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  1. Slightly Obscure But Very Helpful

    Practice safety procedures when it is unpleasant. MOB drill and reefing practice in 6 might cover the registration checklist but it won't help you when you really need the knowledge.
  2. NFL 2017

    Saw that, wasn’t really surprised although 10 is their normal choice. Switched to the curling trials.
  3. NFL 2017

    Giants clean house. https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/12/04/new-york-giants-ben-mcadoo-jerry-reese-fired Apparently ownership did not approve publicly throwing Eli under the bus in favour of Geno.
  4. GPS

    GPS 76 if you can find one. More user friendly than the 78.
  5. NFL 2017

    Incredibly classless. Geno isn't the top 3 pick franchise player of the future, he got picked off the scrap heap from a mediocre team. Eli may not be HOF material, but he did win two Superbowls and deserves better than this.
  6. NFL 2017

    Same Old Lions
  7. S/S EDMUND FITZGERALD 42 years ago today

    Thanks MS. Will put the NTSB report on my reading list.
  8. Random PicThread

  9. S/S EDMUND FITZGERALD 42 years ago today

    Was it a general change in freeboard rules for the lakes or specific to the Fitzgerald? Do you have a reference? Draft on the lakes is constricted to dredged depths, I am a little surprised you could add that much cargo to the original design and get through St. Clair.
  10. Best Rock Song Intros

    Stranglehold - Ted Nugent
  11. NFL 2017

    Big deal, Owen 16 already has been achieved. The Lions plan a parade if they can achieve mediocre.
  12. Whiskey Anarchy

    Irish is generally a little smoother than Scotch. There are affordable malts and most of the distillers have a premium blend that is smooth enough to drink neat. If you have a delicate throat stay away from Connemara (peat monster). The cask strength option will dissolve the spoon while it is standing in the glass.
  13. Not seen everyday

    This goes in the "there are worse bowmen out there" file for the next time I get a wrap.
  14. World Series

    Dodgers want their prospects back from the Darvish trade?
  15. Joke

    What happens if you bounce a cheque to your exorcist? You get repossessed.