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  1. We reefed for the first time ever this weekend on the Farallon race. It was not particularly windy when we put the reef in - 17 kts, but it was building and hit 25 kts by the island in some very big waves. Also, we overstood a little, so it was tough to depower at 40 degrees apparent. The boat went well with the reef, which we shook out when we rounded for the ride home. We took second (first place beat us by 30 mins - he went a different, correct, route there and back) so I'm pretty sure that reefing was the right move because we beat the rest of the fleet that came our side of the course. The ride was more comfortable, easier to control with less slamming and drama with the reef in. Thankfully the reefing rig worked - we probably should have tested and practiced it before trying it in a race in a blow. The only thing that I would change is to add some purchase to stretch out the new reefed foot of the sail more. The most difficult thing was that we could not get the sail grommet over the reefing horn without removing the bottom few slugs, which were painful and slow to put back in when we shook the reef out later.
  2. I'd never sail across the bow of a freighter in SF Bay. First, you'll get five blasts and a DSQ if you even look like dropping below his sightline over his containers, and secondly, you might die. So you need to cross behind the heavy metal, which brings up another safety question - how close behind is "reasonable". There's a substantial amount of turbulence back there and you can feel the boat moving around if you cross a wake even a 100m or so behind the big guy. What bad shit happens if you, for example, head up with a kite and can't get higher without wiping out (say + 20kts wind) and you want to cross the freighter? For example, you're coming from Blackaller and need Harding? Can you cross close or do you need to give them space behind? How much space?
  3. But leaving aside whether BAR didn't move because they couldn't, or wouldn't or a slide slip happened or whatever excuse BA has for the rule violation, TJ was at least half a hull width closer than the "no contact" point. I still don't understand why rule 14 is not active here. Imagine, for example, you are sitting in court at an inquest due to the crushing death of an AC sailor with 12 laypeople trying to establish what happened and apportioning blame. You have one boat cruising along in more or less a straight line, another hotrod guy hauls ass in from behind and tries to cut him off by moving into the piece of water occupied by the slow guy. The slow guy tried to get out of the way, but the fast guy kept pushing to the point where one boat overlapped the other. Who is "guilty" of manslaughter in that situation? Leaving the rules aside - what would the law say? Rule 14 is there to stop damage related lawsuits and while the legal system can easily ignore a hole in some rich guy's boat, it can't ignore some guy being sliced in half on live TV. Where does rule 14 turn on for this regatta?
  4. The situation was initiated by TJ's aggressive luff and the "keep clear" rule was violated by BAR not reacting in time. If I was judging monohulls with this kind of contact in fleet racing I'd toss both - BAR for not keeping clear and TJ for rule 14 and forcing contact resulting in damage. Is there a different rule or standard in match racing or AC with respect to rule 14?
  5. Cored construction runs the obvious risk of getting water in the core. The longer the boat is in contact with the water the more time the water has to find a way to get where it should not. Obviously. Pre-SCRIMP boats are older and so they have longer to get the issue, but there is nothing about the construction that makes this more or less likely, just time. So, if you're looking for a J105 and you want a stiff one, you should start with a pre-SCRIMP hull. The older boats come at a discount due to age. Core intrusion costs about $1000 per foot of hull to fix (don't ask me how I know that). So you could easily get a hull number <100 boat with 10ft of sodden core fixed, perfect and on the water for far less than a hull 400 or 500. Soggy core is not a boat-death event. The process for re-coring is to remove the interior glass, scrape out the rotten crap, fix whatever hole or crack let the water in, put new core in, then the inner skin, glass it back in and paint it. It's not particularly skilled work and so any yard could do it. I suggest getting a survey done, then negotiating the discount with the seller with your new survey in hand and using the discount of about $1000 per wet foot of hull to pay the yard to fix it.
  6. The "tactical black" finish seems to hold up better than the other options.. I've had a leatherman of some kind with that finish in my PFD pocket for about 7 years and it's in great shape.
  7. I tried the carbo blocks - they don't hold up. You need the ones with the metal cheeks and beefier bearings. I don't bother with a block at the end of the sprit - we just route the stripped Warpspeed tack line through the stainless loop. Friction is low and there's less to go wrong, catch, wrap, wobble or break. We use bungle on the rear blocks to hold them off the deck when not in use. Route the sheet backward though the bungie and then around the block so that the line doesn't chew up the bungie and suck the frayed debris into the block.
