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  1. I agree - target boat speed is the first input. Use feel and jib telltales to get there. Once you have the target boat speed, then work on point and check that the AWA/TWA is roughly right so you know that there is nothing drastically wrong with your setup. Once you know that the setup is OK, focus on boat speed, heel angle, ass-feel and hand feel to keep the boat moving - best to ignore AWA in this phase because it's just one more input and you can get fascinated by numbers if you start sailing like it's a video game. Check back with AWA if something changes or the boat feels bad and you need to recalibrate and verify.
  2. The problem with inflatable is that they don't count if they are not on someone's body and so if you're stopped by the coasties on the motor out to a race, you risk being written up for not having enough life vests on board - approved or not. I keep a pack of 4 nasty cheap orange coasty approved chunky lifejackets in the lazarette locker. This immunizes me against the coastie issue whatever my crew brings or wears and weights less than a couple of beers.
  3. Why no red flag vs. the barger?
  4. "...back in the 1980's..." - Dude, that was over 30 years ago. I'm sure that the weather was warmer, the girls were prettier, gas was less than $1 per gallon and you could buy sandwiches for the whole crew of 20 for less than a beer costs at today's inflated prices, your dick could get hard without viagra - yadda, yadda. Listen to yourselves, you all sound like sour old men re-living glory days. This weekend's racing was spectacular, fun, frantic, busy, exciting and overall fantastic. If you didn't make it to SF for the event, come next year; you will be glad you did. There are large one-design fleets because that's what people sail in 2017. J70s, J105s, Pac52, Farr40, J120 - all reasonably modern boats with fleet starts and fewer crew per foot of water-line. Express 37 is a bit of a throwback, but they had fun with a good sized number of boats on the line. Over 100 boats is not a small regatta and I can tell you that everyone there at the prize giving was envious of those who won watches - not for the hardware itself, but for the kudos and respect of those they competed against; everyone brings their A-game to Big Boat. Limp-dick, porch-sitting, grumpy, curmudgeon has-beens should either step up, or shut up. Scooter too.
  5. I'm all enthusiastic about energy efficiency. "efficiency" means doing the same thing with less energy. If I want to spin my wheels and create a cloud of blue smoke, a Prius is not going to get that done, so I need a car with a fucking big, power plant in it. I'm happy for that fucking big motor to be efficient, or electric, or powered by aliens - I just don't care so long as I get blue smoke if I want blue smoke. I'm not about saving energy by doing without - that's simply retrograde and cheating. Plus, it might make you look dorky, or get killed by a truck driver who is frustrated with you hyper-miling at 53.5mph in the fast lane of the freeway at rush hour. The best eco-non-profit would be one that promotes the continued growth of power-based fun and stupidity, but efficiently.
  6. The bottom line in racing - it's almost always the driver's fault. Starts - the driver's fault Shitty tactics - the driver has shitty boat speed Crappy kite handling - The driver didn't de-power properly and so-on. I learned a long time ago that the root cause is usually not the proximal cause, and it starts with the guy who decides where to point the boat.
  7. Mine is pretty quiet unless we get close to being over. Then he hops about, yells and waves his arms to make sure that we, the race committee, all of our competitors and the families on the beach building sandcastles are completely clear that we are over the line.
  8. And don't get snarky - it's OK to be pedantic if it's hot and you ran out of Lagunitas
  9. And does "continuing" mean "continuing in time" or "continuing in space" or either or both?
  10. I re-read the case book (it's windless and 105 degrees outside and I'm bored) and started getting curious about obstructions. Several times the case book mentions "such and so is not a continuing obstruction", but I can't find a definition, and why it's necessary to point out that it's not continuing. I seek enlightenment.
  11. Using "Hero" to describe a sportsman seems to devalue the word, which I always consider to mean that someone has deliberately put themselves in some kind of personal peril in pursuit of a noble goal, and triumphed in the face of overwhelming odds. Guys who win VCs or MOH, or the firefighers who ran into the twin towers hoping to rescue people trapped in the upper floors by the fire. If the NZ folks call Burling a "hero", what word would they use to describe this guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Upham?
  12. I've bought several musto items over the years and I agree - they were designed for Mr. Potatohead
  13. I'm a yeller. Just can't help it. I'm also a sarcastic asshole - ask anyone. Which is a problem because good crew clear off pretty quick when you yell. So I have to shut up or I end up alone a lot of the time, which is not fun. The trick is have someone that you trust on the boat who is also not an asshole and has some amount of tact and diplomacy - and when you really need to bark instructions, tell that guy instead and have them instruct the crew to hop to it and and pull the kite out of the water or untangle a newbie's dick from the tack clutch etc. This works famously, because eventually the crap crew becomes good. Better yet, they don't fuck off en mass two days into a four day regatta. Less yelling is needed, so less communication happens, and you end up in a happy place. Racing is very Zen if you're not all pissed off all the time - a completely different experience.
  14. Are you using the bolt rope into the mast track directly? If you are, try slides. Assuming that I misread your post and you are already using slides, the sail makers tend to choose either the conventional chunky slides or the newer Kiwi-slugs. The Kiwi units are smaller and sewn on with a loop of webbing and a pin. I prefer the chunky slides because they are easier to handle and less fragile. Make sure that your sailmaker has two of the chunky slides on the top batten, one close above and one close below - just 3 inches or so between them. This should prevent the sail from going anywhere near the mast unless it's also banging on the shrouds downwind - then the batten pocket can rub through - different problem. As for hanging up on the backstay - my suggestion is to simply tolerate it. I found it to be a pain in the ass when I first bought my J-boat, but the sailmaker persuaded me to manage it like everyone else in the fleet and now it's not a problem - although I need to wiggle the backstay sometimes in light air to get the main to pop in a jibe. One major innovation is making sure that the batten hardware doesn't catch on the backstay - all you want rubbing there is the sailcloth. When you have that sorted out, it's a very manageable non-problem.
  15. Good competition and competent RC if it's an OD buoy race. Good destination if its a distance race. Nice place to tie up, weather, party, food etc. Simple logistics. There's a local race that double hands on one day and single hands the way back the second day. I have never done this race, which hurts for season points. It's frigging impossible logistically.