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  1. The Big D

    Random PicThread

    Yup you reminded me. That is where I saw it. Those hand rails really did keep people from falling over.
  2. The Big D

    Random PicThread

    I seem to remember an old film of a fire truck descending Lombard. Perhaps it was in Mondo Cane. Vague memory from my youth.
  3. The Big D

    Random PicThread

    I used to live a half a block from this place. Saw a lot of greats there in the 70s
  4. The Big D

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Valentina Sampaio. Sports Illustrated's first transgender swimsuit model. Tell the looked for bulge didn't you?
  5. The Big D

    DTS - Ennio Morricone

    His best film sound track and one of Clint"s best films.
  6. The Big D

    If You Love dogs......

    If you love dogs, you don't like fireworks. Tonight thousands of pets will run in fear and never be returned to their owners. Millions of others will be terrified, shaking and cowering. Just grow up on the noise making thing and don't.
  7. The Big D

    If You Love dogs......

    I laugh out loud ten times a day at the antics of my mutt. Nothing I can think of would ever provide me with that kind of joy, with that kind of regularity. He turns what would be a fitful nights sleep into a _ just chill the fuck out and enjoy life_ event. Goddamn they are superior creatures!
  8. The Big D

    Expressions and Sayings

    "It's company policy" Say that to me one more time mother fucker, go ahead say it again!
  9. The Big D

    Christo DTS

    I believe that was called "The Running Wall"? or something like that. I actually ran along part of it. It was impressive in an unexpected/unusual kind of way but I'm not sure that makes art?
  10. The Big D

    If You Love dogs......

    Benny...Queensland Red Heeler saved from starvation in Texas. Still a little lean but at one year old that is to be expected. Don't recommend taking a heeler on unless you have time patience, and experience. Not great when you have kids. No breed is more dedicated to their human but being close descendants of dingoes there is a lot of tough and wild left in them. They can run all day in unbearable heat, kick a bulls ass, defend a pick up truck against the most determined thief and then lick/kiss you till you beg for mercy. Absolute sweet hearts if you are their sidekick.
  11. The Big D

    Random PicThread

    And so it was correct. I remembered it ending with the "Woven together, inextricably commingled, bound in pain and strewn in sorrow—crash!"
  12. The Big D

    Random PicThread

    I wonder who altered the last few words of that quote? It is from a short called The String Quartet.
  13. The Big D

    Random PicThread

  14. The Big D

    Random PicThread

    IFR flight training version?