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  1. My newest project

    Thanks Bob for that history. You done well.
  2. Show your boat sailing thread

    You can sail right up the St. George in Maine and get a proper gander at the Cushing house.
  3. Lief Erikson

    Here in Maine where a number of towns wouldn't celebrate Columbus, I expect Leif wouldn't get a lot of love. As Bob says, "I pity there poor immigrant"- well maybe not.
  4. 8 Bells for George Cuthbertson

    Thanks for that, lots of beautiful sweet performing boats.
  5. My newest project

    That picture really shows the "butterfly" hatch to good effect- it looks great, as does the rest of the boat.
  6. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    My father bought one of those in the late 60's, sold by Evinrude. He thought it was an inboard/outboard Whaler but no such thing. We loved it for sunset pot cruises to miss the mosquitos but it had a car like dash and seating in the very bow for driving (even had a convertible like top and side curtains), and that position was untenable in any waves. I used to stand behind the seat and move the wheel occasionally from there or even go sit in the stern seats on either side of the engine box right aft- they were quite comfortable but getting back to the wheel in waves could be . . . . interesting. Had lots of fun in that boat but got him to replace it with a real Whaler after a brother-in-law sank it..
  7. Walter Becker DTS

    There was a series called "Classic Albums" where an album was dissected by those who made it using original source tapes. The episode for Aja is a joy to watch, with Becker and Fagen going into minute detail. RIP "There's a star in the Book of Liars by your name".
  8. CATARI comes along at Pacific Seacraft

    That is beautiful, and I could play it:-)
  9. Show your boat sailing thread

    I remember those poles Bob, but not really fondly- way too much friction.
  10. Coolboats to admire

    I'll post the one I have, which was shot on my phone from too low an angle. Hound is a lovely boat, especially when shot in the Fox Island Thoroughfare, her summer home. For those that don't know her, she is another beautiful K. Aage Nielson , built at Abetting & Rasmussen. .
  11. My newest project

    I'm liking the center cockpit version- wow.
  12. Coolboats to admire

    Someone needs to offer a pedantic remark-I had the meaning of ambivalent driven in to me a while back, so I'll do it. Ambivalent does not mean "I don't really care about what material a boat is built of". It means "I care very much what material a boat is built of, and sometimes like wood and sometimes . . . . . . ." i.e. closer to conflicted than easy going. I'm with Sail4beer, and think there are great boats in almost any style. And I'm with you Kris, Alden Challengers and Caravelles are great fiberglass wooden boats:-)
  13. My newest project

    Daniele is one lucky fellow.
  14. Coolboats to admire

    That is a very pretty spirit of tradition boat- the freeboard/cabin height ratio is spot on.
  15. Cruising guide for Maine

    I saw Curtis a few weeks ago, he said he is starting a new edition- I'm guessing it is a tough go. I too love the old guides, they had great stories. Any books by Alfred Loomis are also great for back-in-the-day stuff. I don't mind sailing in fog, but I get a little anxious trying to power. The lobster boats tend to finish a string, goose the throttle, turn to the course for their next string and then look at the radar- if I can hear them I know what they are doing, if my own engine is running I want radar.