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  1. artie_pitt

    No getting the band back together

    I think this shot is more widely known.
  2. artie_pitt

    Looking for Sail Magazine articles from 1973

    There are a few here.
  3. artie_pitt

    sometimes there's proof there is a god..

    Will that be on the test?
  4. artie_pitt

    “Adrift” movie

    There is a thread already;
  5. artie_pitt

    Well...You Brits Have Finally Done It

    No, she does it herself.
  6. artie_pitt

    Surf Anarchy

    He wants to try paddle boarding too!
  7. artie_pitt

    annoying use of the language

  8. artie_pitt

    Skiing--is it just age, or can I blame altitude

    I'd add jumping rope for next trip.
  9. artie_pitt

    annoying use of the language

    In our house we prefer the above.
  10. artie_pitt

    Vanillanova v. Mishegone

    Nova by 12
  11. artie_pitt

    NHRA, The cars are exploding

    Love that Ranchero!
  12. artie_pitt

    F18 Crash off Key West
  13. artie_pitt

    never fuckin' mind

    But even smart kids stick their finger in electrical sockets sometimes.
  14. artie_pitt

    what is it?