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  1. Laker


    Problem is what his lungs are going to look like if he recovers. Covid can leave scars.
  2. How about renewable time limits on emergency powers.
  3. Laker

    10,000 US Troops in Germany ??

    What energy uses are those?
  4. Laker

    10,000 US Troops in Germany ??

    with shale oil, the US is energy independent if it wants to. Instead the government is allowing some shale producers to go to bankruptcy due to its higher cost of production.
  5. Dolphin may have been sick. Usually they are so much faster and have much better ranging through their sonar that the sharks stay away.
  6. Laker

    10,000 US Troops in Germany ??

    Just as white privilege is hard to acknowledge, so is US privilege. One thing that the present administration and policies fail to come to grips with is the cost of that privilege.
  7. Laker

    If You Love dogs......

    Thank you
  8. Laker

    If You Love dogs......

    It is always hard to say goodbye. Farewell Skipper and I hope heaven is full of asparagus stems. (a favourite treat)
  9. Laker

    LONQR 2

    Aren't those Florida plates? And what is it with that cop? He is hiding behind his Taser. Is it policy?
  10. Laker

    10,000 US Troops in Germany ??

    How about: At end of WWII, the US is the last man standing, it is the only individual country that can in any way counter the "threat" of Russia. In return for keeping the sea lanes clear and countering the Russian "threat" the US is given economic advantages that in part lead to the economic flowering of the 50s, 60s and 70s. The US dollar became the commercial currency. The British pound was demoted. The technologies of the 1950s required a military force physically close to Russia in order to counteract it if it did move. The creation of the military industrial complex has made it difficult for the US to disentangle itself.
  11. Laker

    How About Some Spring Lines

    If you don't know how to tie knots, make sure you do lots of them-----------Gary Jobson
  12. Laker

    "National Cleavage Day"

    I believe the term is" crashing down on antlers"
  13. Laker

    What next for the GOP?

    I think of the return from the dead of the Conservatives after Campbell and the Liberals after Turner. I wonder if the same process works with a republican form of government? Would there be enough conciliatory voices in the GOP or would a new party emerge because the "faithful" were so entrenched that they would happily cling to say a 25% of government?
  14. Laker

    Fenns treasure found

    Forrest Fenn has a nephew, Crayton Fenn, who deserves some shout out. The book on his life will include such things as the discovery of the wreck of the HMS Agamemnon off of Uruguay to the work he has done to help rid Puget Sound of derelict fish gear to searching for the wreck of the SS Yukon, where the "front fell off" and took the load of Yukon gold with it.
  15. Please, read the book. Billy was only making a minor push on the aggressor, but the aggressor had a heart condition and so died. But Billy still needed to be hung. A Royal naval officer may be an officer, but he is not an officer and a gentleman due to the actions at Spithead. It is for the same reason Trump may be a President, but he certainly not a gentleman.