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  1. Anyone used Kiwigrip and removed it?

    Another problem with Kiwigrip is bubbles. They form when it's stirred and also when rolled on, and they pop after it sits for a while creating little dirt traps. Has anyone tried "flashing" over Kiwigrip with a torch the way you do with epoxy to get rid of bubbles?
  2. Bad head

    I go to Korea a lot - three or four times a year - and I used to be there every 2 weeks for a couple of days when I was in sales. I recall sitting at breakfast in the Shila hotel in Seoul sometime during the Barcelona olympics and reading an article in the Korea Times about the food court. Apparently, the Koreans were glowing about how much positive feedback they had received from serving kimchi in the olympic village. In the surveys taken at the event, only the smell, taste and texture were found to be in question to the European taste. Everything else about it was wonderful. I recall an old Korean customer who took me and my engineer out for dinner one evening. After a couple of bottles of sochu, some smoking, some whiskey, some singing and gratuitous abuse of the waitress, the guy explained why he likes kimchi: "Tastes like unwashed woman!", Which nicely closes the loop on this thread.
  3. Anyone used Kiwigrip and removed it?

    I'm pissed off with Kiwigrip and my boatyard. My foredeck guy was slipping and sliding around on the 20 year old non-skid, so I decided to re-do and picked Kiwigrip. I asked the yard to put it on for me because I did not want to deal with sanding and prep. 18 months later it looked like crap because every dropped winch takes a divot. You can also see that the yard didn't bother sanding it at all because the old finish is clearly visible and unscratched in the locations where the Kiwi Grip peeled off. I can't decide whether to re-do the Kiwigrip over the gaps, or strip it off and start again. Shitty product applied by amateurs - who also managed to splatter the stuff on my varnished toe rails, pushpit and traveller.
  4. weird sinus issue

    I tried irrigation on the theory that it would wash the snot out. However, the pressure it not caused by impacted snot, because snot is squashy. The pressure is from inflamed tissue. Irrigation does provide some temporary relief, but I found that it was only temporary. Also, I ended up having salty water discharge from my nose at awkward times, like when bending to pick up a dropped item or tying my shoes.
  5. weird sinus issue

    I suffered from chronic sinus issues for years. Eventually The Quack was persuaded to give me a course of Zithromax. Three days later, I woke up without a headache for the first time in 2 or 3 years. Now, when I get a head cold, my sinuses re-infect and, after a month or so of "wait and see if it clears up", I make a repeat trip and get another prescription, which fixes the issue in days. The problem is some study or other that was done. The result of the study appears to have persuaded doctors that antibiotics don't improve the outcome of the average sinus infection. Which is nice to know, especially if you have an average nose. If your nose is somehow not average, you get denied treatment. They need to teach statistics and how to read research output properly in medical schools. While I'm waiting for The Quack to decide that I have suffered long enough, I take long-release Mucinex-D, which is the size of a horse pill and hard to get down, then makes your head spin for 2 hours like having 6 cups of coffee. Then you can settle down for a 4 or 5 hours of headache-free work before it starts to wear off.
  6. Mystery Shore Power Outages

    We're making chips for China that have an automatic re-closer capability for breakers. My opinion is that the whole idea is ill-considered and dangerous, but the Chinese like it for apartment buildings where maintenance can reset overloads without having a person physically do it. I doubt whether your new breaker for the USA use would have automatic recloser capability, but something to consider if the corroded neutral is not the problem.
  7. J/35 Priming my Yanmar 3GM30

    I like the idea of using the compression release levers and the starter motor - it works well for me.
  8. NKE

    If you are in the SF Bay area talk to Norm Davant. He provided my NKE setup and Peter (tall Aussie guy - forgot his last name) installed it. Works great.
  9. Degassing Epoxy

    I usually just give it a wipe with some acetone. Careful not to let the cloth touch the nice front and back clear surfaces, just the cut edge.
  10. Degassing Epoxy

    Yes - that works well for a layup, but I'm cold casting a bronze inlay. The problem with the bubbles is that when I sand it, it reveals the hidden voids. I need it degassed in the pot and then re-degassed in the piece to ensure no bubbles. Or I need to carve out and re-fill voids later, which is a pain in the ass and could get really annoyingly iterative.
  11. Degassing Epoxy

    I bought a vacuum degassing set up - 5 gal stainless pot, thick plexiglass lid, valves, gauge and pump. It works great and pumps the chamber down to "off the scale", whatever that is, in about 3 minutes. I tried degassing a pot of casting epoxy. It turned into a froth and overflowed the pot, wasting about 2/3 of it. So I tried again with less epoxy in a bigger pot. That turned into a froth and stayed a froth. So I had a pint of half gone off epoxy froth, which turned into half an ounce of lumpy opaque goo spread approx 1mm thick on the sides of the pot when I let the air back in. How do you get the epoxy to actually let go of the bubbles?
  12. La Ventana at Christmas

    I'm taking my boys down to La Ventana over Christmas to kiteboard. There are two lessons per day for four days, which leaves a couple of free days and most of each lesson-day open. Questions: 1. If they are just hanging out on the beach and playing in the water, will they need wetsuits at that time of year? We get rentals with the lessons, but it would be better to buy some here if they are going to need them for horseplay in the water the rest of the day. I'd rather not buy because the 3/2 recommended for Sea of Cortez is too thin for Northern California, plus they are growing like weeds. 2. What else is there to do when we're not kiteboarding? They are 11 and 13, athletic and capable kids.
  13. Me too

    A couple of regattas ago in the prestart we passed a boat with a gal standing on the swim step, hanging onto the backstay with her foulies round her ankles pissing out a stream of urine like a horse. My only thought at the time was "damn my swollen prostate" - I'd love to be able to shoot a decent stream 6 feet past the transom. Was I wrong not to spend enough time appreciating her ass?
  14. Were all you're high school friends jackholes?

    I have not been back to my high school since I left over 30 years ago. They just invited me to give a "careers in engineering" talk to the graduating class, so now I have to figure out how to pitch something accessible, useful, entertaining and relevant without looking like an opinionated and out of touch old guy. My suspicion is that it will end up being just one more 30 minutes of annoying yadda from a grown-up keeping them from their Instagram friends. Probably I'll keep it on the "up and coming technologies" info side and stay away from the "work hard at math and science" - which is frigging obvious. Perhaps a little advice on how to pick startups vs. big companies in tech as the trends blow through. What else do college-bound kids need to know?
  15. Mail Heist

    Neighbor photo of the guy robbing her mailbox this afternoon at 1:15pm. Too frightened to confront the fucker. Obscured license plate. Wearing a black hood and leaning out of the car. Cops not interested.