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  1. Awlcraft shelf life

    I have a ding in the dark colored Awlgrip topsides and it's showing the white primer underneath. Just a couple of sq cm, so very small. Touching up looks like the right approach rather than committing to a larger re-spraying job, and I had assumed that the Awlgrip people would have small touch-up amounts in stock. Wrong, you have to buy a quart. Also, for amateur touch-up application, I'm guessing that awlcraft would be the way to go. I need to touch up scratches and dings from time to time and so it would be good if the quart pot lasted for a few years after being opened. Does anyone have a good idea how to preserve shelf-life in an open pot of awlcraft or a better idea for touching up small areas of awlgrip?
  2. "Brainwashing" my wife into cruising!

    You likely have a bigger problem than not going boating. This is a modern day classic - wife has not much to do other than being a mom (and don't bullshit me that being a mom is so frigging tough. When you pay someone to clean the house, own a microwave , pay someone to do the laundry that needs ironing and drop the kid into some socialization activity for a few hours a day, it's pretty easy once the little ones sleep through the night). So, with nothing to do they get onto the internet and you find that everyday there's a new parcel of some kind showing up. My wife likes to buy clothes and kitchen utensils - WTF? Most of the clothes go back, but the fucking kitchen is full of high end small appliances and other crap that that was used once. My wife decided that the kids were gluten intolerant, based on no data. So she trotted them around doctors until someone agreed to do a colonoscopy on them to find out for sure. I discovered it the night before (prep is messy) and called the doctor to ask WTF? He said "your wife seemed to need to know" - so I asked about the ethics of doing an unnecessary invasive procedure on minors. Needless to say, he canceled the appointments and left me with a very pissed off and irrational angry spouse, and a pantry full of gluten-free shit that doesn't taste good no matter how many small appliances you have to cook it with. In revenge she has had them inoculated against every known pathogen - so if there's a future dirty war, my kids will be fine hiding in an Indian latrine with a rabid dog, living off an anthrax infected dead goat. I feel very sorry for you if you're really in the situation where your wife does not have to work. Finding meaning in life is hard for some people and so they waste it watching daytime soaps, or Fox News, shopping on the Internet, or going to yoga, meditation and "mindfulness" group classes. WTF is "mindfulness" anyway? I suggest giving the money to Elon Musk - he has so much of it he's never going to get away anyhow - and send your wife out to work. Buy a laser and go sailing inexpensively without trying to persuade her to like it.
  3. Fremont California and Tesla

    Alameda would be a good place to live, but you're stuck with a 60 min commute down to the Tesla plant in Fremont from there every AM.Even on Bart, it's going to take an hour or more to get into the office from home. One idea would be to stay in North San Jose somewhere - one of the newly built apartment complexes on Montague or Lick Mill area - you are counter-commute from Fremont and close to 237, 101 and 880 freeways so you can get to real sailing in Alameda or San Francisco on Weekends. If you want to do weekday evenings you're pretty much screwed because of the work-ethic at Tesla, which means you won't be knocking off early enough anyway, so no need to worry about Redwood City on Wednesday or Alameda on Friday - you won't make it in time. If you're a "pub in the evenings" kind of person, then try San Jose downtown - it gets bad press, but there are some dive bars with a "regular" type clientele there. Mountain View might still have that too. Further up the peninsular is a Stanford students and graduates-only ghetto, so don't bother hanging out there unless you have the qualifications to attract PhD totty, or Muffy - daddy's little princess.
  4. 3DI (Raw) and roller furler storage longevity

    This is a really interesting discussion. I have 2 year old 3di jib that looked great when I bought it and still has great shape with no serious damage. It's really floppy at this point and feels like a damp rag when I take it down and roll it - which we do after every race day - and it's gone dark grey rather than solid black. I have sail buttons so I replaced it for serious racing this year with another one, but now I have what seems to be a pretty good backup because it's still stiff in tension along the surface of the sail. The recommendation to take the sail down and roll it is everyone's favorite, but I agree that it's a pain in the ass when single-handing - especially trying to roll up the floppy thing after a hard day on the water. If I leave it up under a sock per the OP, should i expect physical degradation related to reduced longevity, or shape degradation leading to slowness?
  5. Pettit Slime Release bottom paint

    I was warned off using Intersleek - hard to repair because its so slippery that it won't stick to itself - and somewhat soft so easy to damage if you hit a lump of wood, or touch-down in thin water. Also, hard (expensive) to go back to other kinds of bottom paint because it contaminates with slippery shit, and expensive to apply the first time because the system requires removal of just about everything that's likely to be on the bottom of your boat now. On the plus side, some water friction math (hydrophobic) that they gave me to look at for tankers scales to 2 boat lengths on an upwind leg, which is worth having. But unproven - I was waiting for someone else to go first. Did that happen and I missed it?
  6. Cockpit refuses to drain....

