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  1. Gregzore

    How fast does a turtled trimaran drift?

    Good points all. The initial search on Tuesday night didn't find the boat where it 'should have been' from their drifting prediction (professionals/insurance company is included). But from my understanding they expected the boat to drift with the wind. That the boat could 'sail/pump' its way across the wind is not something that was initially considered as it is a very special case and nobody thought of it. However, now they have found the boat and it drifted directly in the same direction it had just prior to when we left her about 50 nautical miles from the crash site. Hopefully she hasn't sustained too much damage! One should not plan on capsizing, but in hindsight, it would have been really easy to have a personal locator beacon onboard and just left it in the boat as the AIS system has little value when the antenna is in the mast... Many lessons have been learned from this ordeal!
  2. Gregzore

    How fast does a turtled trimaran drift?

    Thanks for the pointer Harryproa about drifting sideways. I realized this morning that my armband gps had a track that I could dig into. Sure enough, for most of the time we were on the boat after capsizing, we were drifting 100 degrees to the wind. Then we started drifting back and forth with the wind when the container ship got close... then the track gained altitude and went 260 km/hour. This at least narrows down the search area somewhat and raises hopes that the boat did not drift onto the nearest Island.
  3. Gregzore

    How fast does a turtled trimaran drift?

    Yes, the ship left without picking up the boat. In my opinion, interaction with the container ship was the scariest part of the whole ordeal. They attempted to get a line to us without any real plan for what to do with the line. Then they started drifting down onto us and put us into a spin when they turned on the bow thruster... after we bumped into each other... that part was scary and we were very relieved when they left the situation and let the coast guard do their thing as their presence so close to us seemed to increase the danger in the situation. They should be thanked though for relaying our radio call and spotting our smoke signal.
  4. We unfortunately capsized/turtled and were picked up by a helicopter during the Around Gotland (in Sweden) race on Sunday night. Now that the weather has gone down the search is on for the boat so that it can be righted, towed in and repaired. Having trouble finding the boat... Does anyone have any experience with how fast a trimaran (F-33) would drift? Winds have been 25 knots of wind with 2-3 m seas. The boat is fully turtled with a Code 0 and a reefed main. The Code may be still sheeted on the winch, but the main was released during during the crash and so can be assumed to not be sheeted. When we were waiting for rescue, things that came out of the cockpit such as water bottles, etc. drifted quickly away to leeward. However, it was clear that the Code was acting well as a sea anchor because the bows were always pointed into the wind. It was difficult to estimate drift and the situation went so quickly that we didn't have time to get settled down before help arrived. Obviously asking this forum is a long shot to get some outside opinions, but wondering if anyone has had similar experience... There are a lot of others working on this situation as well. About the incident, a gust to 15 m/s (30 knots) combined with a big shift, 20+ knots of boat speed and an extra large wave resulted in a pitchpole. Nobody was injured, and we were in a helicopter within 1 hour. But now we would REALLY like to find the boat for obvious reasons... it is an F-33 with lots of carbon fiber.