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  1. Laker

    Trump Inanities

    Northern Ireland is a province of the UK
  2. Laker

    Trudeau gets #MeTooed

    this whole thing may end up in the same roundbasket as when he "attacked" the member of parliament a while back.
  3. Laker

    Trump world order

    Trust is the basis of any business transaction. Are you joking?
  4. Laker

    How to solve the trade deficit

    That is just it. The US buys offshore because it can. It is a large economy that has a currency that is the world standard. When it can't afford to buy offshore, it won't. Rich countries can afford a deficit, poor can't. Notice I said afford. Perhaps a good indicator of the strength of a currency is the amount of deficit it can handle. This is textbook stuff, not cite. A good example is the transfer of the British Pound after the First World War from being able to support a large deficit to controlling currency export after the Second World War.
  5. Laker

    How to solve the trade deficit

    But aren't France, Italy, Germany, etc......EU? That graph can lead one in wrong directions.
  6. Laker

    How to solve the trade deficit

    Yes, negative and positive because it is the reserve currency. I get back to it being a buffer that doesn't allow it to run away in either direction. The same could not be said of the rupee.
  7. Laker

    How to solve the trade deficit

    At that time the US held 92% of the gold in the world. There is a time when you can win too much. The rest of the world wanted off the gold standard.
  8. Laker

    How to solve the trade deficit

    Also remember that Friedman lived in a time of slow money (effect = mass of money x it's velocity) and low ratios of rogue (dead) capital.
  9. Laker

    How to solve the trade deficit

    It does not devalue internal capital. Piketty does a good explanation if you need a cite.
  10. Laker

    How to solve the trade deficit

    There are many who contend that unbalanced trade is only an indication of the strength of a currency in foreign markets. The imbalance of trade acts as an analog to a " chemical buffer" to the currency on a world market. For this reason a lot of economists are not really concerned with a trade imbalance. The escrow that you refer to just created more dead capital. Not a good thing.
  11. Laker

    Trudeau gets #MeTooed

    Jack, there is a thing called Emotional Intelligence. It takes you further in life than any form of mental acuity. I don't see a lot of Emotional Intelligence being displayed and a defensive response would only be an instance of this lesser ability to come to terms with the position of others. The Reformation gave us many things. A logical approach to the elements of life is one of them. But it did not change that the elements of one person may be different from another and still valid. Just as you would not survive life in a Hutterite colony, it still does not invalidate that some people thrive in that environment and that it is as economically efficient as any free-enterprise farm.
  12. Laker


    I don't have a good feeling for the aluminium plant lasting for long given changes in energy costs and the importation costs of bauxite, let alone the concept of a possible tariff on bauxite from unfriendly areas driving up the price of bauxite from the Caribbean.
  13. Monarchy, Methodism and Mercantilism. The three "M"s of Canadian developmental history.
  14. I thought Quebec owned Dunedin, Florida. Isn't French the first language there? Its amazing the street signs aren't in French.
  15. Thing called "signeurage". Keep wondering when someone is going to change it. Face value of nickels, dimes and quarters is same in both countries. Too much of a hassle for too little return to differentiate.