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    NHL 2017

    Maybe some of the grandstanding he did early in his career that got him labeled as a jerk was really just the exuberance of an overgrown 6 year old. We need more harmless joy in the world.
  2. Tax Man

    documentry on pbs last night

    A couple more on that theme for you: 20 feet from stardom Muscle Shoals
  3. Tax Man

    NHL 2017

    Good solid game, and the better team won. Congrats. When does training camp start?
  4. Tax Man

    The BLUES

    A bit of talent here
  5. Tax Man

    The Yacht Club - Do you get value from your dues?

    The article dates to 2009, is missing at least 10 of the clubs in town, and I doubt the author has ever stepped on a sailboat. Other than that... The rates for ABYC and NYC are annual and were accurate for a crew / associate membership that does not entitle you to a boat. Facilities at these two clubs are focused on boats - moderate clubhouse, parking lot, cranes and docks. I don't know if the BYC and RCYC numbers are correct, but they make sense if these are also rates that don't include boat/dock privileges. These two are all out "country club in the city" with fine dining, pools, tennis courts and fitness centres. Way more plant and property which is why the dues are higher.
  6. Tax Man

    The BLUES

    The almost didn't happen duet. Ended up with a live album.
  7. IMS - now ORR had time corrections that accounted for changes in wind speed, but it was expensive and complicated. Not practical for club racing, it was barely practical for "Grand Prix" racing. The best thing I can suggest is that when it is blowing 12 throw more beer in the cooler and just soak up the fact that you are out sailing and not doing something unpleasant. PHRF racing is like grade school track and field day: the goal is to get out and play and if you get a ribbon to take home it is just bonus. The guy who thinks the club series is a big deal probably has his grade 6 long jump ribbon on the wall.
  8. Tax Man

    Things to do in IOWA

    Three things you can do in a small town: Drink / fight / fuck There is often a causal relationship between these activies, and order may be important to your overall enjoyment of the experience.
  9. A 10,000 lb 8m, can I get you to do my weigh ins?
  10. Tax Man

    NHL 2017

    I am in an odd spot where I can be happy with any of the four teams left winning: Capitals - Ovechkin is too good a player to not have his name on the cup Lightning - would love to see Yzerman win as a GM Vegas - what a great story for a bunch of guys nobody else wanted enough to protect Winnipeg - could be the only happy thing to ever happen in that frozen city
  11. Tax Man

    Relegation for Bad Sports Teams

    Not very often, I don't know if it would be one per year.
  12. Tax Man

    NHL 2017

    Pittsburgh 7 Tampa 6 Nashville 6 Vegas 5
  13. Tax Man

    NHL 2017

    Marchand is an absolute piece of shit. But he is really good at being a piece of shit.
  14. Tax Man

    Things To Do In London

    For inspiration: From your first post - the usual suspects are there for a reason. You really need to see the Tower and Westminster if you haven't been there. Nobody has listed St. Paul's yet.
  15. Tax Man

    Songs that were hits

    Even Dylan agrees with you about All along the watchtower.
  16. Tax Man

    Vanillanova v. Mishegone

    Cheering for Michigan but prepared to be disappointed. Villanova looks really good.
  17. Tax Man

    GPSmap 78

    Try putting the start mark in as the first waypoint for the route, and start the navigation when you are near it. If you are lucky it will recognize you have passed it as you start and sequence to the next mark. Nothing guaranteed, the 78 is not really well suited to race navigation. I don't know what it is well suited for.
  18. Tax Man

    Ireland to get first official nude beach

    Isn't that the normal weather for an Ireland beach?
  19. How do you measure whether your personal grow-op is legal? Compare to a known dimension.
  20. Tax Man

    Favorite Larson Cartoons

    If we are meandering, this was my favourite Herman.
  21. Tax Man

    NCAA march madness 2018

    UCONN is a class act - scheduled a game in Toronto so their senior guard, Kia Nurse, could play in front of friends and family.
  22. Tax Man

    Favorite Larson Cartoons

    This - for the guy in the next office
  23. Tax Man

    how long would it take

    Google Earth is even better for route planning - you can specify nm and plot a multi-segment course.
  24. Tax Man

    USS Lexington CV-2 discovered after 76 years

    Couple runs through a washing machine should get the piss and shit out of the covers but the cushions are probably FUBAR.