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  1. Wet Spreaders

    j105 class health?

    Forestay is a little bit "set and forget" once you decide on what the general weather is going to be like. If it's going to be really light air, then generally shorter. If it's going to be usually heavy air, then generally longer (old "class max" or perhaps a little more). We change ours twice a year - winter and summer settings. Once you have the forestay and rake "right" for the conditions, you do all the other tuning using the mains. You set the lowers and mids to manage overbend and sag under backstay
  2. Wet Spreaders

    shroud tension suggestions

    I have no idea what the usual procedure is for your boat, but on mine there's no magic single setting for shrouds. It depends on the cut of the main and the windspeed. For cap shroud settings we generally set up so that the leeward shroud is just loose in the wind conditions. The other shrouds depend on overbend wrinkles. If we get overbend before max backstay, we crank on more mids and lowers. If we get overbend at around max backstay, then we check where the wrinkles point and tighten up that shroud until the overbend wrinkles point between the lower and the mids. If this works, great. If not, then we fuck with it some more, including worrying about forestay sag etc. But generally the "where do the wrinkles point" method is OK.
  3. Wet Spreaders

    Fix a Fred

    Good news is that the Shopsmith adapter goes into the chuck (with a few lb ft of persuasion) and so the chuck might survive. All I need is a new $30 adapter. Pay the idiot tax and move on, educated, but unbowed.
  4. Wet Spreaders

    3BF 2020

    Never has my wife's "honey-do" list looked so good. Glad I stayed off the water and banked some wife-karma - this year looked very frustrating.
  5. Wet Spreaders

    Fix a Fred

    I fucked up the fred in my Nova chuck. I didn't realize that it has a set screw to allow for reversing lathes and when it would not unscrew, I just applied some leverage. Which trashed the threads in either the adapter or the chuck or both - no idea which and no way to find out. Now I need to put it back onto the adapter and then back onto the lathe, but it only goes a quarter turn and jams. Options are to apply more force in the opposite direction and crank it on, or try to file the threads or something else. Ideas?
  6. Wet Spreaders

    Decent sci-fi or fantasy novels

    I've been reading the same stuff - Corey, Hamilton, Tolkein. Here are some ideas: Name of the Wind - Kingkiller chronicles. Good books, but a trilogy of two, which kinda fucks up the ending Robert Jordan - Eye of the World Alastair Reynolds - Revelation Space Brandon Sanderson - Final Empire +1 on Children of time and Children of ruin +1 on Three body problem and the Dark Forest Working on A Little Hatred - which might only be funny for Brits, but nations that don't do irony-humor and get confused by sarcasm (America, Germany etc) can probably just enjoy the story.
  7. Wet Spreaders


    Apparently Lyme disease goes well with Corona virus
  8. Wet Spreaders

    Trans-Siberian RR anarchy

    It looks a lot nicer than AmTrak. My wife and I took a trip on the Starlight Express up the west coast from San Jose to somewhere in Oregon (close to Crater Lake). Our cabin was tiny and claustrophobic, and the pipe-cot bed conversion reminded me of a tour of USS Pompano (WW2 sub parked in SF Bay) that I went on. Not at all classy or romantic.
  9. Wet Spreaders

    3BF 2020

    My boat gets hauled today for new bottom. If it doesn't rain too much this week and they don't find anything nasty under the waterline, I'll be sailing the 3BF. I have a great spreadsheet that has flawlessly failed to pick the correct direction for the last 10 years. With that record of consistency in mind, I think I'm going to invoke it again this year, and go the other way.
  10. Wet Spreaders

    Where were the Patriots?

    When Iran lobbed some MRBMs into US military installations, after threatening publicly and providing lots of warning that some shit would go down, why was the only defense "duck and cover"? Where were the Patriots, or THAAD or some other star-wars-iron-dome-laser-spaceman-rocket-shit to take out the falling ordinance over the desert? I'm sure a canvas cot is very comfy compared to hard pack, but it's highly deficient as a missile shield.
  11. Wet Spreaders

    Wind Power

    Wind turbines are great - especially the offshore type with HVDC links back to the mainland (Dolwin in North Sea, for example). The bigger the turbine, the better in that application. On land I don't consider them "eyesores" at a distance, but close up they are noisy and the blades are really distracting if you are close by. I'd be OK with them on the next hilltop, but I'd hate to have one on my hilltop. I'm a windmill NIMBY. I like solar for terrestrial and wind for marine. Battery storage for peak loads. Nuclear for base load. The most important thing is to get rid of coal - 50% less energy per ton of CO2 compared to gas (C only vs CH4, roughtly. With gas some of the energy is from making H20 with the Hydrogen). Coal chucks out heavy metal poisons in a form that can be metabolized and more low level radiation from elements in the coal than nuclear. Getting rid of coal should be a global priority - pretty much anything else you do to generate power is a better option IMHO.
  12. Wet Spreaders

    A Gentleman

    A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects. – Robert A. Heinlein, from Time Enough for Love: "Notebooks of Lazarus Long"
  13. Wet Spreaders

    Peloton AD follow up

    The PR/marketing guys at Peloton must be laughing - they paid a few hundred K for some simple filming and perhaps a few million for ad placements. The controversy is nonsense, for anyone who might be a customer and they generated tens of millions of value of marketing impressions for their products. Brilliant marketing.
  14. Wet Spreaders

    Another stupid electrical question

    Here's a way to fix it. Root through the switch junction box and find a wire that's live - use a volt meter of some kind, or an AC circuit tester. It's probably a black wire. Flip the breaker and see if that turns the power to that wire on and off. Wire that black wire to the HOT of your (check it) "single pole" switch. Put the electric meter across from the basket of wires in the switch box to the wires in the light and see which are connected. Use the "Ohms" function and you are looking for a very low number. Put that one into the "line out" terminal of the switch and into the "hot" terminal of the light. Root around in the light and find a white wire going into the wall. Short the new "hot" wire to it briefly to make a spark and blow the breaker. You found neutral the easy way. Or ground - it's important not to connect this to ground so be careful. Wire the neutral to the "return" of the light. Flip the breaker! Call the fire brigade and some paramedics, if necessary.
  15. Wet Spreaders

    Another stupid electrical question

    Sounds to me like your system is wired for a three way (which is why there's a red wire) and somewhere in the replacement process you managed to pick the wrong wire and bypassed your switch. Black is HOT White is Neutral - return Red is the extra wire that goes between the two switches to make it a three way. Probably you have red coming into the fixture so that you can fit a fixture that has it's own (3 way) switch on it, but so you can turn it on and off from either the wall switch or the local switch. Both three way switches are "Change Over" make-after-break type switches. That way you can wire them up so that power can flow or be interrupted by either switch changing state.