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  1. Glorious Sons, the whole album is solid.
  2. There are lots of regattas in the area, usually on weekends. Some are open to a broad mix of boats, others are restricted to a few (or one) class. LORC has a calendar showing most of the regattas. http://lorc.org/Schedule2017.htm There are also single race days in the west end AHMEN series. http://www.ahmen.ca/schedule.shtml
  3. If you sail on a Melges 24 you will have wet feet, accept it and move on. A couple of half-solutions would be to buy a pair of dingy boots, or go to MEC and get Rocky Gore-Tex socks. Both will help with splashes, neither will keep your feet dry on full submersion. You need to wear shoes or boots intended for sailing so you have proper grip and don't mark the decks. Stay keen, the maneuvers will make more sense every week.
  4. If you have been invited to race Melges 20's and 24's, it is as crew and not driver. The driver either owns the boat, or is being paid by the guy who owns the boat. Many boats, and all clubs, need keen crew. If you promise to show up every week and honour that commitment, someone will pick you up and teach you how to race. Maybe just club races to start, but weekend opportunities will present themselves as you learn and get known. Show up early, help rig and put the boat away, don't mooch beer and you will do fine. You can then spend the rest of your life trying to get better, just like the rest of us.
  5. So she hadn't reached the "I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire" stage yet.
  6. Can you move that two lakes to the east? The LO 300 runs east west and two days solid out of the north would be a quick ride.
  7. Did both 2005 and 2006 on a Mumm 30, Saturn was 2006 and the 2005 year was worse. Not fun but never doubted the boat would get us home.
  8. Have fun with these. https://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/mgg/greatlakes/
  9. Going to be way more than bitchy when they finish.
  10. Metre is standard. We have larger pints, larger gallons, and by the time Trump is done we may have a more valuable dollar.
  11. Speed at impact was 665 fps, not much faster than a pellet gun. How much farther before it is a piece of metal falling out of the sky?
  12. Wonderful demonstration of why most J35's have switched to end-for-end. Not knocking your skills, but if the pole just needs to unclip from one guy and reclip on the other, it would eliminate all the topping lift adjustments and reduce your time out of the cockpit.
  13. This. If the wind is so broad that the brain trust can't figure out which side is best, just pop the guy out of the pole and hoist. They can free fly until the front end is sorted out.
  14. My father-in-law had the opposite deal when he retired - basically locked out of the house during business hours. I don't care where you go or what you do, but I don't want you hanging around the house. I have my schedule for cleaning and chores and don't want you interfering. Here is $20 to buy coffee with your friends for the week, don't spend it all the first day.
  15. Best hockey players in the film by a long shot.
  16. Sounds awesome, I just need some free time. Sent the link to my dad who has some.
  17. I remember these remotes - worked using tuning forks. Every time the dog shook his collar the channel changed.
  18. Throwing the dead duck on the ice pre-game was a nice touch, but what if it catches on with the other teams? Where do you find a penguin in Ottawa, and is there a senator light enough to throw over the glass (dead or alive)?
  19. LO PHRF does not publish class lists so that boat owners have to actually get a certificate. They may provide a list on request for you in your role as a handicapper.
  20. Class act in Edmonton. The microphone for the singer didn't work, so he held up the dead mic for the crowd. Huge singalong for the national anthem of the visiting team.
  21. Look at that, the first four finished in the same order they were in on the first lap.
  22. I read that 4,153,237 people got married last year. Not to cause any trouble but shouldn't that be an even number?
  23. Sitting by the fire with a good Kindle just doesn't have the same soul does it? Sure it does. The book is is the words and the ideas, not the media it is printed on. That is ephemeral and meaningless. And clumsy and inconvenient if it happens to be paper. Luddites. Maybe. I love the smell of books. I love my library at the farmhouse. It's like time travel. There's about 700 books on the shelves (and my grandfather) and if I want to lose myself, I just find one to suit my mood. My library does the digital book rental and it is super convenient. Plus, I don't have to touch other peoples' dirty schmutz. Precisely correct. I don't see it as an either/or choice. 700 books!!!! I am profoundly jealous. 700 books would not fit into my tiny little beach town house. When we moved onto the boat I got rid of...I don't know how many books. After multiple yard sales, donation box drops, and so many trips to the local used book shop that they told us we weren't allowed to bring any more books in, I STILL dropped off eighteen good sized boxes of books at the kid's school for the library and the teachers. That was...difficult. And I'd been on a Kindle for several years by then and had severely curtailed the physical copy book buy. I didn't count them, but it was an awful lot of books. Oh I totally get it. When we moved aboard out of a two story 4 bedroom house I had to get rid of a number of books as well. Still, I kept quite a few in storage. Then when we moved off the boat a few years later into the small house we're in now, I had to go through it again to trim down out of storage. My books and my leather sofa were the two casualties that pained me....... My father cheated - I have the history books my mother wouldn't let him move.
  24. You know this from experience? Doesn't everybody? Safetey at Sea tolde us it woud the hi-lite oure daye if overeboarde. Theires to kindes of peopel, thoise that pee theire wettesuite and thoise that lie abote it. Had a dive instructor who only offered to share his coffee with divers in dry suits.
  25. Been some great hockey even if it didn't align with my picks. Blues in 7 Rangers in 6 Penguins in 6 Edmonton 7