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  1. oneguyfromdetroit

    Chicago/Mackinac Race 2019

    I'll be there. #25.
  2. oneguyfromdetroit

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    I hope one of the outcomes will be to allow us to wear foam dinghy style vests. I realize their limitations, but I'm a big fan of NOT relying on an inflatable PFD to work when most needed.
  3. oneguyfromdetroit

    caption contest

  4. oneguyfromdetroit

    Dick Carter design boats

    From this year's Chicago Mac race, NA40 hull #4. Mast is class approved replacement triple spreader rig, as original extrusion no longer available. 4 of the 9 Detroit area NA40s now have triple spreader mast.
  5. oneguyfromdetroit

    Dick Carter design boats

    Hello, I'm looking for drawings of the North American 40 rudder and skeg. Bent the rudder post recently, and looking to make the best repair possible. Any drawings would be helpful. Thanks.
  6. oneguyfromdetroit

    Dick Carter design boats

    There are still 8 or 9 NA40's in Detroit.
  7. oneguyfromdetroit

    Dick Carter design boats

    I'm in the midst of replacing 8 stringers in the NA 40 (it is in this thread somewhere, early on), and will post link to photos one of these days. Of the 8, 5 were cracked, and all experienced some degree of damage to the marine plywood substrate, ranging from damp with little delamination, to completely rotted, wet, black sawdust. Replacement stringers substrate are Hydratek marine plywood, with 1708/West vacuum bagged. 7 of the 8 stringers are in, and tabbing is well underway.
  8. oneguyfromdetroit

    Chicago Area III

    We will be there, clothed.
  9. Thank you. Yes, it is true that PW fell off her cradle, in fact, I picked up one of their crew for Chi Mac. When you gonna come up here and race another set of Mac races?

  10. Have a good race. I heard a rumour that Pinball Wizard fell off her cradle, any thruth to it.

  11. oneguyfromdetroit

    Dick Carter design boats

    Thanks for posting that. 33 years ago, I hadn't begun sailing. Today, I have a 33 y/o NA 40, which is, apparently, a proper yacht. IOR was before my time. If well sailed, the boat did well in IMS, does well in ORR, and in PHRF, every dog has it's day. I actually got the boat more to take my kid cruising after the Mac races, but find I am racing it more than I intended. There is still a small but active OD fleet of these in Detroit.
  12. oneguyfromdetroit

    Dick Carter design boats

    Hey, that's my boat! (The NA) Photo taken yesterday:
  13. oneguyfromdetroit


    And Canadian stupidity cannot be overestimated.
  14. oneguyfromdetroit


    What's the difference between a Jewish woman and Jello? Jello wiggles when you eat it