh---How sharper than the serpent's tooth is the thankless child....Sailing well despite his ample weight. Must suck to get bit by and ample weighted ,sharp tooth serpent, huh?
  12. Small multihull poll

    Sort of like the Republican Party in the USA....UTTER CHAOS with no workable plan! Kinda like you driving an A cat.
  13. Australian A Class Nationals

    Thanks Simon and Wetnwild. Appreciate the insight.
  14. Australian A Class Nationals

    Can you or someone record the foiling seminar, at least the chalk talks?
  15. Australian A Class Nationals

    So has anyone tried the deck sweeper main on a C board non-foiling boat? Is/would there be any advantage or disadvantage, if you needed a new sail, to go that route instead of a traditional boomed sail? Is there any advantage to it at all without the sealed tramp?