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  1. Wet Spreaders

    Irrational fears in a business context

    We generally find that following the HR procedure to the letter is the best for us and for the under-performer. Once someone is identified as an underperformer, we put the wheels in motion to get them a formal notice to perform. And we make it REALLY detailed and their manager is instructed on how to follow up and document what happened and I hold the manager accountable for doing it right. This is not presumed to be documenting failure to enable termination, but is a legitimate attempt to get the person sorted out and productive. If that does not happen and they still suck, we go through it again, just to be sure, and we evaluate job modification options. If that doesn't work, then we fire them with one week per year of service in salary and equivalent time medical benefits. We usually end up putting one person through it each year, and save/rehabilitate about one in three. So far, my department has never been sued, no-one came back into the office with an uzi and I still have cordial relationships with a couple of them because the process is humane and gives folks very clear expectations and a couple of chances to fix it. Very few get angry, some cry, some managers end up crying too, but it gets done and life moves on. Usually the people concerned realize that they sucked at the job and hated it anyway, and go on to do something totally different with their lives as happier people.
  2. I have a few non-structural plastic parts on my boat that break, degrade or get lost on a pretty regular basis. 1 - Instrument covers - $12 to $25 each from Standard Horizon, NKE and others 2 - The internal plastic thingumajig from my old Barient winches that stop the stripper arm from spinning - $30/ea from Arco in Oz 3 - Nylon washers, spacers and other dissimilar-metal separators of one kind or another 4 - Balls and toggles for lines 5 - Odd pipe fittings, connectors and up/down size converters I designed a new cover for my SH chart plotter using Fusion 3D and I chucked the output into Slic3r. Then it occurred to me that I have slab sides 44mm high and 180mm long that are unsupported and only 1.2mm thick. Can you print such large vertical surfaces? I have a printer kit coming - nice fall project when it shows up - but now I'm getting second thoughts about the feasibility of the instrument cover idea. Is there a general rule of thumb for height/thinness? Who has 3D printing experience here?
  3. Wet Spreaders

    Irrational fears in a business context

    There's no chance that this person will lose their job - there's plenty to do here and we can easily make an accommodation. The sad part is that the person is ambitious and wants to grow out of the back-room and towards the managerial and commercial side - realistically spending time with customers on the sharp end, in-country, is the best and surest way to gain the experience needed. I gave the kid a chance after their boss recommended them and explained their career goals at the last review round. It's sad that the kid blew it. Perhaps we pushed too hard, perhaps provided inadequate support, perhaps just a nutcase. Unless you are in HR, you tend not to bump into employee mental health issues very often - especially if you can hire your own staff and grow your own team in the first place. It's good to see the wide range of inputs from folks out there with more direct personal experience. I'm probably not going to take any of the advice on either extreme end - just get the kid home, reassign, dump the counseling issue on HR and then see what happens for a few months. Let the kid think about it, consider their life and career goals and then come and tell me whether they want another shot at it or not. Then I'll have a decision to make. The learning for me is the issue of whether kids now need more support when assigned unfamiliar, stressful, tasks. I don't think so - I think that this is an issue of one person, one problem - but if it's generational, I better come up with a way not to break any more of them.
  4. Wet Spreaders

    Irrational fears in a business context

    Told him to stay on mission and not to take the diversion until the end of his trip to see if the kid will take a flight alone once an appropriate cocktail of mindbenders gets organized by the local quacks. The kid is still in Asia.
  5. Wet Spreaders

    Irrational fears in a business context

    It used to be that folks with obscure paranoias would feel embarrassed about them, manage them quietly and feel somewhat ashamed of themselves. The new plan for nutjobs appears to be to assume that it's entirely reasonable to make a scene and send emails to 50 people about it - while expecting zero reputation/career consequences (or simply not thinking about the potential for long term consequences - which is even more clueless IMHO). I'm all on board with a nurturing working environment for protected classes of people from whatever rainbow gender identity, cultural or racial spectrum and from juniors to geriatrics. I'm sure that we fuck up from time to time, but only by accident and never with malicious intent. But I don't know how to protect a traveling employee from an irrational fear of travel. Was it Madden that used to go city to city by train? Well from CA to Asia there's no frigging train and boats take a month. It would be easier all round if this person had been arrested for fighting (dealt with that), found to have a fucked a whore later found dead (drug overdose, not his fault - dealt with that), DUI, broken pelvis in China, "aggressive questioning" by authorities after an incidental social meeting with an illegal arms dealer, meningitis and air ambulance from Krasnoyarsk (that guy died on the flight home). Getting folks with real issues out is easy. Nutters who won't get on the approved mode of transport are an entirely new pain in the ass. So, while I (kind of) sympathize with the person's pain, I don't mind having a good old cathartic rant about it with you guys.
  6. Wet Spreaders

