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  1. Caption This!

    There were many times, while struggling to fix one of these shitboxes, I secretly wished for this very thing....
  2. Back Surgery -- Who's had it done?

    2 words. Foam Roller. Changed my life and I have/had nearly the same issue as you.
  3. Irma

    https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap170910.html Take a good look at that and tell me you stayed.... Crazy to think you can. If I could evac before the 8 point whatever the fuck it was, I would... Shoot the fucking animal looters on sight and stream it live... Best part is that we wont have to listen/see the idiot newscasts beforehand, and there won't be any after...
  4. I need AC

    Do you plan on using it underway? If so what generator do you have? Or just at the dock on shorepower?. The seawater pump is about 350 bucks, add grills, you need at least 2, breaker, wire, condensate drain, 2 thru-hulls, and strainer, a 6k btu self-contained lists for about 2k, plus display and display cable. A full day at least to install.
  5. Hurricane Harvey - watch out, Texas

    A good look at it developing from early on to landfall. Crazy power... https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap170826.html
  6. Turn signals; why are they installed? Nobody uses them

    This just shows how fucked up it is here in the USA, and especially in so cal, so...stay away....don't come here and if you do and you want to change lanes, I'll only let you in if you signal, otherwise, GFY. PS, I signal for 10 seconds, then, if I get no common sense reaction, I, without one bit of warning cut your hybrid import, speeding solo in the carpool lane, cell phone texting, skanky makeup applying ass right the fuck off. Deal with it .
  7. Turn signals; why are they installed? Nobody uses them

    I just ignore the non signalling assholes that I encounter every tenth of a mile on a daily basis. I figure my E350 van is a nice deterrent to the fuckwads. Signal or eat shit I say.
  8. Transpac Delivery

    Anyone watching the tracker? YB has a separate "race" setup for the return. What's the deal with merlin's heading?...unless they know something amazing is going to happen, I can't see that being a workable heading to the mainland. But i'm a few years removed from doing this trip...so wthdik.... Weather guru's needed stat!
  9. RIP Doug Peterson

    Started my sailing career in the early 80's on the California Gold...thanks Doug. Fair winds.
  10. Astronomy Anarchy

    In case you wanted to know the path and duration of the Eclipse.. https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap170619.html
  11. Long books, series and sagas

    Start with Dune. It's all downhill from there. A pure masterpiece, re-readable forever.
  12. It

    Pretty much one of the scaiest books I ever read. The series with Tim Curry as Pennywise was also scary as hell. Movie looks to continue the trend. http://www.traileraddict.com/it-2017/trailer
  13. F1 2017

    I'm thinking that Ferrari was possibly looking to the end of the stint/race to be sure that the tires had as many good laps left as possible , to give Seb the maximum advantage. Nail in the coffin....
  14. Underwater cruise?

    Not sure if this has been posted, but 3 floors up and wow.
  15. Black Targets Matter

    Thanks for that cockring - come back in about another 9650 posts when you have some real life experience like us 10000+ post guys...Awww that's cute, but it seems that I was here doing this 5 years before you floated to the surface.. breaking news....this isn't real life bug guy..keep up the great work changing the world of internet arguments....you are awesome. I've been here for what, seven months and I've never seen one of your posts before. What are you, Dabs in disguise? Another name change? Cock ring just thinks he is special because he stumbled into this toilet years earlier than most of us. So.. calling out typos and name calling are your strong points, you guys will go far here, I can only hope to piss as high as yawl... Great stuff guys!