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  1. Climate news

    depending on the wavelength, we get a lot of long wave stuff also. E=hn, so that the effect of the shorter wavelength is more pronounced.
  2. Climate news

    The earth's core is so insulated by the surrounding rock that I can't see it being a significant emitter. Other than that, you are talking about variations in reflectivity. Can you name some emitters?
  3. Climate news

    That does not have any validity from someone with a STEM education. The earth is always has net absorption of energy or we would be a cold wasteland. The earth cannot emit (reflect perhaps) energy. A bit more rigour in your statements is required.
  4. Climate news

    The scientific proof was from the DSCVR satellite that was shut down last year, but is thankfully being replaced by the Europeans. The earth is absorbing energy. The rest is details.
  5. Bazinga F35 See first combat

    Sweden already has, so they are going to send in Gripens.
  6. Bazinga F35 See first combat

    From where did you get this high concentrations in mine tailings? And remember that it is the continental US so Pre-Cambrian shield doesn't count.
  7. Bazinga F35 See first combat

    Perhaps you should review your knowledge of rare earths. With the exception of neodymium, there may be less in the continental US than you think.
  8. All that says to me is that a BA is not what it once was. That is more for the educational establishment to work out. " A person tends to do what they perceive to be in their best interest". Putting yourself in debt to work as a barista doesn't seem to me to be in your best interest. As for the High School thing: I am looking for the recent paper that shows a direct correlation between school funding and graduation rates. Unfortunately behind a firewall. Oh, to be in Oklahoma.
  9. Bazinga F35 See first combat

    In terms of the annexation of Crimea and the conflict in the Donetz Basin, you have a population in direct support of Russian intervention, so I can't see how it is a symmetrical foe. In the same way as an accident of history gave a portion of Kurdistan to the Turks and we now are living through that mistake, an accident of history gave the Donetz Basin to the Ukraine. The people of the Donetz Basin really, really don't like the Ukrainians. The last time the Ukraine independently ruled the area, gangs of hoodlums roamed through and wiped out villages, killing, raping, leaving a heritage of anger and resentment. At the moment, the Ukraine has right wing militias running around keeping "law and order" much as back in 1917. Until the Ukrainian government gets its act together, we are in for more conflict, but it is definitely not a symmetrical conflict.
  10. I think you have to look at the work of C.H.Douglas and the approach that the total cost of goods far exceeds the sum of wages, salaries and dividends, thus contradicting Riccardo's concept of all costs being distributed simultaneously as purchasing power, or the ability to purchase things exclusive of inflation. This seems to me to be more relevant than any concept of "liberal lifestyle". Underemployment rather than unemployment is more to the point these days. We have low unemployment and high labour force participation, but not at an optimal level. Is a secure, well paying union job held by a semi-skilled practitioner any more productive within their area than a worker held below the minimum hours for continuity and benefits? Your "swivel eyed, work shy, liberal". Deming was right. If you have a problem in an organization, look at the structure of the organization before you look at the personalities working within it.
  11. Bazinga F35 See first combat

    http://ottawacitizen.com/news/national/defence-watch/pentagon-halts-acceptance-of-f-35-fighter-jets-over-maintenance-dispute The British and Norwegians are pissed because the airplanes have to be returned to the US to do anything with them. Leaving the corrosion protection out of the rivets is both bush league and expensive.
  12. I think you are right in quoting Lincoln on this. I believe he had it down. Enough of this whining about printing too much money. There was a fellow named Douglas North who got the Nobel Prize based on the thesis that institutions do matter in terms of the economy. One thing that kept on coming up in government influence was the variable inertia of the economy. Notice I did not say interference. Economic inertia is due to a plethora of causes and so is variable. The application of a stimulus or retardant to the economy will have an effect, but in what time frame and will one overlap the other? I am aware of a lot of work using fuzzy logic (the sets are fuzzy, not the logic) that have been doing a better and better job of prediction of results of stimulus or retardant, but all is not perfect and so we are not dealing with a Ferrari here, more like an under-powered zeppelin.
  13. The increase in revenue can cause inflation if the revenue has not place to go. With the economic activity at the moment and the lower employment levels, I think that it is improbable that the balance between increased value from revenue and decreased value from debt will move the wealth line in a positive direction at this time. How is that for a statement that we are in for a bit of a blow.
  14. As you get older, life seems to be a bit better if you have a bit of wealth behind you, even if your cash flow is less than in your peak earning years. Cash flow is everything? Wealth is everything? Depends on the situation, I know, but I keep on thinking that since the economy is already plugging along, isn't this the time to increase wealth? Keynes was always about drawing on dead capital in times of need to be replaced in times of plenty. I have yet to come across a government that replaces in times of plenty.