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  1. Laker

    Catalina is sinnking

    What with the San Gabriel Mountains rising, it seems SoCal is a moving place.
  2. Laker

    Oz gets first F35s and Japan is set to triple its order

    Still haven't really fixed the cannon problem in the CAS mode.
  3. Laker

    Oz gets first F35s and Japan is set to triple its order

    That's what it said, the IOT&E was there, but the problems continue.
  4. Laker

    Random PicThread

    Built by DeHavilland to aircraft specifications. DND looked at the cost of making more and said no thanks. Too bad they didn't take it to a shipyard to make more. That, and replace the Paxton diesel used in the displacement mode. Thing leaked more oil than it used.
  5. Laker

    Beach Access

    How about enacting "relaxation of trespass" 100 feet above High Mean Tide like a lot of the rest of the world?
  6. Laker

    Oz gets first F35s and Japan is set to triple its order

    It appears all is not well in F-35 land: What happens next? The troubled $1.5 trillion F-35 program is not ready to begin the critical combat-testing phase, the Pentagon’s testing director said in a previously undisclosed August memo obtained by the Center for Defense Information at the Project On Government Oversight (POGO). That decision marks another setback in the development of the Pentagon’s largest acquisition program. The memo, issued on August 24, 2018, says the program has not met the necessary entry criteria to begin the crucial combat-testing phase called Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (IOT&E). It comes on the heels of the revelation , reported first by POGO, that program officials have been trying to make it appear as though the program has completed the development phase, by altering paperwork to reclassify potentially life-threatening design flaws to give the appearance of progress rather than actually fixing them. (This first appeared several months ago.) IOT&E is the last legal hurdle an acquisition program must surmount before it can enter full-rate production. Per federal law , this process cannot begin until the director of operational test and evaluation approves in writing that the program has met all the necessary criteria to execute the agreed-upon testing program. Robert Behler, the director of operational test and evaluation, is delaying IOT&E until the program addresses several software issues. Behler writes that operational testing cannot begin until the program updates versions of the F-35’s operating software, mission-data files, Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS), and testing range infrastructure software. While it is not clear from the memo which specific problems remain to be resolved, previous testing reports found “key technical deficiencies in the ability of the F-35 to employ the AIM-120 weapons ” (the principle air-to-air missile) and an “uncharacterized bias toward long and right of the target” when pilots fire the aircraft’s cannon, resulting in them “consistently missing ground targets during strafe testing .” The next version of the F-35’s operating software, Behler writes, should add to the aircraft’s capabilities to ensure it can perform several key combat missions including strategic attack, air interdiction, offensive counter air, and electronic attack. The aircraft’s Mission Data Loads are large files of maps, threat electronic signals, data on potential enemy weapons, as well as friendly systems to enable the F-35’s sensors to sort friend from foe. ALIS is the much-troubled maintenance and logistics network that combines embedded diagnostics functions, supply chain management, and maintenance guidance. Previous testing found that most ALIS functions work only with “ a high level of manual effort by ALIS administrators and maintenance personnel.” The services and program officials had previously set September 15, 2018, as the deadline to begin IOT&E. Behler, in the face of undoubtedly enormous pressure to stick to that schedule, has delayed the start date by approximately two months, when the updated software versions are expected to be delivered. This is an example of an important government oversight office working precisely as intended. Congress created the Pentagon’s operational testing office in 1983 to ensure lawmakers received accurate information about the performance of new weapon systems. Before the creation of the office, any testing data Members of Congress received had been filtered through the very bureaucracies that had vested interests in making sure nothing stood in the way of a weapon system reaching full-rate production. Decisions about full-rate production and combat testing should be based on performance, not merely predetermined schedules. Testing planes with software and systems that won’t be in the aircraft when it’s delivered to the services would be wasteful, and delivering systems that haven’t been combat-tested would put pilots’ lives at risk. We’re glad to see the director of operational test and evaluation is putting service members ahead of contractors. Dan Grazier is the Jack Shanahan Military Fellow at the Center for Defense Information at the Project On Government Oversight (where this first appeared).
  7. Laker


    I find your comment quite disjointed. What do you mean? That the left is not a child of the reformation as is the right? That they don't think things through because they do not come to the same conclusions as the right and therefore have no validity? This comment about "dull moment". Is that to say that the right has "dull moments" and that is good? This is as bad as saying that the right are better economists than the left. The rate of increase in sovereign debt never seems to go down in Republican governments, for instance. Clear communication is important.
  8. Laker


    She really does get under your skin out of proportion to her actual influence. I find this strange.
  9. Laker


    No, the people in the government (universities, parts of which are special departments set up for this sort of thing) do the basic research which the free market (remember free market failures) would never do because the risk/reward profile would fall out of the acceptable range, especially for capital with low time horizons.
  10. Laker

    Climate news

    The big thing with DSCVR is that the entire spectrum over the whole earth could be monitored at the same time. They did not have to "tile" it.
  11. Laker

    Tide Rising 7 m at your place

    What is that crap from realclimatescience? Doesn't co-relate with any data that has been taken over the last 250 years that records have been established in the Frobisher Area, for instance. There was much done with the ice coring from Century City, the secret US facility near Thule. The record from them goes back hundreds of thousands of years. The rate of warming is unprecedented. this was the original concern that lead to looking at industrialization as the cause.
  12. Laker

    Climate news

    Good, that is one of the eleven sets of sensors that viewed the earth over its entire e-m spectrum. The visual is only one part. The next thing to look at is the absorption/reflection in the e-m spectrum of CO2 and methane gases, not only in the visual spectrum.
  13. Laker

    Tide Rising 7 m at your place

    From time to time I am involved in projects in the Far North. I have been going up there since 1980. Something is happening. It is not as cold as it used to be at any time of the year. I can go forever on the Beaufort Sea without encountering sea ice now. An underwater Pingo that had my name on it is melted. There is flooding in the Eastern Arctic that is significant. The Ungava Lakes that were formed by the huge meteor are overflowing. At least Muskrat Falls does not have to worry about running out of water. These are significant personal observations that may not form data, however, data backs them up. It is getting warmer. The ice is melting. It has to go somewhere.
  14. Laker

    Climate news

    Why is it that the data from the DSCVR satellite, now decommissioned is not available? Why is it that the Europeans are rushing to put a replacement satellite in orbit?
  15. Laker


    I thought that was how Trump got elected.