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  1. Tax Man

    Al Kaline DTS

    I’m too young to remember much of his playing days, so I just heard the stories. He did colour for all the broadcasts I watched as a kid. Good man.
  2. If any of you have an interest in Naval History, the US Naval Institute is offering free access to all of its Naval History Magazine issues.
  3. Tax Man


    I follow all the tax/spending updates daily for work, I don't think competent is the correct word. Not deliberately stupid would be a better evaluation, but even that makes a difference.
  4. Tax Man

    Random PicThread

    I would pay for the Scotch to hear the stories.
  5. Trapped in a concrete box in the sky - gaining weight and losing conditioning.
  6. Tax Man

    Puppy Pictures

    Much larger now. If it comes when called and can play fetch it must be a dog, right?
  7. Tax Man


    Canada just closed the borders, in a "sort of" waffling way. Only citizens, permanent residents and US citizens allowed in. So we only left open our only land border, to about 300 million people.
  8. Tax Man


  9. Tax Man

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    Profession and gender Accounting is more than just a job, it's who you are.
  10. Tax Man

    Oil price

    The Dippers will create a new tax to fill the gap.
  11. Tax Man


    Saw an article today noting that there are about 1.06 male births for each female. Nature has mechanisms to equalize as they reach (physical?) maturity.
  12. Tax Man

    Snow Firehose

    Glad I am on the upwind side of that mess.
  13. Tax Man


    What's the difference between a pigeon and a stockbroker? The pigeon can still make a deposit on a sports car.
  14. Tax Man

    Clive Cussler DTS

    I think Clancy's best work was Red Storm Rising, co-written with Larry Bond. Have the internet handy if you don't have a copy of Jane's Fighting Ships.