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  1. Wet Spreaders

    Eve of War is again upon us.

    Yes - Richard Burton. Did a really great job of the narrator voice.
  2. Wet Spreaders

    Eve of War is again upon us.

    it's too bad that the album never really made it across the pond. I downloaded it on iTunes a few years ago and it became a favorite on road trips to the ski slopes with my kids. I'd love to see it live here in the USA. On the plus side of European exports - I get to see 2 Cellos in San Jose next February. Looking forward to it...
  3. Wet Spreaders

    Frigate on the rocks, 7th fleet innocent.

    The Russian "non-targets" of the war games must be laughing their heads off. "ey Vlad, no need more polish Kusnetsov. Stoopid guys sink self in own backyard".
  4. Wet Spreaders

    The Best Drunk Food

    But back to the OP - definitely anything BUT kimchi. That stuff comes from satan's asshole and is the most fetid and unpalettable shit on the planet. I remember reading the Korea Times, sitting in the breakfast bar at the Shila hotel in Seoul during the Barca olympics. There was an article where the Koreans were explaining the excellent feedback from the crowd at the international food court about the kimchi on sale. Apparently, the folks loved it, except for the smell and taste, and there were suggestions to improve the texture. Koreans considered the survey to be a major success. I had one old engineer (japanese) who came with me on a trip. He declared "tastes like unwashed woman". The funny thing is, he considered that a complement - and asked for another plate.
  5. Wet Spreaders

    Bike Rack Anarchry

    I have the same "tray" make and model as the unit in the first picture. I bought it to replace the "hanging" type in the second picture. The hanging type are OK for regular street bikes and older style bike frames, but they don't work for many mountain bikes or kids bikes because they don't have a classic crossbar. You end up having to buy (or make) a crossbar hanger thingumajig to srap between the seat post and the handlebars.
  6. Wet Spreaders

    Personal Epirb what to buy?

    I checked the MOB1 out online - 5 of 5 stars. Which is pretty unusual - I wonder if the reviews are self-selecting and those with poor user experience did not enter their opinion.
  7. Wet Spreaders

    J105 light winds

    In the photo, what are the white lines and patches close to the luff of the kite at the tack and the head?
  8. Wet Spreaders

    J105 light winds

    Hi J105 has the reputation of being "sticky" in very light breeze (<5 kts or so), but I have won PHRF races in that stuff before against good competitors. Here's my $0.02 on the best approach. : Before you leave the dock - do a weight-nazi survey and ditch anything you don't need. Also, ditch the crew if you can - sail 2-up. 1. Upwind - a) stay on the breeze. It's very tempting to try to get the boat moving by footing around the racecourse, but once you are up to speed, make sure that you are pointing properly. b) Barberhaul the jib to close the slot a little. You can't use barberhaulers per OD rule, but you can use the lazy sheet. c) Let the jib car back - don't totally close the slot up high. Also, you need some twist d) Over-sheet the boom with the traveler - above centerline is fine, but let the leech fall off a bit to provide twist e) Don't let too much outhaul off or make the sails too powerful and draggy - blade things out a bit to keep flow attached f) Have someone on the jib keeping it trimmed all the time so you don't need to move the rudder quickly during lifts or knocks. Try to use sail trim rather than boat angle to the wind as much as possible g) leeward heel of 5 degrees or so. Weight forward so the transom is not dragging too much water around Downwind a) if the kite is a floppy rag, you are better off flying a jib b) If you have the kite up and you are catching zephyrs, drive sitting to leeward. Hold the kite sheet in one hand (outboard of all of the blocks etc - directly off the kite) and the wheel in the other. You'll be surprised how sensitive you can get to the smallest puffs and pressure. You need long arms (I'm 6'2" and built like a gibbon, so that helps). Having to worry about both the kite and driving helps you to maintain focus and you can react better than trying to tell a kit trimmer what to do when they likely zoned out half an hour ago. c) Crew weight to leeward and forward. Get the transom out of the water. d) Don't ease the main too much. In these conditions you are probably at 75 to 85 degrees apparent, so sheet in and twist off. I basically reject the idea that J105s don't work in light air, but it does take some practice.
  9. Wet Spreaders

