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  1. Tax Man

    Random PicThread

    Still on the job 75 years later.
  2. Tax Man

    Bad skippers, slow boats...

    You manage to get out of the office early on a weeknight, or find a weekend day not otherwise committed to chores, and get to go out sailing. Who do you want to spend that treasured time with? For way over 99% of sailors, this is recreation and not a job. A chance to spend time with friends doing something you all enjoy, and the goal is smiles and memories. Winning is nice but no matter how many PHRF trophies you win, nobody really gives a shit.
  3. Tax Man

    Text Messages are the Bane of All Politicians

    It wasn't a tribute, they named it after him because Ike hit it so many times he asked for it to be cut down.
  4. Tax Man

    Canadian election time

    Can anyone thing of a better way to tell Western Canadians they don't matter than running the only English debate before most of them get home from work?
  5. Tax Man

    Canada’s new tax on yachts

    A couple of extreme examples of when this works, and when it doesn't. Post WWI Germany had enormous debt in Marks, together with foreign currency/gold denominated war reparations. The solution was to run the printing presses non-stop to buy foreign currency to retire the reparations, which also inflated the domestic debt into nothing. This worked for a short time until no sane person would sell hard currency for any number of Marks. You see pictures of people with a wheelbarrow of currency to buy a loaf of bread. It made the debt go away, but destroyed the economy for years even when they set up a new gold standard currency. Argentina was different, most of its debt was USD denominated. Since they couldn't inflate out of the debt the only option was a massive default. 20 years later the economy is still a mess, exchange rates and inflation is impossible to control and they have not been able to issue foreign bonds to anyone since the default.
  6. Tax Man

    Canada’s new tax on yachts

    It would only violate trade agreements if there was a different rule for Canadian builders.
  7. Tax Man

    Random PicThread

    I have always thought this a great photo for "slow down and think". You see a sunken battleship with triple 14's - first thought is Pearl Harbor, but how fast does your mind see the 5/38's and start to churn?
  8. Tax Man

    Canada’s new tax on yachts

    Here is the link. Page 79.
  9. Tax Man

    Canada’s new tax on yachts

    Definitely the Liberals. Page 79 of the red ink book.
  10. Different world - in Canada if you fail to provide a sample (either unwilling or unable) it is a minimum $2,000 fine for the first offence, jail for any subsequent offence. The officer does not need reasonable suspicion of impairment to demand a sample.
  11. Tax Man

    Another powerboat collision...

    I think they will have trouble convincing a jury that 17 mph is careless.
  12. Tax Man

    minimum wind prediction for regatta

    If the gradient is that bad, what are the chances of a thermal kicking in?
  13. Tax Man

    NFL 2019

    Repeat 50 or 60 times and you will qualify to be a Lions fan.