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  1. Yes - there is a shot from the bow showing a bunch of S turns in the wake. Is that a real F-18 being used to test the tie downs or do they use a stunt double?
  2. If you don't have channel traffic to worry about, use channel crossing to get a bit of fleet separation. Superimposed reaching legs is asking for trouble - especially if the return course ends up on starboard.
  3. Give the Lions a chance to catch up - you can't break shatter hope unless you build it up first, although with Bears *2 / Browns / Bengals in the second half it might be tougher to go 6-2 / 2-6 this year. Maybe they will just get the losses in early.
  4. All the 30 knot battleships looked sleek, favourite is still the Hood.
  5. Need to get the whole boat across the line to clear the OCS, and the RC will make the call - if they drop the X flag then it was fully cleared.
  6. most athletes don't have involuntary showers during the competition
  7. The no pole hoist is one of a bowman's last chance defences against an inept (late, confused or indecisive) tactician. Instead of pulling all the gear around and moving the pole for a fully rigged gybe set, you just take the guy out of the jaws and hoist the kite. Pull the clew around the bow and it can free-fly nicely in front of the boat while you drop the headsail and they gybe the boat. The pole goes on last.
  8. Sailing - or is that too simple? The clubs lost a lot of the early season with high water and might be running late events to get something out of the season.
  9. The bias in the IOR measurement rule encouraged boats with wide beams and narrow ends. Very little hull form stability - when boat speed exceeded hull speed the boat got a mind of its own, would oscillate wildly under the kite (death roll) and try and go any direction except straight. Large rolls to windward, often followed by a Chinese gybe as the pole hit the water, were a common and often photographed result. The big oopsie by Wanda would not look out of place on a 1980's IOR boat, except for the recovery.
  10. When an 0-8 team in the CFL doesn't think you can contribute: http://www.tsn.ca/tiger-cats-worked-out-ex-browns-qb-manziel-last-week-1.842986
  11. Draw a line through the middle, top to bottom: If the lit side is a P - premier (first half, waxing) If the lit side is a D - dernier (last half, waning) Helps if you took French in grade school.
  12. Scotch was first. There are 18 holes on a golf course because that is how many shots you get out of a fifth of whisky.
  13. Much easier now than when I read it - got four books in and realized the son-of-a-bitch not only stopped writing the series, but decided to play in traffic.
  14. There is no "e" in Scotch whisky. That is the next island to the west.
  15. Sub-optimal if your weight exceeds the breaking strength of the glass.
  16. Glorious Sons, the whole album is solid.
  17. There are lots of regattas in the area, usually on weekends. Some are open to a broad mix of boats, others are restricted to a few (or one) class. LORC has a calendar showing most of the regattas. http://lorc.org/Schedule2017.htm There are also single race days in the west end AHMEN series. http://www.ahmen.ca/schedule.shtml
  18. If you sail on a Melges 24 you will have wet feet, accept it and move on. A couple of half-solutions would be to buy a pair of dingy boots, or go to MEC and get Rocky Gore-Tex socks. Both will help with splashes, neither will keep your feet dry on full submersion. You need to wear shoes or boots intended for sailing so you have proper grip and don't mark the decks. Stay keen, the maneuvers will make more sense every week.
  19. If you have been invited to race Melges 20's and 24's, it is as crew and not driver. The driver either owns the boat, or is being paid by the guy who owns the boat. Many boats, and all clubs, need keen crew. If you promise to show up every week and honour that commitment, someone will pick you up and teach you how to race. Maybe just club races to start, but weekend opportunities will present themselves as you learn and get known. Show up early, help rig and put the boat away, don't mooch beer and you will do fine. You can then spend the rest of your life trying to get better, just like the rest of us.
  20. So she hadn't reached the "I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire" stage yet.
  21. Can you move that two lakes to the east? The LO 300 runs east west and two days solid out of the north would be a quick ride.
  22. Did both 2005 and 2006 on a Mumm 30, Saturn was 2006 and the 2005 year was worse. Not fun but never doubted the boat would get us home.
  23. Have fun with these. https://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/mgg/greatlakes/
  24. Going to be way more than bitchy when they finish.
  25. Metre is standard. We have larger pints, larger gallons, and by the time Trump is done we may have a more valuable dollar.