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  1. JimL

    Stainless bolts in cast aluminum

    Many thanks, I am chasing it now. Cheers, Jim
  2. JimL

    Stainless bolts in cast aluminum

    Hi All, Many thanks for the posts above. Ahab; the youtube test is an eye opener regarding Kroil vs 50/50 Acetone ATF. Guy in Chesapeake; That seems to be a good trick to start with 1/4 turn. I will do that by hand and not an impact wrench. Rasputin; Have not seen that in Oz but will have another search. KC375; I will try this as we have a similar outlet in Oz, Bunnings, which carry some helpful chemicals. This I will try, is there any trick formula to this? As in all yachts, there is bugger all room to do this deed and must be considered just another character building exercise! Cheers, Jim
  3. JimL

    Stainless bolts in cast aluminum

    Just about to do the same thing...soon...with a Lewmar Cobra system. I will do the soak with penetrating oil probably Inox. Can't seem to find Kroil in Oz. I have seen on various nets a home brew concoction of 50/50 Acetone and ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid), similar to a post upthread, so I may give it a go. Tiller arm has been on rudder stock for 16 years and the Lewmar installation book specified the bolts to be torqued to 40Nm so hopefully they did the deed per spec?...!! We will see....... All good info on this thread is much appreciated. Cheers, Jim
  4. JimL

    Sun Fast 3300

    +1 Cheers, Jim
  5. JimL

    How do you stop a British Seagull?

    That's just cruel.....
  6. JimL

    How do you stop a British Seagull?

    Hi All, Great to see the comments re Don Parker's steam outboard. I am sure there will be more shots of this in action and he is a regular contributor to the Steamboat mob and the Wooden Boat show in Tassie. I will try to get some more shots with his kettle outboard attached to something a bit more appropriate than that pneumatically challenged inflatable! Stay tuned. Cheers, Jim
  7. JimL

    How do you stop a British Seagull?

    Now don't get me wrong as this is not meant to be a thread drift, but all this slingin crap at Seagulls is a bit unfair to those of us who do like to restore and tinker. Now stay with me on this; as a good mate of mine, who is not only a tinkerer but a mech genius as well has just trialed his steam powered outboard. Not only is it a thoroughly modern approach to steam power but powering a thoroughly modern inflatable (albeit deflating at the time) with a heap of torque to boot! See attached shots: Boiler is gas (LPG) fired and condenser is the coil wrapped around the Seagull Leg. Cheers, Jim
  8. (Please excuse thread drift for old times sake) Hi Tone, Yes Slippers was a Beale but Claude added another station in her during build which made her 34', which upset authorities in Coffs and Southport races as the modification was not per the rules for ABS plan approval at the time. Yes Batemans Bay races were ok, we took our Rhumb Line (Adams 13) in those for a while. Re the Original Thread subject. I feel the pain that Oz designs and classics are hard to find data on. I know that Graham Radford and the builder of our yacht, Dave Dillon, are a mine of info on past designs. Re the Arends 33 (36?) yachts not sure who drew them, was Mr Swanson involved with them?. They seemed very popular for cruising yachts around Pittwater back in the day. My cous had a Swanson 38 up there back then and was very impressed with the Arends. That catalogue of Joe Adams designs is around here somewhere, or maybe lost in the last move... my mate who used to own Scallwag (Adams 11.9) until recently has a mint condition of the Joe Adams catalogue, I know, as I had manged to lose his original one and I had to replace it. I am sure I could work out something if it could be scanned electronically and saved to disk or whatever. Let me know, I should be able to chase some info up. Cheers, Jim
  9. JimL

    Fish eye view

    Great stuff! Thanks for posting! Cheers, Jim
  10. That's a blast from the past, used to race against her when she was owned by....???bloody memory just failed me! We had a combined fleet with PHOYC (Port Hacking Ocean Yacht Club) and BBYC (Botany Bay Yacht Club). I was crewing on Slipstream in those days when Claude Korgitta owned her. Great sailing and magic camaraderie. Cheers, Jim
  11. JimL

    "National Cleavage Day"

    OMG!!! I did have to look.... Cheers, Jim
  12. JimL

    Non stick ceramic pans - field reports

    +1! Cheers, Jim
  13. JimL

    Random PicThread

    Figurehead carvin...? But what's goin on in the carvers mind.......movin on..... Cheers, Jim
  14. JimL

    Non stick ceramic pans - field reports

    At last! Now I know what you blokes call a "Dutch Oven" is what we call a "Casserole". I used our Le Creuset for Beef Burgundy or ( bœuf bourguignon as I can't pronounce it or spell it) as well as Chicken Dijonaise (chicken with Dijon mustard). Le Creuset stuff is great. Cheers, Jim