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  1. Coolerking


    You guys need to get away from the forum for a while...43k posts? 35k? 37k? Really? I wish I had that much free time to waste.
  2. Coolerking

    How cold should the refrigerator get?

    This is correct, and it is for this reason that we really try and get those who are not trained in HVAC and especially these types of systems to NOT try and "just add a little to it" The site linked above to Richard Kollman is a great place to start. The non-condensables introduced by incorrect procedures occupy space in the condenser and stay there, thus decreasing capacity and eventually they acidify the oils, which in turn eats the coatings on the windings. Heat kills compressors.
  3. Coolerking

    How cold should the refrigerator get?

    What kind of recharge kit did you use, if you bought it at an auto parts store you have pretty much wrecked it. Automotive ac systems use different oils, and they do not play well with the POE in your system. And absolutely do NOT use any type of leak stop in the refrigeration circuit. You need to leak check the system with dry nitrogen, then once you eliminate that, you need to install an 032 filter drier in the liquid line then evacuate at 85 degrees or higher for at least 12 hours. Then recharge it with r134a from a 30 lb cylinder. The total charge is measured in grams....very small amounts are actually used, I think the last one I did held 4.5 oz. My advice is to call a tech and pay to do it right the first time.
  4. Coolerking

    TP 52 Cruiser

    so they lasted how long?
  5. Coolerking

    TP 52 Cruiser

    We cored the decks with g10 tubing, pre drill, removed balsa a bit shot hi-sol in it and mounted backing plates with waxed up fasteners. Then you pull it all apart , check fit with the hardware, shelve the parts until the paint is barely dry and then... as you are motoring to the start... you seal that shit but good.... At least that's how we did it with hull #2... Those were great times...first thing we did was send it to Chi-town.
  6. Coolerking

    TP 52 Cruiser

    Sail it upwind for a bit...perhaps...say... home from Cabo on that bottom and I can promise the term "cruising boat" will vanish before your eyes. Cool project though...actually thought it was my old ride for a second..
  7. Coolerking

    For the Flight Sim Junkies This is pretty cool. We sure have come a long way from the old Microprose days....
  8. Coolerking

    California CARB Law

    You mean like if the 7th digit in your vin is a #3 or a "C"? Yea, been there done that many times amigo. How many street legal dirt bikes do you have? DMV is it and let it fly....
  9. Coolerking

    California CARB Law

    I grew up a bit NW of Syracuse I guess you could say I know a bit about snow.....and I can tell you that you will need a blower attachment on that to make it work well in the conditions shown in your pic.... You can title it here in ca.they will issue a green sticker most likely. The trick with dmv is they don't know anything that you don't tell them. Perhaps AAA? Or a buddy with a PO box in AZ, a great state where they will put a plate on anything that moves? Either way, buy it!! Its cool AF.
  10. Coolerking


    The state of California now believes that....56% of the population of the state will become infected....think about that, this was from a presser the Gov. held this afternoon. On a side note, I did 70 mph for 20 miles straight on the 405 northbound through the OC to LBC today at 5:15 pm. Thanks to all those who helped me achieve a lifelong dream.
  11. Coolerking

    SD 2 PV

  12. Coolerking

    SD 2 PV

    Nope, they got passed in the last mile and then missed the finish line...1hr penalty. Like I said, the FP is incorrect...but who cares right?
  13. Coolerking

    SD 2 PV

    FP is incorrect, Cabron passed the Kitty at the finish line.
  14. Coolerking


    I was in west marine 2 days ago and im not fucking kidding, some idiot had a cart full of of the marine style TP, 130 dollars later all i could do was shake my head and smile. What happened to the first 18 COVID's? Asking for a sick friend.
  15. Coolerking

    Trumpian Suicide Bomber Attacks Democrat Rally

    33, bad.