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  1. Caribbean 600

    Looking at it in real life you can see the dirty water marks and the spray dodger is buggerred as is the sail bag, but yeah overall, amazingly good nick. Didnt see the inside, maybe a bit more work there
  2. Caribbean 600

    Yes the conditions were atrocious. I am at a loss to explain the fascination with Jackets however, no one is in the water and they are barely getting their feet wet. What was a big failure here was the lack of accessibility to EPIRB or PLBs. Had they been utilised I doubt the matter would have made the news, it would have been all over quickly. BTW - here is the boat a couple of days ago happily parked at WMYC. I am sure there is some work to do, but she is upright and remarkably good nick.
  3. Kendrick/Scarab

    I owned a 9 metre Kendrick Avalon Design, lovely boat and Ray Kendrick the designer was always happy to help me, even though i wasnt the builder and was the second owner. I had shitty old sails but she still went well, all things being equal (same sails same talent etc) , probably marginally slower than a C31. But only marginally.
  4. Pushing hard to get a fleet of cruising cats, mainly, but not only, seawinds, there as well. So don't think you need a race boat to have fun
  5. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Thats Funny, true, but funny
  6. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    FFS - he protested a boat for asking a pilot what colour sails were people flying a few years ago. He would protest two flys on the wall
  7. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    MR "Great Moral Victory" - no it wasnt you tosser, you broke the rules, victory, moral or otherwise is not yours
  8. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    I wasnt referring to Colregs, there is more to sailing than the Colregs
  9. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Personally I would go and give Richards an informal education and some summary jurisdiction if I were on Comanche. Prat. If there is no significant penalty here then people will do the same thing in future. Aside from the RRoS, WO appears to have committed an offence in Maritime law. We certainly don't want to show the Police that we support and encourage behaviour that would invite their interest.
  10. Thanks Paul - just ignore the dipshits.
  11. QCYC Brisbane Going Broke?

    I have a number of berths across brisbane, but more importantly I spent many years as the treasurer of a Marina Board in Brisbane (Voluntary) Our board members and many others from other boards spent a lot of time working with Qld Transport/Port of Brisbane on matters of Wet Area leases, we made many advances including gaining significant extensions for our owners. Like it or not the Crown holds ownership, and we have to work with them to achieve what we can, instances of yacht Clubs/ Club Marina organisations acting in a less than satisfactory way sets us all back, I recall the push back after the Mooloolaba Yacht Club Fiasco. Don't need that again. If Yacht Club xyz acts improperly it affects all of us, well all of us who volunteer our time to assist our fellow berth owners
  12. QCYC Brisbane Going Broke?

    I was taking a couple of boats up Cabbage Tree Creek the other day and asked around about this issue. There is plenty of comment about this matter. From a couple of informed sources, those folk are members and are not happy, telling me a stupid action by some board members appears to have cost lots. Any of the QCYC folk want to respond?
  13. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    Contact me, we can make that happen
  14. QCYC Brisbane Going Broke?

    Fair bit if you have one parked at QCYC
  15. QCYC Brisbane Going Broke?

    Thats good Peter, play the man not the ball, and in any event you are wrong. Spent 10 years on the Board of WMYC Marina including as Treasurer. Spent 10 years volunteering at Brisbane Coast Guard, was the MYCQ delegate to YA for about 4 years. I've done my bit.