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  1. And yes I know there is no "Class" racing but there is no class racing for anything above an Off breach cat. Raider is a great option for OMR. And you can do Gladstone and similar races
  2. ozmultis

    Lagoon 400

  3. ozmultis

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018 only

    Not according the results I am looking at
  4. ozmultis

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018 only

    Good Luck Bushsailor
  5. ozmultis

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018

    Yep, OMR racing wankers who protest and stuff, not like half boat fleets where its all sugar and spice.
  6. ozmultis

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018

    er, no
  7. ozmultis

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018

    Talisker is a very stretched 1160, its now a 1280, the extra water line no doubt assists it. Its skipper is very talented, indeed the owner of Double Black Diamond thanked the skipper of Talisker in his acceptance speech for all the guidance and assistance he had provided. Re scarlett, and yet it took home the prize, its a former charter boat and family pleasure craft that has done a circumnavigation of Australia amongst many other adventures. We need to encourage more of these boats Seawinds FPs even lagoons, nautitechs etc, They are the volume in the market, we need to get them all out there participating and to do that we need to encourage them, not shitpot them
  8. ozmultis

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018

    Here are the results: And for those not from round here - Boat works is an Extreme 40. Corsair 760 is a Corsair 760 Double Black Diamond is a Seawind 1160 Lite Scarlett is a Seawind 1160 Deluxe
  9. ozmultis

    Caribbean 600

    Looking at it in real life you can see the dirty water marks and the spray dodger is buggerred as is the sail bag, but yeah overall, amazingly good nick. Didnt see the inside, maybe a bit more work there
  10. ozmultis

    Caribbean 600

    Yes the conditions were atrocious. I am at a loss to explain the fascination with Jackets however, no one is in the water and they are barely getting their feet wet. What was a big failure here was the lack of accessibility to EPIRB or PLBs. Had they been utilised I doubt the matter would have made the news, it would have been all over quickly. BTW - here is the boat a couple of days ago happily parked at WMYC. I am sure there is some work to do, but she is upright and remarkably good nick.
  11. ozmultis


    I owned a 9 metre Kendrick Avalon Design, lovely boat and Ray Kendrick the designer was always happy to help me, even though i wasnt the builder and was the second owner. I had shitty old sails but she still went well, all things being equal (same sails same talent etc) , probably marginally slower than a C31. But only marginally.
  12. Pushing hard to get a fleet of cruising cats, mainly, but not only, seawinds, there as well. So don't think you need a race boat to have fun