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  1. #3 will be unlikely to have 30% if the R's do it, they are the ones who control the process, and they can't do it without Faux Nuz. Faux can knock that zero off the end of that number faster than you can say Sean Hannity.
  2. Right at the end they had the scene at the owner of Grey Matter's house...so they know their game. Maybe just couldn't figure a way to wrap it up without it getting real real dark. I think the place to have ended it was with Hank on the pot myself. Anywho...and old skool comedy gem many haven't seen.
  3. Black comedy....but still priceless comedy. Breaking bad bathtub scene.
  4. Yeah...not that her doing this would surprise. Her history of bone-headedness is well doc-ed.
  5. They did a heck if a job. The only flaw was the angle the Pope's hand was dangling at. The real pope had his palm more fore and aft but the fake and it twisted a bit more so the back of his hand was exposed. I was wondering too for awhile there.
  6. Unlikely. They were already as dependent as all fuck on Russian airpower. Jeff must agree for that statement to have much weight, but to the best of my knowledge the Syrian AF has already been reduced to diddly status. A massive pile of grounded antiquated junk being stripped to keep a few pieces of antiquated junk in the air. The Russians are our frienemies. Allies in war, enemies in peace.
  7. I think you have the wrong take-away from this myself. IMO agreeing to a war against ISIS three years after the fact doesn't put the power "back in the hands of Congress". It's only window dressing. Also the power to wage war must remain in the hands of the Executive branch. Congress is fundamentally not suited to the task, and that certainty was known and incorporated into our Constitution. Congress has the power to declare war, not wage it. It's one of those jobs which can not be done by a large committee. On the subject of that war, the Syrians and the Russians may have made a great breakthrough this week. https://southfront.org/syrian-war-report-may-26-2017-syrian-army-liberated-5000km2-isis/ A lot of truly great military minds were questioning the strategy of the Russians and Syrians to scattering out their forces, believing that is a great way to be beaten in detail. Particularly the seemingly random incursions along that major road. Now the Russian grand strategy is apparent. This is a formation which invites raiders such as Lawrence used against the Turks in WW1. Indeed, the Syrian Army in that area suffered much from those over the past two years, but the payoff came. ISIL was finally tempted into unleash their remaining armor in an attempt to overwhelm the incursions all at once. The Russian airforce pounced so quickly and hard they wiped the entire column out. A gambit that seems to have been planned with that goal in mind and they were willing to look stupid for two years to do it. Not that I think your meaning of the word is the same as mind, Steam, but anyone who thinks our Congress can "wage" war doesn't know dick about war.
  8. The Hillary clone in middle of the back row appears to be enjoying herself though.
  9. That's some funny shit. Where did you find that?? On the OP, grounds for wedgie-retaliation right there. That guy let a chance of a life-time, a chance for a place in history, slip away. The lesson here is always be prepared people. Always!
  10. Yes. It didn't cause "serious bodily injury", most likely, and even if it did it can be deemed misdemeanor assault in many states, including California. The prosecutor has the option of making it that or a felony...depending on his feeling about the incident. Case in point, you punch someone on the nose and he drops, ya got misdemeanor battery right there for sure. Whether or not the DA has the option of charging you with a felony battery depends on whether or not he has "serious bodily injury", which can be broken bones, extensive suturing, and/or loss of consciousness. Talking California here...but many states use the same rough template, or so I've been told.
  11. He may like that stuff but it appears Project Желтое пятно* may backfire on him, and backfire bigly. *Translation: I doubt anyone on Team Trump is feeling real real great at the moment.
  12. Everybody is trolling The Donald these days. I find it disturbing he waited for somebody to take away The Donald's IPhone before weighing in, which appears to have been a feature of the Donald's lawyerin' up this week. Unfair!
  13. One wonders...
  14. There may be a few accounts labeling Tom Jefferson as a misogynistic prick but they are most definitely overwhelmed by the preponderance of available research. "Most" is clearly not incorrect. If you really do think most label him so you need to read some more. The recent attempts to sort out the history of the Hemmings family might be a good place to start, but not a heck of a lot of things I've seen make the statement you have so I am curious where you got that. There's a heck of a lot written about that so there is no need to invent new history on the topic an unwise to attempt to do so.