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    2024 Paris Olympics Professional Status being amateur has not been a requirement for a while now. Most medalists are paid or sponsored to take part in their sport
  2. GBR2083

    River racing

    This the river I learnt to sail in the 60’s. Yorkshire Ouse Sailing Club. Think I am crewing in the National 12 with number ending 3 hidden behind N2111. My Father is stood behind his black and white Enterprise on the Bank, waiting to launch for their start. Enterprise on left of picture is tied up to the near bank in front of Clubhouse that picture taken from
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    Merlin Rocket Walk Around

    Link does not work on my iPhone in Thailand
  4. GBR2083

    Merlin Rocket Walk Around

    Is this a link to a video or just a still photo?
  5. GBR2083

    Show your dingy sailing....

    My 2 boats sailing at Royal Varuna Yacht Club Pattaya Thailand. OK GBR2083 now sails with personal number THA17
  6. GBR2083

    Show your dingy sailing....

    Sailing and apres sailing at Sattahip Naval Base in Thailand
  7. GBR2083

    Peeling Gelcoat Project - Laser

    Also Radial bottom section has an internal sleeve making it much stiffer. Might find cut down standard does not last long
  8. Note that World Sailing says Laser Dinghy not ILCA approved Dinghy. Does this mean only Trade mark holder built Lasers. Which goes against the whole point of the recent vote and the FRAND requirements. World Sailing Sc****d us again!
  9. GBR2083

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Why are you asking Bruce? He is not ILCA or World Sailing. Why not e mail ILCA & World Sailing and express your anger at their lack of information
  10. Probably get more up to date info from there. Our ILCA site is still calling for votes on 2018 rule changes
  11. GBR2083

    Carbon mast transport

    Exactly my thoughts. Far more strain on mast when sailing with full Vang or block to block main sheet on unstayed carbon mast in my OK Dinghy and that’s never shown signs of breaking. (Till I go out next Wednesday!)
  12. GBR2083

    Does your dinghy have a name?

    My OK Dinghy is called Katria which is a type of Orchid that are often purple in colour (see attached which is Katria written in Thai) my Laser has no name
  13. GBR2083

    ongoing concerns

    I have sympathy for the original sailors having their boats kicked out if they really were unaware that they were not class legal. I have absolutely no sympathy for a top sailor who knows his boat is not class legal, and takes steps to hide the fact and still competes. Not only should he be protested out of the event, but he should be given a ban from competing in future events for blatant cheating
  14. Did they not play? Why didn’t they make straps narrower.? Not very difficult to do I would have thought. Annoying that LPE supplies non conforming booms though
  15. Why would you think a trade mark agreement has anything to do with all the current builders agreeing to WS FRAND policy? I suggest you read the full details of what ILCA have put out about the rule change and its purpose
  16. Not making any comment, other than Europe Laser Sailors appear to be unhappy, on the content of EurILCA latter attached, just passing on for info.
  17. GBR2083

    'Foiling Dinghy' made in Germany

    I thought it looked odd. My feeling is the angle of incidence of the main foils is too shallow and you need to drop the stern to increase the lift from the main foils. Just looks awkward
  18. The problem is they appear to be only proposing to change the class and Association name to ILCA (and all references in the rules from Laser to ILCA) It appears that a large number of European members are not in agreement with the act of removing LP as an approved builder (which still seems to me like cutting off your nose to spite your face). It is quite possible that these members will vote against the proposed name change as a protest.
  19. Despite previous posts, I wholeheartedly agree with your comments about ILCA not following our constitution. This is also in line with the basis of The EurILCA objections.
  20. Are you trying to start another slanging war? I take extreme exception to being called ignorant! as a chartered engineer with 45years experience in the oil & gas contracting industry and having sailed Dinghies for more than 60 years I would say I was reasonably qualified for my take on your statement as a born and bred Yorkshireman I am not fluent in the Merican language, so maybe you do need a sarcasm font
  21. Sorry but onegoat has hit the nail on the head. Even your response backs up his statement (Golly gee! Who actually uses fiberglass mat, resin, gelcoat, coring foam, or aluminum tubing anymore?? ) what do LP do with their stocks of materials that can’t be used for anything else but use it up on building Club lasers or send it to landfill
  22. European Laser Class not happy with ILCA
  23. GBR2083

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    You don’t seriously think poster meant 17foot do you? Although not clear if he meant 2017 build or 17xxxx sail number