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  1. Mark K

    Are Walls Immoral?

    ...and Matthew and Luke!
  2. Mark K

    Are Walls Immoral?

    Slaughtering helpless women and kids for the glory of God is sooooo Old Testament.
  3. Mark K

    Battle of Britain

    Not a documentary, so that little bit is easy to forgive.
  4. Mark K

    Russian agent?

    I think it very likely the Russian mob has more say over him than Trump could ever hope to have. He's keeping his mouth shut because it is a common practice to encourage the caught by threatening to exact revenge on their family. The choice is simple: "You keep your mouth shut and we take care of them. You talk and we kill them." This practice is tried and true world over. If only snitches got stitches there would be a lot more snitches. If the only leverage you have over someone is killing them and them alone they can get ideas about going down in a blaze of glory out of spite or revenge. It's also why I expect the fall guys in MbS's little mess to accept their executions stoically.
  5. Mark K

    simply gross

  6. Mark K

    Battle of Britain

    I liked it because it had extensive use of real Spitfires, probably every last one still flyable, and some of that flying was damn good stuff to watch. That many flying at once and extensively we will not see again. Well...that and the awful Mogie. Mogie was a freakin' hoot.
  7. Mark K

    Battle of Britain

    I wish PBS would re-run "A Piece of Cake"....
  8. Mark K

    NFL 2018

    You can take a Charger out of Dago, but...
  9. Those eyes are very similar to the contestants. I call it the Green Card look.
  10. Mark K

    Drip Drip Drip

    Does it matter, to you, that what Hillary did wasn't what Trump did??
  11. Mark K

    Drip Drip Drip

    I see the goal posts have moved from the FBI having grounds to conduct and investigation. I could mention Hillary having to endure testifying before Congress under oath for 8 hours on that matter...and the contents thereof, but what would be the point?
  12. Mark K

    Russian agent?

    My guess is Syria. We have followed Russia's lead on that conflict while pandering to the Saudis and the Israelis. He has no close advisers, other than Putin, who agree that we should be letting the Russians re-establish the Syrian state. I doubt a KGB trained intelligence and counter intelligence agent would be so clumsy as to discuss specifics on the benefits of doing so for Trump Inc., he would allow his minions to conduct that negotiation. Subtle hints and no more. Trump would be assessed as a blabbermouth with the attention span of a crack-addled squirrel. There must be buffers.
  13. Mark K

    Drip Drip Drip

    All you need to do to grasp this (assuming for the moment that you do want to understand this) is imagine that Hillary and many on her team had been lying to the FBI about their contacts with Russians...and the FBI launched a counter intelligence investigation because of those lies.