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  1. starrchallenge

    Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    Love the thoughts on TV vs Small screen. Networks get dollars from cable companies, while internet sites get nothing from phone carriers, hence why production/content better then most internet only productions.
  2. starrchallenge

    Cats are finished

    I went to the AC in Bermuda and it was pretty cool, I've really been wondering what I would like to see the AC be, but truth is most people are fighting for what it shouldn't be. When I think back to past boats in the AC like the J's they were elegant and made go by Crews of sailors working together to get an advantage. I'm for any boat that involves crews working in concert, whether trimming sails with hands, putting sails up and down, skippers managing sailors. America's Cup should get back to ten person crews that do some work Sailing the boat. The best skipper is not the best driver but the best manager of Crew! Now that is how I see this getting back some proper drama.
  3. starrchallenge

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Well I must admit that was expected, European summer and all. Let's hope the NZ government is not watching the Bermuda election. That Cup is like a bad Rum, tastes really good at first but man the next day is bad!!!
  4. starrchallenge

    Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    Well said Stingray, it's easy to call out the people in the game then being there.
  5. starrchallenge

    Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    I reckon LE expects his "boys", to "be" a certain way. You all seem so upset but Jimmy was pretty good TV vs "For Ourselves". Glenn would have been better TV. Too bad actually. But can we just allow this to be a bit of tv banter by a sports "personality". As most of you know many good sailing programs have a no dickhead rule. Jimmy gets on plenty of boats so clearly not a dickhead. Not sure that's the case for most here on SA:)
  6. starrchallenge

    Live Racing Thread

    Well played NZ. Just watched Presser, no harm no foul. Green Flag there if you ask me. Love how he praised Bermuda and will consider an event there in the future. Interesting enough Bermuda was not Oracle's Home team. Chicago was next as confirmed by Dalts. Nice to see Russell Coutts given some respect from Dalts.
  7. starrchallenge

    Live Racing Thread

    They were wearing All Black colours. I heard someone saw a turtle Haka!
  8. starrchallenge

    Live Racing Thread

    Exclusive From Bermuda!! Was on course today and there were a lot of Turtles on course. It is understood many of the Skandia crew from Hobarts past were comparing Oracles Performance to theirs in Hobarts where they had trouble with the sunfish. "Mate I reckon Oracle are having big turtle issues, they are picking what Slingers thinks is best side and getting slowed by the dodgy Bermuda Ninja Turtles, who would prefer the race not be here. For years Skandia lost races due to sunfish so we feel for the Oracle team." As a Oracle fan I think ENTZ are just better at missing the Turtles on course!!!
  9. starrchallenge

    Live Racing Thread

    Hey Barnicle Bill, was at village today and I can tell you was the most diverse crowd you could ever expect at a sailing event. I'm sure your typical Auckland Sailing sausage party has more numbers but your rich white guy comment is way off base mate. Lots of really good people both Oracle and ENTZ fans loving the racing.
  10. starrchallenge

    Viewership & Ratings?

    Just waking up in Bermuda and I can say being here is awesome. Who knows what the right format is but what I know is my friends here on the island are loving the Cup being here. The teams that settled in early are part of the community. The atmosphere here is magic, people are talking sailing. So maybe Sailing needs to remember it's about the people that love this sport, that love being around other sailors. It's about the Custom House Rums or drinks at Maddies. The AC is Jimmy Buffett Concert for us Sailors. Here to enjoy the atmosphere and vibe. My dinner table last night was at marina right next to the J Boats, the marina was full of fun and laughter. It's magic. Our sport is accessible and I love it that way. This is a lifestyle sport, plenty of Kiwi fans are here too. It's a Sailors version of the Lions Tour. Bermuda has changed for the better thanks to the Cup and their will be a hangover but the people here are now fans. This is evolving but I've never been so excited to be going to any event in my whole life as much as this. So if NZ wins guess I'll be heading to Auckland, that's not so bad... but I'm not so sure this is over yet. A friend was going to put some jellyfish in the Kiwi bike shorts..
  11. starrchallenge

    Nationality Rules

    Interesting I can't help but think of the Stanley Cup which was donated by Lord Stanley as a "Challenge" Cup. Now the steward is the NHL. The league plays a role but it's that passion and traditions of a home team that bring the fans. The NHL has no nationality rules, while Canadians still make up most of the players at 65% I think if they limited by nationality that would harm the quality of the league. I would love to see stronger team identities, I will wear the Oracle gear as I love the Cup in Bermuda, but they are not like my Bruins. So I would like to see teams with more identity but leave to the teams not governance. I miss Luna Rossa this cycle that silver bullet would have been awesome on backdrop of Bermuda. So maybe some merit in a sailing league to establish challenger, Maybe an FA Cup style. 4 home 4 away matches. So NZ faces off like a test match against BAR twice a summer. Something like that or even keep the fleets but think this conversation is really good amongst obviously passionate fans of a good sailing match between professionals.
  12. starrchallenge

    Nationality Rules

    Guess Kiwi Red Bull youth team feels a bit hard done by with Germans hitting mark letting the Land Rover BAR team take the win... I fear this Kiwis vs the World thing may have gone a bit far really. Let's give our head a shake, it's still fucking Sailing not the space race. I really do not think GD will be able to pull off a full nationality clause. Too many issues, he will want to (Like All Black eligible must play in NZ), but man that makes him small. I reckon, get your best sailing mates and designers together regardless of nationality and fly the flag of Sponsor. So if DHL sponsors a team go Germany, a Cirque team it's go Canada. Macquarie Go Aussie. Emirates it's go UAE...opps I mean NZ. Flight leaves in 7 hours, win or lose will drink the booze. Go Oracle BDA
  13. Not being cheeky but any chance that could be Team Japan Platform with Oracle bows in place while the shore team keeps at the race platform? Dangerous proposition I'm sure enough difference to put a few things off but just wondering if anyone would be able to tell if they practiced on the backup.
  14. Will see how much Sir Dalton has it in for JS, DB, NO. He goes with National Helms they are done. That said JS wife is American so he could become US citizen. Interesting thing is Luna Rossa had Chris Draper on the helm so not sure they have the talent to move that way. Just do not see nationality rules being to big given number of Kiwis earning Crust on other programs. Imagine if French said non to all those All Blacks Eh.
  15. starrchallenge

    Viewership & Ratings?

    Of course there is also the Newport Bermuda which is a fantastic race across the Gulf Stream.