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  1. Coolerking

    Toyota Camry air conditioning anarchy

    Not true, R134a is more efficient than R12. It has a higher head pressure which requires a larger condenser, but it can remove more btu/hr than R12. Also, keep in mind that the oils and seals/o-rings used in R12 systems are NOT compatible with R134a. The compressor and all lines/receivers Must be flushed and the compressor refilled with POE oil, or if applicable PAG oil in the correct amount. Generally the amount of R134 will be between 80%- 85% of the total R12 charge. One more fact, the molecules in R134a are smaller than R12, so if you had a small leak with R12, it just got bigger with R134a, that's why barrier hoses were put into play.
  2. Coolerking

    boy do i hate pvc

    I build seawater/ cooling systems from pvc and cpvc all the time, sch 80, stainless reinforced where needed. Square clean cuts, proper primer and fresh glue. Its not hard. I also silver braze large refrigeration tubing all the time. Its not hard on a bench, but upside down in a boat is another story...
  3. Coolerking

    Toyota Camry air conditioning anarchy

    I actually have this backward, 134a has a bit more capacity than the same volume of r12....not sure how i got that reversed...must be the fumes from this leaking 29 year old refrigerator im working on.....
  4. Coolerking

    Toyota Camry air conditioning anarchy

    This is true, r12 had a bit more capacity than does 134a. But it also has higher GWP, and does damage to the ozone, which 134 does not. Every older Camry has 134a.
  5. Coolerking

    Toyota Camry air conditioning anarchy

    Next time you are stuck behind some asshole doing 55 in the fast lane, its because its a Camry....guaranteed. Check the ac clutch. While you are watching, have someone else turn the ac on, watch the clutch, if it engages for a bit, then releases, and continues to turn on/off for a short time, less than a minute usually. Then its low on refrigerant and has a leak. Camry.....haha....
  6. Coolerking

    More than 30 killed off santa cruz island

    So tell us, what exactly is a 100 ton vessel?
  7. Coolerking

    More than 30 killed off santa cruz island

    The bullshit has piled up here so deep and fast that I'm actually embarrassed that I even started this thread, If I could delete the whole fucking thing, I would. Some of you should be ashamed, making comments accusing folks of things you have ZERO knowledge of. There are a few here that know how and why this might happen through years of real world training and experience, the rest of you are losers who type shit to feed your tiny ego. My thoughts and prayers are with the lost souls and all involved.
  8. Coolerking

    Guess I'll have to give up my Mount Gay Hats

    This crap is a (IMHO) a direct result of social media hyping the everyday interactions of normal folks with different points of view. An entire generation raised unable to deal with adversity and disagreement. Facedown into the screen for hours and days as the world rolls by. And now its getting people beaten up/killed. Great job Zuckerbag…. HTFU SNOWFLAKES I'LL WEAR WHATEVER FUCKING HAT I WANT.
  9. Coolerking

    Tropical Storm Watch 2019

    Jules....lawn chairs.....
  10. Yea, Frisch should have that behind the bar for sure.
  11. Awful news. Looks like it was a dive boat, fire started early am.
  12. Coolerking

    ding dong the bitch is dead David Koch dts

    Try looking up how his philanthropic work has helped others. Billions of dollars donated to build hospitals, improve lives of sick folks with cancer. He also gave lots to many different museums.
  13. Howdy Stu, I was fortunate to work and race on your boat when it was in living Los Angeles, so good to see the pictures of the boat in the classifieds, looking so damn good! We worked hard to take care of it, and I had the best teachers as many of the Santa Cruz gurus came to sail with the new owner. I did the 95 transpac, and many other races on it, so much fun, and seeing the boat again, I sat and stared at it for about 30 minutes while a rush of different memories came flying by. Thanks for that.
  14. Until you have surfed a sled down The Molokai Channel in July, or down Baja on a clear November day, you will not understand why these boats are special. Fast and fun.
  15. Coolerking

    Gunlickers - are you proud of this?

    So, how would you deal with guns? My stance on guns has and always will be, vigorous background check, licensing , training, same as a pilot, police, big deal, unless of course you are a criminal.... Also, I am not a "gun nutter" as you so easily label me. I believe in responsibility in everything you do as an adult. Consequences....a fantastic word. The politicization of these poor folks lost lives is disgusting, considering the gun violence that takes place each and every day in this country, and only when it suits either side, do they even try and speak out and act like they give one flying fuck. Again disgusting, all of it.