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  1. The title of this thread should be "Some idiot hands a kid rifle and lets him run loose in a riot."
  2. Mark K

    "Trump Doesn't Talk Down to Anybody"

    It's remarkable how strong the Right clings to that one word, uttered once a dozen years ago. They so love that image that all "Liberals" subscribed to it then and still do. They love their inferiority complex. The irony is...that's deplorable.
  3. Mark K

    Pardon Anarchy

  4. Mark K

    "Trump Doesn't Talk Down to Anybody"

    IQ doesn't prevent ignorance. Since you are bright but can't differentiate between socialism and communism it's a cinch to conclude you've never bothered to dig into civics and history with any depth. It's a very common condition in out schools these days, who worship at the alter of STEM.
  5. Mark K

    Sidney Powell

    Her filing in Georgia is taken apart by someone who seems to know this stuff and spent a few hours on it. He made a string of a dozen or so tweets as he went, this is just a sample. Worth a chuckle.
  6. Mark K

    Are You a Socialist ?

    If you love F35s you are a socialist.
  7. Mark K

    "Trump Doesn't Talk Down to Anybody"

    It's the information bubble they live in. Probably around 80% of North Koreans believe in their government. The problem isn't limited to intelligence. Hell, Newton dabbled in alchemy.
  8. Mark K

    Proposed: Giuliani should be disbarred

    He'[s not asking for anything, by the look of it. The Trump Family6 follows the mafia-associate business model. Made members, or "associates" earn, they don't get paid. Being associated with some organizations allows for a heck of a lot of earning so it makes sense. See the movie "Casino" for an example. Their head guy in Vegas "still had to earn" despite that "earning" placing the whole operation at risk. In the world of celebrities hanger-ons can do all kinds of stuff to make money. Write books, paid speaking, even taking a cut in transactions like "buy and bury" stories, sue people who know they would be bankrupted by legal bills IF they were to out-last Trump lawyers, pay off porn stars, et al.
  9. Jets fans wear brown sacks, not white hoods.
  10. Nyet, that is a RW info-op to confuse people into thinking there was no cause to conduct a counter intelligence investigation into Flynn. They are not contesting that Flynn did the things he confessed to, the case being made is the FBI acted illegally in the investigation. The notion that candidates and their staffs are above all counter intelligence investigation is novel and baseless. Followed to it's logical conclusion someone who has multiple ties to a foreign intelligence service and lies about having them could not be investigated...simply because he was running for some office dog catcher in Bug Tussle AL.
  11. Mark K

    "Trump Doesn't Talk Down to Anybody"

    True, there was a dedicated opposition then, as always, but people had nothing like the multi-source gaslighting going on today. We got us a bad case of truth-decay.
  12. Mark K

    Mysterious monolith found in Utah desert

    Let's hope it's not a naming and claiming marker.
  13. Mark K

    Mysterious monolith found in Utah desert

    Oh well, it was just full of stars anyway.
  14. Mark K

    Are You a Socialist ?

    Then you wish this country to be a dictatorship.
  15. Mark K

    Are You a Socialist ?

    Who should decide?