    The draining speed sounds thoroughly inadequate for ocean use anyway. If you are going offshore any distance, I'd suggest getting the hole saw out and effecting a permanent upgrade.
  7. February Fourteenth

    Shit - don't tell my wife. Maybe I can parle the confusion into two goes at it this year...
  8. February Fourteenth

    So, it's "Steak and a Blowjob" day again. Indicate how you celebrate it
  9. Stupid Airports

    45 mins is nothing by Philippines standards. I arrived at 5pm one Friday evening - apparently "payday Friday", which makes it worse. I got into the hotel car, and stayed stationary at the arrivals curb in traffic for an hour and a half. Eventually we started crawling forward. It took 3.5 hours to get 15 km to my hotel. Now when I go to Manila, I make sure to arrive at 5:00am instead (there's a redeye from SFO that works well for that). Then it's only 50 mins door to door.
  10. Stupid Airports

    On the less grumpy side - I was really impressed by AKL. Their electronic passport control covers multiple countries and so you can zip through with no lines, even if you're not an NZ citizen. Awesome! I think from wheels-down to driving off in a rental car took less than 20 minutes.
  11. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    They look young and fit. This is an easy fix: get a job, save some money, buy another boat, try again. Based on the BS write up you would think that this is a tragedy of some kind - it's a disappointment and a setback, but easily retrievable. The guys I feel sorry for are the old loaners who decide to do this when they are 70 and sink their boat along with all their stuff and their photos of the people who used to give a shit about them before they went curmudgeon and drove off their friends and family.
  12. Stupid Airports

    The new terminal at Inchon now gets the “stupidest terminal” award for having a crap design. I spent the last half hour trying to find a pack of gum and an Economist - but no, dipshits have filled every nook of retail space with luxury brand stores. inside, there are bored looking girls in uniforms selling nothing to anyone, as the world walks by. WTF? In LHR, SFO and a hundred other airports around the world, the lines to buy stuff are in WH Smith or equivalent. Who buys a fucking Rolex at the airport for Christ’s sake? rant off ... boarding, with no newspaper.
  13. Three Bridge Fiasco

    We tried anticlockwise, and camped by the pipe organ for an hour. Then we noticed that some folks who started clockwise were coming back up the beach after rounding Blackaller - I guess they didn't like the look of the detour to Pt. Diablo that the guys who headed to Redrock from Blackaller were making. So, we decided to head down to Blackaller anyway and come back up the beach in case the wind picked up - we would at least have knocked off one "bridge". That worked well and we passed a bunch of boats who played by the rules and were camping in the current North of Anita. We went through the "no go zone" in relief. We made it back to the start line by about 1:30 and the 3kt wind shut down again. So we retired and motored home. A beautiful day on the bay. It will be interesting to see if any of the really light multihulls had the juice to make the complete circuit.
  14. Dragging a line

    There's a short handed race coming up - the bay will be quite crowded, particularly at mark roundings. My favorite way to douse the kite when short-handed is to toss the tack and halyard overboard, then open the tack clutch and gather the foot, then open the halyard and pull the sail down. This works well because you are guaranteed not to have knots in the halyard - you can check that it's streaming nicely behind - and there's just enough tension on the line to help control the drop while you use both hands to pull the sail down. When I'm dragging a line and there's a guy coming into the mark behind me on the same gybe, do I need to worry (from a rules POV) about him touching my dragged line? The line is in a normal position from the POV of the action that I'm taking - short handed drop - and he is the keep-clear boat under usual circumstances. What about if I'm on port and a guy on starboard wants to cross behind me? Usually this question occurs to me about 10 boatlengths from the leeward mark in a short handed race, and evaporates 10 boatlengths to windward of the same mark. This time, I remembered to ask before getting on the water. What do you all think?
  15. 2018 Three Bridge

    Who's coming?