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  1. GBR2083

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    I believe to define whatever Sailing is you need to look at the dictionary definition of a sail (see attached) . Using this a Dinghy, a windsurfer even with foils meet the definition of sailing. A kiteboard does not
  2. The way transom flaps work (at least in boats I sailed in the past - Enterprise and Solo - in the UK) is that when boat is full of water after a capsize you power up the sails on a reach and the boat accelerates and the inertia of the water forces it out through the flaps at the back. Never had to be towed by a rescue boat to drain boat. Once the bulk of water is out the speed is sufficient for the self bailers to remove the rest of the water
  3. GBR2083

    Flying Dutchman cradle dimensions not sure if this works, but does boat come with a launching trolley (Dolly in Americanese) I transport my OK Dinghy in Thailand on Trolley on a box trailer. Trolley fastened to prevent forward/backward/sideways movement and boat fastened to box trailer. later version after some modifications
  4. GBR2083

    49er learning curve

    If you consider 36 years old ageing what do you consider all us over 65 year olds are?
  5. GBR2083

    Flying Dutchman cradle dimensions

    Why not transport deck down on a flatbed trailer. If necessary a few strategically placed pillows or cushions can be used to prevent any rocking. Mast may be more of a problem and possibly roof rack on towing vehicle with overhang to rear over trailer/boat
  6. GBR2083

    Racing Rules of Sailing, poster

    Which at the final point she is so colours are wrong
  7. GBR2083

    Racing Rules of Sailing, poster

    Sorry but think you should read rule 17 if you think that
  8. GBR2083

    RS CAT 14 Question

    If you slacken the 4 bolts holding the arm that cleat is on and rotate the arm upwards as far as the slots allow. Does that put the cleat above the normal sheeting angle. If so to cleat you pull sheet in from a higher angle to and to uncleat you flick sheet in a downward direction.
  9. GBR2083

    Cup Holders

    Illegal for Dinghy racing as contravenes rule that made weight jackets illegal
  10. GBR2083

    Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    Does this imply that the International Laser Class Organisation is next on the agenda for LP
  11. GBR2083

    What type of boat is this? longish video of first part of a race in the Thai National Sports Day event OK class
  12. GBR2083

    What type of boat is this?

    OK’s in Thailand December 2017. Unfortunately only picture Sailing is too big
  13. this is us ready for start. All retired Thai Naval Officers plus me (Retired British Engineer) once again hope link works!
  14. 30 Deg C but not always sunny, heavy rain later on. No wet suit but need hiking shorts and rash vest & tights for when it is sunny to avoid getting burnt
  15. Hopefully link works. Sailing my OK Dinghy in Thailand against Thai Navy OK's and Lasers. Even though edited its a bit long so might need to fast forward parts Failed did mot work re done