  8. No update, and no leak either. The pump is off, tank is full. Friggin mystery where close to 1 million gallons of water went to over the last 6 months. The only evidence of the problem is a massive PGE bill for half a year of continuous operation of a 0.75HP pump. The PO installed the system about 15 years ago. He passed away (prostate) and his wife has no idea about anything further from the house than the wall paint (50's wife separation of roles). The creek pump power cable and water line are routed through an abandoned drift mine tunnel (silver) that has mostly blocked so it's just 18" high that runs under my neighbor's property. If those ever break I'm totally fucked because I'm not going in there to fix it. I told my kids that there are orcs living in it, which appears to have suppressed their desire to check it out as a dare. I wonder if you need an easement to route lines from one piece of your property, through a 100 year old tunnel under someone else's land, and back onto your own property if you don't break the surface. I don't have any docs for that from the PO's care package of paperwork.
  9. 21 registered for this weekend's event at the SFYC. We see 3 or 4 boats turn over each year - which is healthy. I've been racing Fleet One since 2005. Of the 21 boats registered, 3 have been with the fleet longer than me. 13 of the boats have been regulars for longer than me. So, we have about 80% owner and 40% boat turn-over in 15 years. There were 64 known J105s in and around the SF Bay in 2012 when we counted them, about 40% race in Fleet One at some point during the season. A few more like to do only PHRF or short-handed SSS races and about half are AWOL. Where else can you participate in a +20 OD keelboat boat fleet 10 times a year? The fleet is very healthy and the biggest on the bay. Other smaller boats have excellent fleets with good racing: Knarr, Folkboat, Express27, I race SSS under PHRF from time to time and the Express drivers are really hard to beat. The Knarrs have a reputation for being spectacularly good tactical sailors, and the Folkboat fleet is really friendly. I still like my J105, though - it's been a great platform for fun with a crew and also with my kids when they were little - it's big enough not to be scary and has light enough loads that they could drive it when they were quite small. Contrary to what most people do, I bought mine when I found out that my wife was pregnant (most people sell up when they get their kids). My happiest times with my boys have been on the boat teaching them thinking skills, being responsible for an important task and having patience, building confidence and working with them to a shared goal. Priceless. .
  10. I decided to run the irrigation and cycle all of the valves. Once I completed the cycle, the "leakage" stopped. My guess is that one (or all) of the valves was stuck open and water was siphoning out. I'm still amazed at the flow rate (500 gals/hr) and the lack of a wet spot anywhere, but the tank is full, the creek pump is off and there doesn't appear to be any flow. I'm completely flummoxed - how the fuck can the creek pump have been on since November, chucking 500gals x 24hrs x 100days (approx 1 million gallons) of water and there be no trace and no obvious source of the problem.
  11. I took a look in the tank and water is flowing at a good clip into it. Since it's not filling up, I assume that water is flowing out at the same rate.
  12. I have a 5000 gal tank to hold creek water that I use for irrigation. The tank is a little uphill from the pressurizing pump and the sprinklers are attached a little lower than the pump. The total head of water without the pump is about 8 feet. With the 1hp pressure pump on I have about 40psi at the sprinklers.. I noticed sometime around November after running the irrigation for some reason that the indicator on the tank showed that it had not refilled - it was sitting about 90% full. "Fuck!" - I guessed, but didn't verify that the creek pump died, and that's a pain in the ass job. I decided to procrastinate to spring. It's spring and time to turn on the irrigation, so I went out to debug the creek pump. It's fine. More than fine, actually, it's chucking about 500 gals/hour into the tank. But the tank is not filling up. About that time my wife stopped by the tank and when I mentioned the problem, she told me that we received a rude note from PG&E about how much electric we're using. Fuck. It now looks like the creek pump has been running continuously since November and water has been leaving the tank at the same rate that it's been entering - about 500 gals/hour. That should be enough to make a wet spot on something somewhere. But there isn't one. Question - how the fuck do I find an underground leak that can discharge 500 gals/hr from an 8 ft static head through the 1 hp centrifical pressure pump when it's off?
  13. I have two Multigraphics in my system. Works fine. I can't remember how I wired them up, but I followed the instruction in the manual and they worked right away and still do 5 or 6 years later. No drama.
  14. I just finished all The Expanse books. I wrapped up Pandora's Star and its partner recently. I also finished The Name of the Wind and its companion and the whole of the Iron Druid series. I have an international flight coming up on United and I require something engaging to keep my mind off the potential beating I might attract for requesting an extra bag of peanuts or non-domestic beer. I need a book that's complicated, thick or part of a long series. Based on the list above, you can probably tell I like scifi and fantasy, but I can tolerate adventures and I really like historical fiction (Mongoliad, Empire Rising...). But I read fast so the bottom line is "thick". Who's been reading something hefty lately?
  15. United had to transport 4 employees. They had choices 1. Bump some passengers 2. Hire a car and drive them 3. Hire a plane and fly them All have costs. Rather than keep the issue internal they chose "1", which is fine. But that dumps the cost of transporting their employees onto the bumped passengers. The law should be amended to force airlines to pay the value of the bump - basically an auction until someone takes it.