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  1. Shooting fish in a barrel.

    Several reasons. For starters the local barbers who used to bleed us back to health only needed a sharp knife. The issue at hand is why it is vastly more expensive here than everywhere else. We have no effective system to control the costs. The insurers tried to do that when things started getting out of hand but everybody hated them for it so they did a half-ass job. The gubmint, who currently pays over half the bills, does a slightly better job by setting payouts for treatment. In the non-commie remainder there are massive administration costs in managing our private free-for-all insurance system. There are thousands of plans and without the restrictions placed on the kind of insurance people could buy under the AHCA a lucrative arena of competition is making policies which only fool people into thinking they are covered. They tap out of the expensive cases with loopholes and everybody's lawyers get to skim a chunk from that too. This general condition results in providers having only a vague idea how much and when they will be paid and whothefuck is going to pay it on the expensive cases. Try to manage a business like that sometime. What they do is set astronomical prices for those who can pay (the ol' hundred dollar aspirin stuff) as a starting point for negotiations with insurers and the gubmint's price-setting system. There is more but that's the quick and dirty of it.
  2. Crosswind A380

    I suppose it is unfair for me to have judged that as a decision...him not being a highly trained test pilot and it was a snap call. Real dicey design, having two engines mounted on the fuselage but not having even enough rudder to control it if one fails. Two engines equals double the chance of engine failure. Lucky for him Darwin was asleep at the wheel.
  3. Active shooter on the Vegas Strip

    If you did you'd be wearing the pizza and if you wore that you sucked, plain and simple. Rifle qualification wasn't hard.
  4. Crosswind A380

    What jumped out at me is...surrounded by desert and with a sick experimental plane... he turns left to fly over the bone-yard??
  5. Shooting fish in a barrel.

    The part you haven't got or are pretending doesn't exist in order to be argumentative is Congress, that is, Congress before the black guy became POTUS, had always honored the commitments of previously passed legislation. There is no law which stipulates they do that, but even when the conservatives once again took control after the passing of the SS, Medicare, and welfare, funded the stuff. However honor must go out the window when a Kenyan has done anything, so they refused to fund the AHCA. This is a strong breaking of precedent, in line with the necessary breaking of the precedent of abusing the filibuster rule. Unfortunate but The American People must be taught a lesson. I suppose the Founding Fathers must be taught a lesson too, they expected honorable men in office and did not make a detailed manual. Like the racing rules it's damn near a pamphlet. Obama responded in the way just about any POTUS would to this kind of shit. Our current POTUS has responded like an American who is seeking to Make America Great Again, as the Egyptians once did with after the heretic Akhenaten, they ran around chopping the faces out of the stone carvings of his image. Everything the black guy did must be undone! What is right an wrong must wait until the way things were before the Black Guy have been restored. If poor people wished to live they wouldn't have gotten sick anyway.
  6. Shooting fish in a barrel.

    The ruling that it was illegal is pending on appeal. IOW, it's still legal at the moment, as is Trump's executive order to end it. Obama bypassed Congresses attempt to sabotage the system by refusing to fund it and now Trump is using an executive order to bypass Congresses, and his own, lack of a viable replacement.
  7. Shooting fish in a barrel.

    What makes O care illegal?
  8. W

    Astronomically better than the odds of the Cubs winning it twice in a row are.
  9. Shooting fish in a barrel.

    What makes O care illegal and T care not?
  10. Active shooter on the Vegas Strip

    The path to much stiffer restrictions on gunz in the US: http://www.cc.com/video-clips/6wnebt/the-daily-show-with-trevor-noah-reassessing-the-same-old-debate-on-gun-control
  11. Good God, but he is sad.

    Rex is going to have to do another press conference.
  12. Drip Drip Drip

    Failure to register as a foreign agent can put a guy in deep borscht.
  13. Active shooter on the Vegas Strip

    In my day there were only fifty points up for grabs on the 500, and a perfect qual score was 250. It was possible to qual with no points at all on those 10 rounds of the total 50 used in qualification, but you had to miss the whole target entirely with all ten to get a goose-egg. Each round could be worth anywhere from one to five points, bullseye (near the middle of the entire silhouette of a man on that, not talking a ring with a dot here) being worth five, but anywhere on the paper got you at least one. If you did goose egg the 500 that you pretty much had to ace everything else, needing at least 190 points to qualify at all.
  14. Trump Eases Tensions With Russia

    I'd agree except Putin is no fool and managing his prize bull is difficult. Took him to the woodshed when Trump failed to block Congress's actions with regards to Russia. Putin had Medvedev publicly call him "weak" over that, and they selected a Russian adjective which can also mean "impotent". An insult crafted to cut to the bone! Had to give Trump some credit on that one, he was smart enough to to start a twitter war with the boss.
  15. Trump Eases Tensions With Russia

    IMO irritated yes, pissed off no. He will have to reverse our default position of following Putin's lead in Syria to piss off the Russian everyone. Certainly Bibi is irritated by that, but then again Bibi can't be much more than irked with a guy who has fucked up the Iran deal. Bibi and Putin count. Bigly.