    SOS Dan Buoy - Auto inflates while hanging on pushpit

    Yeah - you need to service it and swap the pill out if you're leaving it outside and exposed. Mine went off on a wet downwind race. Not a big deal - rearmed and moved it to a location that drains better. I made a holder for it that attaches to the rail by cutting and bending a $2.00 offcut from Tap Plastics. I attach with cable-ties before an ocean race and snip it off when we're racing inside the bay.
  10. Wet Spreaders

    Progammable thermostat anarchy

    What you need is a hacked fitbit or iWatch that measures skin temperature and adjusts the thermostat accordingly - call it "Menopause Mode". Can we patent that? Put a pink band on it, market it to older women with a 25% markup.
  11. Wet Spreaders

    Progammable thermostat anarchy

    To figure out whether it's better to have the heat on all the time or only when you need it, run a simple thought experiment. First, you need to understand that heat and temperature are not the same thing. Heat is the amount of energy (measured in Joules, calories, BTUs or dollars). Temperature is a forcing function that will cause heat energy to flow in an attempt to make all objects the same temperature. If it's warm outside, heat energy will flow inside. If it's warm inside and cold outside, heat (aka dollars) will flow out. The temperature falls when the heat energy leaves and rises where the heat energy shows up. All you need to think about is the paint in your house - count the dollars that cross the paint on the outside walls. To warm the house up, you pump in dollars. When it's warm inside you need to keep pumping dollars into it at the same rate that they are leaving it to keep the temperature constant. Even when you stop heating the house, the dollars still flow outside, but as the differential temperatures even out (house gets colder) the flow of dollars drops. Once the house reaches the same temperature as outside, the flow of dollars stops. Bottom line - the flow of dollars is related to the temperature differential. Any time the differential is lower, the dollars crossing through the paint from the inside to the outside are reduced. Energy used in a burst to heat the house after it's been cold for a while is not relevant to the thought experiment - all that matters is the differential temperature, time and the dollars that cross from inside to outside.
  12. Wet Spreaders

    Freaking Terminators!!

    Also, in the slowmo segment from behind, it's really uncanny how it moves its arms for balance. That's probably harder to write software for than the leg movements.
  13. Wet Spreaders

    Freaking Terminators!!

    What happened to slowly clumping up the stairs in a heavy, menacing and unstoppable way with tender starlet running away at full pelt, but still slower than the walking android. Then falling over her own feet as the music crescendos. A skeletal silver hand reaches out for her ankle..... This fucking thing can probably just hop up the stairs two at a time and stomp you dead without breaking stride. No need for a soundtrack..
  14. Wet Spreaders

    Dynema/Spectra climbing runners as strops

    The cam cleat or the strop? The class does not permit changes in purchase (mechanical advantage), but does not seem to care too much about changes to the boat designed to improve mantainability, reduce maintenance costs, extend the lifetime of equipment or organize sheets and lines; provided that there's no obvious performance advantage from the change. Over the years inventions for barberhauling and driver-free backstay adjustment have been banned. But tiller conversions, mast doublers at the kite sheave exit, removal of windward-sheeting traveler cars and so-on have been approved. Overall I think that the class drives a very fair and wise balance between gear-nazi conservatism and anarchy - I like the approach. It requires exercise of judgment, but the class is run by grown-ups and there does not seem to be much controversy. My guess is that the strop would be judged to be legal because it helps with a maintenance problem (erosion of the boom) and does not affect mainsheet purchase. My guess is that the cam cleats would be legal if the purpose is for cleaning up kite tails - whether or not that's actually necessary or the specific place for the cleats is questionable in the first place.
  15. Wet Spreaders

    Dynema/Spectra climbing runners as strops

    We chuck them tail first down the companionway.