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  1. S/S EDMUND FITZGERALD 42 years ago today

    Thanks MS. Will put the NTSB report on my reading list.
  2. Random PicThread

  3. S/S EDMUND FITZGERALD 42 years ago today

    Was it a general change in freeboard rules for the lakes or specific to the Fitzgerald? Do you have a reference? Draft on the lakes is constricted to dredged depths, I am a little surprised you could add that much cargo to the original design and get through St. Clair.
  4. Best Rock Song Intros

    Stranglehold - Ted Nugent
  5. NFL 2017

    Big deal, Owen 16 already has been achieved. The Lions plan a parade if they can achieve mediocre.
  6. Whiskey Anarchy

    Irish is generally a little smoother than Scotch. There are affordable malts and most of the distillers have a premium blend that is smooth enough to drink neat. If you have a delicate throat stay away from Connemara (peat monster). The cask strength option will dissolve the spoon while it is standing in the glass.
  7. Not seen everyday

    This goes in the "there are worse bowmen out there" file for the next time I get a wrap.
  8. World Series

    Dodgers want their prospects back from the Darvish trade?
  9. Joke

    What happens if you bounce a cheque to your exorcist? You get repossessed.
  10. Whiskey Anarchy

    Bushmills 16 year old triple wood.
  11. World Series

    This. I would be watching hockey if not for JV.
  12. Sailing art

    John Mecray. http://www.mecray.com/bio.htm
  13. Gord Downie

    For the non-Canadians on the board, let me give you some perspective on this band on home ground. The final concert on the farewell tour was in a minor hockey arena in their home town. It was broadcast commercial free end-to-end on CBC television and online. CBC is the national broadcaster available to every viewer in the county. The country shut down for the night, conservative estimates are that 1/3 of the entire population was tuned in to the broadcast.
  14. Just in time for haul-out on the lakes, but if you survive the winter you will learn lake sailing has some special treats: Fresh water - no need to rinse everything daily. No tides, and often no current. Warm water - Lake Erie can get to 25 degrees mid summer. On the down side you will learn that these are BIG lakes, and Erie is fucking evil. Six foot high square waves 30 feet apart, 60 knot line squalls tearing through on a light air day, and the water off Cleveland will turn a boat brown over a weekend.
  15. Remember...the Answer is........

    Increasingly inaccurately named Trilogy. Brilliant writing, DO NOT WATCH THE LOUSY MOVIE.
  16. Importing from Canada

    Which log did you buy?
  17. NFL 2017

    Puck drops for real October 5.
  18. Hooning in the Nimitz.

    Yes - there is a shot from the bow showing a bunch of S turns in the wake. Is that a real F-18 being used to test the tie downs or do they use a stunt double?
  19. Advice on laying out a course

    If you don't have channel traffic to worry about, use channel crossing to get a bit of fleet separation. Superimposed reaching legs is asking for trouble - especially if the return course ends up on starboard.
  20. NFL 2017

    Give the Lions a chance to catch up - you can't break shatter hope unless you build it up first, although with Bears *2 / Browns / Bengals in the second half it might be tougher to go 6-2 / 2-6 this year. Maybe they will just get the losses in early.
  21. Random PicThread

    All the 30 knot battleships looked sleek, favourite is still the Hood.
  22. Rules Question for Start

    Need to get the whole boat across the line to clear the OCS, and the RC will make the call - if they drop the X flag then it was fully cleared.
  23. Is Big Boat racing an athletic sport?

    most athletes don't have involuntary showers during the competition
  24. Racing without spinnaker pole

    The no pole hoist is one of a bowman's last chance defences against an inept (late, confused or indecisive) tactician. Instead of pulling all the gear around and moving the pole for a fully rigged gybe set, you just take the guy out of the jaws and hoist the kite. Pull the clew around the bow and it can free-fly nicely in front of the boat while you drop the headsail and they gybe the boat. The pole goes on last.
  25. New York State Anarchy

    Sailing - or is that too simple? The clubs lost a lot of the early season with high water and might be running late events to get something out of the season.