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  1. Tucky

    Show your boat not sailing

    If you get anywhere near Portland after a week from today, send me a pm. It would be fun to meet- congratulations on your trip.
  2. Tucky

    The changing coast of Maine?

    Some thoughts. Last time I looked, bait sales measured by weight were about half the weight of lobster per year. Videos show lobsters going in and out of traps. You answer the farming question. Maine hosts an "International Lobster Conference" or used to. The first year a lobsterman from Australia spoke, bewildered at the Maine resistance to ITQs (Individual transferrable Quotas). Australia had "imposed" this system on their fishery, which was being overfished. Once the fishermen had control , with each allowed a set percentage of the total harvest, they imposed a restriction on themselves and the price promptly rose enough to compensate. His license had become worth $2,000,000. This suggests that Maine fishermen could impose restrictions on the amount of lobster they land without a financial penalty. ITQs have been resisted by almost every fishery they have been imposed on, but generally loved afterwards by those same fisheries. Government sanctioned cartels are interesting political constructions:-). Lobster is a luxury product, notwithstanding the endless comments of prisoners back in the day bitching about being served it too often. The fishery has always been controlled by the lobstermen, a fact finally acknowledged by the state when a lobsterman from the mainland demanded protection in order to fish off Monhegan Island, which had a self imposed six month season. The state finally codified the system the fishermen had used for eons to set fishing territory and control entry. Mohegan's landing during its shorter season (and Canadian landings during their much shorter season) suggest that there could be great reductions in fishing effort and cost without a reduction in lobster landed. The last time I looked, the overwhelming majority of lobsters landed were very close to the minimum measurement and the estimate was that they had ridden up in a trap multiple times and been thrown back. Lobster are unique in that they survive this measurement- almost every other fishery kills the product it isn't allowed to land, thus defeating the purpose of the restriction. I love Maine Lobsterboats, from the smaller inshore boats I remember and that you can still see to the offshore behemoths thundering home mid afternoon to a downeast harbor for highliners. Built for a purpose that requires compromise and quality, I would rank them among the best fishing boats ever made, and they are a major pleasure of cruising this coast. I gladly put up with the traps and treat them with respect. I have had to cut them. I also love the men and women of the fishery, and cherish my time a spent as Treasurer of a local lobstermen's association, prior to state sanction. I was allowed the job as I was at that time neither a summer or winter person, and had not, nor ever in the future was expected to lobster myself; and thus could be trusted with their pooled money, which they didn't really trust with each other:-) I learned an enormous amount about the unwritten laws of the fishery, which were extensive and particular, and gained enormous respect for the lobstermen themselves.
  3. Tucky

    Coolboats to admire

    Heck, I'll cook what I can, and do dishes happily too. How did you know Katrinka- the Winders? The Weymouths (Tina of the Talking Heads which see).
  4. Tucky


    Congratulations- wonderful stuff. I love the earlier picture of the Melanesian boat with the kids playing with models in the foreground. Seems every picture I see from there has kids sailing model boats- that show I grew up to love sailing.
  5. Tucky

    Questions for US Citizens sailing to Canada

    I've always found coming back to the US much harder than going to Canada.
  6. Tucky

    Etchells or Star for single handed cruising?

    Beautiful boat.
  7. Tucky

    Etchells or Star for single handed cruising?

    I agree about draining on a mooring, making a boom tent a necessity, but a good one with mosquito protection also is a real cruising addition. People sailed decent sized wooden boats like Rozinantes and I believe S boats for years without self bailing cockpits- positive flotation is important- and I wouldn't hesitate to go coastal cruising in a well shaped boat without one. In a small boat there is a dramatic improvement in being able to sail in the boat rather than on it, which is a safety factor of its own. Of course a cruising Etchells would need a reefing system, as would any small boat being set up for cruising.
  8. Tucky

    Etchells or Star for single handed cruising?

    I've often thought an Etchells converted for cruising would be wonderful for a grandfather/grandson cruise on the Maine coast. The key thing for cruising in this size boat is abandoning the idea of a self draining cockpit- this way you can sit inside the boat instead of on it. That and cruising the old way (which I remember from when I was the grandson) which means essentially camping with minimal electrics and minimal auxiliary power. Not being in a hurry to get anywhere is important- the idea is to be cruising rather than go cruising:-)
  9. Tucky

    Sailing Books for Children

    Just remember what you are really trying to achieve when you tell children a bedtime story . . . . . . . . . . . .
  10. Tucky

    Prior owner

    Bought my first trip from a "prior owner" whose name was taken in vain many times. Bought my second tri from a very nice guy so just kept cursing the owner of the first boat- his name had a nice ring to it after "f**king".
  11. Tucky

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Happy New Years, Kim.
  12. Tucky

    Pictures of Home

    Bit nippy up this way . . . . . . . .
  13. Tucky

    Something different for CA

    Grey Dawn, I look at Grey Wolf and I sigh:-)
  14. Tucky

    Hard vs soft dinghy

    No- $1,100. I don't have the receipts in front of me but my friend was buying, so it was all added up.Two sheets of 1/4 marine plywood and then some oak, cedar and mahogany- as a home project, all this at retail- approx $600. Varnish, epoxy, glue. Two piece aluminum oars were not cheap, but weight and stowage ability mattered, I think they were around $180. The webbing for the seats was close to $100, as there are minimums to get good stuff, and we bought a selection of colors and have lots left over. Everything was top quality, we figured if we were going to put the time in, it might as well look good, and hopefully last a bit of time. Most of the time I don't add everything up or I use what I have laying around, so I'm sure you could do it for less, but I think its easy to miss how much the incidentals add up.
  15. Tucky

    Hard vs soft dinghy

    As a data point, the Platt Montfort dinghy I built (posted above) cost about $1,100 in parts. The biggest cost was two sheets of plywood as Platt didn't design the dinghy to just use one- I cut one part out of the second. I figure he had plenty of plywood lying around and just didn't care. All the little bits just added up. And I didn't need to buy any tools, which might be the biggest cost for a lot of home builds.