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  1. Wet Spreaders

    Pretty Bad Arrm

    The only way to fix a tendon overuse injury is to stop overusing the tendon. And ice, and heat, and ice, and NSAIDs (Naproxen works for me).
  2. Wet Spreaders

    Stratocaster Build Anarchy

    "I don't remember if it was a Telecaster or a Stratocaster, but it had a heart of chrome and a voice like a horny angel..."
  3. Wet Spreaders


    That will work out just fine until everyone starts to get tired of sitting on toilet seats that have been pissed on by assholes that won't lift them up before peeing. Urinals are not some kind of demonic device to provide men with an unfair life advantage. They exist so that women (and men taking a shit) don't have to scrub the seat and dig out an ass-gasket so they don't sit on drips of some dude's pee.
  4. Wet Spreaders

    Router Table Jitters

    +1 Yup - if your subconscious says "no", listen. Think. Do it another way.
  5. Wet Spreaders

    Rugby World Cup

    I have family in Durban and refugees from the same clan in Auckland. I would love to be hanging out in either location at 2:30am California time tonight.
  6. Wet Spreaders

    Car shipment Anarchy - GCC spec

    What's it rate... ...now?
  7. Wet Spreaders

    Router Burns

    Thanks for the advice - I'll have the chance to try it because I cut and assembled the mirror image of what I actually wanted. So now it's do-over time.
  8. Wet Spreaders

    Router Burns

    I wish I could use a hand plane - my dad was a master at it and I remember watching him take clean, long curly shavings while making his boat (wooden Fireball circa 1976), but I grew up in the world of power tools and my planing skills generally result in chunks, gouges and other crappy looking messed up surfaces. I have a jointer and the fence can go to 45 degrees, but it scares the shit out of me to try bevels on that because it's tough to stop the job from sliding, even with feather boards. Overall, I like everything about the router except the smoke. I'll buy a new bit and turn the speed down.
  9. Wet Spreaders

    Router Burns

    I'm putting a 45 degree bevel on the edge of some hickory for a piece of furniture and the router is burning the wood - which smells like barbeque, which is nice, but leaves me with a miserable sanding job, especially on end grain. Is there a magic way to either stop the wood getting toasted or else get rid of the brown burn without a lot of coarse grit sanding (which inevitably rounds off the corners).
  10. Wet Spreaders

    LED Cabin lights

    There's more than just color temperature to worry about. Incandescent lights work by heating a wire that glows with a broad spectrum of colors. Hotter is blue-er, but there's still plenty of red and yellow light in the spectrum. LEDs are quantum devices and output only a very narrow range of colors, sometimes out of our visual range. The emitted photons are converted from very blue or near UV down to visible range by a phosphor. Cheap phosphors have a small number of elements mixed in and so they still produce a small range of colors - but on average the color is lower (2700K - warm - instead of 6000K - daylight). However, they still make the room look lousy because there are no reflections of "mid range" colors because there's no mid-range light in the light source. You need to look for LEDs with something called CRI (color rendition index). 80 is crap, 85 marginal, 90 is acceptable and 95 is excellent. You may also see a parameter "R9" - That has a similar purpose and you want an R9 better than 60. If you have ever walked into a room and thought "this light looks grey" - that's because the CRI or R9 is low, even if the claimed color temperature is 3000K. For the VHF interference, the problem is the switch mode LED drivers. LEDs are current driven devices - lumens is proportional to current, not voltage. There are two ways to limit current through the LED - a resistor (imprecise and cheap) or a switch mode driver. Resistors are electrically quiet, but more lossy and less robust vs. surges and swells.Any they can't compensate for a partially drained battery. Switch mode is more robust to variable power, but generates a lot of differential EMI that gets coupled back into your electrical grid and interferes with radios. You can get rid of this noise using a capacitor across the wires at the source of the noise - shunts the high frequency back where it came from - or an inline inductor (the blister that you sometimes see on power cords for laptops chargers). Either way, sizing them is not something easy to calculate. My recommendation - solder a 100nF 20V ceramic capacitor across the leads of the LED and see what happens to the EMI. If nothing, try more. If still nothing, give up.
  11. Wet Spreaders

    Solar array 1 year update

    Sunnyboy - that's what I thought. A very popular inverter. SMA has been going through a very tough time with layoffs and revenue contraction (Chinese competition) - the residential inverter market has ridiculous pricing competition right now. I don't think that SMA will be around to service your 25 year warranty, so get a good one as soon as you can.
  12. Wet Spreaders

    Solar array 1 year update

    Who's inverter are you using? I'm planning to install Solar (had our first $500 utilities month ever in July - solar will pay back quickly even without subsidies), but I'd like to steer clear of units with persistent issues.
  13. Wet Spreaders

    Pettit Black Widow Video Review

    I'm under the impression that some of Black Widow's effectiveness is due to the slickness of the material - some kind of fluoromethylethylbadshit makes it slippery. I wonder if the burnish screwed it up and provided footholds for the beasties that the native cured finish does not.
  14. Wet Spreaders

    Z-Flag Fun

    I agree - this makes logical sense to me. If you are over and at least part of the penalty can be repaired, then they should do the X-Flag thing so you know that "someone" is physically over and can take steps to correct. If they keep X down, then you can assume all-clear and they should not assess penalties.
  15. Very happy with my F-Type - but I hate my dealership. They just tried to stick me for $1150 for an annual service (nothing wrong with the car - oil change and some filters only). I told them to forget it and I picked my car up without paying them anything. Idiots. Then they tried to fuck me on the Eco-mode. The eco mode stopped working and the code said something cryptic about the battery. It turns out that there's a second sealed lead-acid battery in the back of the car to help the stop-start. That battery was fried and needed replacement. Idiot dealership quoted me $800. The battery (from them) is $191. I refuse to pay for either. In the UK the battery is GBP 46.00 - so I'll pick one up next time I fly through the UK. It makes no frigging sense at all to have a mode designed to save a few ounces of fuel in city traffic, that costs $800 every 25K miles for a battery. The guy on the phone seemed surprised when I actually roared with laughter at his quote. He is probably used to surprise, perhaps some begging or crying at his pricing. I guess he was not expecting scorn and derision. Anyway, other than the usurious bunch of hostage-taking fucktards in the dealership service department, I love the car and it's been very little trouble from a maintenance POV, which is good luck because I would not be able to tolerate talking to them frequently if the car was a lemon.