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  1. Chicago Area III

    Bring your own supply or visit the booths with a communal bar. Much better selection.
  2. Sports Marketing 101

    I’ve been running communications/ PR for clubs and now on my own consulting for the better part of a decade. People don’t want to pay for the product. I love doing it, but it’s not going to happen for free, and I wouldn’t be able to survive on passion alone. You want a solid videographer that you don’t need to micromanage? Be ready to fork out $1k+ per day. Want general PR consulting for a fleet or club? Thanks yachtsponsorship^ - you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, we can’t live off of sailing so we invest our time into sports, communities, campaigns, etc that invest in us.
  3. Chicago Area III

    I'm not discounting their record nor their sailing prowess, but the video credits a 9-person production crew. Clearly this was on their minds. 1) It could have been VOR, AC, ESPN quality quite easily with the proper direction/input. There's literally an award-winning VOR OBR at CYC - use him as a consultant if nothing else. 2) Kids are growing up with cameras in hand and in the sky. Did you miss that GoPros shoot 4k and the company built its own drone? Teenagers are using action cameras to capture some amazing footage to produce cutting edge skate videos (or their sport of choice). Some are lucky enough to end up in a high school that cultivates their talent in programs like sports broadcasting. Former classmates graduated directly into the ranks at surf/skate publications and ESPN. So, yes, a high schooler could have done it better.
  4. Chicago Area III

    Okay, I'll be the one to say it... REALLY?! Do you really think this is a great video?! This is first generation, YouTube-quality production/editing. A program of this caliber should've had an OBR for an event like this. This program could've pumped out some breathtaking imagery - mini features/highlights, short interview clips, onboard photos... the list goes on. Il Mostro could've had content to last them through the end of the year easily. Not to mention, a video like this list wouldn't have taken a month's time nor a team of 8+ to produce. Even with little to no notice, Il Mostro could've tapped several local resources to cover the momentous event - Matt Knighton, Andrew Jowett, Petey Crawford. I have to wonder what the thought process was on this one. Even if there was just a single GoPro onboard, a high schooler could've done a better job. All that being said, I'm still thrilled for the Il Mostro crew on the mad dash up the lake. I just expected a video that would reflect the monster's beastly performance.
  5. Chicago Area III

    I prefer lurking nowadays. Keeps me out of trouble. Speaking of trouble... Winter Anarchy will be making a comeback. Save the date January 12.
  6. 2017 Race to Alaska

    3.5 Aussies just left the dock here at Shearwater 9:25 A.M.
  7. 2017 Race to Alaska

    For those who are unaware, BB broke/lost the drive shaft for their pedal system at the very start of the race (I was actually on board filming - eeks - I'm sure the footage will surface some point soon). They only had two SUP paddles to rely on after that until pulling in to a beach and picking up some rebar - repairs set them back three hours! And now they're in it for the win. It's a race of brothers for first - how awesome!
  8. 2017 Race to Alaska

    Check out our update on the top 3 boats through Bella Bella! https://youtu.be/TmQrjMkxqOM
  9. 2017 Race to Alaska

    From Bella Bella/Shearwater... We'll hopefully be getting the chance to chat with the Burd brothers coming up soon. Any questions you want answered? Thoughts? Well wishes to share? We'll also speaking to BK & BB not long after! With any luck, all 3 will pass by in daylight hours! - Grace & Morgan R2AK Film Interns
  10. 2017 Race to Alaska

    Thanks for sharing! We can't wait to head west and see everyone! Grace & Morgan
  11. 2017 Race to Alaska

    My friend Grace & I are very excited to be interning with the production team covering the R2AK from Bella Bella. We look forward to getting to know all the teams and conducting interviews from our little chase boat. See you in Port Townsend!
  12. Chicago Area III

    It's exceeding registration rates and breaking previous years' records through proper marketing and communications with the community and stakeholders. It also helps that Skyway is an active title sponsor and is making the most of their relationship to the event as opposed to simply throwing a logo on it. There will be more to come shortly... In the meantime, if you haven't registered, CLICK HERE to do so.
  13. Chicago Area III

    The 1D35 is someone departing from an older program - I wouldn't call that new blood when boats are struggling to get crew to commit for a full season. Sure, there may be something going on behind the scenes with CASRA, but where is this sponsorship money going? To a new casual race? Are volunteers suddenly going to get paid or receive incentives? The scene is dependent on volunteers, and you really can run a race for free (I did it for 54 boats in 2014). Maybe CASRA is simply building a bank to invest in something bigger. Until there's some sort of explanation or more transparent communication, I'll continue deleting emails.
  14. Chicago Area III

    Agreed. Let's cut to the chase... What does CASRA support mean for the competitor?
  15. Chicago Area III

    Great job, Keith & Andy! It was great seeing so many of you. Next time I'll bring popcorn