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  1. Mark K

    Epstein: the Deafening Silence

    Not immediately. She's in the same jail where her boss hanged himself. No way they will allow both of these shitbags go down in their custody. One created all the heat the management could possibly wish for. Unless she makes bail she's in the safest spot she could possibly be in right now. However she apparently has relatives. A sister or two. If someone known to play rough wants to keep her quiet that's the most likely route.
  2. Mark K

    Down goes Fredrick Douglas

    Didn't work that way for birth certificates. No matter how many times that hospital in Hawaii produced one, it didn't exist.
  3. I use the term "Stalinism" for the sort of economy that existed when he ruled the roost. There were no private businesses, just a large black market. Everybody worked for that state. This is the ultimate realization of the Marx/Engel dream. What Putin has is something quite different and much closer to the Chinese, there are private businesses, but the State has final say-so on everything...and that state rules by "management by exception", if at all. A much much longer leash. Where Russia differs from China is Stalinism actually worked for awhile, or was perceived to have, and that "while" was the rising of Russia from Europe's sick man to being the first in orbit. It coincided with a radical improvement in the lives for the Russian peasants. Right up until then a Russian peasant grabbed from, say, 1000AD, could have been dropped on the Russian countryside and would have found things pretty much the same. What happened? Stalinism needs a Stalin to run it. Middlemen gouging? They got shot. Lazy managers? Don't meet your quota and get shot. Nobody liked living under that but it was highly effective. When Stalin passed they kept the State in charge of everything but stopped shooting people for little shit, a wide open door for palm-greasing and that black market. By the 70's there were a lot of people looking back wistfully at those good ol' days under Stalin. Nobody in China pined for the mass starvation of Maoism, nobody sane anyway. The Russian people learned not to work any harder than they absolutely had to. "They pretend to pay us, we pretend to work." Blind ambition got you branded and idiot, and Russians can't afford to be branded idiots. They had to form extended groups, clans almost, to survive. Idiots are not invited. The way to get ahead has been to get hooked up with some big cheese in the black market or someone within the government. Pretty much the only way for all but the gifted. That shit never grew deep roots in China. They were thereby much more ready for capitalism.
  4. Mark K

    Black National anthem

    Tebow cries.
  5. Mark K

    Epstein: the Deafening Silence

    He only has to defend it with his base: "An illegal investigation...started by OBAMA!"
  6. The Chinese never fully embraced Stalinism. Yeah, they had a brief fling with it, the result was one of the greatest horrors of the 20th century, the mass starvation of Mao's first 5 year plan. The Soviets had some success with theirs and that kept them in it much longer, and it takes more time to rid that mind-set from the collective consciousness of the Russian people than from the Chinese. When the Soviets fell the attempts to suddenly reform the place was another horror, one of a very different character. Everybody lived in public housing. That housing was passed to private entrepreneurs who were under the restriction of not being able to raise the rents for existing tenants. The only way to free up an apartment was for the tenants to die. Something like 200,000 more deaths than what was expected to happen based on historical records happened. The police were all bought. Putin was not selected to entertain the masses. He was hand picked by Yeltzin (that drunken sot) as his successor because first and foremost he was smart. That guy has a lot of bandwidth. He gathered together the old KGB and restored order. Considering the vast depth of the problems he inheirited, a monumental achievement. He was brutal when he had to be and got the oligarchs on a short leash. I see no other way it could have been accomplished in that environment, it's unfortunate that retarded the development of Russia but it wasn't as retarded as another full-blown revolution would have been, not by a damn sight. The Russians are his now. Putin's no game-show host. He's a KGB officer. He's the real deal.
  7. Mark K

    What police think of BLM protests

    There is a case of a PD having to accept this lesson before. Oakland realized they had to change during the chaos of the late 60's. This was documented in the early 70s: I'll embellish that with a fact: Between WW2 and the late 60s if you scored above 110 on the IQ test you were disqualified from being on the Oakland PD. It was an organization established purely to keep the niggahs in line. In much the same way only the hard cold-warrior Nixon could go to China, only the worst of the cops, Chief Gain, could've led those reforms. It even cost him his job though.
  8. As you can see, Putin and Russia has big problems. Why is it so hard for us to imagine their actions as the aggressive defense of their interests instead of being an Evil Empire utterly dedicated to the destruction of the US? Rhetorical question. They have to act that way because they obstinately refuse to accept the slot in the world we, the US, believe they should be in: Just another 2nd-rate power. Defense of their interests makes being at odds with the US unavoidable. I carry a sneaking admiration for the Russians. Not for that sick-puppy of a society their government imposes on them, but for the competence they display at playing this game from a position of weakness. This sick-puppy oil-well-with-a-flag has the POTUS afraid of saying anything bad about Russia. They successfully restored that al-Assad to power in Syria against the collective wills of the US, the Saudis, and Israel. Somehow out of the blast furnace of Stalin and the collapse in the 90's has come some seriously well-refined, hard, pipe-hittin' mfers.
  9. Mark K

    News from Green Cove Springs

    Sheriff got his whole dept to pose for his re-election campaign ad.
  10. Mark K

    Black National anthem

    Well, it's safe to predict the NFL isn't going to shun players who refuse to stand for this one. Trump's twitters on the topic will be epic.
  11. So Trump's refusal to acknowledge this is his strategy to get us out of Afghanistan now? Whenever somebody criticizes Trump Team Mushroom refuses to acknowledge it. Who does that serve?
  12. Putin isn't as popular in Russia as his "election" results indicate, but he's still damn popular. The reason is MRGA. Russians had to bear US spiking-of-the-football for damn near 30 years. The last three? The Statue of Liberty FDAU and begging for a Putin hate-fuck.