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  1. Mark K

    Russian Spy caught on NSC?

    "In America you screw hooker...."
  2. Mark K

    Russian Spy caught on NSC?

    Putin can smell an un-patriot from a mile away. Peeks? From Moscow.
  3. It seems Parnas really is someone whom the Trump administration would judge as qualified for important tasks. Someone who fits right in with the rest of the crew.
  4. Mark K

    Russian Spy caught on NSC?

    That's not clearly illegal spying unless it's to a foreign government. Leaking gossip and such to the US press is a grey area. Suspension instead of arrest is an indicator. It would be surprising if Trump hasn't sicced the CIA and NSA on "leakers", However those boys feel about Trump personally they will obey the order, at least to some degree.
  5. Mark K

    Russian Spy caught on NSC?

    I agree. After scanning Peek's history it seems, if this was a suspension for spying, it was for leaking things to the press about the current administration. Peek's history is closely linked with many of the people who are outraged at both Trump's behavior in the Ukraine and his desire to remove US forces entirely from the ME.
  6. Then someone thinks Mattis is a pussy. IMO Mattis truly fears nothing, which is why he is such a gentleman, but moreover means he would never agree to such a deal and can not be intimidated into writing such a book to prove it to anyone. If we wants to write about Trump it will be after Trump is no longer in office and it won't be to get back at Trump for a personal insult. It will be to share his opinion on the perils inherent with the election of low character to high office for a republic.
  7. No. He's extremely well educated. He knows the thing that makes the US unique in the world of civilization is the total ban on military leadership barking back at civilian leadership publicly. For the vast majority of civilization the military IS the government. We are an experiment in the military being utterly subordinate to civilian government. While he holds his commission, and as an officer he is "inactive" not "retired" , he remains a general in the US armed forces who can be called back to active at any time. He will say nothing about a sitting POTUS. In this case he carefully did it in the guise of jest, and only in response to a direct public attack.
  8. He's as competent and as sharp as the come, but what made Mattis so popular was he was one of the few to rise through the ranks without being an asshole....and without being a vagina. “be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet" What a POTUS he would have made!
  9. A perilous-to-fuck-with guy. No better friend, no worse enemy.
  10. Mark K


    I don't want Trump impeached. It would leave the turbo-Christians in complete control. Pence is an empty suit. All Netanyahu has to do is tell him the Baby Jesus wants him to bomb Tehran and the bombers will be dispatched within the hour. Pompey the Great II here sure as shit won't try to talk him out of it. Trump gut tells him it might cost him an election, and it isn't wrong. That's the only thing stopping full blown war with Iran right now. Less than a dozen months to go. Be patient.
  11. When Ken Starr begins to speak this would be an entirely appropriate response:
  12. Ukraine finally launches a criminal investigation: Soooo much winning.