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  1. Only reason I knew they were back in town was we shared an anchorage down near GdP with an Austrian boat that had come through the NWP with them.. small world indeed... in Orc Land you could be in the same marina as someone and never know they were there.
  2. They are back in Chile.. caught up with Larry in Valdivia in June..
  3. You can sail just about any sort of boat anywhere in Chilean Patagonia at any time of year....... Racing from Montt to Williams is another matter. These are Puerto Williams Sailing School ( I kid you not ) Oppies out sailing on a saturday afternoon about 5 weeks ago... about 10 days before the winter solstice
  4. They don't have williwaws in Patagonia... they have rachas... and No.. you can't avoid 'racha country'. Rachas come in several forms.... both involve the wind going from zero to 70 plus in an instant... in either case you really don't want any sail up which is why you don't sail at night. How often have I had dealings with rachas? Often enough to have lost two sets of wind instruments over the years. Over time you learn what a 'racha day' looks like and sail very conservatively... ie no main and very little jib that you can get rid of muy pronto. Apart from that just a common ordinary wind can build from pleasant to shit at very short notice and this sort of thing doesn't show on any gribs. Most times between Montt and Williams or return I end up sitting out 10 or 12 'wait on weather' days.... and that is often with the wind going my way.. Doubt you would get a zarpe for any sort of race... even getting one for an individual single handed yacht can be problematic.... depending on the yacht.
  5. Given that some people take up to twelve years for a circumnav there could be one or two a year completing a circumnavigation via the Red Sea but I suspect it is a very small number in the scheme of things. The numbers in the assorted around the world rallys is interesting http://www.oysterworldrally.com/#community and https://www.worldcruising.com/world_arc/event.aspx If we exclude them do we also exclude them as start their circumnav in the "puddlejump'? Not trying to belittle the achievement but I think the total numbers each year may be higher than some think... and lower than others would have us believe.
  6. On Marinetraffic a handy 'gate' to watch would appear to be around St Helena. Applying my formula to that small sample of 12 ( see pic below ) 10 would be circumnavigating. Point noted re the lack of US flag yachts. 6 or 8 European boats ( German, Dutch, French, Swiss, Finnish, UK last year.) pass through Pto Montt each year having come round the bottom of S America from the Atlantic. Most are going on to complete circumnavigations.. at least that is their stated intention. Others skip Montt and go to Huelmo, Castro, Valdivia etc. US flag is a rarity.
  7. European boats go in the same general direction via the Azores to Europe so not really US centric. So.... find how many boats Leopard builds each year...... divide by two... subtract that from number of movements. The South Atlantic is the key.......
  8. OK... so I haven't seen the sea for 3 months 26 days...... ( back to the boat in a fortnight.. yippeee!) and one has to find some form of maritime based amusement. How many circumnavigate in a year? Try this.... go to Marinetraffic and filter all except 'pleasure craft'. Then take a looksee at the South Atlantic... start counting the boats crossing from S Africa to the Americas. Now this is going to take about 12 months so make sure you are in your comfy chair. Some bold assumptions have to be made here. The first is that better than 90% circumnav south of the Cape so add 10% for them going through southern ocean or the NE Passage. Some may be AU, NZ or ZA boats that will go no further than the Caribbean so pick a number and deduct them. Then you have to factor how many aren't running AIS TX. 30% or less?... add them in. Not exactly scientific is it...... but its as good as it gets....
  9. Having lost a complete rig in mid Indian Ocean on an 8 year old boat (1994) - port lower swaged tball at the mast failed in 15 knots and slight sea, and having had a deck staple ( 4 year old) fail between Tonga and Unzed in 2014, and having arrived in Chile from Unzud 12 months ago to find 2 broken strands on a 3 year old 15000 mile wire ( stbd lower where the wire enters the swage ) maybe I'm a bit gun shy.... 16 years? Change the lot..... And also ... I got shot of the Tball thingos on the lowers last year... converted to tangs..... Having your rig come down around your ears will fuck up your entire day
  10. Shouldn't have to go through Facebook.... I didn't.... Facebook is evil. Hmmm 300+ views... less than a dozen signatures... that is sad.... maybe I should have offered free beer....
  11. What I do... in the eastern south pacific. Weather tends to come from the west... over open water... which is nice. Its far easier to see what is coming across the South Pacific when you are on the west coast than figure what is happening when you are in the Atlantic off Argentinian Patagonia... the Andes do all sorts of bad things to the wx.... So.... Two primary resources ... gribs via Sailmail and direct download from the NOAA satellites. Secondary resource... weatherfax. And lastly .... when inshore.. voice for local areas ( in Spanish). Gribs.... needs HF transceiver plus modem. Plusses.... can be tailored to your area and requirements and received at a time to suit you. Good in the open ocean. Cons ... not so good inshore for the finer detail NOAA sats... needs a program like WxtoImg, suitable receiver such as an IC-1500 although I have known people to use Bearcat scanners. Also needs a dedicated ant such as a turnstile. Plusses .. Real time info, excellent in middle to higher latitudes, various enhancements available. Cons.. Not so good in the trades... likes frontal systems... needs practice to make the best of the images eg.. it looked like this and it felt like that. Weatherfax... needs an HF receiver... nada mas. While a radio such as the Icom 710 or the 718 is best good results can be obtained with better quality portables... Sangean 909, Sony 7600GR, Tecsun 660/680/880. Really cheap portables = poor results. Plusses... Maps have had human intervention and aren't just computer generated which is good in coastal waters. Con ... Sent at set times... miss the broadcast and you have missed the broadcast.... Some photos.... grib for waters offshore Chile.. plenty info for inshore work in the south... if offshore to the west of the low looks like a good time to get above 40*S Archived NOAA sat... enhanced for rain... note the effect of a land mass on the wx.. yes... '+' was me Fax from Charleville this arvo... Tecsun 880... $20 Sabrent adapter to get sound into a newish Macbook Pro... chilled can of cider.....
  12. If you sail in the SW pacific sign the petition https://www.change.org/p/abc-chair-hon-james-spigelman-save-lifesaving-shortwave-radio-to-the-pacific?recruiter=32129549&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=share_email_responsive And if you don't sail in the SW Pacific sign it anyway.... Thank you.
  13. The Icom 7200 is back in production. http://swling.com/blog/2017/01/icom-ic-7200-back-in-production/#comments
  14. Yes... understand that ........ southbound out of N Pac to Horn just have to stay west of the SE Pacific High ... just now frinstance that means keeping west of Easter Island https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/isobaric/1000hPa/orthographic=248.06,-34.56,614 Still means a big slab of sailing in the south is avoided.....
  15. I thought that if starting in Australia frinstance they had to use the Azores as a turning mark to make it a level field for all. Anyone starting in the N Pacific manages to avoid a big slab of the Southern Ocean moderately high latitude sailing... ie the bit between NZ and Chile.