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  1. B.S. like this is what took all the fun out of racing phrf for me... it's nice to read about the serious races/ look at the photos now but I don't miss the expense and garbage experience on the local level. Why can't people just f'n sail and not be a dick? Why can't the supposed local organizers keep in mind that it's for fun not the damn Americas cup and no million dollar check at the end? No wonder the sport is dieing out.
  2. They were on a Facebook page "support for el faro"
  3. Happy birthday dawg!
  4. http://gcaptain.com/forum/maritime-news/17656-sea-star-el-faro.html Thank you for the link. Lots of professional mariner/Master insight there. Most posts are great reads with subtle insights into the more difficult than anticipated decision making process the captain had to make assuming he wanted to find another ship to helm following the El Faro's imminent retirement following this ill fated voyage. She was due to be replaced by a new ship and return to the Alaskan supply route (which is the route she was originally built for). That's one of the reasons why they had foreign maintenance workers aboard performing work already at the time of the loss.
  5. QI= qualified individual. He was calling into Totem's response center. The several recordings they played were pretty surreal. The one from totems qi to the coast guard is worse. Nobody picked up just how bad things were for these crewmen. The captain was trying to remain calm but clearly was dropping the keywords that time was of the essence but all the CG got from totem was a ship disabled but ok. CG response was it wasn't a emergency, ship was in another country's territorial waters.... drop anchor and call for commercial salvage/towing. The CG was simply not given the information that they were n real trouble with a "hull breach""water in three holds""15 degree list" and "loss of main propulsion and engineers unable to restart". I can't imagine what they went through... gives me the chills
  6. My son is going to be off to college this fall and has been informed by his soon to be coach, that he will need a dry suit. With the costs of everything we are looking at, this would be a help. He's a great young man and has spent the last three summers teaching the new youngsters how to sail optis. I'm very proud of him and it would be great to send him off with a first class suit.
  7. Found a "Dickhead Trophy" and let him win it every time. Write "Beware of Incompetent Skipper!" on his topsides with ductape. Write "Gay Sailors League International" on his spinnaker with spray paint. Pull all his running rigging out and leave it in a creative macamée on his fordeck. Attach a blow-up sex doll to his stern. Fill his engine exhaust with Sikaflex. Chain his boat to the dock underwater. Attach his propeller backways. Get a few boats to cover him all the time, everywhere. Glue his companionway shut with epoxy. Glue his head shut with epoxy. Pee in his freshwater tank. Put the video of you peeing in his freshatwer tank on youtube. Introduce your bowman to his daughter. You could shit in a bag, light it on fire, leave it by his front door, ring the bell and run. But that would be childish Or just throw a couple severely mangled up cotter pins on deck. That usually stops the b.s. right there until rig is inspected.....and even then it's in the back of of said asshats mind where did they belong?
  8. Bolero??Yes,don't want to hijack the thread but to qualify my story he never regretted saving her and he was truely happy to see her go on to her new owners. Who knows, had it been anyone else or much more time went by she might not have made it back. My cautionary advice was that, he had her surveyed by a surveyor who came highly recommended for classic yachts and Mitch Neff from S+S was advising him and still there were many major unknowns uncovered as the boat was taken apart to rebuild her. So he had a very very very different bottom line then expected. So, expect the unexpected. On the plus side.... I probably will never see or sail on anything as perfect again. :-)
  9. Well, from experience on the offer. Be courteous, factual, have specifics with with documented values and costs (in my case we used several costs) and make an offer that will make financial sense. Our new boat started out at asking 87k and we offered 5 with the understanding that we believed that the boat was at one point someone's pride and joy but the purchase had to make sense for us. I left them with a caveat that they should keep us on the backburner and pursue all other avenues. At the end of the summer they accepted the offer. I like to think that how we presented it made the difference and after a few months of sweat equity we are happy with what we took on. As a side note on the wood boat part. My recommendation is to be damn sure you can afford it. I can remember when my dad bought a very special boat in the early nineties dying in the new river Florida. And the pres of S+S asked him if he was prepared to spend another 400k to save her....1.4 mill later he was making calls on where to draw the line on the restoration/rebuild. You never want to be known as the guy that killed something special. You are only the present caretaker of a wooden boat. In his case it owned him till he actually was lucky enough to find the right people to take her to the next level where she belonged before it bankrupted him. Either way I wish you luck.
  10. Well, snowed in today. Forgive me if it's been posted before but my search function doesn't work. Was surfing the net and found this really cool archived movie/documentary of antigua race week.... I'm guessing late seventies. Anyway there's some good footage of Battlecry Warbaby Immigrant and the C and C 61 Triumph. It brought back some good memories and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the posters on this thread aren't in it. Even has some topless chicks in it to make boothie and gouvernal happy, some good shots of spins blowing up/hoisted wrong and.....wait for it.......bloopers. By the way Rick there's even some footage of a 52 racing and having a cow about a freedom 40. Sorry Bob. <iframe src="https://archive.org/embed/spinnakers_in_the_wind" width="640" height="480" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen="true" mozallowfullscreen="true" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  11. Happy birthday Larry.
  12. Happy belated birthday Larry. Sorry I wasn't around earlier.
  13. Anyone seen this one lately?