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  1. Laker

    Jerry Jeff Walker --- DTS

    He was always "Contrary to Ordinary". I feel sad.
  2. Laker

    Congrats Jacinda Ardern & Labour

    Oh, we could have gone over many things. It was yourself that presented a single issue. BTW, I did not see this as a comment on the messenger, only on the content.
  3. Laker

    Congrats Jacinda Ardern & Labour

    Ah, a single issue voter.
  4. Laker

    Congrats Jacinda Ardern & Labour

    Standard military strategy in battle is to reinforce the successful and hope the laggards hold their own. This strategy seems to be used more and more in economic situations. Every drop in economic activity is dire according to business leaders. I would rather have a few people lose the ability to afford a hot tub than have people grow hungry. In the days of the first Georges, the concept of gentlemanly governance allowed for many of the concepts that lead to the American Revolution. The actions of people like Walpole, the first prime minister, were in support of an underclass. Unfortunately this concept died quickly. I realize the rebirth of gentlemanly governance would be a real push in the US, but maybe it may work in New Zealand. Where was L'Orange taught his manners?
  5. Laker


    I realize the visuals are that hope is being rejected and the uplifting stories of American advancement are being cut down. Some call it the tall poppy syndrome. The reality is that no man or woman is self-made. They are a product of a culture. A little hubris is being asked here. A little acknowledgement of being able to take advantage of an opportunity because that culture encourages it is great. To think that other people have different circumstances, that other countries have a different approach that may bring about better results for a larger portion of the population or that there is any inherent wrong in taking your place in economic life is what seems to be an issue. I loathe the use of hyperbole by L'Orange. It does no one well. This is on the same level
  6. Laker


    Supposedly the Irish are not good for much. But look.....we have had a recent president that is half Irish. Shows what can be done by applying oneself. Good for you. (Isn't there supposed to be something purple involved here?)
  7. Laker


    Because you consume them.
  8. Laker


    Great, we have anecdotes of advancement in the face of white privilege. I know many very intelligent people who have "made it" without white privilege. But....they have all been given a lot of help on the way. They educated themselves into a position required in society. In their population, they are a minority, however. That is like taking a sample of Chinese immigrants in La Jolla and basing one's concept of China on that. Horatio Algernon was a concept set upon a population crying for hope.
  9. Laker

    Frum and Trump

    Western Washington and Western Oregon can join BC. Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon have to go to Alberta.
  10. Laker


    No, that is not data. That is anecdote. Of more interest is the percentage of people "making it", how much and within a defined population. Only then can the concept of equity be approached. Notice I said equity, not equality. Two different concepts. I also hope we are not viewing this through the lens of white privilege. The luck of one's birth is the over-riding function of one's "making it". Acknowledge whatever luck you may have had and the help you have been accorded by society.
  11. Laker

    Frum and Trump

    Have to change Minneapolis police for RCMP though.
  12. Laker


    But do you know? Knowledge without analysis is but mental self-abuse
  13. Laker


    Yes, but so do other countries. In the world of innovation and advancement, the US does not rate that high on the list. Certainly "socialist" Sweden holds more prospects for business advancement than the US, even with all its dead capital looking for a home, because the floor level for sustainability of the enterprise is much lower. It can keep going. "Culture eats strategy for breakfast" The culture of the US is a little too self centered for true advancement.
  14. Laker

    LONQR 2

    Perhaps he was just urinating.
  15. We are not talking about China specifically. First of all, your comment about imbalance indicates more study is required on international trade on your part. View imbalance in terms of the currency of trade. Present trade policy across the world is steering away from the US. There is a reason. Preferential trade is definitely not including America these days. Trust of the US is very low.