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  1. It's awkward, now that we know he was expressing solidarity with ANTIFA/BLM terrorists.
  2. Mark K

    Bridgerton and race - WTF??

    A good start might be to stop pretending that mentioning race equals racism.
  3. Mark K


    There's going to be a lot of pressure put on the suppliers who used the opportunity to charge the maximum amount, I would think, but for the fact nobody is doing it yet. It's a mystery to me.
  4. Mark K

    Bridgerton and race - WTF??

    Saw the first episode.. made me think they need to re-do "12 Years A Slave". That'd be a hoot.
  5. Mark K

    Retro Boat - Olson 30?

    We did a Fallarons race like that. Only four of us, and I was the heaviest too at 200. Got killed upwind by a bunch of IOR lead mines, but coming back in 20+? Surfing up to 18 knots with a winged out 3, hoisting our brews in salute to the butt-puckered guys rocking back and fourth (or worse) as we shot passed. Good times.
  6. Mark K


    Great for those close to lakes. You don't have to bother loading the cistern, just dump it in, saving enough to fill to the proper level after the siphoning stops. Btw get two buckets to balance the load and save trips.
  7. Mark K


    That reminds me, one of the things about having the water shut off is figuring out how to flush the toilet.
  8. ‘Something bit my butt’: Alaska woman using outhouse attacked by bear
  9. Mark K

    Retro Boat - Olson 30?

    When I was a kid I spent a couple months of a HS summer building the things. There was a serious QC program in place. They did it right. The thing about the boat is everybody packs as much rail meat on as possible, it's the fastest way around a race course for the things, no question it's massively faster to weather when sailed flat...however that took a massive toll on it's downwind sailing characteristics. Sailed with design-weight, about 4 adults, it pops right up on a plane. A joy. Loaded up with 1400 lbs of meat? It becomes a nose-digger. George regretted not adding just a wee bit more forward floatation. Tried to make it plane easier with the Olson 29 by spreading the ass end...didn't work out real well...that just made the nose go down earlier...unless it too was light. Great rating beater in either light or heavy winds. Light because it's light, heavy winds with rail meat it kills because the CE of that sail plan is low low low. Designed for Santa Cruz conditions. Still a killer in those single-handed downwind trans pacs. Single handed the thing will plane with 15 knots with just the main and a winged out-#3.
  10. Mark K


    Well, in all fairness, Snowflake is warm blooded and has fur.
  11. As enemy combatant radical Trumplamists they should rightfully serve their time in Gitmo. Where we keep those whom could potentially radicalize other inmates at regular prisons.
  12. I know everybody thinks the French just ate cheese and surrendered. Google up the German casualties in that little party. They fought like hell.
  13. I suppose some should be investigated a bit. But I know they were heavily trained in de-escalation tactics just prior due to the BLM riots so they should be given the benefit of a lot of doubt for that.