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  1. Trump Voters: We'd Do it Again

    You may wish to fact-check that last statement. I refer you to "Capital in the Twentyfirst Century" by Piketty
  2. Last time something like this happened, Eisenhower took Diefenbaker on a fishing trip and told Diefenbaker that there was no way that the US was going to buy the technologically superior Avro Arrow, that Diefenbaker was going to bankrupt Avro and that Diefenbaker was going to buy the Boeing Bomarc missile. I jump forward to today and try and think of Trudeau's response if Trump took him on a fishing trip. So we have this pushback where again Boeing rises to the fore, whines about the C-series jet and makes it so that the US was not going to buy the aircraft. I hope that history does not repeat itself and Canada's Aerospace Industry is again evicerated.
  3. Climate news

    After years of volatile prices screwing up farming, farming being a long term process, that darn old socialist Canada started using supply side management for dairy and poultry. It created its own problems and prices for dairy and poultry are certainly higher in Canada, but it sure helped in bringing about stability in that sector. It makes it possible for some people to plan their business, which is why they will cling to it under NAFTA.
  4. USS Indianapolis discovered

    It turned out that the Jack Grimm expeditions had found the Titanic previously, but the gospel at the time was that the ship was in one piece contrary to eyewitness accounts and so attention was given to what turned out to be a nearby Liberty Ship.
  5. USS Indianapolis discovered

    The cost over-runs for the Avalon and Mystic submarine rescue vehicles turned out to be a cover for the Glomar Explorer project to retrieve a Russian submarine from the North Pacific
  6. USS Indianapolis discovered

    What was the role of the Hugins in finding the wreck? Did you use a wide area search sonar and then go for better resolution?
  7. Climate news

    There is one nut on a helicopter that holds on the rotor called the Jesus nut. If it breaks, the helicopter falls out of the sky. It is called a single point of failure. If you pull out a 2x4 from the wall of your house, the house does not fall down. Science does not like a single point of failure and avoids it. Climate change does not rely on a single piece of evidence and its validity. Everything from the now discontinued DSCVR satellite that looks to the BIG picture, to individual energy retention readings on square metres of land point in the same direction when taken as a whole. Notice taken as a whole does not point to a single point of failure. Interesting that adjustments had to be made to one set of readings (yawn).
  8. Climate news

    There was a drought on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis over the last few years. Now broken. This drought was more than unusual. The records in this case go back to year 800 and some where some monk in some beehive shelter started recording the weather as "clement" or "inclement". No droughts recorded in the intervening time.
  9. Climate news

    Water is only in multiple states at the triple point. It can be in two states, but not multiple except at the triple point. Adding sunlight to a plant over its growing season is not longer than a brief period? Is a plant not larger than a micron? We are talking about different things, obviously. I am talking about the reversal of entropy in living things. Just as with ferromagnetism happens in a distinct set of elements within a distinct temperature range, entropy reverses in a distinct set of molecules under a distinct set of conditions.
  10. Climate news

    when you grow a seed into a plant, energy must be added in the way of sunlight and CO2. When you want to get a larger amount of algae, you need to add sunlight. When you want larger thermal vent crabs, you must add sulphur to the mix that feeds the algae, vent heat plus sulphur. When you want to grow a human being it is sunlight plus O2.
  11. Climate news

    You may wish to read up on that. Change of state has nothing to do with entropy reversal. Entropy reversal is a special case where the addition of energy causes higher order and less chaos. Changes of state are the freeing of dimensional restraints in the direction and magnitude of the motion of the molecule.
  12. Climate news

    not really, under the second law, the amount of chaos goes up as more energy is added to the system. Higher the temperature, the more the molecules run around. With life, within constraints, the more energy added to the system, the more growth and less chaos one gets. Climate change is related to growth scenarios and thus many of the processes fall into the "more energy, less chaos" slot.
  13. Climate news

    And you know when this law is suspended and how that relates to Climate Change?
  14. The US is the most inefficient provider of health care on the planet. The least the government can do is come up with a standard package for health care. I know of a doctor's group that spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on specialists for each individual insurance company. All providers do not cover the same things in the same way. This leads to incredible overheads for payment. At this point a single payer is not required and anyone putting it forth is about to get eviscerated, however, standardizing a package for the majority of people would really help the efficiency.
  15. Trump Approval Worldwide is a Bigly Failure

    given that Obama backed a two state solution and acknowledged the position of the Palestinians, I can see Trump having backing.