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  1. Enough room to swing a cat, but it would need to be a patient cat who didn’t mind a few knocks on the head.
  2. Tax Man

    College Football 2018

    Can we arrange for a power failure next draft so the Detroit GM can pull picks out of someone else's ass?
  3. Tax Man

    nhl '19

    Panthers gear is more likely - the trade will be to a lousy team with no fans. Arizona is another possibility.
  4. Tax Man

    Air fares make no sense

    Air Canada customer service mission statement: We're not happy until you're not happy.
  5. Tax Man

    Air fares make no sense

    Timing is everything, one day in advance the airline has zero change of additional bookings for a 13 hour flight so the price just needs to be more than the marginal fuel cost for your weight. Push back 3 or 4 days and it could be a couple grand to nail the short notice business traveler. I am sure there are algorithms to game this model for people that don't need lead time to book vacation.
  6. Tax Man

    Non stick ceramic pans - field reports

    I can relate, the stand-up-mixer was particularly entertaining full blast. Ever see a cat covered in cake batter?
  7. Anchored in daylight, good visibility?
  8. Tax Man

    How many lines are on your boat?

    Curling Anarchy? More fun than this zoo?
  9. Tax Man

    NFL 2018

    Just had to open your big mouth, didn't you. Two picks in the last five minutes.
  10. Tax Man

    LONQR Regressing back to ape behavior.
  11. Further into the environment?
  12. Tax Man

    Scrap F-35 buy J-20

    If we recruit pilots from Richmond and Markham they won't even need to change the instrument labels.
  13. Tax Man

    College Football 2018

    OSU is an away game, but I think U-M can win this one. Buckeyes look a little soft.
  14. Tax Man

    The Best Drunk Food

  15. Tax Man

    College Football 2018

    Not sure what the issue is, two out of three are going to suck each year.