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  1. All three hulls are in the water. The amas should be out of the water when flat so the boat can tack. My mistake, but same applies
  2. A corsair dash weighs less than many f82s, goes quicker and has more room. So I think your learned assessment based on a photo is crap. BTW I have sailed both the boats.
  3. Top effort TOP GUN. Really good performance.
  4. Never follow monos but I would have thought BlackJack would have cost much of that on its own?
  5. No Offence to Perro, but how slow are Catanas. Big Reputation which is consistently not justified. I recalll 8 or so years back a Catana Ocean 47 with a carbon rig full set of excellent sails and one of the worlds best sailors helming it (Phillipe Peche) beat us (seawind 1160 driven by average hacks and no spinnakers) by less than two hours in a 40 hour race. Recent Hammo and Airlie results have not been much more impressive for the Catanas. Like me they just got older and heavier I suspect.
  6. Oooooooooh, Has someone been "tickling the peter"? Do tell. Nothing to tell, Seawind did go into administration many many many years ago, every single customer was looked after, no customer lost anything. As a creditor I lost a bit, but no boat owner or customer lost anything, very very very old news, and incorrect. And possibly defamatory by Mr Hackett. Actually the member who refused to pay fees and refused to answer all communications is the one who started this. I was proudly ON the board when the action to get the monies for the club was started, and have let my position pass to a great bloke who will be in the country for longer than I will this year. Like I said, so far the court has rejected all QCYC arguments. Mid may should see the final picture on this.
  7. Dear me Pete, very nasty. I am just reporting what happened in Court, and I am doing so as a person who was a marina company board member for many years and an owner of a titled berth lease and thus has a strong interest in what is happening around leases along with many many others from my club and marina company who worked assiduously for many years to get the current arrangements in place. I suppose all will know the full story publicly in 5 weeks when the matter returns to court. I will be in attendance on that day to make sure that my asset like the thousands of affected wet berth owners is protected and not endangered by actions of a club whose very own board records indicate that they are in deep financial crisis. Perhaps you should attend and hear the reality not the filtered self serving information. Your board started this fight. No one else did.
  8. And it gets serious now. QCYC got spanked big time in court in Brisbane today. What was most worrying for them wasn't just that they got spanked on their spurious and illegal action, but rather that the PORT of BRISBANE turned up at the hearing to indicate to the court their concerns with QCYC, these people should learn to only pick fights they have at least a chance of winning. Upside is they are not taking B2G entry fees for multis. The fundamental remains, that QCYC's own records indiacte they have a serious cash issue and that they have attempted to assist in solving that by some really dodgy deals.
  9. Be thankful for that. Your entry fee will be safe.
  10. Yes - well done to Grand Large Yachting - for taking the BIG jump and having a go. Xavier and his team should be well proud of what they have achieved.
  11. Almost certainly compression pads
  12. And he didnt constantly run an engine like the S2H boats
  13. very serious, engine stopped on sail boat!!!
  14. No mate, I am concerned for the bigger picture of TMR lease issues, along with all other owners of a sub sub lease on a wet berth in Queensland including the approximately 2000 in the greater Brisbane area. I and other directors of my marina company worked hard along with other clubs etc to get good advances in our relationship with TMR. I would hate to see that affected by any sub lease holder hitting financial difficulty, but if that is going to happen we need a united "rest of us" to maintain the value in our individual assets. Its not a legal stoush I refer to - its your clubs records.
  15. Bit of a worry from what I have heard