    Irrational fears in a business context

    It's not the cash costs that bother me - it's only money, we'll make some more of that. It's the wasteful and self-destructive career sabotage and the future operational constraints and complexity that I'm going to need to manage that bug me. I'd have given my left nut for a chance to prove myself and take on more important projects earlier in my career. This person is having a Me Me moment and is utterly clueless about how in real life there are no do-overs. Stupid, wasteful and self-absorbed.
  7. I have a young employee that I sent on an away mission to a customer in Asia. All hell breaks loose on Friday because the person ran away from the boarding gate (in the foreign country) due to a sudden panic attack and fear of flying. The person then proceeds to email everyone within my department, HR and the regional sales team asking for help, arranging doctors, rearranging flights and, ultimately, persuades a director level manager to cut short his trip in Asia, fly to the country in question and be the escort home. While I appreciate the empathy and sensitivity of my people, the regional sales people and our HR, I'm fucking pissed. Give a kid a chance to prove themselves on an important job and get disruptive bullshit to deal with in return. And this will definitely have career consequences for the person involved because I don't see how they can go out to see customers again after pulling a stunt like this one. I'm definitely in the HTFU mode. Am I a dinosaur? How the hell am I supposed to manage a person who "took the wrong kind of tranquilizers" prior to boarding the flight. Who takes "tranquilizers" stronger than a couple of glasses of red wine in the departure lounge bar before a flight? What the fuck did I pay for a laptop for if the person is too frigging doped on the flight to write reports? Can you imagine someone pulling this BS 20 years ago and not being laughed out of the office? Rant off...
  8. Wet Spreaders

    Whale Gulper IC reviews

    I like the Waterpuppy impeller pumps.
  9. Wet Spreaders

    Whale Gulper IC reviews

    It's total shit - expensive and the stupid plastic gears inside strip out very easily. I went through three before I changed to an impeller pump. The diaphragm pump mechanism generates much more force on the gears at certain points of travel and always the same place. If you get a blockage and it can't suck, then it strips and your pump is done. The gears should be brass, not brass-meets-nylon.
  10. Wet Spreaders

    Strawberry Thief

    Got the fucker! Slimjims, classic rat trap and denuded strawberry plants did the trick!
  11. Wet Spreaders

    J105 Sprit Pole Bearing/Seal

    If you're talking about the teflon or HWPE ring, then it's held in with two screws and some sealant about 1" back inside the prod blister. The material is slippery and so the sealant does not stick. And it's thin and has poor mechanical strength, so the screws pull out. Once it's mobile, it's a bugger of a job to get it stuck permanently back in. However, once it's stuck, generally it stays stuck until you hit someone with the prod extended. That either breaks the glue and the seal, or tears the blister off.
  12. Wet Spreaders

    Cool story~~~~

    Long swim from Wales to Thailand. First words "Prynhawn Da. Ydych chi wedi gweld ein merlod?" Have you seen our pony?
  13. Wet Spreaders

    TufLuff Foil Screw Fail

    Has anyone tried applying helicopter tape to the front of the foil over the top of the screws?
  14. Wet Spreaders

    TufLuff Foil Screw Fail

    The furler is about 5 years old - and I think that ctut is right - not plastic, aluminum connectors. The threads are not stripped, but clearly the red Locktite isn't getting the job done. I'm mulling on setting them with 5200 and letting my rigger worry about getting them out again some time in the future.
  15. Wet Spreaders

    TufLuff Foil Screw Fail

    Two segments of my jib furler foil separated (Harken). The foil is an aluminum extrusion with plastic couplers that have small custom screw holes tapped into them to prevent the foil from separating. The screws keep falling out - even with Red Locktite. Is there a better way to do this?