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  1. Wet Spreaders

    Waterline J/105

    Guys here in SF who were fast with the Hall mast and then had breakages and had to replace with Sparcraft struggled for speed and point. I don't know what changed, but it took about a season and all of those boats are competitive now - there are three or four from a fleet of 20. No-one here worries about which mast a boat is using any more.
  2. Wet Spreaders

    Things to do in IOWA

    Visit the World's Largest Truck Stop https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iowa_80
  3. Wet Spreaders

    Flying under the radar is smart

    You can probably fit a good quantity of barrels of sarin in the back of that. Sticker on the freight: COD to Homs, by the look of it.
  4. Wet Spreaders

    Trigger finger

    Unfortunately Altamont don't make grips for URX and I really like the sexy 7.5" Aluminum barrel with the machined grooves in it, which is what I just bought. 8 days to go....
  5. Wet Spreaders

    Trigger finger

    I have some carbon left over from making instrument covers (NKE's OEM covers are shit). Maybe I can make some kind of sexy custom molded carbon appendage for the back strap using an evacuated ziploc full of home made 5 minute prepreg.
  6. Wet Spreaders

    Trigger finger

    Yes - I don't think I mentioned this in the original post. The only 22LR automatic you can buy in California at the moment is the BuckMark because it's grandfathered in from before the rule came in that requires the unique ammo stamping feature. That means if I buy a 22LR pistol for target practice and I want it to fit, I need to frig about to get my finger pad on the trigger instead of the first finger crease, which probably means adjusting the grip somehow. Maybe best to chat with the gun shop guys when/if I decide to buy.
  7. Wet Spreaders

    Lease or Buy

    I think I agree with you - the depreciation hit is pretty big on new Jags, but I don't think that it's because of the actual quality, which has been pretty good, more likely because of historical reputation. The F-Type is built pretty light and has rather hard suspension, but on the other hand, nothing has broken and it flies when I put the hammer down. I'm not unhappy that I bought it new, but I am reconciled to it being an unwise "investment".
  8. Wet Spreaders

    Trigger finger

    I was plinking with my buddies' BuckMark 22LR pistol. It's a pretty nice piece and surprisingly accurate. One item of note - my finger could not decide whether to use the pad or first crease to pull the trigger. I like to use the pad and I find that I can get more accuracy and consistency when shooting using my finger pad, but the natural place for my finger on the trigger was the first crease. Is there a conventional wisdom of whether to use crease or pad to shoot? If you have a long trigger finger, do you change the grips, backstrap or something else to make the gun fit right?
  9. Wet Spreaders

    Lease or Buy

    In addition to my truck - the subject above - I bought the V8 Ftype in 2015. Other than the annual services, it's been back to the shop only once to cure a rattle in the mirror. I'm happy with it and have done about 20K miles. However, having said that, it now has a down-rev electronics package which is frustrating and one of the reasons for my "lease/buy" question WRT the truck. As the semiconductor content of vehicles goes up, you get onto Moore's treadmill and value rots really fast.
  10. Wet Spreaders

    Lease or Buy

    Call me old fashioned, but my usual way to buy a car is to save up some cash, then buy it. For the last 25 years I have been doing that with GMC Yukons - save up, buy a new one, drive for 180K miles or so, and replace - takes 7 to 10 years. I'm ready to do it again. Except... With new technology coming along - lane keeping, potentially driverless modes of one kind or another, new connectivity (USB type C fast chargers), electric drives/hybrid systems, etc, etc, it looks like the semiconductor guys have got hold of the car business and it's likely to go the way of the PC - your new top of the line machine is obsolete in under a year. Which brings up the idea of leasing rather than buying as a way to hedge against some technological breakthrough destroying the resale value (or making me want to upgrade early).. I've never leased a vehicle and my understanding is that most people lease to convert up front costs into a payment. I don't have that issue because my car kitty is full and ready to spend. What do you all think about leasing as a technology hedge rather than a payment process? Worth it or would I be just buying an expensive option?
  11. Wet Spreaders

    Keel trailing edge bevel

    We changed our trailing edge from symmetrical to asymmetrical and stopped all humming at speed. I don't know whether Karman vortices have a measurable effect on boat speed, but they can generate nasty resonances and annoyingly loud humming that really can't be good for structural integrity long term.
  12. Wet Spreaders

    Heat treating stainless

    Adjusting while racing is allowed for races over 21 nautical miles in our fleet. However, I'm not talking about adjusting while racing - the wrench was damaged while setting up prior to racing - on the low, less-loaded, side - we were in breeze and I really needed more rig on.
  13. Wet Spreaders

    Heat treating stainless

    I have Ronstan calibrated turnbuckles. The main problem with them is that the turnbuckle nuts are machined to be exactly round numbers. My understanding is that it's the wrench that should be the exact size and nuts are supposed to be about 0.5mm smaller - or thereabouts, depending on the size. The usual convention - nuts are smaller than the wrenches, which are the size that's printed on them - exactly. Anyway - I can't get an off the shelf wrench to fit the damn Ronstan turnbuckles. Adjustable wrenches are a pain in the ass and they corrode and become crap within a couple of months. So I decided to make some custom wrenches using an online machine shop. For $100 I received two beautiful and accurately machined 1/4" thick 304 stainless wrenches with exactly the right sizes on each end for the shrouds. Awesome. Until it blew like snot this weekend and I needed to crank on the rig - it opened up one of the wrenches and now it slips on the nut - useless. My plan is to squeeze it back to size in my vice, but I suspect that it will just stretch again. Is there a heat treatment for 304 stainless that will help lock the size down once I have pressed the wrench forks back together?
  14. Wet Spreaders

    Utter morons in IT

    Uhhh , no. I grew up under that system in the UK. The best way to explain it to Americans is to suggest they imagine what happened last time they visited the DMV and see if they would want that kind of service level if they were sick or injured. Also, the metrics that they use for "success" are social aggregates - mortality averages etc. Which probably sounds fine if you are a bureaucrat reading a study that says free milk and orange juice for preschoolers is the most cost effective way to increase the average mortality. It's not a great metric when you are 65 years old with a treatable ovarian tumor and get asked to wait 6 weeks for a surgeon to be available. Sorry, now stage 4, can't operate - take some heroin and die without causing too much fuss, please.
  15. Wet Spreaders


    We sell electronic parts for dishwashers and other appliances. For attention to detail and overall quality, I'd go with Bosch and Miele. The USA brands are generally solid, middle of the road models, but they are behind in technology and tend to be more noisy. The Koreans are further ahead on features, but they tend to adopt new technology too quickly without adequate testing and I think that the longevity suffers somewhat. We get more product returns for dumb reasons from the Koreans than from the Europeans because the EU guys don't stress the parts - they tend to over-design. Personally, I have a Miele. It's a great dishwasher and does a very good job. The only downside (other than price) is that it's too quiet and I can't tell that it's working. There is no external indicator light. I lost count of the number of times I have opened it to put a dish in after my wife turned it on and received a face full of steam. We now have a protocol and a fridge magnet - if the magnet is on the door, the dishwasher is working.