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  1. Daniele is one lucky fellow.
  2. That is a very pretty spirit of tradition boat- the freeboard/cabin height ratio is spot on.
  3. I saw Curtis a few weeks ago, he said he is starting a new edition- I'm guessing it is a tough go. I too love the old guides, they had great stories. Any books by Alfred Loomis are also great for back-in-the-day stuff. I don't mind sailing in fog, but I get a little anxious trying to power. The lobster boats tend to finish a string, goose the throttle, turn to the course for their next string and then look at the radar- if I can hear them I know what they are doing, if my own engine is running I want radar.
  4. You have to love white water rafting while smoking.
  5. My friend that finished a cold molded Alden schooner loved the motion. The shape of the hull had been modified by the Alden office to reflect the lower hull weight. It had a higher ballast/displ. ratio and also carbon spars. My friend had sailed around the world in an original Alden schooner, so he had experience with the motion, and he was concerned with the changes, but ended up thrilled with the boat. I'm sure you could go too light, but in this case I think you will end up with too strong:-)
  6. Thanks for the work getting the shots- really fun to see these details.
  7. I believe the lawsuits never made it to court.
  8. A fine country singer . . . . . . and a boat designer too. Whodathunkit. Make sure he gets his royalties.
  9. PBS

    iStream, you said it well. I'm fascinated at the shows that Public Television uses when fundraising- seeing a lot of music stars that have become really old and tired does not make me want to contribute, especially when they intrude on the shows I would spend money on. It used to be old 50's rock and then they moved on to scary old folksingers and now scary old rock acts like Herman's Hermits. I'm waiting for scary old punk.
  10. I'll take a shot at this as a test- I've been trying to learn (and bought a Firefly). Every battery has a level below which it doesn't like to be discharged, meaning it will be damaged and its life shortened. Every battery also has a level above which it is hard to charge. I think of batteries like water tanks. The lower level is where you can draw the water to- picture a tank with the water discharge being part way up the side, so there are gallons in the tank you really can't get at. Picture the top of the tank being open to a greater or lesser degree, and thus harder to fill to the top. The realistic capacity of your battery is the portion below where it is really inefficient to charge above, and above the level where the battery life is shortened too much. Fireflies are comfortable with their discharge pipe pretty low down the side, or at least lower than typical lead batteries, so they have greater effective capacity.
  11. Beautiful shots Kris. Bob, you should know that Eggemoggin Reach is just about ground zero for beautifully maintained small wooden sailboats- sometimes money is involved and sometimes love- I know a number of amateur owners who maintain their boats to a wonderful standard. Beautiful but used. When my friend bought Thunderhead, she had been restored to an absurd standard, and had basically sat on a mooring for a number of years like an old car no longer driven. After my friend sailed an Atlantic circle in her, she had the beautiful but used look she deserved. Yes, his tool of choice was a checkbook, but love entered into it as well.
  12. Fun to see Bruno and Stillman for me as well- they made a 35 and a 42, as I recall- really the first fiberglass lobster boats available, which for some was a sad day. Prior to them showing up, every lobster boat in a harbor was different. I remember reading once that Hinckley went from being the largest manufacturer of stock sailboats in the US to the smallest, without any real change in the number of boats they made. Meaning that in the 50's with wooden boats, there wasn't much to save by repeating a design, but once glass came along, economy of scale took charge.
  13. Maybe the doors need to open in, hinged on the stern side so they work when the tender is in. That way they won't hit things like docks or piers when open. That is if the minivan style won't work. Minivan style involves a track- it could be on the deck or part of the deck/hull detail. My brother has carried a dinghy in the cockpit of his powerboat- if they are as big proportionally as the one you have drawn they really impact/preclude use of the cockpit. Mine would have more of the Rhodes look to the main windows, or somewhere between Huckins and today. Neat boat.
  14. Lucky man.
  15. School me- I've looked at boats and boat drawings for years and I sometimes wonder how the aesthetic adjustments made to a side view drawing translate into a three dimensional boat. You have offered a great explanation of sheers. When you adjust a line like a cabin top you must be thinking of the arc the top will take and a host of other things- how will this change to one angle end up when seen in three dimensions. I can think of cars, especially, where the side drawing looked great but the reality not so much.