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  1. And the Namibian healthcare system is admired world-wide. Many people are saying that.
  2. ...they all exit the barrel a little smaller due to swaging?
  3. You'll want Nevada too. Beyond the money machine you'll want a buffer-state between you and Mormonville. Trust me. As Hunter Thompson might describe it: "That's bat country!"
  4. We may be over-thinking this. The Koch brothers are bigly donors, among other bigly donors and the R's feel a dependency on the bigly ones especially...and those guys are a lot like the HL Hunt mentioned by Ike in my signature. And they want at tax cut. More money than God in their back pockets already but for them there is never enough. They want gubmint shrunk down to where it could plausibly be drowned in a bathtub. This may all be Kabuki designed specifically for them.
  5. I knew there wasn't a big chance he was going to be seriously hurt. That hedge is close to seven feet high, and many is the time I've thought that if for some reason I had to make a quick escape from the office for whatever reason...IRS maybe...I could jump out of that window myself. Only about six feet between the sill and the tops. Be a bit ugly but sometimes we have to pick our poisons. I meant tossing him out the window metaphorically until he stated swinging too. In some weird way I think he may have wanted to be tossed. When I stepped over the desk and grabbed his belt he went oddly limp right when his feet left the floor and all he really had to do was extend his arms to stop it from happening. Instead he wrapped them around his head. Maybe he simply couldn't believe what was happening to him. He got to trade that Men's Warehouse BS for a Nordstrom seven hundred dollar tailored job so in the end he came out more than OK. Learned a lesson the hard way about sales too. When the customer is pissed you don't get pissy back. The insurance company must have felt they didn't like the looks of publicity in this...a crazy guy who is enraged by them bailing on a very sick little kid? The ideal combination for MSNBC and that elk. They didn't do shit except ask formally apology, non-disclosure and buy their agent a new suit. I was as lucky as I was dumb, but learned some things in AM which have helped a bunch. Maybe it was all for the best.
  6. I stand corrected, but as you say there's a yuuuuuge difference between the Freedoms which Graham-Cassidy offered to our states and the communistical tight parameters under which the provinces of Canada must suffer.
  7. That's deplorable! On topic, it appears Chy-Na was unimpressed by the Trump Doctrine vis a vis Venezuela: http://theduran.com/china-comes-out-in-strong-show-of-support-for-venezuela/
  8. Anywho...on topic: McCain says he's against it. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/22/us/politics/mccain-graham-cassidy-health-care.html?smid=pl-share
  9. I may have misinterpreted you intent. Sometimes explaining can be taken as advocacy. Yes, I am aware there are many complications associated with Medicaid/Medicare. I agree with that indeed. It's mind boggling to consider the waste inherent with our system sometimes, the entire medical division of the VA, fer instance. It only exists because there is a need generated by the lack of a comprehensive system such as the Canadian one, and the recent (a few years back) very expensive kerfuffle about records is all about the need to have those records up to snuff for court challenges. It was all about disqualifying people who by in large still get treated...just with somebody else footing the bill. Usually a different section of the same gubmint! Insanity. How else can it be described?? I find the more highly refined the suggestions to refine this Rube Goldberg contraption of a system the more intensely they irritate, and that's absolutely not a fault of yours. That said the Germans and others have existing, long standing and well-debugged systems which are NOT single payer but still several times more efficient. We do not have to re-invent the wheel here. I guess we have to do everything wrong first, as Churchill once observed. The Germans don't need a VA either. It can be baked into a comprehensive private system too.
  10. They thought them quite fragile. The reaction indicates to me, and I am assuming that everybody here except me has watched some of this series, that this issue was not thoroughly deslt with in it. Interesting. I will start in on the thing pretty soon and will find out. The history of that era is strongly marked by a fear of this domino thingy in general. Politicians from both parties were elected it is said because they promised to be "tough" on it. It was every bit as general a delusion as "terrorism" is today.
  11. Well, all the other industrialized nations manage to do this without the incredible paper-work load of massively complicated legal issues involved with insurance companies trying every trick they can sneak into policy designed to privatize the profits and socialize the losses...because they have massive regulations which limit private insurers to rigid guidelines...essentially limiting their arena of competition to be administrative efficiency. Taking Germany here, mostly..and the Brits and Japanese and Canadians don't even have to mess with that. That's just for starters. My real bone to pick is now your assertion "it's handled". I apologize in advance for tone...this issue is one where I still suffer from a case of PTHID*, though old, and largely under control after more than a decade...it lingers. A long story: I will start by mentioning I have two convictions for battery on my rap sheet. I attribute both to this issue. When I started this company I bought some shady insurance. Found out the hard way when one of my employee's kid got leukemia. The insurance company tapped out on the drugs rather quickly..and that employee and his wife had no recourse but to quit their jobs and declare bankruptcy in order to qualify for what you have just stated as "it's handled". I must live with the damage I did to those fine people and did not handle it well. In fact I took some of it out on one of that insurance company's agents, which, most unwisely, was dispatched to attempt to sell us more of their shit. I cordually invited him in and took him up to my office in order to deliver an epic tirade, just on GP. He took strong exception...and then said "You got what you paid for." At this point I reached across the desk, grabbed him by his tie, and asked which window he preferred to be chucked out of. Both were open. He got all squirmy and tried to hit me. I selected for him the west window, which had pretty dense shrubs under it...feeling it was only fair (second floor and all). Grabbed him by the belt and collar and out he went, head first. Got two years deferred prosecution and a year of anger management. However, about 18 months later, I had another incident with a guy who insulted my wife at a gas station. Would have been a piece of cake...but for the outstanding. Paid some fines, did probation, got a talking to from the judge who assured me that while I did not qualify for the official three-strikes I had for the unofficial one, and enough anger management to make we want to kill somebody. A fantasy bucket list item to this day..beating some clown trying to BS their way into profits or lower taxes by means if keeping our ridiculous system intact to death...ideally with their own femur... Needless to add: I have spent some time on this topic. I urge you to view PBS's "Sick around the world before engaging with me further on this. "It's handled" has awoken something very dark in me. *Post Traumatic Health Insurance Disorder
  12. We have the luxury of knowing the domino theory was bullshit, they did not. A hell of a lot of people believed in that stuff too...at the time. It's IMO the most logical reason for the decisions which were made at they time by the people who made them. If they were doing it for the fun of it they would have bolted much much sooner, I reckon. The case of expansion of Marxism in south America gave strong support to the theory, as did people like Che' actively trying to make it happen in a lot of places. He believed in it too.
  13. C'mon. There are two "theys" and they obviously refer to those who are advocating this. You are apparently assuming the states must play a role in this...and I am at a loss to see why you feel this way. No industrialized nation does this crap...for good reason: Simple is better. Someone gets leukemia in Texas it's the same problem as getting it in Ohio. There is no such thing as "unique problems" for states in this that I can see.
  14. As a machinist you must be aware of the costs associated with re-tooling. There is also a confusion factor! Google this: "Gimli Glider".
  15. Not as pronounced as Cassidy would have it. If you are suggesting this is a distinction without a difference, why are they doing it?? Surely not to save money for tax cuts for the wealthy...or simply because they are, as ol' Chuck "Death Panels!!!" Grassley hisself said the other day, worried about pissing off their "base", who vote in primaries? Nah...that shit can't be right....