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  1. Snowden is to me a tragic figure. Yeah, he made a lot of people aware of things that were iffy at best, but he has to live in Russia now. Ironic as all get-out. Didn't change much for the price he paid too. I'm sure nowadays when somebody in his position starts spouting weird notions about how things are they don't just brush them off. They sit them down for looong sessions with legal beagles who can and must patiently explain the laws that were created and constantly renewed after 9/11. I'd start by W's first State of the Union myself. Watch him proudly brag to the effect that the gubmint is going to collect EVERYTHING to a standing ovation of both houses of Congress. Bagging Assange and Snowden was a task the artists formally known as KGB accomplished without breaking a sweat, bet the house.
  2. I suspect Bligh wasn't all that bad a captain myself. Cook thought highly of him. I suspect what happened to his men was Tahiti. The towns of England were a shit-covered coal smoked out dusty dirty dank cesspools. Conditions on the ships were brutal discipline and terrible food. They always took about 25% more men than they needed because they knew about that many could die of that combination on a long voyage. Life was nasty, brutal, and short. They knew it exceedingly unlikely they would get another shot at living out their lives in a place that was warm, clean, and the women....ooooohhhh those women...and they had been there long enough for those long-haired language professors to have taught them their simple, small vocabulary language... "Well boys, time to go home!" "Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight...." A hell of a lot of the Bounty's men chose the desperate prospect of a lifeboat thousands of miles from anywhere and on the other side of the world. How bad could the guy have really been? Failed as a gov? I don't suppose transitioning from a dictator (ship captain) to a politician was an easy one to make for that guy. He clearly wasn't perfect. But as a leader and a seaman that voyage on that lifeboat indicates he wasn't without some quality.
  3. Mark K

    Nuclear Option

    Some say everything before "but" is bullshit. Now we are going to have a Supreme Court justice who promoted the Vince Foster garbage, a partisan hack. Orrin effin' Hatch thought Merrick Garland would be a good pick...before a black guy named him. When the Supreme Court is loaded with partisan hacks more suited to hosting a show on FOX than evaluating the law, what do you suppose the net effect is going to be?
  4. Mark K

    Nuclear Option

    You are ignoring the events which led to Reed taking that action, abuse of the Senate rules by the minority party of that time. The rules functioned well for gentlemen, men who had honor, but were always ripe for abuse by men who lacked it. That happened when We The People elected a black POTUS. Check out the charts on filibusters sometime. See if you can tell when the black POTUS arrived.
  5. I wouldn't put too much stock in what came out in the press initially. I think it unlikely she would have been dumb enough to talk to then directly...and so the Dept may have been spitballing. When I read the accounts it's stunning to me none of our valiant press corps has cared enough about facts to publish what time of night it was. I think it quite possible it was late, the guy was asleep, and stumbled out to see who was yelling in his apartment. His eyes would have been completely night adapted and he may not have felt the need to hit a switch. Hers had been likely subjected to the sort of lights most apartment complexes have on at night to discourage crime. Just for starters...
  6. Mark K


    The Two State solution died with Rabin. The West Bank is now and forever part of Israel, it's still politically incorrect to say that is all.
  7. Mark K

    Pompeo confirmation thread

    Had this in the wrong thread. YCMTSU So State is now the Dept of Swagger. But can they swagger like Mick Jagger? Somehow fitting though, the US has begun to resemble a rooster on acid too.
  8. Mark K


    No worries, just had to needle ya for the Ottoman comment. I think the Izzies are making a mistake by pretending Jerusalem is and always has been their capital. It's makes it a heck of a lot more difficult for the House of Saud's plan to semi-unite with Israel against Iran. They risk their clerics forming a rebellion against them over this, it's that big a deal to them. And for what? What's so bad about Tel-Aviv? Was it to satisfy the settlers that the government supports them no matter what they do? They already knew that. It seems to me Bibi couldn't help himself when the opportunity of a fucking moron POTUS. I suspect the Likud is worried about their strident support for the moron, and if they aren't they oughta be. Israelis who support a POTUS who can just barely bring himself to the point of criticizing Nazis tread on mighty thin ice.
  9. Mark K

    Do you Agree With Gov Lepage?

    His wiki page indicates Maine's two-term governor and person who was not asked to step down by his Republican colleagues was thinking of running for the Senate, but decided not to. He seems to hope for a job in the Trump Administration -for which he is well-suited- after he is term-limited out of office on Nov. 6. A Republican in good standing, noboutadoubtit.
  10. Mark K

    Best Lyrics Ever

    Then take me disappearin’ through the smoke rings of my mind Down the foggy ruins of time, far past the frozen leaves The haunted, frightened trees, out to the windy beach Far from the twisted reach of crazy sorrow Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free Silhouetted by the sea, circled by the circus sands With all memory and fate driven deep beneath the waves Let me forget about today until tomorrow
  11. Mark K


    As long as our fault-finding in the history doesn't include Zionists we are on safe ground. Nobody will call us anti-Semites. Not that Arabs aren't Semites too, or anything.
  12. It's done crept. The military mindset is protect the force first and foremost. The police serve and protect the public first and foremost. Only as a sacrificial figure can a policeman gain the public trust essential for police to function in a non-police state. As a soldier you stick your nose in there and waste everything that MIGHT hurt you and/or your buds. In war collateral damage is expected and accepted to a much greater degree than our society will tolerate from our police. She didn't call for back up...she didn't stop and think....she Rambo-ed. She was encouraged to react like that in some way, bet the farm.
  13. Mark K

    Best Lyrics Ever

    Yeah, that one stuck. A lot of Who lyrics stuck. Remember "Tommy"? Of course everybody does. Another notorious ear-worm producer of that era was Joni Mitchell