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  1. JimL

    Non stick ceramic pans - field reports

    +1! Cheers, Jim
  2. JimL

    Random PicThread

    Figurehead carvin...? But what's goin on in the carvers mind.......movin on..... Cheers, Jim
  3. JimL

    Non stick ceramic pans - field reports

    At last! Now I know what you blokes call a "Dutch Oven" is what we call a "Casserole". I used our Le Creuset for Beef Burgundy or ( bœuf bourguignon as I can't pronounce it or spell it) as well as Chicken Dijonaise (chicken with Dijon mustard). Le Creuset stuff is great. Cheers, Jim
  4. JimL

    How to stop block from scrathing deck

    I have been using a flattened turks head on the deck under the block for the kite pole kicker. I imagine you could do a conventional turks head around the base of the block, say at the swivel, using part of an old halyard or sheet for say a three pass turks head? An old piece of double braid make s a great turks head buffer. Cheers, Jim
  5. JimL

    Random PicThread

    Great shot of the Sydney Opera House site when it was the Tram terminal. Cheers, Jim
  6. JimL

    Random PicThread

    Well, a 20mm enema would certainly bring a tear to the eye...........
  7. JimL

    Random PicThread

    As a young apprentice boilermaker I used to fabricate these bloody ugly signs outa 1/8" (3.5mm) plate. But in Oz they were Caltex signs. It was my contribution to the uglinessness of Sydney suburbia. Dunno how many I made but no matter what other jobs rolled into the boilershop there were always a batch of dozen or more of these friggen ugly signs to be made on the rush. The round sign part was rolled up outa 6" X 1/4" flat bar with an internal flange of 2" X 1/4" flat bar pressed on edge by a manual "porta power" with a fabricated die segment. Talk about Dickensian methods......I reckon I still need counseling and rum therapy after all these years..... Thanks Hobot for restoring my nightmares Cheers, Jim
  8. JimL


    +1. Pretty exy here in Oz, but, why not...you are a bloody long time dead! Very nice drop! Cheers, Jim
  9. One of our skippers is doing just that in his emergency tool kit for rig removal.
  10. Just had a look at the Milwaukee, it is available in Oz, at Total Tools, Taren Point for AU$367 skin only. I was concerned that these gizmos were an "impact" type drill but they are a right angled drill. Charging on board cruising would need an inverter which should have specs checked to ensure the charger would accept the inverter's output? Somebody on here would know that. This is starting to sound practical given getting one of these. More checking to be done... Cheers, Jim
  11. This vessel must have some artistic bent as the word "gallery" is mentioned a couple of times.......? Cheers, Jim
  12. Pretty exy in Oz but I like the idea, just move it from winch to winch. About 4K AU$ Cheers, Jim
  13. JimL

    How do you stop a British Seagull?

    Nothin wrong with the old pommie seagulls...........when they are goin........ This website is worth a look if you have the inclination to get and restore one of these marvels of prewar marine engineering..... I do have a 5HP job, can't remember the model name but it was given to me for a restore project which I will get to ..........sometime........ http://www.saving-old-seagulls.co.uk/phpbb3/ Cheers, Jim